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Unexpected Encounter

A naughty wife goes out clubbing with her cousin and friends and has an unexpected encounter
Her husband had been away for awhile and her cousin invited her to go out clubbing with her and her friends - not really her idea and not really her scene, but she had agreed anyhow. It might be fun checking out the “young men” she told herself. She had been working out a lot lately and was now thankful for it as this was not a time where she wanted to look her age.

She knew she looked good for a woman in her early forties – pretty, small framed, muscular legs, and perky firm breasts, but didn’t want to look like a forty year old trying to be twenty. She was careful in selecting her outfit, she wanted something sexy, but not something that said, “trying too hard”. She settled on a short black skirt and sleeveless classic tank with no bra. Her legs looked fantastic and the top looked amazing with no bra, sexy but not too slutty.

The bar her cousin had chosen was quite chic. She liked the vibe and clientele. She was surprised by the number of good looking men. As she and her cousin were chatting over drinks, she noticed that she was being watched and couldn’t help but be distracted. He appeared to be in his late twenties, and was just her type. Dark hair, dark eyes and the build of an athlete.

She decided to test the situation – to see if he really was noticing her or if it was just her imagination. She told her cousin she was going to the bar to get another drink. As she walked over to the bar she could feel his eyes following her. She made eye contact and discretely acknowledged him. As she walked back she noticed that he was no longer with his group of friends.

The bar was very crowded and she couldn’t see him. As she was making her way through the crowd, she was forced to pause in the crush of people. Suddenly she felt a body press up against her. She knew it was him and she gently pressed back. Then, a hand was placed on each of her outer thighs and they slowly moved up and back until they caressed her ass. She could feel herself getting wet and was very excited, but did not turn around to meet his eyes.

The crowd dispersed slightly and she was able to pass and make her way back to her cousin. When she looked over he was back with his friends and gave her a knowing look. She forced herself to engage in conversation with the group but she could not stop thinking about how his touch and smell had made her feel. She wanted more.

After a while she had to find the powder room. Her cousin was engaged in deep conversation with her boyfriend so she just slipped away quietly. The ladies room was tucked away downstairs. To her surprise as she stepped back out of the ladies’ room she found him leaning against the wall. She stopped. He was even better looking up close and she could see his body was every bit as toned as she had imagined.

He stood and walked over to her but said nothing. He put his hand on her cheek and bent down and kissed her. Softly at first but then deeper – probing with his tongue. Their hunger for each other grew and she thought she was going to be devoured by him. She let her hand slide down to his cock and was even more excited by his hardness and size. As she was stroking him, his hands pushed up her skirt and found her bare ass. His finger probed her wetness under her g-string and she gasped loudly and pulled back. Both were breathing heavily and her chest was heaving, desperate for more.

She glanced around and noticed a dark hall to the left which was being used to stack chairs. She took his hand and pulled him into the darkness where they found each other’s lips again. This time his hands pushed up her top, exposing her bare breasts and he fondled them with his mouth – she could barely stand it. His hand then probed her wetness again – she found herself pumping and moaning as he finger fucked her and she was racked with pleasure. She unbuckled his pants and groped for his erect penis. She stroked it and knew he was dying to plunge inside her. Before she knew it he had braced her up against the wall – the chairs were perfect support for her and he was able to slide deep inside her. She groaned so loud she was sure someone would hear. She grasped his firm ass and pumped him deep inside her again and again. She was almost fully exposed – she didn’t care who saw or heard.

His stokes quickened and she could feel herself on the brink of cumming. She kissed him deeply and groaned, “I’m going to cum.” He smiled and pressed harder, widening her legs so he could penetrate as deeply as possible. She arched back as she came and moaned loudly, racked with contractions of pleasure. His orgasm was not far behind – he groaned and his strokes slowed.

He stayed inside her stroking more and more slowly and kissed her face and lips gently. Then, as silently as they had started, they re-dressed and walked back up the stairs into the crowded bar. She returned to her cousin and explained that she wasn’t feeling too well – maybe just too tired and was going to call it a night.

As she walked across the bar she could feel him still watching her and she smiled as if to say good night. As she approached her car she heard footsteps. She turned to find those same dark eyes...

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