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A trip to the Mall

The girl from the Christmas Party asked me to meet her friends and go to the mall with her
Trip to the Mall (episode 4)

Normally I will do anything to avoid a shopping trip to a mall, but when a truly beautiful and super sexy girl asks me to go then I GO! Jennifer from the Christmas Party wanted me to meet her friends and go to the mall with her.

Jennifer came to the door when I rang the bell wearing a denim mini skirt and black stockings, high heeled clog shoes, a tight fitting sweater and big sexy earrings. I of course was in my usual casual attire, wrinkled baggy khaki pants, long sleeve t-shirt, worn out leather jacket, hiking shoes, and my usual grungy worn out Georgia Bulldog baseball cap. She asked if I liked to eat at Houston’s across from Lenox Mall and I answered, “sure!” She said we were meeting her two best friends there for lunch before we hit the stores.

As Jennifer drove her car to the restaurant, I commented on her sexy outfit. She then placed her left foot up on the seat, her left knee against the driver side window and exposed her sheer black lacy panties and garter underneath. I just said, “nice!” and touched her leg. She took my hand and pulled it straight to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and after a few strokes she said, “you better stop I’m getting all wet.”

We arrived at Houston’s first and got a booth. Soon her two friends arrived waltzing in the door loudly in dramatic fashion with great big smiles and laughing. Jennifer and the girls all squealed laughing and talking loud, hugged and did the fashionable “not quite touching” kiss on the cheek thing. She introduced me to Brittany (who roomed with her in Athens and also went to Gainesville State College) and Rachel (her brainy friend who has just started attending Duke University.) Brittany was a gorgeous model looking blonde with long hair and big fake boobs about to jump out of a very low cut sweater, a really thick southern drawl accent and wearing a really short pleated school girl skirt with pink stockings that came to her mid thigh (well short of her mini skirt’s hemline.) Rachel had short brown hair, was really pretty but almost too skinny, wearing tight blue jeans and an embroidered long sleeve t-shirt, she was the more laid back and casual of the girls.

The girls it turned out came from families as rich as Jennifer’s if not even wealthier and from old southern aristocratic families — true 21st century version spoiled Scarlet O’Hara types.

There was a long discussion about how Brittany’s mom was disappointed that Brittany wasn’t going to attend Agnes Scott Women’s College like she did, whereas her dad is just glad she got into college – any college!!!! And Rachel’s mom had wanted her to go to her alma mater, Auburn, but her dad was really glad she decided on Duke and was hoping she’d become a lawyer. After hearing a lot of giggling, talk about fashion, gross “puky” guys they knew, expensive designer jewelry, etc. we finished eating lunch and headed over to the Mall.

If I have to go to a mall, Lenox is at least the most interesting mall in the south, being the most cosmopolitan with people from fall over the world, folks covered in tattoos and piercings, Hare Krishnas in pink robes, Hindus, evangelical Christians handing out pamphlets, Asians, rednecks, gays, tons of lesbians, black folks, and all kinds of people. The girls had evidently heard from Jennifer about our sex hookup at the Christmas Party. They both checked out my butt right in front of me and told Jennifer that they agreed I had a nice butt and then they felt of my arms, and told Jennifer, “yep, he’s a keeper!” Then Brittany says in her very southern accent, “ya wanna share him with me sometime!” Of course she was joking or so I thought. We strolled through several stores and I had to give my opinion on earrings, scarves, boas, blouses, jewelry and more.

We strolled around and the girls bought several things. Jennifer held my hand a lot and held me around the waist. What an incredible confidence boost to have a girl that looks like she could be a Hollywood star like me as much as she did. The we ended up in a Victoria’s Secret (women’s lingerie store). I was feeling very conspicuous standing there while the girls were holding up and comparing panties and bras. Brittany and Rachel laughed and wanted me to pick out some panties for Jennifer. So I picked up a pair of red ultra sheer lacy thong panties held them up high and stretched them out and said that these would do. The girls all cracked up laughing. Rachel exclaimed, “those are exactly the kind she wears if she wears any at all!” And they all really cracked up laughing at that. Brittany seriously said, “I’m not wearing any!” and quickly flipped the back of her mini skirt up exposing her butt cheeks. Again the girls were cracking up laughing until they were turning red faced and Jennifer laughed so hard that actually teared up. A sales lady hearing all the commotion came over and asked if we all needed any help. At that the girls starting laughing even more. Finally, they settled down and Jennifer took the panties I had picked out to the cash register and bought them. As we stood waiting for her Brittany said, “”it looks like you’ll be getting a fashion show soon” and laughed.

Later we ended up sitting in the food court eating cinnamon buns, the girls all trying on the Atlanta Braves baseball cap I bought in the sporting goods store earlier and trying different poses with it on and making pictures with their i-phones then giggling. And soon the girl’s conversation led to sex. They wanted to know how often I masturbated, if I watched porn and how old I was when I lost my virginity. I laughed and said that I wouldn’t tell them. Then Rachel just came out and said, “I had my first threesome!” The other girls sat up wide eyed and both exclaimed, “WHAT?” Rachel then went on to tell all about spending the night with two sophomore boys after a football game at Duke and how they kept her going for hours. The girls were all giddy with excitement. Rachel said she must have had a 10 orgasms. Brittany told her, “well honey, it’s about time you did that. I just loooove a good menage-a trois!” Jennifer looked at Brittany and said, “you’re such a slut.” Brittany replied, “like I’m not sitting with two sluts!”. Both Jennifer and Rachel then held their hands to their mouths stuck their tongues in their cheeks and made motion as if sucking a dick and they all laughed. Meanwhile I am just sitting there listening and not knowing whether I should interject something or not, so I just stayed silent but very amused.

They decided to go to Phipps Plaza and look at some shops there. The girls were getting crazy. As we walked through the mall they started competing over which one of them could do the best slutty walk and laughing and giving each other a shove when one would do a really good one. Several times Brittany mooned or flashed us sending the girls into a laughing hysteria. They asked me which one had the best slutty walk and I just told them it was too close to call. Later at a cosmetic counter the girls were trying out some sample lipsticks and started doing sexual things with the lipsticks and giggling about it. Thank goodness the packages they all had me holding kept my erection hidden!!!

Finally it was dark and we all decided to leave. The girls all gave each other a big hug and they told me it was nice to meet me and all and we split up. Jennifer’s car was parked in the parking deck and we didn’t see anybody around, When I got in the car with Jennifer she grabbed me and we started making out. Her wild tongue kisses were mind numbing. She was also kissing and tonguing my ears. My cock was so hard that I thought I’d bust through the zipper on my jeans. I slid my hand into her panties and started fingering her really wet pussy. The more we kissed and finger fucked the sloppier her pussy was getting. I said to her, “take your panties off and climb up on my lap.” She said, “We better not, we could get caught by security or something.” I kept asking her to but she wouldn’t. So she gave me a wet nap from her purse and told me to clean my fingers off. “I don’t want your hand smelling like pussy when we get to my house!” she said and giggled as she cranked the car.

She drove to her parents and I ate dinner with them and after we played pool with her little brother in the game room. Then I drove home with my new Braves cap and suffering from a super serious case of the blue balls!!! Oh yes and I was falling madly in love with this Jennifer!!!

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