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Afternoon Sex Outside on a Mountain Trail

An afternoon hike in the southern Appalachians is a good time for some sex!
(episode 5)

The Christmas Holidays my freshman year had been great so far, there was the Christmas Party at Jennifer’s house, the trip to the mall with Jennifer and her friends. I also had caught up with and hung out with some old buddies. And just two days before Christmas, two girls from UGA with whom I had become really good friends, Kelly and Katie, dropped by to see me for a few minutes on their way in to Atlanta for last minute Christmas shopping.

I was also glad that Dad had given me a few Christmas gifts for my old Nissan Pathfinder. I was installing the new seat covers Christmas afternoon when Jennifer called me on my cell phone. She said that she was bored in Atlanta and wanted to drive up and see me the next day. She also said that her friend Rachel was coming with her and asked if I had a cute guy friend that could tag along for Rachel. I was sure I could do that and told her that I could find someone. She said that they would be here by about 9:00 am, surprising me that she wanted to get here that early.

Jennifer asked for the directions then she asked me to think of something really cool that we all could do. Since the weather was warmer than usual I suggested we drive up into the north Georgia mountains and go to Brasstown Bald (the highest peak in extreme north Georgia) because the view is incredible. She sounded excited and said that would be great. I said we also might find somewhere to do a bit of hiking if that was OK and she sounded really cool with that too.

After we finished talking I called my best friend, Billy, to see if he could go but he was going to south Georgia to go quail hunting with his dad and brother (I love to go bird hunting myself!) Then I tried Chase (tall, blonde, big muscles and an IQ of about 150), he was another good buddy from high school that was home from college for the holidays. I realized Chase would be a good choice because he was going to a small college in North Carolina (on a football scholarship not too far from Duke, where Rachel attended) and if Rachel and he hit it off the close proximity of their schools might work out good..

I called Chase and he was all up for it after I described Rachel and he agreed to be at my house early the next morning. I asked Chase if he wouldn’t bring up politics with the girls. He had been president of the Young Republicans in high school and was probably the only high school kid in America that had a poster of President George W. Bush on his bedroom wall and he loved to talk and argue politics. I had diffused many heated conversations between he and other friends. Plus, I had already discovered that it was never good to talk politics with girls if you wanted to score some sex.

By the time I had finished with my Nissan and gone inside for a snack, my mom knew that Jennifer was coming up the next day. Jennifer’s mom and my mom were lifelong friends, so Jennifer’s mom had already called her to tell her about our date the next day (I worried that this mom thing could be a problem.) Mom said she was planning to make sandwiches and snacks for us to take on our drive to the mountains and hiking. The weather was predicted to be sunny and warm for December with a high temperature in the mid 60s (18.33 celsius.)

The next morning arrived and I showered and packed my Nissan for the trip (I loaded a couple of sleeping bags in the back just in case we found some good secluded spot for some real fun!!!) Chase arrived and soon after the girls arrived, dressed in jeans and hiking shoes. Mom made us all eat some french toast she made for breakfast. Rachel seemed to be intrigued with the fact that Chase played football and went to a college close to hers. My mom gave us a big picnic basket packed with food and a small cooler with water and soft drinks to put in my Nissan. The four of us piled in and took off.

Once we were well on our way I told them that after making it up to Brasstown Bald we could drop by my granddad’s farm and target shoot at this gun range he had. And then we could go on a hike from there. My granddad “Poppy” would not be there because he and his much younger-then-he hippie type girlfriend always stayed in Key West, Florida for the winter. He has a large farm right next to the national park and I knew a great hiking trail that went right by his property. The girls said that they’d never shot guns and were all excited about trying it. Then Chase and I told the girls several of our funniest stories about playing high school football. They seemed to enjoy the stories and laughed a lot.

First we drove up to Brasstown Bald enjoyed the view then we headed over to my granddad’s farm in the valley at the base of a mountain. The girls enjoyed shooting my .22 caliber rifle several times and both shot my hunting rifle once each but said it kicked too much and they were too scared to shoot it again. Chase and I also shot my working replica black powder rifle but the girls were too scared to shoot it because it was extra loud, has a serious recoil and all the black smoke it makes but they did get a big kick out of watching us shoot it and were duly impressed with my marksmanship as I blew away several old beer cans that Poppy kept for target practice.

