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Twisted Honeymoon Part 2

The Saga Continues

It had been only two days since Roma had arrived on her honeymoon, and her mind was still reeling. That first night, her husband drunk and unconscious on the bar, she had met Paula and John. The following morning back in her hotel room, with her husband sleeping on the floor, all she had been able to think about was more of Paula.

The second day she had just recovered, quickly showering to wash off John’s cum and Paula’s taste, while her husband nursed his hangover. Now she was on day three, and had already texted Paula to say they should meet up at the beach. Paula was more than happy to get back together and told Roma to bring her hubby along since John was heading to a casino for the day and she was sure he could entertain him. Roma didn’t need convincing and had already picked our her most skimpy bikini and told her husband to be on best behaviour.

It was mid-afternoon and the meeting place was to be a beach hut which Paula had rented, when Roma and hubby arrived they found Paula in a black small two-piece bikini and John dressed in jeans and shirt, packed and ready to gamble.

“Hey you made it,” Paula greeted them, smiling broadly and looking Roma up and down.

“We did, thanks for inviting us,” Roma grinned. 

“Good to see you awake now,” John smiled at Roma’s hubby. He didn’t say much and avoided eye contact, “Ready to gamble?” John added chirpily.

As the boys' conversation slowly got started, Paula signalled Roma. “Roma, let’s grab a cocktail?”

“So how’s your honeymooning?” Paula asked as they walked past the glistening pool to the bar area.

“It has been quiet, other than that first night,” Roma giggled.

“So hubby didn’t notice anything then?” Paula said with a wink. “He didn’t wake up to his new wife with the smell of a fresh fucking.”

Roma giggled again, “No I washed all that off. Shame really.”

They arrived at the bar and both ordered a beach cocktail, complete with little umbrella, taking a moment to find a seat and then survey people sunbathing by the pool.

“It is a beautiful day, and I’m sure John will take good care of your hubby,” Paula said, as she turned back to face Roma after looking around.

Drinking in the erotic view that Roma displayed, Paula commented, “Love the bikini; with your slim waist and your firm ripe tits squeezed into that wonderful bikini, you look amazing!”

“Thanks,” Roma smiled, also now turning back to face her, and admitted to Paula, “I put it on for you."

Paula took a few moments to look Roma up and down once more. “Are you trying to turn me on?” she grinned.

Roma took a sip of her drink. It was her turn now to look Paula up and down. Her mocha skin and slim figure with her pert tits looked incredible in the black VS bikini. “Well, I do like having you turned on,” Roma replied.

Paula smiled. Sitting out at the bar with Roma looking so hot, it was true she was getting hornier. She could feel the tingle of excitement between her legs, and couldn’t help but reach her hand over and place it on Roma’s leg, just above her knee.

“Well the outfit is a good start. I saw John was trying to get an eyeful before he left,” Paula teased. “I’m sure he’ll be thinking about that all day,” she added.

Roma blushed for a moment, though the conversation was exactly what she had been hoping for.

“More than happy to model it for John, or anything else you guys would like to see me in,” Roma continued.

Paula bit her lip a little. “Well John has a big thing for lingerie. He loves me dressed up in it, loves me teasing girls and boys in it too.” Paula sipped her drink, her lips suddenly a little dry.

“Oh really, we will have to do that some time,” Roma giggled. “In the meantime, you can send him a picture of us in our bikinis to keep him entertained.”

Paula took her phone out and the two girls squeezed together on one barstool for a moment, their bare skin touching as they posed for a selfie. Paula could feel her nipples harden a little as her skin touched Roma’s and as she checked the picture she was pleased to see them a little visible under the bikini top’s material. She quickly messaged the picture to John’s number and returned to her own stool, picking up her drink and taking a sip.

“Hope he likes it,” Roma smiled.

“I’m sure he will,” Paula replied, looking up from the phone and taking in the view again.

“We should grab a bottle of something and try out the hut,” Paula announced. Turning to the barman she ordered a bottle of tequila and two glasses. Roma grinned, as she was already feeling excited and now the idea of returning to the hut, and some privacy, was making her pussy tingle.

