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A Gentleman's Club

Sex and Drugs and Exotic Dancers...Oh My!
I was a junior in college. My parents finally stopped footing the bill for my spending money. They paid for my tuition and books, but made me get a job for rent on my apartment, food, etc. There was a guy in one of my classes who was a bouncer at the local strip club, A Gentleman's Club. He told me that they were hiring for a DJ. Given my wide range of music knowledge, he referred me to his manager and I became the man for the job.

In about a week's time, I was on a first name basis with everyone in the club, including the dancers. I quickly learned that the dancers should never be referred to as "Strippers." The term "Stripper" is classless and we were to refer to the entertainers as "dancers."

Talk about making the most of my college career, I was a DJ in a strip club and of course, fucking a dancer was high on my priority list. I mean, who wouldn't want to have sex with a hot exotic dancer? I could have gotten laid the first few nights I worked there, but I chose not to. I had to be smart about it. I learned that there are several types of dancers. There are the whores, which are the ones that take their work home with them, if you know what I mean. There are the "lifers" who are the ones that are in their late thirties/early forties and have been dancing all their adult life. Then there are the good girls. What I mean is that they are the girls who dance to put themselves through college. They don't have sex for money, they come to work, do their job, then go home. I've seen a few of them around campus, but made sure not to reference the club. Those are the ones I wanted to hook up with. There were many raunchy women in that strip club,which was the last thing I wanted to get involved with. No telling what diseases I could have caught. So, I did my homework.

I set my sights on a dancer named Morgan. She was a good girl, a college student. She was long and tall, about five foot nine. She had some curves on her body. Whooo, she was hot! She had tan skin, black hair and some nice B-Cup tits with brown nipples and she kept her pubes trimmed in a nice black triangle. As for her personality, she was kind of reserved, not very out spoken. I know, sounds like an oxymoron for an exotic dancer. But her reserved personality made her cute, as well as hot. She was very friendly, always tipping me well when I played her favorite songs while she was onstage.

We started getting to know each other. I never saw her on campus, but it was a big campus. We talked at the club when she wasn't busy. A bunch of us would always go to IHOP after work around 2am, which provided more opportunity to get to know Morgan better. We found that we had a few things in common. We both liked to listen to the same obscure bands. We both liked to smoke pot while listening to good music and, on occasion, we both liked to drop LSD, which was something that neither of us had done in a long time.

Morgan had a friend named, Dita, who was also a dancer. Dita was also smokin' hot. She was about five foot five inches tall. She had long red hair. Her tits were a small A-cup, but her pink nipples were nice and perky. She shaved her pubes and was completely bald down there, which added to her sexiness. Dita was also a good girl, however, she was a wild one. She definitely had the outgoing, flirtatious attitude, which really worked well for her in the club. She was the type of dancer that would make guys feel like she was totally into them and only them, all the while taking every dollar they were willing to give up. But she was a good girl. I did my homework. She would go to the dance clubs when she got off work early, but she never left with anyone. I would see her around campus sometimes and she would smile and say "hi." Often times she would be at the IHOP with us after work, so we became friends, too. However, Morgan was the one I was drawn to.

After Morgan and I had gotten to know each other a little more, we decided to hang out outside of work one night. We both asked for a Friday night off and planned to drop LSD and go bar hopping in our nice college town. I offered to pick her up at her place, but she suggested we meet at a bar instead. I understood. I may have done my homework on her, but I'm sure she did her homework on me, as well. She's a good girl, so she wanted to make sure I wasn't some fuck-hound that got a job at the club to see how many dancers he could fuck. Since she was a dancer, agreeing to a night out with me was taking a risk to begin with, then dropping acid on top of that left her even more vulnerable. I didn't mind meeting her at a bar. I was just happy she wanted to hang out with me.

I took a cab to a bar called O'Malley's. She was sitting alone out on the patio that overlooked a river and a small waterfall. I approached her and we sat and talked for awhile. She was the one with the LSD hook up. I was casually waiting for her to break it out so we could drop it. She looked at me and smiled, "Dita is going to meet us. She's on her way. I got enough for all three of us, so we'll wait until she gets here so we can all drop it at the same time."

