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True Friendship

When a friend moves in he is shown some real hospitality
This is a true account of the best fourteen months of my life. It started after Tommy, who is my husband’s best friend since childhood, separated from his wife. Tommy was married for twenty nine years, and after his children were grown and on their own, he and his wife separated and filed for divorce.

Well being a true friend my husband opened our house to him. I have to confess I was concerned about how this would affect my life. Hubby and I do enjoy a full and adventurous sex life. I was concerned and, I must admit quite selfishly, wondering what I might lose when our new guest moves in. But being the good wife, I didn’t say a word. I figured I would do what I would have to do while our guest was here, and Tommy moved in with us.

I have to admit, it didn’t affect us too much at all. Because Tommy’s work schedule and hubby’s were mostly opposite, and only overlapped briefly, this allowed hubby and I to continue to enjoy a full and very satisfying sex life. That was until about a month after Tommy moved in. My sex life went from very good to outstanding.

It started one night after hubby and I had a great fuck session. We both fell asleep and I woke up about two hours later and needed something to drink. I went downstairs and noticed Tommy’s car was in our driveway, so I knew he was home. I figured he was asleep as well. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of ice tea, and sat at the table in the dark enjoying the silence as I relived how hubby ravished me just a few hours earlier.

I was deep in thought when I was startled from the refrigerator being opened. There was Tommy, standing in the light of the fridge, I could clearly see he was naked. As he looked in the fridge I thought, well if I just sit hear quietly maybe he will get what he wants and leave without noticing me sitting here. No such luck for me… the thought no sooner worked its way through my brain and Tommy closed the fridge and turned on the lights.

He turned and stood there frozen as he saw me sitting at the table. As Tommy turned on the lights I got a good view of all of him. Although I turned my head downward, I can remember thinking, 'Did I really see that?' I couldn’t resist, my eyes had to move back upward to see again. Tommy didn’t move anywhere and to be honest he didn’t seem to care that I saw him.

He said, “I hope you don’t mind but I was a little hungry, and I was going to make a sandwich.” Still shocked, I couldn’t blurt out any words but my eyes stayed locked on his cock. I was amazed, and I couldn’t turn away from what is the biggest cock I have ever seen on a white man. Tommy made a joke saying, “Well, I guess it is too late now to worry about running for clothes.”

He came over and sat down next to me. He went on making a sandwich and started telling me how he likes to be nude, and sleeps that way. Not thinking anyone would be up; he thought he would be able to walk around that way this late at night. I smiled and jokingly said something like, well guess I came down at the right time.

We talked about how his marriage was over and although he was hurt, it helped for him telling me how they had a sexless marriage for the past ten years. I was shocked to hear that, and asked him why he would put up with it and didn’t leave earlier. He just told me he put up with a lot for the kids.

As we continued to talk and flirt I found myself even more turned on as I was sitting in my kitchen talking with a naked man. Tommy quickly turned the discussion to my likes, I felt comfortable, and well didn’t hold back any, explaining to him just how sexual I am. I went and got myself a refill, and couldn’t help but notice when I came back to the table just how aroused Tommy was. I made a comment about it, thinking I was going to embarrass him. He just went on telling me that I always turned him on, and had many wild thoughts about me.

To make a long story short, I didn’t shy away, in fact, I was drawn to him. To this day I do not know how or who started it, but after I made a comment on how woman must love his big cock, he made a comment back about how I could enjoy it whenever I wanted. We found our hands exploring each other’s body as we were passionately kissing. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, as his hands was caressing my breast and inner thigh, as I had a hand on his big cock. Tommy stood up, and took my hand not saying a word; he guided me into his bedroom where he proceeded to undress me. He stepped back, smiled and simply said, “Even more beautiful than I imagined.”

My hands moved back onto him as I pushed him back onto the bed, kissing and caressing his body. I took his hard cock in my hands, leaning in I started licking it from his balls to his tip. I have to confess I always loved sucking cock, and I could only wonder how I was going to suck this big cock into my mouth. I continued licking it and I remember thinking to myself well it’s now or never, as I wrapped my lips around his tip and slowly took him into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how big his dick was. My mouth was full as I could feel him touching my throat, and I wasn’t even close to taking him all in.

I focused on taking him deep, and to be honest I lost all track of time, and how long I was sucking his cock, until I head Tommy whisper that he was going to cum if I didn’t stop. That brought me back to the task at hand, as I worked my mouth over his hard dick, wanting him to erupt in my mouth and fill my mouth with his hot cum. I do so get off when a man cums in my mouth. After hearing Tommy’s words I knew I wanted him and sucked him harder and faster, feeling his hips raise high as he filled my mouth with his creamy cum. Sucking and swallowing his hot load using my mouth and tongue to milk every last drop out of his cock. I watched as the huge smile came onto Tommy’s face. I moved up and lay next to him as he held me. He went on to tell me that he couldn’t remember the last time he had his cock sucked, and forgot just how wonderful it was.

As Tommy regained his composure he started caressing my body moving his hands over my shoulders, my back and then to my breast as he caressed, licked and sucked them. He continued to move down over my body, as he kissed and licked down between my legs. He used his fingers to spread open my slit, I felt his tongue slowly lick up my wetness until his tongue flickered over my clit.

I moaned as I felt shivers shoot through my body from Tommy’s tongue licking me. He took my clit into his mouth as he sucked on it using his tongue to flicker over it, and held it between his lips. My hands stroking through his hair as my hips rose to feel his tongue. As he held my clit with his mouth and licked it, I felt two fingers slide into my wet pussy. His fingers fucked me while he was licking and sucking on my clit. I felt my excitement build and my juices started to boil, Tommy could tell I was going to cum as he rammed his fingers deeper and harder into me.

He slowly slides his fingers out of my pussy as he worked his tongue deep in me. Working his tongue in me like it was a little cock tongue fucking my hot wet pussy. My moans became louder as my excitement built until I exploded all over his mouth and tongue. My orgasm took me to a high peak, and as I started to come back to life, Tommy’s tongue continued licking me taking me back to a height of arousal. Totally drained from an explosive orgasm from Tommy’s tongue, I was brought back to reality when I felt Tommy’s weight on me. He mounted me, and slides his huge thick cock into my soaked pussy, kissing me passionately as he did. I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue as he kissed me.

I felt his cock deep in me, filling me, his girth stretching me as his hips moved up and down driving his cock in and out of me. As his tempo picked up he drove his cock deeper and faster in me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and held on as he fucked me hard and deep. My moans filled the room as I kept begging Tommy to ram his cock in me and fuck me hard.

My breathing became heavier as my orgasm started to build. Tommy rammed his cock harder and faster into me as my body started to shake. Tommy asked me where I wanted him to cum, I told him I wanted him to fill my pussy with his hot creamy thick cum - he went on to say he didn’t have a condom on, (guess he was being a gentleman not wanting to cum in me without permission), I screamed to cum in me as my body started shaking harder. As my orgasm came over me, I felt Tommy thrust harder and deeper as he filled my pussy with his hot cum. My body went limp as Tommy collapsed on top of me as we held each other in our arms.

That was an incredible night of hard fucking and the start of a fourteen month fuck fest of having two wonderful men fucking me both night and day. Although I do still enjoy Tommy’s company, it just isn’t the same as it was when I had two men living under one roof.

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