Paula signed the check, and then both girls walked back past the pool to the beach hut. The building was a white painted wooden hut, with no side windows and just a sliding glass door facing out onto the ocean. Inside was a small fridge, ice bucket, two white couches and a small table in the middle. The girls went in and Paula slid the door closed and then pulled two large white curtains down over the door, giving the room a warm glow and buying them a little privacy. Putting the bottle and glasses on the table Paula sat down on one of the couches and waved a hand to the other. Roma followed and sat down.

“It’s a holiday, so I suggest we should have a shot,” Paula declared. She poured two glasses quickly from the bottle and handed one to Roma. “Cheers!”

Both girls gulped down the fiery drink and forcefully hit the coffee table with the empties, both letting out a sigh.

“Oh that is good,” Roma announced, while leaning back for a moment on the soft material of the couch.

As Paula sat back a little too, the buzz from the tequila still hitting her she felt her phone vibrate. She picked it up and looked. There was a message back from John.

'What a lovely pair!"

Paula read it out, and both girls laughed. “We should send him a proper picture of our ‘pair’?” Paula grinned. Roma didn’t need more convincing, she sat up and reached behind her back to unclip the bikini top, letting it drop to the floor. “I’m game if you are?”

Paula took a moment to enjoy the view. Roma’s tits were firm and round, and looked stunning. After a moment Paula smiled broadly, and then in a fluid move, took off her bikini top and moved over to the same couch where Roma was now sitting topless. The two girls once again squeezed up next to each other as Paula held the phone up for a selfie. Roma could feel the soft skin of Paula’s breast resting against hers as she smiled at the camera. The effect of this boob to boob touch immediately resulted in four very hard nipples standing at attention for the camera, as well as two moistening cunts.

With a click and a quick message, the picture of the girls topless and squeezed together was on its way to John. Paula put the phone down and refreshed the two shot glasses with more Mexican fire water.

“One more for luck,” she said as she passed a glass to Roma and then, staying on the same couch, turned and clinked the glasses together. Again, both girls downed the drink and shuddered a little as it took effect, fiery liquid burning its way into the women’s core.

“Wow, that is good,” Paula sighed, and then turning her head, she looked over to Roma laying on the couch. Her eyes were closed and her tits were still firm, perky and aroused.

“Now that is a nice view,” Paula whispered, smiling wickedly looking at Roma and her tits.

“You're welcome to enjoy it,” Roma smiled, still feeling a little dreamy from the drink and its effect.

Paula took in the view, feeling the excitement building a little as she did. Her hand lazily moved to her own breast as she looked over Roma’s body, her finger circling one of her brown nipples as it hardened.

“A combination of that tequila and your body, Roma, has me thinking dirty thoughts,” Paula whispered as her fingers brushed from nipple to nipple as Roma lay on the couch.

Roma grinned again, eyes still closed. “Oh really, care to share one?”

“Just thinking how nice it was watching John fucking you a couple of nights ago,” Paula started. “And of course how nice it was for me to be able to play with those lovely tits.”

Listening to Paula’s voice from her haze was turning Roma on more and more.

“Love hearing that, please don’t stop,” she said, her voice now low, and her hand moving over her stomach toward her breasts.

“I bet you would look lovely with cum all over your tits. I would love to be there to lick it up for you,” Paula continued, her fingers now wrapped around one of the breasts, squeezing it gently and then flicking her fingers over her hard nipple.

Roma’s hand was also now circling her own breast. She moaned softly as her hand slowly and lazily moved to fondle one and then the other of her sensuous breasts, slowly, lazily, moving from one to the other. She let out a soft moan as she listened.

“I can just taste it, a thick white load of cum on those big tits of yours, watching you rub it into your tits so they glisten. Damn that would be nice. Imagine my tongue and mouth on them as well.” Paula’s voice was low now and the excitement in it was building up. 

Roma’s hand was now squeezing and cupping her tits, her eyes still closed as she imagined the scene that Paula was describing.

“That sounds nice,” Roma moaned. “I would have to repay you,” she added, eyes still closed.

“Oh really?” Paula asked, as her hand had started a slow path from her pert tits down her stomach toward her crotch.

“Oh yes,” Roma continued. “We would need to make sure you get properly fucked and this time I think I I should be the one licking the cum out of your freshly fucked pussy.”

Paula moaned softly as her fingers found the top of her bikini bottoms and she slipped a finger under the material toward her pussy.

“That sounds nice,” Paula said, her voice low and distant.

