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Another College Spring Break: Junior Year

Great sex and partying on college spring break!
(Episode 21) This story is about spring break of my junior year in college and follows “Make-up Sexathon!”

Weeks before spring break, the girls in my close knit gang of friends came up with the marvelous idea that our entire gang should spend spring break together. I was absolutely delighted with that idea. In fact, it erased the dread I had harbored deep inside about the possibility of Jennifer and I going on separate spring breaks. The worry over any potential damage that would do to our relationship was eliminated. This plan of us all sticking together also brought back the wonderful memories of spring break of my freshman year.

The girls did all the planning and soon had reserved eight rooms at a motel in Destin, Florida for seven nights. Their next goal was to make sure everyone was coupled up with someone we all knew and felt comfortable with. That is how it had been our freshman year and that had been a big part of the success of that trip.

From our group, only two couples were considered to be in a serious relationship, that being Jennifer and I, and the other couple being Chip and Nikki. Jennifer’s very best friend, Brittany, had been playing around some with one of my fraternity brothers named Brad, so she asked him to go with her and of course he jumped at the opportunity. My buddy Vic asked a really hot chick named Barbi, to go with him. They had hooked up just a few times and she was excited to go with him. Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth, all being very good looking, hot, sexy girls, had no problem finding three guys from my fraternity to be their dates. In fact, you would have thought those guys had won the Lottery from the exuberance they displayed upon being asked to spring break by that sexy trio. Another frat brother of mine and good buddy, Psycho, had also managed to talk his sometimes girlfriend, Arlene, into going with him.

That left only one person, Renee, without a date. I did not know whether or not Renee would want to take a girl or a guy, though. Either way, that did not matter to any of us. But then Renee came to me and asked if I could help her out on getting a date for the trip, I was really shocked. Renee was completely gorgeous, though totally wild and slutty looking with many tattooes and piercings.

Renee then informed that she had developed a hot crush on a friend of mine named Dez. Dez was a scholarship player on the varsity football team. Dez is a black guy and knowing that Renee had a thing for black guys, I found this all making more sense. So I promised her I would go talk to him.

I went to see Dez at his apartment and when I mentioned to him that Renee was interested in him going to spring break with her, he actually got very excited. It turned out he had heard about her sexual prowess and he already knew how hot she looked. So as soon as I left, I texted Renee about Dez’s response and forwarded his phone number to her so she could call him and formalize the arrangement. Renee and Dez did not waste anytime and started hooking up immediately.

When spring break finally arrived, we caravaned down to Destin in four vehicles. Brittany, Brad, Jennifer and I were all in my old Nissan. Of course on the way down, when one car stopped for a pee break or something, we all stopped. We were constantly calling and texting each other, cutting up and acting crazy.

Chip, Nikki, Vic and Barbi were in Chip’s huge Chevy Suburban and they kept pulling up beside us on the interstate while Vic would drop his pants and moon us. He mooned the other two cars, too. Vic’s crazy antics started a mooning-flashing war on the interstate as we traveled across Georgia through Alabama to get down to the Florida panhandle.

Before we got to Destin we had all seen each other’s asses and each chick had exposed her boobs through the car windows. Somehow during the crazy antics that followed, Kelli’s panties got hung on the antenna of the car they were in. It was so funny seeing them waving in the wind. They finally blew off and got stuck to the wiper blade of Chip’s Suburban for several miles which made us all laugh out of control. We all laughed so hard on the way down it is a wonder we did not have a car wreck.

We got to Destin late afternoon on Saturday. It worked out great that each couple had our own room. Jennifer and I had a quickie fuck before we unpacked our bags. We all met up and went out to eat some seafood and drink a few pitchers of beer. Then we all went out to play mini-golf before walking along the beach in the dark that night. We spent the week having great fun. We played volleyball on the beach, swam, suntanned, rented jet skis, wind surfed, and boogie boarded. We also slid down this humongous super slide, hit baseballs balls at a batting cage and even went to a couple of night clubs.

One day we all went on a deep sea fishing cruise, mainly having to help the girls with their fishing rods and show them what to do. We did catch a few fish when we were not laughing at the girls, who all with the exception of Renee, squealed when they got too close to a fish.

One evening we all found an adult store over at Ft. Walton Beach. All sixteen of us were in the store laughing and checking out all the sex toys and lingerie. We got such an adrenaline rush that everyone ended up buying something. Jennifer and I picked out a dick shaped vibrating dildo. When we got back to our motel room that night we decided to try it out.