"Where has she been?" I asked Morgan referencing the fact that Dita had not been at work all week.

Morgan shrugged her shoulders, "I asked her if she was alright and she said that she was out because she had to take care of a personal matter."

I was kind of disappointed that Dita would be joining us. Seeing as how this was the first time Morgan and I got together outside of work, I wasn't planning on hooking up with her that night, but it would have been nice to have some alone time with her. But I was willing to make the most of it. Dita showed up about ten minutes later. She sat down with us at the table we had on the patio. "So, y'all ready to get fucked up?" she asked as she sat down.

We dropped the acid and sipped on bottled water. Dita looked at me and gave a sinister smile, "Morgan invited me to hang out tonight in case you had any delusions of fucking a stripper."

"Dita!" Morgan exclaimed, "That's so not true!"

I just said calmly, "If she was worried about that, I highly doubt she would have agreed to meet me in the first place. And, besides, I didn't think you referred to each other as Strippers."

Dita gave a surprise look, "Well how about that Morg. The boy's got manners!"

"I've got a hell of a lot more than manners!" I said flirtatiously as I was starting to feel good due to the acid kicking in.

"I'm sure," Dita winked, "I'm just fucking with you anyway."

As the LSD kicked in and we started tripping, we wandered the streets of our college town, dipping in bars with funky music and psychedelic lights. We danced, we talked, we were having an awesome time. When we wanted to chill, we would hit up a bar that was relaxed and low key. The three of us were bonding, spending quality time and getting to know each other more.

"So, what's your deal?" Dita asked me, "I mean you've worked at the club for several months now and haven't hooked up with anyone. Are you gay?"

I could tell Morgan was getting uncomfortable with Dita's tone. "How do you know I haven't hooked up with anyone?" I asked.

"You know, we take bets." Dita explained, "Every time a new guy starts working at the club, the dancers take bets on how long until he hooks up with a dancer, which dancer he will hoop up with, and some dancers make bets on how long it will take them to fuck the new guy. So, we know."

I just smiled and took a sip of water. "Well, I'm not gay. I'm very much into women, but I'm not into STD's. I would like to know the dancer I'm fucking first."

"So, is that why you are trying to get to know us?" Dita asked giving me a suspicious look.

"I'm just hear to have a good time among friends. However, I'm not stupid, if the right opportunity were to present itself, I might not say no." I stated with confidence.

"So what is the right opportunity?" Dita continued.

"Ok, enough of that!" Morgan snapped at Dita, "Can't we just have a good time?"

"No, I want to find out more about our friend here," Dita said calmly to Morgan.

"Listen, Dita," I explained, "I enjoy what I do. I enjoy playing music in a strip club, and I enjoy seeing you do your thing, but I hate to burst your bubble. It's not like I get a raging hard on every time a dancer takes the stage. That includes you. In fact, after the first few days I worked there, the novelty of seeing naked women wore off and I was just doing my job. I've seen you and Morgan naked hundreds of times. If I was trying to lay either of you, I would have come on stronger than dropping acid and spending an entire evening together."

Morgan smiled at me. "Fair enough." Dita remarked.

So we continued about our evening going from clubs to bars and vice versa. Dita had finally relaxed and was not all up on me anymore. I was having a blast. There I was out on the town, tripping my balls off with two hot females at my side. I felt like a fucking rock star!

Finally, the bars starting closing down. Last call was at 3am and they started closing at 4am. As we exited into the street I looked at the girls "So, y'all want to share a cab home?"

Morgan smiled and nodded, but Dita smirked , "Fuck that! I have my car. I'll drive us all home. I'm not that fucked up anymore."

"Ok, but we better hurry." Morgan said looking up at the sky. "It's about to storm and it looks like it might be pretty bad."

