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What One Night With My Husband's Ex Wife Can Lead To

What One Night With My Husband's Ex Wife Can Lead To

When cheating there is always an emotional conflict. Is the juice worth the squeeze?
I drove straight home, and got dressed in the car. I pulled up, went inside, and crawled into bed. I usually slept naked, but my clothes remained on. Kirsten super glued herself to my mind. I never had a huge emotional sexual and guilty mix before.

After a couple minutes, I heard my phone ring. I thought it would be Jack, but her name appeared on the caller ID. There was hesitation to answer it, but I knew if I didn't, she would just call again.

"Yes?" I answered.

"Do you hate me?" she wondered.

"No, Kirsten, I don't hate you, but I don't think it's a good idea to hang out anymore," I replied.

"Okay, I understand, I love you," she said, just before she hung up.

"Fuck," I said.

A good deal of damage had already been done. She wouldn't have told me she loved me for nothing. Sure, maybe the bathroom, you could just call sex, but the bedroom business was different. I couldn't help, but to masturbate.

My skirt came off, and went the floor. My right hand found my way into my panties. My imagination wouldn't allow Jack to come in, as it just wanted Kirsten. Thoughts of when she ate my pussy did the job for me, as my fingers went in.

Kirsten was like a foreign food, as the she too new, and gave me a lot of pleasure too. I thought about her tongue moving around in my pussy, as it searched my g-spot.

I loved how she made the orgasm last, and didn't treat it as a race to get me to cum. She just wanted make me feel good, so the love vented from that.

"Oh, yes, Kirsten. Eat your girlfriend's pussy, and make her feel good, really good," I moaned.

My lips became open, as heavy breathing persisted. My ears heard myself say that, and it became certain that the rabbit hole got a visit from my shovel. I desired to stop masturbating, but I couldn't to save my life.

My fingers were thrusting in and out of my pussy hastily, and my heartbeats were in my ears again. My shirt, and bra came off, and then my right began rubbing my pussy. My body leaned up, and loud moans jumped out. My arms, and legs hauled around frantically, causing the bed to shake.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" I screamed.

The bed became soiled, and I found myself wanting her, but more importantly, needing her. I had to fight with myself.

"You are not going over there, you have a husband, and you already cheated on him twice tonight. You don't need to do it again," I told myself.

I inhaled, and exhaled sharply, as my entire body was wet with sweat. My arms went in the air, and slammed on the bed multiple times. My hands came to my face, as everything seemed to be wrong, but yet so right. Then I looked at my phone, and I had a voice message. Ringing never entered my ears.

"Hey, babe. When we're all able to walk again, we're all gonna go back to the casino, and gamble a little more. I'm sure you can find someone to hang out with. Maybe Tammy, or Veronica? Have a ladies day, and maybe night. Okay? See you tomorrow night," Jack said on the message.

So that meant he wouldn't be back until the next night, and he wouldn't be there in the morning. As the clock struck midnight, I seriously thought about handcuffing myself to something. I had to stop myself from getting dressed, and going back to her house.

Several attempts to go to sleep failed. Wide awake, I was driving myself crazy, and thoughts of how she did this to me ran through my head. I had no idea about that, but I knew this: I had to fuck her again.

I texted her, and just wrote, 'I'm coming over.'

A reply came thirty seconds later, and it said, 'I'll be waiting.'

I didn't even bother putting on my normal clothes, I just slipped into my bra, and panties. My phone came to my hand, and I ran outside. I went for my car, got in, and jetted off.

As a normal trip over there took fifteen minutes, five were shaved off that time. I pulled up to her house, yanked my keys out, and sprinted inside. I found her in living room, laying on the couch naked.

"What took you so long?" she pondered.

My bra and panties came right off, and I got right on top of her. Our lips came together and remained together for ten minutes straight. My hands arrived at the back of her head and her hands went to my back.

No idea came through my head of what I was going to do exactly, meaning the whole situation. What obstacles were coming after this and would this be regretted completely? Unsure about that, I knew physical pleasure was coming our way.

"Do you think I can get you to try something with me while you are here?" she asked.

Clueless what she had in mind, my only desire was to be with her. She didn't even wait for an answer. She got up, reached for my hand, and escorted me to her bed, in her bedroom.

"I'm seriously jealous of this bed," I said.

"Care to share?" she pondered.

I knew I could leave right then, but she would be severely disappointed. As her smile gazed at me, her answer was received.

"Is that a 'yes', Donna?" she inquired.

My lips were gonna spit out words, but her hands propelled me to the bed. Then her feet headed over to her dresser, and one drawer opened. Her left hand reached in there, and as she looked back at me.

"Did you really drive over her in just your bra and panties?" she needed to know.

"I tend to do weird stuff when I'm horny for my husband's ex wife," I confessed.

"I just hope you don't regret it," she told me.

I saw her stepping into something, but I wasn't sure what exactly.

