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Veronica's Revenge

Veronica finds solace with a barman after finding her husband with their maid
Veronica walked up the path to the front door to their large city house. Paul wasn't expecting her back until tomorrow night and she thought she would surprise him. She wore a black dress with a silk violet camisole and French knickers set.

She unlocked and opened the front door and entered the house. She had expected to find him in the lounge but the light was off, so she checked the other rooms downstairs and found them all empty and dark; there wasn't even any sign of Sally their live in maid.

She ascended the stairs as quietly as she could. Paul must be in bed, maybe he had an early start in the city in the morning. She smiled to herself and thought of a little job he had to do first, a little job on her.

She could see the light to their bedroom shining through the crack in the door and music was playing. As silently as she could she pushed the door open and slipped inside.

The sight that welcomed her made her stop in her tracks. Sally was naked on all fours on the bed, her breasts swinging as Paul made love to her, no he wasn't making love to her, he was fucking her.

Veronica stood watching for a few seconds, unable to move or speak. She watched her husband gripping Sally's hips as he pounded his cock into her. Long deep thrusts, Sally moaned with each and every one.

Veronica brought her hand to her mouth, she began to sob, uncontrollable sobs. Both Paul and Sally snapped their heads around. Paul moved away from Sally, leaving her momentarily on all fours with her legs spread. Her dark pubic hair matted in her juice and his cum.

“I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.” He started to move towards Veronica.

Veronica just stared at them both, desperately gulping in air as she sobbed.

Sally jumped off the bed and grabbed at her clothes; she pulled them to her, desperately trying to cover her naked body. She rushed passed Veronica and out the open door crying as she went.

“She threw herself at me, I'd had a drink, any man would have done the same,” came his feeble excuse.

“Go and fuck yourself Paul, it's over,” Veronica screamed through the floods of tears and then she turned and ran down the corridor, down the stairs and into the night.

She continued running until her chest hurt, from sobbing and running. She slowed and then stopped; she looked around as she tried to compose herself. She didn't know where she was, all the buildings unfamiliar.

She walked down the deserted street, heading towards the sound of music. She turned the corner and found the source of the music, a pub.

She paused at the door, should she go in? She knew her face would be a mess, her mascara probably smeared down her cheeks and her eyes would be red from crying. The door burst open and two revellers spilled onto the street, almost knocking her out of the way.

Her mind now made up, she entered and quickly made her way to the toilets. She looked at herself in the mirror, her panda eyes blood shot. She rummaged in her handbag and found some wipes and some make-up and set about fixing herself up.

After a few minutes she looked at herself, satisfied that she now looked presentable, she did look a little teary but there was nothing she could do about that. With her handbag now packed she went through to the bar.

The pub was half full of men watching a football game on the large TV. She walked through and they all stared at her, their heads following her as she made her way to the bar.

One of the two barmen walked over to her and stood silent.

“A gin and tonic please, a large one.”

The barman poured her drink and placed it on the beer soaked bar top.

“£4.80.” There was no please or thank you.

Veronica found her purse and paid the barman. As she put her purse back in her bag her phone rang. It was Paul. She just rejected his call and felt the tears begin to cloud her vision. Taking a tissue she dabbed her eyes dry.

“You okay love?”

It was the barman, she smiled at him realising that he was quite attractive in a rugged sort of way, “Yes thanks,” she lied, then took a large gulp of the clear liquid, “It's just been a shit of a day.”

“Not being funny love but you don't fit in here, you want to be careful around some of these idiots.” He nodded in the direction of the group of men watching the TV, there attention once again on the game of football.

She smiled again, then raised her glass and took another large mouthful, then another one, until the glass was drained.

“Same again please.” She pushed another £5 note across the bar.

The drink was duly dispensed and she quickly downed that one.

“Gin and tonic please,” she said. Her words were starting to slur.

“Look love, the game is nearly over; this lot have never seen a classy woman like you in here. Let me walk you home and they won't bother you. If not, well, I don't know what some of this lot are capable of.”

The ringing of her phone interrupted him. She struggled to find it and when she did finally get it out of her bag she dropped her keys on the floor with a clatter, and the whole of the pub turned to look at her.

“Husband trouble?” The barman commented nodding towards the ringing phone in Veronica's hand.

Veronica looked at his rugged features and nodded she tried desperately to stop blubbing again, she tried to retrieve her keys and stumbled.

The barman came around from the back of the bar and helped her, picking up her keys for her and steadied her.

“Whatever has happened, drinking in here isn't the answer, maybe you should go home and things might seem different in the morning. I'm sure whatever it is you can work it out.”