We hurried to Dita's car as thunder and lightning began. Dita said that she would drop by my apartment first because it was the closest. As we pulled into my apartment complex the sky opened up and started pouring rain. It was raining so hard we couldn't see two feet in front of us. Dita wanted to park and ride out the storm. She found a parking space, but it was not very close to my door, so I stayed in the car with them. After about fifteen minutes, the rain was not letting up. I looked at them, "It's not getting any better outside. Do you want to just come inside my apartment and wait this thing out? It beats being crammed in this car."

The girls agreed and we opened the car doors and made a run for it. By the time we got inside my apartment we were completely drenched. There was not a dry spot on us. We went to my bedroom so we wouldn't wake up my roommate. "This sucks," Morgan said, "I'm completely soaked. I'm freezing cold, and we can't sit down anywhere."

Dita looked at me, "Do you have any long t-shirts?" she asked.

"Sure, I have a few." I said knowing what Dita had in mind.

She looked at Morgan, "We can change into the t-shirts while he drys our clothes in the dryer,"

Morgan looked hesitant, "I don't know." she said apprehensively.

"Oh come on!" Dita exclaimed, "He sees us naked everyday at work. It's not like he hasn't seen us before!"

She had a point. Dita started taking off her clothes. I dug into my dresser to find some t-shirts for the girls and some gym shorts for me. I turned around and saw both girls stripped naked. Although I have seen them naked many times, this was a huge turn on. I handed them the shirts. They pulled them on and the shirts barely extended past their belt line. "These are the biggest shirts you have?" Morgan asked.

I shrugged, "Yeah, sorry." was all I could muster.

"No big deal," Dita assured, "I'm just happy to be dry and warm."

I started to leave the bedroom to go change into the shorts when Dita asked, "Where are you going?"

"To change into these shorts." I replied.

"So you can see us naked everyday, but we can't see you once?" Dita asked with a serious look on her face.

I was dumbfounded by that question. Before I could reply Dita continued, "Besides, we're all friends here."

I looked at Morgan, who even had a slight smile on her face. "Um, Ok." Was all I could reply with.

So I kicked off my shoes and socks and pulled off my shirt then tossed them in the small pile of sopping wet clothes. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. With one quick move I dropped my jeans and underwear at the same time, springing free my rock hard seven inches. "Well, hello!" Dita gasped.

Morgan's eyes were big and round as she, too, was staring at my cock.

"So, is that from us or the acid?" Dita asked.

I pulled up my shorts, which did little to conceal my raging hard-on, "It's you two, of course." I replied.

"I thought you didn't get excited seeing us naked." Morgan replied.

"There is a difference between seeing you naked at work and seeing you naked here in the privacy of my own bedroom." I replied.

"Is that right?" Dita asked slyly.

Not sure where this was heading, I put on some music, a nice soft rock mix CD I had. I turned on a black light and turned off the main light overhead, which made everything glow but was easier on the eyes since our pupils were still dilated due to the acid. I grabbed the pile of wet clothes. "I'll be right back." I said as I left the room.

I got to the laundry room and opened the dryer. I took the clothes out that were still in there and looked around for a basket. I finally found one and dropped the dry clothes in. Then I tossed the pile of wet clothes in and turned on the dryer. I stopped off at the bathroom on the way back to my room. I must have been gone about 5 minutes, but when I opened the door and entered my room, I was completely shocked at what I saw. Both girls were sitting on the bed. Dita was leaning back on the head board. She had her legs spread and was spreading her pussy lips with her fingers. Morgan was staring straight down at Dita's bald pussy!

I stood there dumbfounded. "I got my clit pierced. Wanna see?" Dita asked staring up at me.

I looked down and gave a slight smile, still stunned with the scene before me.

"You can't see it from up there. You can look closer." Dita assured me.

Now on occasion at work a dancer would proudly show me her new nipple rings. No big deal, completely platonic. However, never had I seen a pierced clit. I sat down on the bed in front of Dita. She still sat there spreading her pussy with her index and middle finger. The piercing was a small silver ring pierced right through her engorged clit. "I've been out of work all week letting it heal," she said staring into my eyes, "Now I have the green light to play."