"Well, just in case you want a little bit of cock, I wanna be able to pleasure you this way too," she said, as she turned to me.

She revealed herself wearing a strap on with a huge purple dildo. It was bigger than Jack's cock, and my mouth began to water as she walked over to me. Her seductive smile posted on her face as her hands rubbed on the dildo with a little bit of lube.

"I don't wanna hurt your slit too much, I want you to love this experience," she mentioned.

She got right on top of me, and inserted the dildo right into my sweet pussy.

"Oh, shit, Kirsten!" I screamed, as I wrapped my arms around her.

Her head appeared right above mine, and rapid breathing hit my face. Her hand came to my forehead, and she discovered how worked up I was already. Then I actually had her making sweet love to me, and as the big dildo commenced small thrusts.

"Tell me you love me, Donna. If you didn't, you wouldn't be here now," she told me.

Lies couldn't be told, as her eyes were looking right into mine, with a very small gap between us.

"I love you, Kirsten," I let her know.

She kissed me once, as a conflicting pleasure launched, and it was just question of how long it was gonna last. Our boobs collided, as they were almost a perfect match. My hands landed on her butt, and made her come even closer to me. So smaller thrusts were made.

"I know we've only had sex a few times now, but you are definitely the best I've ever been with," she confessed.

Then she leaned up a little bit, so her boobs were right above my face.

"Lick them, Donna, you know you want to," she whispered.

I took her left nipple into my mouth, brought my lips down, and sucked on it. My tongue did it's share of the work. So I hit her with a double nipple whammy.

"Oh, fuck yes, Donna. That feels so damn good, don't stop. Make me cum by sucking on my nipples, I want you to," she moaned.

As her sweet spot became found, my tongue pushed it in. My right hand came to her other boob, and my fingers positioned themselves on both sides of her nipple. It became pinched.

"Oh, yes!" she moaned.

The whole time, a big dildo was in my pussy, and making it sore. Knowing that I had a limit as well, every single effort was put in to try to make it last. Even though we were only at the two minute mark, it seemed like a lifetime of passionate sex.

Her line of vision was unable to see my face, due to her giant boobs, so she missed me smiling. A realization came to me. So I knew that I had this beautiful woman in the palm of my hand, and I thought, 'Why throw her back?'

Although, that thought formed with the part of my heart that loved her. In the end, this conflict was resolved when the intense pleasure came upon me.

"I love you, Kirsten!" I screamed.

"Shit, Donna, I fucking love you too!!" she screamed.

We both came right onto the strap on, and we seemed to spent. As we had much adrenaline coursing through our systems, once we ran out, we were out. She fell right on top of me and we both just stayed still and silent for about five minutes straight.

Then thoughts of how wrong this was came to mind, along with 'How could I really justify this?' I had no idea, but I had this beautiful woman and I couldn't just chuck her.

"You aren't just gonna leave again, are you?" she wondered.

As I held her, I found cheating to have it's sweet emotional upside too.

"No, but I should," I replied.

Then she lifted up her head, and kissed me.

"If he can't or won't sexually satisfy you, let me. I know what you like, and how to make you purr, you lion," she offered.

She had all her bases covered at all times it seemed. Even as I had to leave, I still felt the need to come back to her. I didn't need to get laid that badly, she allured me with her love.

"At least spend the night with me, you don't wanna just fuck and run do you?" she pondered.

"Fine," I replied.

"Don't worry, I won't hog the covers," she let me know, as she took the strap on off and pulled the blankets onto us.

I just voluntarily dug the hole deeper by going back, and I agreed to spend the night. As the small hand landed on the '2', we both laid down. I heard her snoring in minutes and I tried to got to sleep. As I couldn't, I seriously considered sneaking out.

Although, the big thought that plagued my mind would be, 'What kind of bitch would this make me?' Her smile never faded. The conflict haunted me again, between her and Jack. I loved them both, but keeping both couldn't last forever.

I lay wide awake until four, and then my decision was made. Despite how it would make me look, I actually pulled away from her and put my feet on the ground. I slowly made my way over to the door and I couldn't help but to look back at her.

Dead asleep and still smiling, I saw a superb woman, regardless of her actions. With frozen feet, my eyes starred at her. It couldn't be done, because it could really turn ugly. 'What if she just told Jack?' I thought.

Then a single tear went down my cheek, as I knew I'd break her heart too, even though this sexual relationship was very new.

After a couple minutes of deliberation, I slowly made my way back to the bed and returned to that position. Eventually, I fell asleep. When I did, I slept nonstop for a long time.

Once I awoke, I had that headache I get when I sleep for more than eight hours and I noticed Kirsten wasn't there. I got out of the bed with my hand on my head and walked out to the living room.

Noises came from the kitchen, and my assumption was that she was in there. Then I saw my bra, and panties on the floor. I leaned down, and my hands came to them. I put them back on and went to the kitchen. I found her cooking in there completely naked.