“You would like that? I’m wondering if it would be nicer if it was John’s cum or someone else’s?” Roma asked cheekily.

Paula giggled. “Who says we have to limit it to one or the other? I’m sure John would be happy to go sloppy seconds, or even thirds.”

Roma grinned, her nipples tingling from the touch, and with her eyes still closed, she focused on listening to Paula’s erotic voice.

“That sounds fun,” she added finally. “I love the thought of seeing a guy cum, fucking your beautiful tight body, and John and I can just watch. You can be our Asian porn movie for the night.”

Paula’s fingers had already found her soaked pussy and were now gently circling her clit as she listened.

“I think I would prefer John watching us both getting fucked,” she said quietly. “We can have a couple of guys over to help out. I would want to make sure I get to fuck both of them, and of course I want them both to have you too,” she said dreamily.

Paula’s phone buzzed again, suddenly bringing her back to the room. She picked it up to see the message back from John that read ‘Love that view!’ Paula smiled and turned back to Roma, seeing her still on the couch, eyes closed, her fingers circling her hard nipples.

Paula slowly stood up. “John liked that picture,” she said, before quickly typing a message back. She bent down and kneeled on the floor next to the couch, and then gently she started kissing Roma’s thigh causing her to jump.

“Oh Paula,” Roma said, her eyes suddenly open and looking down on Paula kneeling by the couch, kissing gently on her naked thigh. “Hope you don’t mind, I couldn’t resist,” Paula said between kisses, as she slowly inched up Roma’s thigh.

“I don’t mind at all,” Roma smiled. “Actually that is a nice lovely view to come jolt me back to the here and now.”

The phone buzzed again and Paula stopped her kisses for a moment looking at the screen. Paula quickly typed another response and giggled before returning to Roma’s thigh and moving herself between her legs as she continued to rain down kisses and nibbles from her knees up the insides of her strong toned thighs.

Roma couldn’t help from bringing her thighs together against the sides of Paula’s head as Paula brought on that oh so wonderful feeling of a warmth building inside Roma’s hot cunt, which began to emanate from the core of her womanhood.

Paula looked up peeking over Roma’s mons and said, “If I recall correctly, you have a thing for big black cocks don’t you?” At the very mention of this fetish, Roma’s pussy stirred with sensations and the flow of her precious nectar increased significantly.

“I do,” Roma replied, watching as Paula’s kisses were now just an inch from her bikini bottom.

“Maybe you would like some this afternoon?” Paula teased, and at that moment she pressed a firm kiss against the material covering Roma’s pussy, pushing the material into the warm wetness. Roma let out a little moan of pleasure.

“What do you mean?” Roma asked a moment later as she was able to compose herself.

“John and I met some guys yesterday at the beach. He just forwarded that pic to them and asked if they wanted to come to the beach hut for a little show,” Paula said, grinning. “I told him to tell them to come and watch how good I am at eating pussy.”

With that, Paula reached to Roma’s bikini bottom and pulled the material to the side, revealing her waxed pussy, glistening with excitement. She admired it for a moment before dipping her tongue gently along its length, tasting the strong flavor of Roma’s pussy. Roma moaned with pleasure as Paula lapped her wetness. It felt like time was frozen in pleasure for minutes as Paula lapped, and licked, dipping her tongue in and out of Roma’s wet cunt. Her fuck hole was really juiced up, providing Paula with copious amounts of her tasty ejaculate.

Paula looked up at Roma’s tits, her hands cupping them, as she continued to explore her young married pussy, the taste turning her on more and more. Paula’s own arousal was building as she devoured Roma’s sex.

She was only brought back to the room by a tap on the window. She grinned at the sound and then slowly stood up, and gently put Roma’s bikini bottoms back in place to cover her pussy.

As Paula opened the door to the hut, Roma emerged from the sexual fog she had been enjoying. Paula pulled back the curtain to welcome the three well built dark skinned bull studs into the room. They were clad only in their swimwear and provided the ladies with a very arousing view of their strong frames. With Paula and Roma already topless and their luscious hooters on full display, each of these black Adonis' sported a wide smile and the beginnings of the tenting of their trunks. Paula directed them to have a seat on the couch opposite the girls, while she actually took a seat on the floor between Roma’s slightly parted legs and faced the men.

To be continued...


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