She was so turned on that her pussy was dripping. Her sweet juices smelled so good as they glistened in the black light. "Clit piercings are supposed to intensify cunnilingus." she said softly.

"I haven't had my pussy eaten in so long I forgot what it felt like. Do you want to try this thing out for me?" She asked staring straight into my eyes.

If that wasn't an invitation, I didn't know what was!

"Dita!" Morgan said in amazement with an I-can't-believe-you're-being-so-naughty tone of voice.

I leaned in head first replacing Dita's fingers with mine, spreading her pussy lips. I gently started lapping her clit with my tongue, not sure how sensitive it was. As soon as my tongue made contact with her erect clit, Dita let out a sigh and a slight moan. She ran her hand through my hair as she grabbed a handful in the back and pulled my head even further between her legs. Her bald outer lips felt amazing around my mouth, so smooth. Her pussy was so wet as I lapped away at her clit, expanding the strokes of my tongue to include the opening of her hot hole. She started gyrating her hips in rhythm with my tongue, not letting go of the back of my head. She was moaning and whimpering as she worked her hips. I wasn't even thinking of what Morgan was doing or must have been thinking. I was lost in eating that pussy! I took the middle finger of my other hand and slid it into her hole. Dita let out a gasp as my finger penetrated her. I slowly finger fucked her as I continued to lap her clit. Dita released my head from her hand. I opened my eyes to see her raise the t-shirt over her tits. She pinched and pulled her nipples with each hand as she continued to coo and squeal. I noticed Morgan watching in amazement as I devoured her friend's hot snatch. I closed my eyes again and got lost in what I was doing. Then Dita started grinding her hips harder and faster. She grabbed the back of my head again and pulled me in. Her breathing increased and her moans were becoming intense. I knew she was about to cum. That motivated me to put more pressure on her clit with my tongue. I increased the pace of my finger as I continued finger fucking her. Then her legs began to shake and she teased up. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Yes!" Dita squealed.

Just then her pussy exploded! She practically came so hard she squirted into my mouth. I swallowed the mouthful of her sweet cum and sucked on her lips and clit. Dita's hips were off the bed, but I never unlocked my mouth from her pussy. She gyrated and bucked. I kept licking making sure I lapped up every drop of her love juice. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me up to her mouth. Then she kissed, licked and sucked what was left of her cum from my mouth, lips and tongue. Still with a grip on my head she looked at me and said intently, "I want some cock now."

In one fluid motion I slid off my shorts and propped up on my knees. I rested my throbbing cock on Dita's outer lips, precum dripping from my engorged head. Morgan was staring at my cock resting on top of Dita's bald mound. She didn't say a word, just stared. I smacked Dita's mound with my dick a few times, then teased her clit ring with the head and massaged her inner lips using my precum as a lube. Not that I needed it, Dita's pussy was already dripping with the anticipation of being fucked. The outer lips of her smooth, bald mound parted as I slid my dick in her hot hole. Her inner pussy lips gripped my shaft as they stretched slightly, swallowing the inches as I slowly penetrated her hungry pussy, "Oooooh yes, stick it in slowly so I can feel every inch," Dita cooed, "Oh that head is so big!"

Her pussy was so hot and wet, I slid in balls deep. Still on my knees I began fucking Dita at a nice pace. She was going wild as I fucked her hole! Morgan was on her left lying down turned towards her. She grabbed Morgan's hand and buried her face into Morgan's chest as she squealed with the pleasure of my cock fucking her hungry box. Morgan held Dita's hand as I fucked her, increasing my pace. I would lean back every so often to let Morgan see my cock slide in and out of Dita. Then I would pull my cock out and slide it up the outside of Dita's box. Morgan stared as the bulbous head of my rock hard cock parted Dita's pussy lips ending with a quick teased as I smacked her clit. My cock was so wet with Dita's juices. I took the head of my cock and teased her asshole, sending a wave of pleasure up Dita's body before I slid my cock all the way back into her hungry pussy. Morgan just stated at the show I was giving her. As I continued fucking Dita, I caught Morgan's gaze. I gave her a slight sinister smile as if I was saying "You're next." She broke eye contact with me to continue staring at my cock sliding in and out of Dita. Dita was going crazy, "That's it! Fuck me! Mmmmm, give it to me!" Dita moaned as she squeezed Morgan's hand.