She gazed up into his eyes and sniffed. “It's all over, I caught him... ” she struggled to find the right words, “... I caught him fucking our maid on our bed.” The emphasis firmly on the word fucking and then her tears started.

“I think you should go home, look I'm due a break, I'll walk you.”

She nodded and hooked her arm through his and let him escort her out of the pub; much to the amusement of the men in there.

She told him the road that she lived on and let him lead the way. She rested her head against his arm as they walked.

“I'm Matt, what's your name?”

“Veronica,” She sniffed

“We can take a short cut through the park, the gates won't be locked for another hour, only if you want to though I'll understand if you want to stick to the roads.”

“Sure, the park is good.”

They got to the park gates and went through. The park at this time of night was deserted and they quietly made their way across the grass towards the other gate.

Veronica stopped by a tree causing Matt to stop too. “Matt, will you do something for me?”

“Sure, if I can.”

“Make love to me.”

“Err, I don't think that would help matters.”

“Don't you find me attractive or are you gay.”

“You are attractive, very attractive and no I'm not gay.”

“Well make love to me, please.”

She stepped closer to him and kissed him, a small kiss followed by a more passionate one. She slid a hand down his body and rubbed over his groin, she felt the stirring of his penis beneath her fingers.

“I want you; I want you to make love to me,” her voice became a whisper, “No, I want you to fuck me.” Her fingers began to rub up and down his growing erection through his trousers.

“We shouldn't, I mean your upset,” his voice quivered as Veronica continued to rub him.

She smiled at him and found the button to his jeans and unbuttoned him; the noise of his zip being pulled down seemed loud in the still night air.

Without saying a word she slid her hand inside his trousers and into his boxer shorts. Her fingers brushing through his course pubic hair until she felt the base of his cock. She curled her fingers around him and moved them down just a little.

“Oh god, that feels good.”

“How good would it feel if I took you in my mouth?”

He groaned as she slipped her hand down his length

She became frustrated by his restricting trousers and pulled her hand out of his boxers, she pulled his trousers down followed by his boxers; pushing them around his knees. In the moon light she finally saw his cock standing erect from him. She took her coat off and knelt on it. Her face inches from his groin.

Matt leant back against the tree, and looked down at Veronica as she stroked a manicured nail along his length.

She gripped his cock again and slowly started to stroke him up and down, her other hand gently massaging his balls. She leant forward and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock tasting his pre-cum.

She looked up at him and opened her mouth; her lips open wide as she slowly took him inside her. She pushed her head forward feeling every vein as it passed between her lips. She swirled her tongue over him and around him.

Matt placed his hands on her head and pulled her onto him, at the same time he pushed his hips forward until he could feel her lips around the base of his cock.

Veronica almost gagged as his cock touched the back of her throat, he was much bigger than Paul and she struggled to take all of him.

She slowly moved her head back, releasing him from her mouth until he was only just inside her. She gripped his shaft in a hand and lashed her tongue across the tip of him loving the taste and silky feel of his pre-cum. Her hand started to wank him as she concentrated on his tip.

“I want to fuck your mouth,” Matt hissed.

She released his cock from her mouth but still gripped him, “Mmm, I want you to fuck my mouth and then me. I want you to use me. Talk dirty to me as you fuck my pretty mouth.”

She then took him between her lips again, her teeth pressed against him through her lips.

“Oh fuck yes, like that, suck me like that.”

She released the grip on him and took him back into her mouth, scraping her lips down his length. She moaned around him as his salty tip reached the back of her throat.

“You like that don't you? You like me using your mouth.”

She moaned again as she pulled away from him and then gripping his bottom she pulled him into her mouth again, deeper though.

“I want to fuck that pretty little mouth, I want to shoot my load down your throat and have you swallow me."

Veronica started to bob her head up and down his length moaning all the time. She reached one hand further around him and between his legs so she could massage his balls.

“Oh yes, you like that don't you, you like my hard cock in your mouth. I bet your pussy is aching for it too.”

Veronica sucked and licked Matt, she tasted his pre-cum as it dribbled form his cock.

“I bet your pussy is aching for me, aching for me to pound into you, Are you desperate to have me inside your cunt, my throbbing cock plunging in and out of your pussy.”

Veronica began sucking him for all she was worth, her head moving back and forth. Taking him deep and then letting him pull out of her mouth, leaving just enough time for her to flick her tongue against his dripping tip before he plunged his member back into her gaping mouth.

“Oh fuck I'm close," he gasped.

She sucked harder, her hand back on his shaft wanking him. She knew he was close, she knew he was going to fill her mouth with his seed.