Afterward, we broke out the sandwiches ate and talked. So far Chase and Rachel seemed to be doing pretty good together, then Chase brought up some political talk and I thought we were doomed. I was really surprised when Rachel agreed with him on it. It turned out she had attended the Republican National Convention with her dad, who was heavily involved in fund raising for them. All of the sudden Rachel and Chase seemed made for each other. Myself, I really didn’t care about politics either way at that point in my life and Jennifer didn’t seem into it either.

Chase and I both had backpacks for the hike and attached the sleeping bags to them. I led the way and we started up a trail I was familiar with. We hiked for about an hour and half when we stopped at a great scenic view to rest and drink some water. I had my arms around Jennifer as she was sitting between my legs on a large overhang rock looking out over the valley. Rachel was sitting next to Chase just a few feet from us. I touched my hand to Jennifer’s cheek and turned it toward me and started kissing her. Soon we were making out like crazy. Jennifer looked toward Rachel and Chase and motioned with her eyes for me to glance toward them. They had started making out too.

I said to Jennifer, “C’mon let’s go up behind that rock” and motioned to this big rock on the other side of the trail."

I turned toward Chase and Rachel and yelled, “Y'all can find some privacy over there and on top of that rock,” pointed toward another big rock about fifty feet up ahead just to the inside of the rail.

Rachel responded rather gleefully, “Thanks!” and they got up and headed in that direction. Jennifer followed me and we climbed up behind the rock I had mentioned to her. On top of the rock was a rather secluded area I had discovered a long time ago when hiking after visiting my Poppy.

I laid the sleeping bag out and started to sit on it but Jennifer had already started taking her clothes off. She exclaimed, “I’ve been dying to get you alone – get naked already!” She was standing there hurriedly pulling off her shirt and bra then she stooped down and untied her hiking shoes and kicked them off and had started unzipping her jeans, I was just sitting watching her and she said impatiently, “Get naked already! I’m horny as hell!”

I pulled my shirt and undershirt over my head and tossed them to the ground. And was untying my shoes as Jennifer’s jeans came off and then she slid off her thong panties. She was standing there naked except gray hiking socks with the sun gleaming on her super sexy tight and tone naked body watching me sitting there trying to pull my jeans off. She dropped to her knees and grabbed one leg of my jeans to help me get them off. It caused me to roll over on my belly and she laughed. She pulled the jeans off of me and then dropped to her knees over me and grabbed my boxers and yanked them down my legs hurriedly and off of me and smacked my ass and said, “Alright then!.”

I rolled over on my back and like a wild woman Jennifer jumped down on top of me and started tongue kissing me passionately. Her tongue slipped deep into my mouth as she rolled it around my tongue. We took turns sensually sucking each others tongues back and forth into each other’s mouth.

My cock was hard as hell and rubbing against her squirming body as her breasts were rubbing against my chest. She crawled up on me where she could shove her breasts into my face and said, “Suck my titties!”

I sucked her nipples hard and squeezed them between my fingers as Jennifer was moaning madly. Her pussy was rubbing against my stomach as she was squirming around and then I ran my fingers down her back and caressed her ass cheeks. Slowly I ran my fingers down the back of her ass cheeks into the insides of her thighs and slowly down the back of her crotch until they found their way to her pussy.

I used my fingers to gently separate her pussy lips which were very wet and I slid my finger into her pussy and found her to be soaking wet. She then crawled up onto my face and buried her wet pussy into my face. I started licking her as she was grinding her pussy hard into my face. Her slighty pungent taste and smell was such a tantalizing turn on and soon my face was wet from my chin to the end of my nose. I slid one finger into her pussy and found that “g”spot area up in her and rubbed there as I was was sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit.

She was writhing on me saying, “Oh yes - Oh yes!” over and over again and she didn’t mind at all telling me, “Oh yea that spot oh yea right there!”

Then suddenly she lifted her torso off my face and almost violently shoved my head back down with one hand. She fell back laying with her back on my legs and squeezed her legs to together tightly and pushed down hard on her thighs, her stomach muscles in tightening in spasms. She barely could get the words out, “damn! damn! You made me cum hard as hell!” “Oh god that was a good one!”