Morgan was mesmerized. She couldn't stop staring at the penetration of my cock into Dita's pussy. She wasn't rubbing herself or caressing Dita. She just held Dita's hand and stared. I sped up my pace even faster. The sound of my balls slapping Dita's ass echoed the room as I kept pumping in more dick. Dita's squeals and moans started getting more intense. She squeezed Morgan's hand with her left while her right hand gripped the sheets. I knew she was getting ready to explode. Her orgasm was building. She bucked her hips in rhythm with my thrusting cock. She started gasping for air, "Oh fuck!" She moaned in between gasps, "Please don't stop! Fuck me, fuck me!"

I could feel her starting to cum. I reached down with both hands and grabbed the inside of her thighs, pulling her in while I kept pounding her pussy. Then the walls of her pussy started squeezing my cock in rhythmic waves. "Yes! Yes, Fuck! Fuck me!" Dita screamed.

I made eye contact with Morgan and stared into her eyes as Dita came. Dita's pussy exploded around my ramming rod but I never broke eye contact with Morgan. She stared right back at me, locked into a trance. She knew I wanted her. She broke eye contact and looked back down at Dita, who was winding down from her orgasm. She ran her fingers through Dita's hair. Dita was still panting, catching her breath "Oh that cock feels so fucking good!" Dita said, looking up to me.

I was still inside her moving in and out at a very slow pace. Dita's pussy was sopping wet with her juices. I didn't know if it was the acid or not, but I was not even close to cumming. I always had pretty good endurance, but nothing like that. Dita was rubbing her nipples, still catching her breath. She then pulled the t-shirt all the way off and tossed it on the floor. She looked up at Morgan, "You have to try some of this cock!"

Morgan shot me a quick look than stared back at Dita apprehensively. "I don't know." Morgan said shyly, "I've never done this on acid before."

"Neither, had I." Dita responded.

"And I've never done it with someone else watching me." Morgan continued.

"Me, neither. But I didn't care that you were watching me get fucked." Dita responded right back, then looked up at me.

"I've never fucked on acid nor had a threesome." I reassured as I pulled my cock out of Dita's pussy and rested it on her bald mound in plain view.

Morgan looked down at my cock, then back at Dita, still unsure if she wanted to let me fuck her. Dita sat up and started to get off the bed. I quickly took her place lying on my back to rest my knees. My cock was still rock hard, glistening with Dita's cum. Dita walked around the bed to the side where Morgan was. I was lying on the other side of Morgan. "Sweetie," Dita said softly as she sat back on the bed next to Morgan, "You know I look out for you. I'm telling you, if you like fucking, you need to try this. It is so intense. You will cum so hard. Look at me, I came twice!"

Morgan looked over at me, then stared back at Dita, not saying anything. I could tell she was considering it, but not quite convinced. "Look, Honey, if you don't want any, I'll gladly take some more," Dita told Morgan, then shot me a wink, "Hey, why don't you try it and if you want to stop, then he'll stop."

Dita shot me a look urging me to agree. "Absolutely!" I reassured Morgan.

Morgan thought for a minute, then nodded. She was facing the opposite direction from me. Her ass was covered by the t-shirt, but was close to my dick. I positioned myself behind her in a spooning position. Dita sat on the bed in front of her. "Atta girl." Dita reassured her as she reached over and pulled Morgan's t-shirt up a little, exposing her nice round ass to me.