We started making out and tore into each other’s clothes, getting them off as fast as possible. As we sat on the bed kissing I started using the vibrator on Jennifer. Jennifer then came up with the idea of me ass fucking her while we sat in a chair both facing the full length wall mirror over the dresser drawers. So I pushed a large easy chair over in front of the mirror. I put on a condom (I have always preferred to wear a condom to ass fuck.) Then Jennifer lubed my cock up really good and sat on my lap, both of us facing the mirror. Slowly she slid down on my cock, taking me into her asshole until she was all the way down on me.

Her legs were spread wide with her feet on the floor and we both could see all the penetration up close in the mirror. Jennifer began easing up and down on me, then faster and faster. She kept looking at me in the mirror with a hot sexy mischievous smile. I could hear the lube squishing in her ass with every movement. I found the visual stimulation to be erotically intoxicating.

I noticed that with my cock in her asshole it pushed her big wet dark pussy lips outward and open. They moved outward every time she slid down on me and soon it seemed almost as if they were dancing and opening up on beat.

My cock throbbed and pulsated as her tight ass slid up and down on it, burying herself onto me. She turned her upper body toward me and we deep tongue kissed as I stroked her neck and held onto her hair. I watched Jennifer’s hot, sweaty naked body, so tight toned and tanned, as she used her thighs to push herself up and down. Her gorgeous face and long dark hair looked so sexy in the mirror with her many sexual expressions. Her lower lip jutted out into the ‘O’ her lips made when she “ooohed and aaahed” during sex. Add to that her firm breasts bouncing up and down. It was an outstanding erotic visual delight.

I had the new vibrator with me and started using it on her, close to her clit as she was going up and down on my cock. Jennifer started really making a lot of noise. She loved to ass fuck and ever since we had gotten back together she frequently asked me to fuck her in the ass.

“Oh god, yes!” Jennifer was shouting over and over again and blurting out, “This is so fucking great!”

I continued to use the vibrator on her pussy while she bounced up and down on my cock which was deep in her ass. We both still watched ourselves in that mirror. I was still overcome watching her wet shiny dark pussy lips spread open with every thrust and then close a little as she went back up.

I found myself using my free hand to squeeze and pinch her titty nipple as she was using one of her on hands to squeeze the other titty nipple. After I had used my fingers to finger fuck her pussy, I let her lick her own pussy juices off of them and I playfully squeezed her mouth and lips.

I quickly got a little more daring with the vibrator and used it all over her pussy lips up and down, then slowly from top to bottom. She kept grinding her ass onto my throbbing hard cock. Her pussy lips were so wet that the juice was beading up on her labia into droplets. A gooey stream was oozing down from her pussy drenching my balls and eventually soaked the seat of the chair I was sitting in.

Jennifer was watching the entire erotic scene in the mirror. Her eyes would roll back in her head from the ecstasy she was feeling. Her eye lids sometimes closed or stayed half open with her arousing sexual expressions. Then her eyes would be wide open as she screamed out in sexual ecstasy.

“Oh my god, YES!” Jennifer would yell out.

I wondered if security might come to our door to tell us to keep the noise down. Then I remembered that all the rooms adjoining ours were occupied by our friends. I laughed to myself as I realized that they would hear us but then again I did not really care. They would probably tease us about it later, which they did.

Jennifer was still going up and down, grinding back and forth, sometimes getting so wound up she would sling her long dark hair. We both could see how drenched she was in the mirror. The wetness from her pussy had my balls drenched along with the insides of her thighs down to her knees.

I continued holding the vibrator to her sometimes working it into her pussy and soon up inside, so that the vibrating penis shaped dildo was well up into her pussy while her asshole was full of my cock. Her labia were a wide open, swollen, creamy mess, her little clit sticking straight out, as I then had my finger rubbing around it. Jennifer was still clutching her titty nipples hard and pulling at them, sweat beginning to run down her body as she had worked herself into a hot frenzy.

She was screaming, “FUCK ME!”

She reached back with her left hand and grabbed my head, turning her face to mine in order to deep tongue kiss me. She still was grinding up and down on my cock, and had that vibrator in her pussy.

Soon Jennifer screamed out, “Oh my god, I’m cumming! Oh my, I’m cumming so fucking hard! Stop the vibrator! Oh! I’m cumming!”

I pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and it had pussy cum on it. She still was slowly grinding on my cock with her ass until she finally stopped. She got off me and stepped over to the bed collapsing on it and said, “Damn I’m still cumming!”

She pushed her thighs together tight, pressing her hand on her torso just above her pussy. She lay there doing that for a few minutes and she said, “Oh damn, I finally quit cumming!”

I couldn’t believe that she had such a long orgasm. Jennifer said her orgasm had lasted about 5 minutes (I wish I could do that!).

I had not cum yet so I told her to spread her legs so I could fuck her. Jennifer obliged by spreading her legs wide. Her soaking wet swollen and spread out dark fat pussy lips looked amazing. Seeing how wet and sloppy her pussy lips were I just had to dive in and give them a good licking.

