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A New Orleans Sugar Party

A New Orleans Sugar Party

College students party and have great sex on a trip to New Orleans.
(episode 29)

I’m going to tell you a story about college sex and debauchery. These events transpired on a raucous trip to that wonderful decadent party city of New Orleans.

The Christmas Holidays of 2007 were almost over, and I was about to start my final semester of college. Truthfully, I could not believe that nearly four years had passed since I first arrived at the University of Georgia. A lot of wild things had transpired, some that I wanted to forget and some that I would fondly remember the rest of my life. However, the most difficult thing I had dealt with was not my studies, though they were hard enough, but having had my heart broken twice by the same girl.

It was during the holiday break between semesters, that I finally felt I was finally over Jennifer. My relationship with Mary Beth had now reached the exclusive monogamous level. Truly, I felt that I was best suited for that type of relationship anyhow. I was really beginning to feel that I could put Jennifer behind me and move on with Mary Beth.

It was hard to believe that when Mary Beth had first entered my social clique two years before, she and I had totally clashed. The girl I thought was so intolerable that I had been angry with my friends for bringing into our group, had evolved into tolerable, to totally acceptable, to my lover.

She was extremely pretty with the sweetest smile and slight dimples that really set off her gorgeous blue eyes. She had long dirty blonde hair, great long sexy legs, a tiny waist, smallish titties, and best of all, one of the most delectable camel toes I had ever seen.

Mary Beth very much reminded me of my high school girlfriend, Mandy, but with the sexual appetite and adventurous spirit of Jennifer. Yes, she had me thinking that I was ready to dive deep into a relationship with her. It would seem Mary Beth had challenged Jennifer head on and come out the victor.

Meanwhile, Jennifer had chosen to move on with a guy I can only describe as my most hated rival. I wasn’t just suspicious that she chose him for that particular reason, I was absolutely sure of it.

He was two years older than me and had been the leader of the arch rival fraternity to mine. Our hatred for each other began early on, when I had knocked him unconscious playing intramural football. It was just football, nothing personal, but he made it personal.

His style of revenge was to sneak around and make accusations and complaints against my fraternity to the president of the university. So later when I knocked him unconscious for the second time while playing intramural football, it was no accident, and it was not just football, it was malicious. To any onlookers though, it seemed like ‘just football,’ so his complaints to the student disciplinary council went unheeded, and his attempt to have me banned from intramural sports, unsuccessful.

So the intense hatred between Mr. Rich Law Student Asshole and myself had been going on for awhile. That is why Jennifer chose him after she got angry and gave up the fight, allowing Mary Beth to win their battle for me. In retrospect though, had Jennifer continued, she would have probably soon won her victory. She was the one who had ripped my heart out twice, and still she could have taken it back and owned it all over again.

Amidst this emotional battle had been a very successful football season for our school’s football team, Georgia Bulldogs, who ranked in the Top 5 teams in the country, were headed for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, to play the undefeated University of Hawaii Warriors. Through connections, my gang of close friends were able to acquire game tickets, so we set off for The Big Easy and fun times on Bourbon Street.

Three of my fraternity brothers and their girlfriends; Chip and Nikki, Vic and Barbi, Psycho and Arlene, were accompanying Mary Beth and I. We had booked a trip on an Amtrak train from Atlanta to New Orleans. We were so excited about kicking off the New Year in such a grand party fashion and seeing the Dawgs play one more game. In fact, we were in such great spirits that we almost got in trouble on the train and were asked to calm down.

Upon arriving in New Orleans, we were met by a horde of fellow UGA students, fans, and alumni, already drunk and festive. It was morning when we arrived, and we took a taxi to our hotel, checked in and got our things put away in our rooms.

It did not take us long to make our way over to Bourbon Street and Jackson Square where thousands of our fellow Dawgnation were already partying. We even ran into Hawaii students and fans and made sure to say ‘howdy’ to them. They seemed to be somewhat dazed and overwhelmed by the raucous craziness.

By mid-afternoon that day, having consumed several beers and purchased souvenir t-shirts, we came across a tattoo parlor that caught my eye. My friends found themselves watching as I had the Georgia ‘G’ logo tattooed onto my leg on the side of the calf. I had been tattooed before so I knew what to expect.

Watching me get tattooed convinced my group to all get a tattoo also. Mary Beth got a lily flower tattooed on her ankle. It matched nicely with her lower back tattoo. (I must say trashy lower back tattoos really turn me on, especially when slamming into a delicious babe from behind doggy fashion.)