I reached over to grab Morgan's hip and pull her closer to me. My cock rubbed in between her ass cheeks slowly. I rubbed for a few moments until I could position the head of my cock to rub the outside of Morgan's slit. She was still a bit tense, but when my cock rubbed against her pussy, she let out a slight moan. I rubbed her pussy with my cock for awhile to get Morgan to relax. Then I slid my right hand down the backside of her thigh and raised her a leg a bit giving my dick more access to her pussy. As I found her opening, I applied a little pressure, penetrating her hole with my bulging head. Morgan may have been apprehensive about fucking, but I knew she enjoyed what she witnessed and what I was doing. Her pussy was sopping wet. I slid my cock in until I was balls deep. Morgan gasped. "Oooh, Baby, yeah. Take that cock." Dita said encouragingly as she rubbed her hands through Morgan's hair.

I pulled Morgan's leg up further and slowly started pumping her. Morgan was whimpering and her breathing became faster as I increased my pace. I kept speeding up until I could hear my balls slapping against Morgan's ass. Morgan's whimpers turned to moans. Dita was now holding Morgan's hand. "Doesn't that cock feel so good sliding in and out of your pussy?" Dita asked excitedly.

Morgan didn't respond. She just rocked back and forth creating a rhythm and I continued fucking her. Morgan was moaning, whimpering and bucking as I was pounding her. "Do you want him to stop?" Dita asked.

Morgan shook her head. "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you!" Dita exclaimed.

"No!" Morgan screamed, "No, don't stop!"

That gave me encouragement to keep fucking. I was holding nothing back. I was fucking Morgan from behind with all I had. Then, suddenly Morgan reached around and pushed against my thigh to slow me down. I stopped quickly, not sure what was going on. Then Morgan pushed her ass back against me, my cock still inside her. She used her hips to push against me, rolling me over onto my back. She then straddled me, facing away in a sort of reverse cowgirl position, but she wasn't leaning forward. She was facing away from me, but leaning back against me. She rested herself upon her arms which were on the bed behind her. Then she started riding my dick. Dita had moved around and was sitting on the bed facing Morgan. I looked around Morgan to see Dita slide one hand between her legs and start to rub her pussy as she watched Morgan ride me. "Ooh that's hot!" Dita cooed as she watched Morgan bounce on my cock, "I love watching that cock slide in and out of your pussy!"

Morgan continued to ride me. I slid one hand around her to rub her clit with my finger. Dita was still playing with herself. "I'm getting off on watching his cock stretch your pussy." Dita whimpered to Morgan, "Ride that dick, Baby!"

Morgan started riding faster and I knew she was going to cum soon. But she wasn't the only one. I could feel my own orgasm starting to build. I worked my hips in rhythm with Morgan. This was getting more intense by the second. Dita picked up on the fact that Morgan was getting hot, which made her stroke her own pussy faster. "Oh, Baby, let me see you cum." she encouraged Morgan.

Morgan was moaning in excitement. My orgasm was getting more intense, as well, and I started moaning. "Oh you're both going to cum!" Dita said with excitement.

Morgan was slamming down on my cock. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock, followed by an explosion. Morgan came hard on my cock. She was still riding me when her arms gave out and she fell flat against me. I reached around with both of my hands and cupped my cock with my forefingers fingers as I continued grinding and fucking her. Morgan had completely submitted to me. Her orgasm was winding down as I was about to explode. Then I felt Dita's hand pull my cock out of Morgan's pussy as she started stroking me. My cock erupted, shooting cum into the air. This orgasm was one of the most intense I've ever had. Dita continued jerking me off as ropes and ropes of cum squirted out of my convulsing cock. "Look at all this cum!" Dita exclaimed with excitement.

Dita was stroking me with one hand and rubbing herself with the other. Then she released my cock and leaned back, bracing herself with one arm. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming too!" she squealed.

Morgan and I laid there and watched as Dita rubbed her pussy and came in front of us. That was so intense, knowing that watching us fuck had gotten her so excited she had made herself cum.

Morgan rolled off of me. Dita collapsed down on the bed and the three of us just laid there catching our breaths. My acid trip peaked several hours ago, but my mind was still racing. As the music played softly in the background, my mind just reminisced about the sex that just went down. My mind just played the scene over and over until I drifted off to sleep.

To Be Continued. . .

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