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A young woman can't resist her husband's bandmate

"How do I look, Gareth?" I giggled, entering the living room knowing exactly how I looked. 

I was wearing my little black party dress, which fell short, just below my waist, and hugged every outline, contour and highlight of my body, from my pert arse to my plump breasts. I never wore anything underneath it and relished the liberal touch of the fabric against my skin; it always made me feel so sexy. Gareth, the bassist in my husband Neil's band, whose birthday was the very reason for our going out tonight, gazed up from his beer open-mouthed, not knowing where to look. 

"Come on, 'Szul," I heard as I felt my husband's hand on my shoulder. "We’re gonna be late." 

As we passed through the hall towards our waiting taxi, I caught myself in the mirror, my blonde hair falling in curls of perfect contrast against the midnight blackness of my dress, resting softly on my breasts, which rose from my chest and rippled with each tentative, high-heeled step. Yes, I knew exactly how I looked. 

I settled down in the back of the cab and stretched out my freshly-shaven legs. I gazed down to the tiny, black straps of my sexy little shoes, which pulled against my calves and accentuated their texture and shape. Continuing past the discarded cab cards, sweet wrappers and fragments of magazines that strewed the floor like confetti, my eyes caught Gareth's, looking longingly along the lines of my legs toward the teasing slip of black fabric that stretched tightly across my thighs and concealed my naked pussy, and then further towards the curves and undulations of my body. His eyes skimmed my flat stomach, my manicured hands, the heaving mountains of my breasts straining against the tightness of my dress, and the dark ravine of my long cleavage. 

Up front, my husband chatted mechanically with the cabbie about the weather and the government; I glanced at Gareth and tossed a stray curl off my shoulder and quickly looked down to smile to myself. I'd always fancied Gareth. What with that short shock of tight black curls, chiseled, masculine features, well-toned body, and his position in the band as the Dark, Mysterious One Playing Bass, who wouldn't? I also knew that he fancied me - even wearing trackies and a hoodie returning from the gym, I'd caught him with his eyes all over me - but we'd never taken it further. I'd never even dreamed of actually cheating on my husband. But a girl's allowed her fantasies, and as I purposefully crossed my legs - slowly enough to let Gareth know that I was naked beneath my little black dress - I felt a twinge of excitement settle in the pit of my stomach and the tiniest hint of moisture reach the lips of my pussy, sensitive and exposed to the drafts entering the cab from the passing city. 

As I entered the club, holding my husband's hand, I could feel the eyes of other men, the heat of their collective last searing through each leer and yearning gaze. My nipples hardened in the slight, sharp early evening breeze as we brushed past the ageing doormen and I could feel it gently rising below my dress, swirling and lapping between my legs and licking my bare, damp cunt. God, I felt so good. 

Once inside, I settled down to a sparkling white wine and mingled among assorted friends and acquaintances as Neil slipped off to talk to his. After a few drinks I felt sufficiently relaxed to hit the dance floor, seduced by the beats of a funk-era Etta James tune, given some extra bump and grind by the DJ in the booth at the far end of the club, glued diligently to his decks, Tell Mama. Sexy, sassy, and seductive. God, tonight that was me alright. 

Strutting across the floor, I noted the eyes of every man who lowered his gaze to catch a glimpse of my bulging chest. I felt the dull touch of a torso against my lower back. It was Gareth. Emboldened by alcohol and the confidence that my little black dress gave me, I discretely bent my knees and eased myself into his crotch. I felt a firm hand grasp my hip and pull backwards. I could feel his abdomen, then a growing penis, push against my arse, barely concealed beneath my figure-hugging dress.

'I'm not the only one feeling a little bold,' I thought as I ground into his stiffening cock and straightened myself, craning my head against his chest. In my excitement I felt my nipples stiffen against the taut fabric of my dress and every hair stand on end, producing an electric feeling of anticipation throughout my entire body. As Gareth leaned forward, arching his head over my shoulder, he would have seen thiusands of tiny goosebumps shooting eagerly from the tops of my pale white breasts, shimmering under the gentle hum of soft violet light. I could feel warm breath against my neck as he brushed my hair aside with his spare hand, still grinding his crotch into my arse in circles of ever more lustful vigour, pulling my body towards him with his hand snaking up towards my stomach. 

"You look fantastic," he whispered, sending waves of excitement down to my toes.

Turning towards him, I wrapped my arms around his neck, stood on my tiptoes and giggled back, "I knew you liked it," before reaching down to discretely stroke his now full erection through his trousers. Oh my, how he wanted me! 

"You know, I'm not wearing any panties," I teased, as I backed into him once more. I felt an arm wrap around my waist and a hand brush aside the bottom of my dress and caress my moist mound. 

A hand turned to a finger - his second - which stroked the furrow of my cunt and quickly homed in on the coursing sensitivity of my clit. My head tilted back against his chest, my eyes closed and I felt his cock grow harder and stiffer against my lower back. The sexiness of it all! I could hear hungry moans turn to desperate pants as he positively thrust into me, smell the strange scent of a new man, feel the seductive rumble of the music across the floor and his illicit touch on my soaking pussy. I lifted my right arm over his shoulder and drew him into me, shut closed my eyes and bit my lower lip until it hurt. My legs started trembling. I bit harder and bucked against his hand. I couldn't take much more.

Then it stopped. In an instant, Gareth released me, stood back and straightened himself out. Before I could ask what was going on, I saw Neil approaching through a crowd of bodies and faces. I tugged down on the hem of my dress, brushed my hair with my hands and smiled to greet my husband. 

"What are you two up to?" he asked. 

"Nothing much," Gareth replied casually, as I looked to the floor to hide my blush. 

"Come on, baby," Neil continued, “let's get you a drink.” 