Everyone else found themselves inspired to get tattooed also. Nikki got a lower back tattoo, while Barbi and Arlene got ankle tattooes. Vic got a Georgia Bulldog tattooed on his leg and and Chip got the word DAWGS tattooed on his lower leg. So we were all a little sore when we left to go find a place to eat. We soon made our way back to the hotel to rest up and nap before the night of wild revelry ahead.

Later that evening, we headed over to Bourbon Street. Mary Beth and Barbi dolled up in wild slutty outfits that made them almost look like street hookers. They both had on shiny skin-tight low rise legging pants, Lycra or something, Mary Beth’s were red and Barbi’s were black. Both Arlene and Nikki wore tight as hell low rise jeans.

All four chicks sported camel toes, so Vic just came out and asked them had they all planned to show their camel toes. That made everyone crack up laughing. The girls were not at all embarrassed or shy about their camel toes showing. We soon were calling them the ‘camel toe gang.’

Nikki laughingly said, “If y’all guys can’t take it, go back to the room and jerk off.” Needless to say our chicks were turning a lot of heads as they strutted their stuff down Bourbon Street.

We walked up and down Bourbon Street and the surrounding area exploring different bars. The girls collected a lot of beads. Barbi especially, because she flashed her boobs at so many people. Then we discovered in a sleazy strip joint and decided to check it out.

At first I thought we were watching some super slutty chicks dancing on stage. Arlene was the first to notice that they were not chicks as she exclaimed, “Oh my God, I believe they’ve got Adam’s Apples!”

All the dancers were topless by that point, and they did have boobs, some quite large and nice, but then the dancers all took off their little skirts and were down to their g-strings. Let me tell you, those g-strings were sporting packages. Yes, dick packages. We all just cracked up laughing. I don’t think the dancers liked that too much. They definitely looked displeased. Our gang of girls though, still giggly, went up and put dollar bills in the dancers’ garters.

We thought being entertained by dancing transvestites was wild, but we were in for an even bigger shock at the next show on stage. A couple of wildly tattooed women came out for the next act. Those ladies had seen their better days a couple of decades earlier I presume. However, they had an act that still affects me to this day. They proceeded to strip down to just their garters, stockings and heels, and then smoked cigarettes and cigars. Mind you, they did not use their mouths to smoke those cigarettes and cigars. Right, they both smoked them using their vaginas, and yes, they did blow smoke rings.

After that left us almost speechless for a few minutes, we recovered, finished our drinks and were soon partying with the crowd outside on Bourbon Street. All around us was raucous partying, as girls were flashing titties, some even flipping up their skirts to reveal that they had gone commando for the evening.

It was in that festive atmosphere that we cheered in the New Year 2008, on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Mary Beth gave me a passionate deep tongue kiss to usher in the New Year while she rubbed my crotch to she that I had the appropriate response, she found that I surely had.

We next made our way into a great little bar with a jazz band. Several very talented musicians really put on a great show playing Dixieland jazz, and we stayed there drinking for quite awhile and mellowed out just a bit.

Before we went back to the hotel though, we discovered another Bourbon Street strip joint that featured only female dancers. However, the ladies dancing there were not the best I have ever seen at all. We quickly became bored with the ‘cellulite’ show and decided it was time to go back to the hotel.

By the time Mary Beth and I arrived in our room it was very late. However, after staring at Mary Beth’s hot ass and camel toe in those skin tight Lycra leggings most of the night, I desperately needed some pussy, and my cock was throbbing not too gently in my pants. As soon as we closed the door behind us, I grabbed her and started kissing her.

Mary Beth reached down, felt my crotch and exclaimed, “You’re hard as rock already!”

My only response was a low affirmative moan.

She grabbed onto my hard penis through my pants and pulled me to the bed. Mary Beth sat on the edge of it while I stood in front of her and she unbuckled and unzipped my pants, pulling my fully erect cock out. My pants fell down around my ankles and she pushed my boxers down too. She started to slowly stroke my hard pecker while she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and smiled.

Mary Beth started licking my cock slowly along the shaft then tonguing the end and tip. Once she had it all wet, she just engulfed it, taking me deep in her throat before coming up for air. She repeated this maneuver a few times. It felt absolutely wonderful! In fact it felt so good I thought my knees would buckle, but I somehow managed to keep my drunk horny ass standing upright.

Still wearing those skin tight Lycra leggings, Mary Beth lay back on the bed and removed her blouse. She then spread her legs really wide. The Lycra clung to her easily exposing the shape of her sexy camel toe.