He thrust into her, his groan loud and she knew this was it. She moaned around him as she pulled her hand back to the base of his throbbing cock.

He twitched. His cock flicking slightly and then she felt the jet of his cum hit the back of her throat. She normally didn't swallow, she preferred to take Paul in her mouth and then let it dribble from her but this was different. She gulped the warm salty cream down, another jet hit the back of her mouth. She couldn't swallow quickly enough.

Matt groaned as he came, his body shaking as he released his cum. He could feel the gulps as Veronica swallowed.

She continued sucking and swallowing, her tongue flicking across his sensitive tip as she swallowed the last of his warm salty cum. His cock slowly began to lose its firmness and only then did she release him from her mouth.

Matt slid down the tree, his body spent. He lay there panting as he watched her lick her lips and swallow the last drops of his seed.

“I'm not finished yet, I want you in me. I want to feel you stretching me as you fuck me properly.”

Matt groaned, “I need time, let me recover.”

Veronica slid a strap of her dress down arm then the other; she leant forward towards Matt and peeled the material down. Her breasts pressed against the camisole top, the cool night air making her nipples hard. She pushed the dress down until it was bunched around her waist.

Veronica took Matt's hands in hers and pressed them against her breasts, gasping as his fingers slowly began to massage her through her top.

“Rip it off, I want your hands on me, fucking rip it from me.”

Matt paused and then his strong hands pulled at the sheer material, it took a moment and then the sound of her top ripping permeated the night air.

The sound coupled with the breeze on her naked breasts seemed to make Veronica even more wanton.

Matt slowly raised his hands again and placed them over Veronica's perfect breasts, they were firm and pert, her dark areola surrounded her erect nipples. He slowly rubbed his hands over them, and then he took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and rolled them between his fingers making her gasp.

“Lay on the floor, I want to straddle you,” she whispered.

Matt lay back on the damp grass and watched as she straddled him. She hitched the hem of her dress up and then lifted it over her head and threw it away she was left just wearing her French Knickers.

Veronica reached behind her and stroked over Matt's still flaccid cock. “I want you hard again, I want you in my pussy,” she hissed the words as she ran a manicured fingernail along his soft length. She flicked her nail across his wet tip making him growl.

“Just give me a minute, please.”

“Maybe I need something in me now.” And as she said that she slid her right hand inside the silk material of her knickers.

Matt watched her, her eyes were closed and her breathing was quickening as she slowly started to touch herself. His gaze dropped and he could see her hand rubbing her pussy through the material.

She purred in satisfaction and opened her eyes staring at him, her hand continued to move. “I'm wet Matt, fuck I'm so wet for you,” she moaned and continued, “I've got a finger in me now, sliding in and out of my tight cunt.”

It was Matt's turn to groan now; he felt his balls ache and his cock started to slowly rise.

“Two fingers now, oh god I'm so fucking aroused.”

Matt watched as her ministrations increased, he held his breath for a moment and heard her fingers sliding in and out.

She looked down at him and gently bit her lip as she worked on herself. “You can hear how wet I am can't you, it sounds so erotic.”

She then withdrew her hand and in the moonlight she could just make out her moisture clinging to her fingers. She slowly raised her hand and staring into Matt's eyes she licked her juice from them, her tongue running over them and then sucked on them, moaning in satisfaction as she did so.

Matt groaned at the sight, his cock now definitely on the rise again.

“I've never tasted myself before, mmm so sweet.” She slid her hand back inside her knickers and continued to pleasure herself. “I bet you want to see me don't you? I bet you want to watch as I finger my cunt.”

Matt nodded, hoping that she would slip off her knickers.

“Rip them off me, and then you can see how much I want you."

Matt reached out and tugged at the material, finally making a tear. He ripped them open as far as the elastic and left them just hanging in tatters around her waist.

Veronica continued to masturbate as she felt the material give, the sound turning her on even more.

“Look at me, look at my delicious pussy, see how wet you've got me.”

She moved the material out of the way and let Matt see her pussy.

“I like to keep in neat, I have a girl come around and wax me. I love the feeling of my smooth lips.” She ran a hand over her little strip of hair and down to her smooth, swollen lips.

“I get very horny as she waxes me, I know I get wet, and when she has gone I have to bring myself off as I imagine her tongue in me.”

The effect was immediate, Matt's cock grew fatter and longer.

“Imagine me and her devouring each others cunts, I want you to devour mine now.”

She slid up his body and knelt above his head, her fingers now either side of her pussy. She pulled her lips apart and lowered slightly, she could feel his warm breath on her thighs and her pussy.

Matt raised his head as high as he could, desperate to taste her, to lick her. But Veronica was teasing him now, keeping just out of reach of his tongue.

