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A Run for Her Money

Track star Jenny gets seduced by her best friend, bad boy Dean.
Jenny Quinn wasn't your average college student. Normal girls spent their free hours studying, partying or sleeping around. Jenny was completely and entirely oblivious to that life. Her free time was spent on the track or in the gym. She was a distance runner, and nationally ranked. Running was more than a sport to her, her entire life revolved around it. As a result, her social life was lacking.

Jenny was gorgeous, with long dark brown hair, fair skin and big bright blue eyes. She was 5'7 and had surprisingly large tits for an athlete, 36D. Her ass and legs were perfectly sculpted, a result of hours of physical training. Just to look at her was enough to harden any guy's cock, so why did she never seem to have a man?

There was one man who was consistent in her life, her best friend Dean. They had known each other since high school, but the reason for their friendship was a mystery, even to them. He was a quintessential bad boy, with carefully messed hair, a leather jacket and a fondness for alcohol and drugs. He had light brown hair and hazel eyes, he was a few inches taller than Jenny, and his body was lean, but well sculpted. He was snarky and sarcastic, and went through women by the dozen.

Nothing seemed to faze Dean, but he had a soft spot for a certain distance runner.

One day, Jenny was out running on the back trails behind campus. It was a recovery run day, so her workout didn't have to be too intense. She felt her heart beat in her chest, and her breathing matched with the pace of her footfalls. Everything should have been right in the world. But there was something off that day.

Her thoughts kept drifting back to Dean, and what she had seen earlier that day.


Jenny walked up to Dean's dorm room, and opened the door. His roommate was used to her, and Dean had even given her a spare key, since she spent so much time there. They had been planning on meeting for breakfast, and since his room was on her way to the dining hall, she decided to stop by and pick him up. Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw when she entered his room.

Dean and a blonde girl she faintly recognized were sprawled out on his bed. Neither of them were wearing any clothes, and Dean was on his stomach, eating the blonde out. Jenny's mind raced, she was thinking things she knew she shouldn't be. That she should be the one on the bed with Dean, not some random skank. Jenny kicked herself mentally, what was she thinking? Dean was her best friend. That was all.

She cleared her throat loudly, and the blonde saw her before Dean did. She grabbed a blanket and futilely tried to cover herself up. Her tanned face turning bright red.

Jenny stood there, arms crossed, an eyebrow raised at Dean. She grabbed a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that were lying on the floor and tossed them to her best friend, trying not to look at his surprisingly toned ass, and well-endowed package. 

"I'll meet you in the hallway in five." She turned around and shut the door quickly behind her, trying to ignore her heavy breaths and the growing wetness in her panties. She could not be having these feelings about her best friend, she wouldn't allow herself.


As much as she tried to get that morning out of her head, Jenny's mind kept going back to the look on the blonde's face before she'd noticed that Jenny was standing there. It had been a look of pure ecstasy. Jenny couldn't help but wonder what it would be like for her to be the result of Dean's expert pleasuring skills.

She shook her head, hoping that would clear her mind a bit. It didn't, and she felt the heat between her legs even more intensely than she had that morning. It was clear that Dean wouldn't be leaving her thoughts any time soon.

The end of the trail was in sight, and Jenny spotted the track up ahead. Once she got there, she made a beeline for the water fountain, drinking water as if to wash away all dirty thoughts of her best friend. It was a tactic that proved highly inefficient when she looked up to see none other than Dean standing in front of her.

Jenny smiled widely, but put her hand on her hips and cocked her head to the side. "

"What do you want?" She asked, "You never come down to the track. I thought you swore to me that you were allergic to running." She grinned, and raised an eyebrow.

Dean shrugged his shoulders, his signature crooked grin smeared across his annoyingly attractive face. 

"I came to apologize for this morning." He began, and Jenny noticed something different in his eyes. She, who had seen every conceivable mood of his, couldn't quite place what it was. Whatever it was, it was causing Jenny's pussy to soak her panties even more.

He began to walk towards her. Jenny became very aware of her body, and the redness she was sure was flushed across her face and neck. 

"Don't worry about it." She insisted, unsure of where he was going with this. He had never apologized for anything like this before. "Next time just find a way to let me know so I don't have to walk in on that again." She tried to take a step back but bumped into the bleachers, she tripped over the edge as she was walking backwards and landed sitting down, looking up at the best friend who was starting to have a very strange effect on her.

"I wouldn't be too worried about it happening again." Dean smirked, and Jenny was confused. 

"What do you mean?" She asked, standing back up to meet his smoldering gaze. He closed the last of the distance between them, his body pressed against hers, she could feel every point on her body where they touched like it was on fire. He wrapped an arm around the small of her back holding her to him, and kissed her full on the mouth.

Jenny's mouth opened in surprise, but Dean took it as an opportunity, and his tongue slid in, exploring her mouth, probing its depths. Before she could think about what she was doing, Jenny started to kiss him back. Her tongue met his to play together, and battle for dominance.

All of a sudden, he broke away from the kiss. "I knew it Jenners." He whispered into her neck. It took all of her willpower to keep from tearing off his clothes right there. Luckily, her dorm wasn't very far away. With one deft hand, Dean reached for her tit, slid his hand under her sports bra, and slowly fished out her room key. He knew that she kept it there when she went on runs if she didn't have pockets, and today was no exception.

She looked up to meet his eyes, "What are you waiting for?" She breathed, and Dean led her the short distance to her room.

Once they had locked the door behind them (Jenny was fortunate enough to live in a single), they wasted no time.