“C’mon big boy,” she purred at me seductively.

I crawled between her legs and kissed her camel toe and stroked it. Realizing I wanted at the real thing right away though, I started tugging at her leggings to pull them off. Once I had tugged them off, I tossed her leggings over my shoulder to the floor. Her legs were spread wide before me exposing her gorgeous shaved pussy, the labia already oozing with shiny wetness. I saw that her juicy wet peach was beckoning me to have a taste, so I buried my face into her cunt.

Mary Beth exclaimed, “Oooh baby I can tell that my outfit was working you up.”

“Yea that’s a fact,” I answered and continued licking and sucking on her juicy wet cunt.

I sucked on her swollen pussy lips and slid my finger into her sopping wet pussy. I could hear her twat squish around my finger as it slid in and out. After having been aroused by her all evening, the taste and musty aroma of her sweet cunt made me feel like I was obsessed. Maybe I was overwhelmingly possessed with lustful desires, but whatever, I was one super horny guy.

I slid in another finger and soon found her g-spot, which provoked her ass to lift up off the bed, and she began to super squirm all around. Mary Beth’s heavy breathing, panting, and moaning elevated to new levels. Her voice quivered, and her lower lip quivered, maybe even vibrated.

I had learned by this time just exactly what she liked and how to deliver it. She grabbed my head hard with her hands, clenching them tight and actually squeezed and jerked on my ears. It didn’t feel like she would ease up or let go.

Just as she usually had time and time before, soon Mary Beth released into a massive orgasm. Receiving cunnilingus and having a finger stimulate her g-spot nearly always brought her to orgasm faster than any other girl I had ever been with before or since. She screamed out that she was cumming just as her legs clenched me around the neck tighter than was comfortable. I may have heard some cracking or popping noises come from my neck, and I have a thick athletic neck so you can imagine how tight that leg grip was. I actually had to work my hands in between her thighs and my head to protect myself. Mary Beth continued rocking back and forth with my neck between her thighs, her hands still tightly clutching onto my head and hair. I had quit licking and stimulating her, but the orgasm continued to have her in its grip.

Finally her legs relaxed and my poor head was freed. She rolled over moaning and barely whispered, “Oh my god!”

In a minute or so, she seemed to have recovered. Then Mary Beth started to laugh. She pointed at me and said, “Look in the mirror.”

I turned my head toward the dresser mirror and saw that my hair was pulled and mussed in every direction. Mary Beth’s fingers had left their imprints on my face. I guess the blood was just then making its way back in from where she had such a tight grip on me. I looked completely frazzled. We both laughed.

I rolled her over on her belly and slapped her ass. “Up on all fours,” I ordered.

She gladly obliged. Her ass pointed upwards, and her back was arched as she looked back at me to wait for what was next.

Then I led my cock into her waiting juicy pussy. It parted her wet labia and I pushed into her cunt. Her pussy felt amazing. I next grabbed her long dirty blonde hair, yanked her head back and smacked her ass good, all of which seemed to arouse her even more.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

Then the squishing began, because that was the constant sound her ever so soaked and sopping wet pussy made as I plunged in and out of her tight peach. She had a tight grip on the bed sheets with each of her hands and within a few minutes she had completely pulled the sheets from their tucked in position underneath the mattress.

I swatted her ass cheeks pretty hard a few times, and she’d let out a loud yelp each time I did. Continuing to hold her hair tight with one hand, I rhythmically plowed in and out of her, my torso slapping into her ass and the back of her thighs. Her moans and screams of delight were quite loud.

In a few minutes Mary Beth turned her head to me and begged, “Fuck my ass please?”

I stopped fucking her pussy and swatted her ass again hard, making her yelp again. I got up and grabbed the bottle of lube from one of the bags we brought. I handed it to her and she squirted it, rather generously on my erect and really throbbing cock even greasing up my balls. Then I took the bottle and spread lube all over and in her asshole.

Next I grabbed her legs and spread them wide while she laid on her back. With her in the missionary position and me holding her legs, I pushed my cock into her greased up asshole. I remember thoroughly enjoying her expression as I pushed into that tight pucker hole of hers. Her eyes opened really wide, and she squeezed her lips together and ‘ooohed’ as my cock entered her lubricated rectum.

When I started fucking her ass, she started fingering her clit. Her eyes stayed focused on mine and she was yelling out and moaning in ecstasy. I smiled at her and probably grunted a few times as I gave her tight asshole a really good pounding.