“Please, I want to tongue you, I want to tongue fuck your dripping cunt, I want to taste you, I want you to cum on my face.”

Veronica groaned and lowered herself onto him. She began to move backwards and forwards a little as he pressed his tongue into her. She moaned in pleasure as she felt it slide between her lips and into her tight pussy.

“Fuck me with your tongue, lick along my slit.” She purred in delight as he did exactly as she asked.

She began to press down against his mouth, his nose bumping against her throbbing clit. As she began to rock back and forth she reached behind her body to rub his now hard, throbbing cock.

Matt brought his hands up and spread her pussy, driving his tongue as deep as he could into her wet pussy.

“That's it, give me your tongue.” She had her hand wrapped around his shaft, her thumb rubbing back and forth across his tip smearing his pre-cum over the end of his cock.

He groaned into her pussy, the vibrations stimulating her further. His face was now slick with her juice. He moved his head and sucked on her clit, bringing it into his mouth.

Veronica arched her back as Matt nipped her highly sensitised clit, she cried out as he flicked his tongue against her tight nub. Her hands rose to her breasts, pinching her nipples

She suddenly tensed; her body rigid and Matt felt his face flood with her juice. He could feel her muscles spasm and then she collapsed forward. She screamed as he tried to devour her clit again. She managed to slip back straddling his chest.

Matt looked down his body at Veronica, her legs spread wide and her pussy gaping wide. Her lips were red and swollen, her slit shining in the dim light.

“I want you on my cock now, I want to fill your pussy with my meat then have you ride me until I fill that delicious tight cunt with my cum.”

Veronica moved down his body and raised herself above his rigid pole; she felt his cock at the entrance to her tight pussy and then slowly lowered herself. She felt his cock press into her and then she let out a gasp as her pussy yielded to the pressure.

Matt raised his hips as she pushed down on him, he felt her soft pussy envelop his cock.

Veronica moaned as she felt herself being stretched, his cock filling her pussy. The feeling of him filling her deeper and deeper until she felt his body against her thighs and she just let him take the weight of her body.

Matt looked at her, her eyes closed and her mouth open. “Ride me, I want you to ride my throbbing cock, feel me filling you, stretching you.

Veronica moved a little and gasped.

“Can you feel me filling you, you feel so tight.”

Veronica started to grind back and forth, “Yes, I can feel you stretching me; oh fuck I'm close, really close.” She bit her lip and sped up.

“That's it ride me like that.” He placed his hands on her hips and helped her move back and forth on him. “I want you to rub your clit for me, do that and I will fill you with my seed”.

She slid a hand down between her legs and rubbed, she could feel Matt’s hard member and used a nail to scratch his shaft a little. “Oh fuck, I can't last."

“I'm close too, cum and I'll cum with you.”

Veronica groaned and fell forward. Her hands reached out to Matt's chest, she pushed his shirt up and raked her nails down his skin.

“Now. I'm cumming now,” her voice wavered and then she felt an explosion deep inside her as Matt came with her. She kept still, loving the feeling of the twitching cock inside her, the delicious feeling of his hot seed flooding her cunt.

Matt came in her, his balls contracting as he shot his seed into her, then again; he pumped another load of cum deep within her pussy. He began to feel the warm cum begin to run from her onto his groin. He tensed his muscles and the final jet of his salty seed spray into Veronica.

Veronica let herself slump forward, she lay across Matt. She could feel his cock slowly soften, as it did so his semen and her juice trickled from her. His cock then slipped from her now gaping pussy. She rested her head on his chest and sighed, a tear trickled from her eyes and she sniffed and then sobbed.

Matt stroked a hand over her head and let her weep onto his chest.

A few moments passed and then without warning Veronica raised herself off Matt and stood up. She let the remains of her knickers slip down her legs and she kicked then off. Then finding her coat she slipped it on and fastened it. The rest of her clothes remained scattered around them.

Matt watched as she looked for her handbag, it was beside him and he handed it to her; Veronica didn't say a word. He watched as she rummaged in her bag and found a wipe, she dabbed at her eyes and then began to walk off without a saying anything.

Matt watched her walk half a dozen paces and then stop, she rummaged in her handbag again. He couldn't see what she was doing but eventually she turned and headed back towards him.

“Call me.” She passed a bit of paper with a mobile number on it. Then added, “Soon.”

Matt stared after her as she walked across the grass and to the gate. He lay there amongst her discarded clothes before fixing his own clothes. He gathered her dress and ripped lingerie up and walked back the way he came. Clutched in his other hand was the bit of paper she had given him.

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