She lay there for minute and just looked at me then sat up with her knees out wide on each side up in the air and gave me a really devilish grin. Jennifer then bent over onto me and just about swallow my cock keeping her eyes glued on mine. She started sucking it really hard and then licked up to the top and then all the way down to my balls licking the entirety of my balls. She used her hands to spread my legs out wide and then buried her face underneath my crotch area and slid her tongue into my ass crack licking and tonging my ass. It felt great! She then slowly made her way back up my balls up the the length of my cock and nibbled the tip of my penis then slowly down again.

Once she had my entire cock soaking wet from her saliva she crawled in top of me and her wet pussy slid down engulfing my cock. Her pussy felt really incredible. She started grinding on me and fucking me rather hard in the cowgirl position. She let her long dark hair fall into my face and stared deep into my eyes as she was fucking on top of me. She didn’t just go up and down but she would slide herself from side to side on me doing a circular motion, grinding on me using her hand to help balance and lift herself up.

I could see my cock going in and out of her pussy and she had me soaking wet all down my cock past my balls into my ass crack. Being a very vocal girl Jennifer would look at me and ask, “do you like that?” After awhile I thought I was about to cum so to delay it I changed position. I grabbed her and laid her on her back on the sleeping bag and pushed her legs wide apart and then started fucking her missionary. The sensation to cum had stopped and then I grabbed her legs by the ankles and pushed them into the air and started fucking her fast and hard, pounding her against her ass cheeks making a loud slapping noise each time my torso pounded against her. Jennifer just kept moaning and breathing loudly and telling me to fuck her hard. Then I would slow it down and rotate my torso slightly as I pushed into her.

I then turned her over and slapped her ass, she got on all fours and we started fucking dogstyle. I grabbed her long dark hair and pulled gently but firm. “I like that!” she exclaimed, “pull my hair harder and fuck me hard!” She cried out, “oh hell yes! fuck me!” And when I swatted her ass and she would let out a, “oooh yea!”

Damn I was having fun fucking Jennifer!!!! In a few minutes she told me to get on top of her again. We got back into the missionary position and I pushed into her really sloppy wet pussy. I was discovering that Jennifer always got unusually wet!!! As I was fucking her missionary she grabbed my ass cheeks firm with both hands and said she wanted me to cum in her.

She said, “I want to look into your eyes as you cum in me!”

It was easy to just let it go and soon I found myself cumming hard as hell as I was thrusting into her.

I grunted out, “I’m cumming!”

She loved it yelling out, “Cum hard - cum in me hard!”

I certainly did!!!

We both collapsed on the sleeping bag laying there naked in the full afternoon sun. We were both sweaty and the temperature outside felt much warmer than the mid 60s. We caught our breath and I reached over and grabbed a water bottle out of my pack and opened it. We both took turns drinking sips and then Jennifer lay her head over on my chest. It felt so good her laying on me with my arm around her. I was really falling for her.

After a few minutes of laying there naked and holding each other Jennifer said she needed to pee and I said that I did too. We got up and she squatted behind a tree and I stood and started peeing behind another tree. We both just started laughing hilariously at each other.

We got dressed and Jennifer said that she wondered if Rachel and Chase had “hooked up.”

I responded, “Let’s find out, but be quiet.”

I led Jennifer up an incline to where we could peek from behind some trees down on top of the rock area I had pointed out to Chase and Rachel. We could see them on top of that big rock, Rachel had just stood up naked and was pulling her up black bikini panties and Chase was putting his boxers back on as their other clothes lay in a pile next to his sleeping bag.

Jennifer looked at me and said, “I think they’re getting along don’t you?” We both snickered quietly.

We gathered up our gear, put on our clothes and soon met the Chase and Rachel down on the trail and we all headed back. Once back at Poppy’s we ate some muffins from the picnic basket my mom had made and drank sodas. I suggested we head over to Helen, Georgia, which is a really tacky tourist destination at the base of the mountains. that is a tacky replica of Bavarian village made for tourists.

It was about 10:00 in the evening when we got back to my parents house. As we were standing by Jennifer’s car just before the girls were going to go back to Atlanta, Jennifer whispered in my ear, “Where do we stand? I mean like am I your girlfriend or what?”

I looked at her and asked, “Do you wanna be my girlfriend?”

And she said, “Absolutely!”

“Then you are!” I said.
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