A few minutes passed, and finally I couldn’t hold back anymore as her tight little asshole felt so good around my cock. I just let my self go, shooting my load of cum into her ass. Mary Beth knew immediately from the contraction of my face that I had started to cum.

“Cum in me baby!” she yelled.

It felt like an explosion in my groin as I started cumming. Hours of walking around with my cock throbbing from semi-erection to full-erection caused by watching Mary Beth in those tight camel toe Lycra tights, had me ready to explode. Explode I did!

It was one orgasm worth screaming about. I yelled out loud, “Damn! I’m cumming!”

It felt like I unloaded a triple dose of semen in her lubed up ass. Either that, or my nuts danced the Samba while I was cumming. Oh well, I was definitely spent after that. I just collapsed next to Mary Beth on the bed. Our bodies were both shiny all over from perspiration even though the room wasn’t hot.

Mary Beth cuddled up in my arms and we soon fell fast asleep.


The next morning Mary Beth and I showered together. We were playing around shampooing each other’s hair, soaping each up and scrubbing each other off when I began to develop a raging hard on. We hurried out of the shower and hadn’t really even toweled off before we were on the bed fucking.

No time for normal foreplay as we were both ready to jump right in. I guess you could say the fun in the shower was the foreplay. Mary Beth crawled on top and starting riding me cowgirl. She was like a horny tiger the way she sexually attacked me. She was grinding away, moaning, growling, and clawing her fingernails into my chest.

At one point, I asked if she wanted to change positions and Mary Beth extorted, “No Way! I’m riding you until you cum!”

Her dripping aroused pussy felt great as she slid and ground it on me. Soon she had me cumming hard, deep into her pussy but that didn’t stop her from grinding on me until she soon was cumming also. I realized she was cumming when she boldly told me that she was cumming. Then she collapsed on my chest, my penis slowly going flaccid still inside her wet juicy pussy. We lay there on the wet bed and started laughing at how crazy horny we’d been.

Once we had recovered, we got dressed and joined our friends to go downstairs for breakfast before another day of seeing the sites of New Orleans.

That evening we all got in our red and black Bulldog game attire and went over to the Super Dome with our Sugar Bowl tickets in hand. We were all very excited about the game.

I had thought the Dawgs had a very good chance to win even though the Hawaii Warriors were undefeated with a 14-0 record. The University of Hawaii was the WAC champion and one of the highest scoring teams in the nation, but I also knew they had not experienced anything like the caliber of the football our teams in the SEC play. The SEC had long before built up a reputation as the best and toughest college football conference in America.

The Georgia Bulldogs were 10-2 going in to the game and like I said before, ranked in the Top 5 in the nation. As we found our seats it was obvious the Dawgnation was ready for the game. All the Georgia fans were extremely loud and rowdy, and of course with the game being played in our home region we outnumbered Hawaii’s fans.

Once the game got underway it didn’t take long at all for the Dawgs to establish dominance. They jumped all over the previously undefeated Hawaii team. It soon turned into a rout. Georgia was way too fast, too strong, too big, and too aggressive for Hawaii. The Dawgs were used to playing smash mouth, mean physical slobber-knocking SEC football against teams they had to fight with using all their heart and might in every game. By halftime it was 24-3 in our favor and we had no doubt the Dawgs were going to win big. The Super Dome was loud and raucous with Georgia fans screaming their heads off. My voice was shot by the end of the 3rd quarter. The game finally ended 41-10, Dawgs dominating! The Dawgnation was pumped and rowdy, and the streets of New Orleans were our celebratory playground that night.

Of course my gang ended up back over on Bourbon Street with thousands of other Dawg fans. Everywhere you saw our red and black. ‘Woof! Woof! Woof!, How ‘bout them Dawgs!’, and ‘Go Dawgs! Sic ‘em! Woof! Woof!’ being yelled and screamed every few minutes.

I can’t say that I was at all surprised when we ran into Jennifer and Mr. Rich Asshole Law Student, along with Brittany and their old friend Hartley. We all stopped to talk. I was trying to be cordial, though neither Mary Beth or Jennifer acknowledged one another. I could tell Hartley had supplied them all with some ‘party goodies’ as he usually did. All of them had really huge dilated pupils and it was damned obvious they were on something besides alcohol. I was sure Jennifer and Brittany had earned a lot of the beads hanging around their necks by flashing their boobies. Their blouses were almost all undone and their tits were about to fall out as we spoke.