Dean pressed her against the wall and began to kiss and suck on her neck, working from her collarbone, to her jawline and back down again. Jenny's hands roamed Dean's body, and pulled his shirt off over his head. Once his shirt was off, it was Jenny's turn to kiss him forcefully, her hands gliding up and down his chest and back. Dean pulled off Jenny's shirt, leaving her in only a sports bra and shorts. He kissed her gently on the mouth, and then his lips began to travel slowly downwards, down her stomach to the line of her shorts. Gripping the elastic of her waistline, he slowly pulled off her shorts, taking his time to fully enjoy the sight of what lay beneath them.

Jenny's black lacy thong with the growing wet spot was hotter than he could have hoped for. In a show of uncharacteristic self restraint, he didn't yank them off right away, but he kissed her mound through the flimsy fabric. As he did so, he could feel Jenny's knees buckle slightly, and he kissed her there again, opening his mouth wider, and flicking his tongue and scraping his teeth over where he knew her clit would be.

A whimper escaped Jenny's lips, and her hands threaded through Dean's hair, at first holding him there, but then pulling him up to kiss him on the mouth. Jenny kissed him more powerfully than she thought she ever could, the feeling of her lips melding against Dean's was better than she could have ever imagined. It was as if they were made to fit together.

Jenny untwined her hands from his hair and made quick work of Dean's jeans and boxers. She kissed him frantically, pausing only to slide out of her bra, exposing her large, perfect tits. Dean cupped each of them in his hands, gently squeezing and fondling the firm mounds, and rolling her nipples with his dexterous fingers to elicit a soft moan from her.

Her hands explored all of his body, gently squeezing his ass and cupping his balls. It hadn't escaped her how hard he'd already been when she released his cock from its cotton prison, and she felt a rush of wetness upon thinking that it was because of her.

Dean wrapped his arms around Jenny as he kissed her, and suddenly turned her and pushed her back onto the bed. Jenny spread her legs, her wet cunt tingling in anticipation of what was coming. He pulled off her thong in one fluid motion and lowered himself until he was eye level with her soaked pussy. She was shaved completely, without a single hair to be seen, and her labia were red and puffy with arousal. He gently parted them with his fingers and saw how soaked her beautiful cunt was.

He ran his fingers over her pussy, dipping them slightly into her wet slit, and watched as each stroke sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. It occurred to him how long it had probably been since Jenny had last fucked anyone. As he gently worked her slit, he took great pleasure and pride in knowing that he would leave Jenny completely and entirely satisfied. He changed his mind, when he was through with her, she would never be satisfied. She would need a fix, that only Dean could give her.

He stopped stroking her slit, and moved his hands to the the insides of her thighs. He began to kiss the inside of her left thigh, starting from the knee and making his way up right up to her outer labia. Once he got there, he stopped and did the same for the other side. Jenny squirmed in anticipation, seconds away from using her own hands, just to give herself some release. But, just as she was about to give in, Dean dove in. He licked her slit with one long, slow stroke, stopping with his tongue right on the hood of her clit. He spread her open, and inserted a finger into her tight, velvety hole.

Jenny moaned, her voice low. Dean flicked her clit with his tongue, and held Jenny down with his other hand as he felt her body twitch with the sensation. He tongued her clit thoroughly, licking and flicking, alternating hard and soft.

Jenny was completely overcome with pleasure. She wasn't a virgin, but Dean was by far better than anyone she'd ever been with. And it had been a while since she'd cum by anything other than her hand. Dean scraped his teeth gently against her clit and Jenny felt herself get pushed over the edge and into the best orgasm she could remember having.

Dean felt her body converging around his finger, and inserted another one into her hole, working her through the orgasm. When Jenny was finished, she pulled Dean up to her, and on top of her body. She kissed him passionately, and desperately, although she was unsure about how she could still need so much more from him even after the amazing orgasm she'd just had.

"I want you inside of me." She panted into his ear. The idea was not unattractive to Dean, who had harbored feelings for Jenny for quite some time. He decided to make her work for it. He flipped Jenny onto her back and straddled her, letting his big, hard cock touch against her sticky wet slit. "What was that you said?" He teased, and began to grind against her, his cock rubbing against her slit and her clit. She began to pant, and he felt an extra rush of wetness on his throbbing cock. "Please." She whispered. He began to knead one of her tits, fondling her nipple as he ground down. "Please what?" He taunted, hoping that she wouldn't make him wait too much longer, or he would cum right then and there.

"Dean, please. I need you inside of me." She finally gasped out. Dean grinned wickedly, and positioned himself by her entrance. He slipped the head of his cock past her folds and into her tight hole. He slowly slid the rest of the way in and paused for a moment. There was something about having his cock inside of her that felt completely right. His large dick fit perfectly, and even without his pumping, they both could have cum then and there.

Dean began to pump slowly in and out, and Jenny pushed herself up with her arms, and wrapped them around Dean's neck, holding herself up to him, kissing his neck and sucking on his collarbone as their bodies intertwined. This sex was unlike any she had ever experienced before, it was infinitely better. Dean began to speed up, as he was already close to the edge. Jenny was close too, all the teasing from earlier had brought her closer than she cared to admit.

Dean felt himself about to go over the edge, just as Jenny couldn't hold it in for any longer, and her pussy began to spasm around his cock, milking it. The tightening of her velvety walls pushed Dean over the edge, and he came into her beautiful, tight cunt. After they both finished, he laid her gently back down onto her bed, lying down with her. His cock was still inside her, and their limbs tangled together. They laid there, just enjoying the feeling of being completely intertwined.

Dean cupped Jenny's face gently, kissing her still panting lips softly and gently. She smiled into the kiss, and Dean smiled back. Before he could think of what he was saying, the words spilled from his lips. "I love you."

He froze, studying Jenny's reaction carefully. She just grinned and kissed him again, "I love you too."


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