As my husband led me by the hand I looked back at Gareth with a knowing stare and watched him discretely smell his fingers. God, I wanted him. 

After what seemed like an eternity mingling awkwardly amongst a blurred succession of faces Neil insisted on introducing me to, I finally got away and caught my breath. My senses were heightened by wine and the thrill of what had just past: through the pulsating din of the music I could hear chatter, the clink and clatter of glasses, a gentle humming in my ears; I could see slightly smudged foundation, tiny hairs like peach fuzz on people's skin, the sway of dancing fabric in slow motion; I could smell assorted perfumes mingling with sweat and lust and booze, feel every fibre of my body straining against my tight dress, taste dry, metallic lust fill up in my mouth like sand. I moved my way across the room, ignoring every touch I brushed against on my way past, looking for Gareth. I found him, drop dead gorgeous, a Man In Black sipping neat Bushmills against the bar as if he slips his fingers inside his best friend's wife every day of the week. I just had to have him.

Composing myself, straightening my dress and moistening my lips with my tongue, I walked over to him, leaned into his back and slowly massaging his left thigh whispered that I knew somewhere private where we could go. Kissing his lightly stubbled face, I led him gently by the hand into a spacious function room I knew would be empty. As I shut the door behind us I launched my body into his and kissed his mouth with all my lust. My tongue probed deep and hard, tasting his breath before he reciprocated, his wet tongue dancing with mine as one hand went up my dress to my naked arse and the other fumbled and pushed against my breasts. We parted and, gagging and breathless with raw excitement, I grappled furiously with his belt and flies, sliding down his firm body as I released his semi-erect cock and began sucking on it ravenously. I was lost to the moment and my own lust as I felt him stiffen against the roof of my mouth and push against my lips, which I gamely slurped and kissed his growing member. Moving my left hand along the length of his throbbing shaft, I glanced upwards and saw his beautiful, timeless Mount Rushmore face with deep, cavernous eyes staring down as my little black dress struggled to contain me. It finally lost the battle as Gareth gently removed each strap, allowing the fabric to fall around my knees and reveal my nakedness, white and shimmering in the half-light streaming through a window at the back of the room.

"Fuck me," I gasped, almost begging, on my knees with a long trail of spittle and precum between my lower lip and the tip of his cock. "You have to fuck me!" 

I felt his strong hands grasp firmly beneath my arms as he lifted me up, my fingers running through a dense forest of chest hair as I loosened his shirt while he pushed me towards the back of the room. I felt the softness of a cushion against my back as he pushed me on to an old settee, kissing my lips firmly and lustily groping my soft tits. I leant back and opened my legs, enclosing his lower torso and manhood between them, pulling his eager cock into my waiting pussy. I heard him inhale sharply as his tip, then head, pushed between my tight walls. My hands explored the toned terrain of his arms and scratched his back and sides as he pushed himself inside me. The silence between our expectant breaths filled with gentle slops, slurps and slaps as my hungry pussy slowly devoured his entire length. His cock inside me to the very hilt, those deep, brown, Rushmore eyes penetrated mine; wide and helpless with last, both our mouths agape in the knowledge of the sheer pleasure and magnitude of what was about to happen.

And then it did. He began fucking me with an untamed, animal ferocity and desire I hadn't experienced since that first, teenage fumble with Neil all those years ago. I could feel the sharp scratch of his stubble against my cheek and the gentle tickle of chest hair against my heaving breasts as he pushed himself into me, faster and harder. The sting of his fucks was overtaken by the sheer sensual pleasure of the sounds of our breaths shrouding us, the smell of our sweat, the dry taste of my lust in my mouth, the sight of my lover's beautiful body before me, and the electric pleasure that spread from my pussy all over my body, causing every single hair to stand on end and my toes to curl as tightly as possible, desperate not to let one single drop escape.

His groans grew louder and more uncontrollable as he buried his teeth into my shoulder and pushed himself ever deeper into me, filling my pussy entirely. 

"I'm going to come," he breathed, before mounting the sofa, straddling my body like a colossus and positioning his rock-hard cock in the glistening valley between my tits. 

His cock was oozing precum and shining in my juices. I took each breast in my hands and pressed them tight against it. Manically he thrust, his chiseled face now contorted with lust. Faster and faster, his cock slipped between my tits; deeper and wilder grew his groans; more uncontrollable became our fucking until he let out an almighty roar and his entire body spasmed, his cock spraying load upon load of hot, thick, white cum over my tits, neck, face, hair and into my mouth. I licked my lips, tasting his earthy, bitter discharge. It felt base; it felt filthy; it felt so, so good. 

As Gareth collapsed, exhausted beside me, my right hand reached between my still parted legs and a stray finger furrowed its way through the coarse dampness of my pussy, pushing towards where the hair grew thickest and darkest, penetrating to my aching, desperate clit. I closed my eyes and thought back to what we had just shared; listened to his throaty groans; tasted his load, which still left traces on my tongue, lips and mouth; felt the tight curls of his head against my chest; smelled the pungent musk of sex in the air around us. I stroked more frantically, more closely, more tightly until all the pleasure in the world welled up in that tiny spot between my legs and emanated in waves throughout my entire body and I could take no more. My skin tingled and felt as if it were moving, as though something were trying to leave my body, causing my nipples to harden and millions of goosebumps to spring out from my flesh; my arm, hand and finger were vibrating almost of their own accord, intensely masturbating my now drenched cunt in an ecstatic fit; and my mouth gaped wide until I let out a huge, primal roar as wave after wave of pure pleasure was expelled from my pussy, its hot juices flowing into the surrounding forest as I hunched forward, bucking against my hand before collapsing in a hot, sweaty, spent heap beside my lover. 




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