"I thought you'd never get up," she said.

I strolled towards her as she dropped her spatula and wrapped her arms around me.

"I'm glad you are still here," she whispered.

Her lips met mine for a few seconds and then she resumed cooking pancakes.

"I'm just your girlfriend, you can show off your tits and pussy if you want. I love eye candy too," she told me.

I stripped to give her some eye candy to glance over too.

"I gotta be honest, I thought I'd wake up alone as you might have left in the middle of the night. 

Even though it's wrong to cheat, I was really relived to see you still sleeping next to me," she explained.

As she cooked breakfast, I just eyeballed her tits and ass, but she yanked me back to reality.

"When do you expect Jack to come back?" she wondered.

"I guess around five or so," I replied.

"Well, we have until about four then, what do you wanna do?" she pondered.

"What do you mean?" I wondered.

She turned the burners off and came to me. She enveloped her arms around me and kissed me passionately for a minute.

"I'm at least ninety-nine percent sure that we love each other in our own ways, but we did commit adultery. 

You are a married woman and I'm not gonna force you to do something you don't want, or not feel comfortable doing. I'm gonna cook us a late breakfast as it's after noon now, and I want you do whatever is best for you. We had one amazing night together, but as I said, you are a married woman. I completely get why you just left last night, but you still came back. That's where we're at now, I'm gonna leave it up to you," she explained.

As she established all the facts, I felt the sincerity. She didn't even stick her eyes to me, as I was thinking. Although, she was still naked. It did things to my mind, so I had to have her. My knees bent and my face dove in right between her legs.

"Oh, Donna, are you feeling a little feisty?" she pondered.

I didn't answer as I was too busy sticking my tongue up her slit. I wasn't gonna try to justify it to myself or her, I just knew that the love was mutual, and there I had no intention of ending the friendship. My entire tongue entered her juice soaked slit, and screams echoed.

"Oh, oh, oh, Donna!!" she screamed out.

Her moist pussy lips were spread out by fingers from each of my hands and my tongue planted itself right in the middle of them. Her hands slammed onto my head and my face became buried in her sweet pussy.

Some cum flowed out and drizzled onto my neck. It ventured onto my boobs and then my hands reached down to rub it in. As I did, I removed my tongue, to give it a quick break. Her eyes looked at me and as her smile progressed to a bigger one.

"You're certainly good at making my heart race," she muttered.

I stood right up and as we were less than a foot away, I puched my right hand onto her slit. She immediately put her right hand onto mine too, and we could lick each other's pussies raw. Our lips became free, and our feet inched us closer to each other too.

Our boobs melted together. Our eyes, and fingers said everything. With every passing rub, my hand became a little more cramped. Granted, her slit provided a lot of juice, to make my hand easier to maneuver around, but emotional and physical exhaustion still took it's toll on me.

My eyes wanted to stay on her, but my eyelids were going down. My hand eventually stopped as my last threads of energy started to dwindle.

"Tell me you love me again, Donna. I wanna hear it again," she commanded.

With all the energy I could summon, I slowly made my way behind her, as my hand never departed from her slit.

"I love you, Kirsten. Now feel my touch and cum for me," I commanded her.

My head found it's place on her left shoulder, as my hand resumed it's pleasuring adventure in her pussy.

"You are making a mess, Kirsten. I like that," I let her know.

My left hand became placed on her left boob and I caressed it. Heavy breaths fell right onto my hand and became heavier.

"Oh, fuck, Donna. Shit, that feels so fucking good," she moaned.

My fingers rubbed a little faster and her body clenched up. Her balance became lost, so when she went down, I came right with her. With her landing towards the counter and my back ascending onto it.

"Fuck, Donna, keep fingering me!" she screamed.

She began gyrating, causing issues with my hand as I couldn't keep it in place. Although, the breaking point occurred.

"Shit, Donna, you are making me cum again!" she screamed.

The floor converted from a dry surface into a wet one, as she splattered it with cum. Smiles materialized on our faces. Then as I wasn't holding her, she collapsed. I didn't leave her alone down there, I slithered down with her. A cuddle session took place as her head planted on my boobs.

"I know this has only been going on for about eighteen hours now, but I think we are entering affair territory," she said.

In the end, that was a bulls-eye.

"We are obviously going into uncharted territory here, but it seems this is something we both wanna pursue," she mentioned.

With the nail on the head, we were both willingly to pursue it. Eventually, our late breakfast went into our stomachs. I made sure to be back before Jack showed up and without knowing that Jack hadn't returned yet, Kirsten began texting me.

Basically, she just wanted me to know that she loved me and really hoped we could get together again soon. At first I didn't reply. I guess I just didn't know what to say right off the bat.

I told her I loved her too, and we'd hook up again sometime soon. My lesbian affair officially began and little did I know that our little affair would not be so little.

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