Running into them certainly didn’t effect our party as we continued raising hell on down Bourbon Street. We saw many girls flash their tits that night, stepped over drunks passed out on the sidewalks, and observed people fucking and sucking in the alleys. We had drank a lot of beer all night and finally staggered back to our hotel sometime in the dark early morning hours just before sun up. Mary Beth and I weren’t going to let this night of Dawgs’ victory celebration end without one more great fuck.

The eight of us had piled into one elevator to go up to our floor. Mary Beth and I started kissing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that the rest of my group were doing the same. Before we got to our floor Mary Beth had slipped her hand down my pants and was rubbing my cock.

I believe it was Nikki who noticed and, of course, announced to the rest of the group who were all screaming about it. Mary Beth just grinned at them all, but never pulled her hand out of my pants until we walked out the elevator.

We barely made it down the hall to our room, since were making out so heavily.

Psycho yelled at us, “Why don’t y’all just fuck in the hall and I’ll video it?”

Arlene who was pretty smashed, opened her shirt and exposed her boobs to everyone and yelled, “Video these big boy as I rub them in your face!”

For once Psycho didn’t have a quick come back but was eager to get in their room so he could let Arlene do just what she said.

I finally managed to get our room door open, and Mary Beth and I began pulling each others' clothes off. When I got her to the bed and yanked her jeans down her legs, I discovered that she was so horny her panties were already wet. I tossed the panties across the room as she was pulling my boxers off.

Mary Beth asked, “What are you going to do to me?”

“Everything!” I eagerly answered. She giggled.

I gave her one more long passionate deep tongue kiss then buried my face into her soaking wet pussy. My finger found her g-spot, and I soon got the same reaction I always did. She began to moan, scream, and squirm like a wild animal. Her hands tugged at my head, and it felt like she had managed to pull some of my fairly short hair out.

Licking and fingering her didn’t take long. Mary Beth’s legs put a near death grip on me as she began to orgasm. She let out a scream, and it felt like her torso had started to vibrate as she began cumming her ass off.

I barely let her finish before I was on her missionary, holding her legs up high and wide apart. My torso made a smacking noise against her ass cheeks and thighs every time I pounded into her. Mary Beth was yelling out ‘Oh! Oh! Oh!’ in rhythm with my thrusts over and over and repeatedly yelled ‘Fuck me!’

Then I turned her ass over and pushed my erect pulsating pecker into her juicy pussy from behind. I fucked her doggystyle while holding her arms back, leaving her hanging forward on just her knees, depending upon me to keep her from falling forward. I continued fucking her super soaked pussy from behind for several minutes. I could feel her warm wetness draining down my balls and scrotum.

I finally felt myself start cumming deep in her cunt and kept pounding into her until I had drained every drop I could out of me. Then I kept humping until I was limp.

We lay on the bed naked, hot and sweaty, and Mary Beth crawled over and lay her head on my chest. In just a few minutes she said, “It’s time to get that cock up again.”

Mary Beth started licking and sucking my cock, still wet with her pussy juices. Her warm wet tongue felt so good lapping at my shaft and tickling the head of my cock. She soon had me hard as hell again.

This time Mary Beth rode me cowgirl until I thought I was going to cum again, but she stopped me. Then she proceeded to lube up her asshole. I pressed my aching cock into her tight sphincter and pounded her in the ass from behind while she fingered herself. We seemed to really go on for quite awhile.

I remember the sweat pouring off of me and watching her back get shiny wet with perspiration and seeing the juicy sweet cunt juice oozing down the inside of her thighs. I especially enjoyed it when my jarring thrusts into her slung perspiration off her body. The visual delights of fucking are always splendid.

Mary Beth fingered her clit while I fucked away on her pucker hole. Eventually we both came. I think I did first and then, just as my nut shaking orgasm was subsiding, she was able to launch into a body wrenching orgasm of her own.

By that time we were both completely exhausted, and it didn’t take long for us until we were snoozing away.

The next day we were all so tired that we slept on the train most of the way back to Atlanta. Then we drove to Athens with Georgia Bulldog car flags flying from our vehicles, Dawg magnets adoring the sides and the score 41-10, along with “You can’t Spell SUGAR without UGA!” written in white shoe polish on the car windows.

We met, passed, or were passed by tons of Dawg fans with their vehicles adorned just as ours were, on the roads. Finally, we arrived in Bulldog Mecca, better known as Athens, Georgia and the beautiful University of Georgia campus. We were home.

It was January, and classes were about to start for my last semester at UGA. At that time I was really beginning to think things with Mary Beth were sure going great. I thought Mary Beth might be the one.

Of course things often don’t turn out like you think. Stay tuned for the next episode.

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