She tasted so wonderfully pungent and musky that it completely intensified my erotic arousal. I licked her pussy for several minutes, sucking her clit and labia, sometimes sucking them outward and slightly pulling them tight with my mouth. Jennifer would cry out, “Eat me, damnit! Eat Me!” Soon though Jennifer was begging for me to fuck her and cum in her.

I wiped my mouth and chin which were drenched. Then I crawled up between her spread legs. My cock slid into her soaking pussy so easily. Her pussy made a wet gushy squishing noise as I pushed into her. I buried my cock into her until her pussy lips were squeezed tightly up against me. As I started to fuck her, Jennifer wrapped her legs around me tight.

Her voice quivered as she cried, “Oh, fuck me!”

I thrust into her for several minutes. As soon as I started to feel myself begin to cum, Jennifer had begun screaming into my ear that she was having another orgasm. It turned out to be one of those rare times when we found ourselves cumming at exactly the same time.

I kept pushing into her even after I had cum and slowed down as my cock began to go flaccid. As I pulled out, cum from both of us, made a gooey string between the end of my dick and her sloppy pussy. Afterwards we both lay exhausted wrapped up in each other’s arms on the bed and soon fell asleep.

Late on another night, Jennifer and I slipped out to the beach with a large beach towel in order to fuck on the beach. It was probably about 3:00 am. We sat on the towel and started making out then slid off our swimsuits and made out while I fingered her until she was really wet. Then we licked each other in the 69 position. As I licked her pussy I kept thinking about how erotically wild her pussy had looked the night we used the vibrator and the mirror.

I mounted Jennifer missionary to begin with but we soon had switched to doggystyle and I grabbed Jennifer’s hair tight and held it while I fucked her hard. She was making all kinds of noise. I kept whispering for her to quiet down. I was afraid the Beach Patrol would hear us. She would quieten down for a while but slowly she would get loud again.

Jennifer ended up riding me cowgirl, while I squeezed her nipples together. Then she wanted me to finish by fucking her ass. Again I obliged her and we switched back to doggy and with my cock already soaked from her wet pussy I pushed into her asshole.

Jennifer seemed to shudder as my cock penetrated her asshole. As I fucked her in the ass, I fingered Jennifer’s pussy with my hand and found that she was absolutely soaking wet. I pumped her ass for a while and soon she was cumming. I did not stop humping her asshole until I had a great orgasm myself and came real hard in her ass.

On one of the last night’s there, the girl’s got all dressed up in cocktail dresses and heels for us all to go out dancing. None of us guys had anything other than t-shirts and cargo shorts to wear but that did not matter. We found this one night club in Destin and we all ended up dancing for a long time. We drank several pitchers of beer and mixed drinks.

Jennifer got very drunk and wanted me to take her outside and fuck her.

We walked outside and could not find any really great private place so we just got between two large SUVs in the parking lot. First, we kissed and fondled each other then I spun her around and she bent over. Jennifer placed her hands against the vehicle and I flipped her little short dress up on her back. She didn’t have panties on. I started fucking her from behind while we stood there.

Her little cocktail dress ended up in just a roll around her belly as she stood there, bent over at the waist, legs spread wide, hands against the vehicle. I fucked her and squeezed her tits at the same time.

Several people leaving the club walked by and noticed us but we did not stop fucking. In fact, Jennifer seemed to be especially turned on by an audience. Some people would comment as they walked by saying things like, “knock it out good” or “fuck that thing!”

Jennifer was quite vocal often being even louder when someone saw us. Finally, a guy and two girls just stopped and watched us until we finished. While they were watching Jennifer became especially vocal and was yelling stuff like, “Fuck me!” and “Fuck my slutty pussy!”

As soon as I came in her Jennifer turned and dropped to her knees to lick my cock clean while those three stood there watching. There on her knees, cum on her lips, her dress pulled down below her tits, she just looked over at them and smiled

After we finished and pulled our clothes up, Jennifer said to the two girls, “Damn, that was a good fuck.”

One girl responded, “It looked damn good too!”

As Jennifer and I started back in to the club we came across Brittany with Brad and Kelli with Chuck, both girls standing next to each other bent over, hands against someone’s car, getting fucked from behind by Brad and Chuck. Jennifer walked over and swatted Brad’s ass as he fucked Brittany.

Jennifer laughed and said, “Fuck that girl hard, you too, Chuck!”

Both Brittany and Kelli were panting and moaning loudly as Brad and Chuck were pounding them from behind. I laughed as Jennifer and I went back inside the club. We found the others except Renee and Dez, whom we found out were also outside somewhere in the parking lot fucking.

We all really had fun that spring break!
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