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A Naughty Student Bangs a Stranger in the Library

Caroline leads a stranger to a secluded corner of the library

Caroline, a university student, decided to take a part-time job at her school’s local library. It was an easy way to make extra cash. All she had to do was put back books, make sure the space was clean, and help others with questions. Most of the time, Caroline found that she was left alone to wander the halls of books. 

After working there for a few weeks Caroline began to recognize familiar faces. One man, to whom she was never formally introduced, started to flirt with her whenever he saw her. He would smile or wink in her direction or ask her silly questions that made her giggle.

On this particular day, he put his hand on her lower back and whispered a code for a book. 

When she went to the shelf she flushed when she noticed that it was a volume all about the male autonomy. There were drawings of penises, testicles, and every other inch of the male specimen. Caroline felt herself blush with excitement and anticipation. As she continued to walk around the library she felt her panties starting to soak. She wanted nothing more than to take this bold stranger to a secluded corner of the library and fuck his brains out. 

“Oh!” She said to herself in a whisper. “I can do that!” 

She went back to where she had last seen her stranger but he was not there. She started searching for his tall frame in between the shelves, hoping for a glimpse of his dark shoulder length wavy hair. Or his toned arms reaching for another naughty book. 

Having no luck finding him, Caroline decided to go to the bathroom to freshen up. She checked herself out in the mirror. "Wow", she thought to herself. She was definitely was playing the part of a sexy librarian today! Her long dark hair was tied up into a ponytail and she wore stylish frames on her face. She also had on a knee length skirt, thigh-high stockings, and a blouse that was unbuttoned dangerously low to accentuate her great rack. 

Pinching her cheeks and biting her lips to give her a bit more color, Caroline set out again. 

It didn’t take long. She had found him looking at another book in the section he had sent her to earlier. 

She strolled up to him and took the book from his hands. The page he was looking at, she noticed, was a diagram of a vulva. Her pussy throbbed. Caroline lifted her eyes and smiled at him, closing the book with a loud bang and putting it back on the shelf. Her stranger was about to say something, but she put her index finger to his lips and silenced him. His eyes were questioning as she grabbed him by the wrist and started leading him to the back corner. 

Caroline knew that if they were quiet, no one would come back to the desks she was taking her stranger to, but regardless, she felt even more excitement at the possibility of getting caught. 

When they arrived at the secluded desks, Caroline hopped onto one of them and slowly started to open her legs. Her stranger came closer, standing in between them. He started to kiss her. 

Silently, her hands began to explore his body as he swirled his tongue in her mouth. She found herself stroking her hands up and down his back as he grabbed onto her ponytail, lengthening her neck so he could bite her there. Caroline started to unbutton her blouse and he released her breasts from her bra. Her stranger began to suck on her nipples, biting them hard in between his teeth. 

Caroline was so aroused she knew her panties were soaking. She started to grind herself closer to him. The stranger took the hint. His hand worked it’s way to her panties and he started to slowly and sensually explore her folds through her underwear. She moaned quietly. 

The stranger pulled her panties off and started to insert two of his fingers inside of her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. She felt so wanton at that moment, with her shirt open and her breasts exposed...a strange man fumbling at her slick pussy while her legs were wide open. His tongue at her throat. 

She started to unbutton his jeans. She pushed his pants towards the floor and felt for his hard cock. She started to stroke it between his boxer-briefs before unleashing it fully.

Her stranger moaned into her mouth, getting more aggressive with his finger-fucking and lip sucking. 

“Fuck me. Put your cock inside of me,” she whispered. “I want to feel this thick monster inside of me!” 

Her stranger happily obliged. Taking his throbbing dick in his hands, he rubbed it up and down her slick pussy before slipping it inside of her. She groaned at the intrusion and pushed her hips forward. 

They fucked like this, vigorously and with carnal need, for several minutes. She gyrated her hips up and down as he grabbed onto the side of the desk for more purchase. Caroline wrapped her legs around him, pulling her closer as she tightened her pussy muscles around her cock, each time he tried to pull back. He pushed her back onto the desk and slammed into her again and again. She spread her legs wider and wider and she started to rub herself. The stranger grabbed the hem of her skirt to expose her pussy and the act of her touching herself as she was filled with his giant member. He pushed her hand away and started to rub her clit, making Caroline start to lose herself in an orgasm. 

“Fuck!” He growled, lowering himself gently over her body. “Hold on to me!” 

Caroline obliged, taking her hands and wrapping them around his strong shoulder blades and wrapping her legs around him again. Her stranger then pulled her off of the desk while his cock stayed inside of her warm and drenched pussy. 

He pushed her back up against a wall and steadily poured into her. She helped him by bouncing up and down on his cock, using his shoulders for leverage. Again and again. His cock felt so good inside of her and she felt so naughty that she was getting pummeled on the clock. 

“I want you from behind,” he whispered in her ear, before biting it playfully. 

He set her down on the floor and Caroline bent her body over the desk, flipping her skirt over her hips. The stranger took his hands and started rubbing her firm ass with his palms. He spanked her. 

“Yes!” She quietly breathed. “Again.” 

Her stranger smacked her again. Caroline knew she must look fantastic in that position, with her skirt around her hips, her ass in the air, her thighs lined with her stockings and her legs parted so her stranger could see her cunt. 

The stranger took his thick member and shoved it into her again. Caroline let out of whimper of pleasure. He started to trust in her as he kneaded her ass, pulling apart her cheeks, and smacking them intermittently. Caroline pushed herself back into him and raised her ass up to him. 

She heard the stranger suck on his finger before he assaulted her little tight star with it, pushing it inside of her past his knuckle. 

Caroline bit her own hand so she wouldn’t cry out. She was so turned on she thought she would explode. She started moving her hips towards the desk so her clit would be stimulated again. The stranger's balls slapping against her vulva also felt incredible as he moved his finger...and his and out of her. 

Caroline heard a noise in the distance. She moved her head to the side and she looked wildly at the shelves. She saw him there, another stranger, watching her get fucked with a finger up her ass. Though she couldn’t see every detail, she knew that he had his own cock in his hands and that he was vigorously jacking off. The thought of it drew her closer and closer to the edge of an orgasm. 

“Don’t stop,” she quietly urged her partner. “I’m so close.” 

The stranger continued to bang her as he groped at her body, taking her tits in his hand...grabbing at her hips...her ass...her thighs.

She started to cum and she tried to once again muffle her cries of ecstasy. At that same moment, the stranger exploded his load deep inside of her. 

Caroline turned around, panting. The stranger came over to the other side of her desk so he could put his cock into her mouth. Caroline started to lick it clean as she made eye contact with the other stranger who was watching them. She realized at that moment that he too had started to cum. 

She then looked up at her partner. He had a wide grin on his face. After she had finished licking her sweet juices and his spunk off of his dick, he placed his fingers into her mouth, which she also dutifully cleaned. Her stranger the kindly took off his shirt and handed it to her so she could clean herself off. 

Separately, they tried to make themselves presentable. And just before her stranger left, he kissed her once more on the lips. 

Caroline went back to work with the stranger's cum dripping down her legs. 


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