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Bathroom Encounter

I woke up on a fairly cold Autumn day and it was just a normal day ahead of me; go to college, come home and do coursework. This had become normal for me and it was slowly draining my soul, but it had to be done. I got out of bed with not much expectations of the day ahead. I threw on some clothes, which included a plain shirt and some jeans; my normal wear.

I continued downstairs to make some toast to fill up my stomach and waited to leave home to venture to college. Although, I couldn't leave just yet. I needed to do something that had started to get out of control, although it didn't stop me from doing it. I rushed to the bathroom, undid my jeans and began to slowly rub my penis.

I had a masturbation addiction, quite a big one. I would masturbate possibly once every hour or two, which was playing havoc with my social and education life. At college, all I thought about was masturbation. Doing coursework, masturbation was on my mind. I had lost the will to think of anything other than that, plus it probably didn't help my own health. I quickly became hard and had to beat it out fast as I needed to leave soon, so I blew my load. A little one granted, but enough to keep me going.
I quickly cleaned up and put my jeans back on and left the house to walk to college. The thought that I wouldn't be masturbating for another seven hours until I got home rattled in my brain and made me feel low, but the quicker I got through this, the better. I took the normal route to college, which didn't throw any surprises at me and I soon arrived at college.

I arrived to my first lecture at 9:00 a.m, which was an alright lesson depending on what the topic was. The best part of this class was Tessa, the lecturer. She is perfect. Tessa has brown hair, a curvy body, brown eyes and just the most adoring smile. I fantasied about her a lot when I masturbate at home and I try my best on all her assignments, I don't really know why. Just knowing its hers makes me want to complete it.

The class was pretty simple with a few tasks to complete and a bit of fun with my friends, but my eyes always reverted back to Tessa. She had chosen to cover up her cleavage with a jumper, which was upsetting. Although, she did wear tight trousers that day, meaning that her ass was nicely on show, which I enjoyed. Class finished pretty quickly and me and my friends soon left and went to the break room for the next hour, before our next lesson started. I wouldn't see Tessa again today, which was sad, but I got my fill today.We had another teacher later that I despised.

We sat down in the break room, which was a smallish room with just a few chairs and tables so students could relax before next lessons. We had an hour to wait and it remained quiet in the group, as everyone was on their phones. I sat there quietly just letting my mind drift into space until, a sudden urge entered my body. The masturbation urge, the one thing I didn't need this early on into the day. I had to either fight through the feeling all day, or go and do it somewhere. But where?

“I'll be right back,” I said to my friends.

I took my bag and left the room quickly with urgency in my step. I scanned the room searching for a area where this could be done and one thought came to my mind, the bathroom. I went in the direction of the bathroom trying to hide the growing erection in my trousers. I picked up the pace and reached the bathroom door. I rushed in and found the nearest stall, dropped my bag and locked the door behind me.

I swiftly undid my jeans and dropped them to the floor and there it was, a throbbing hard cock, which I take a hold of and jerk. I zoned out and just immersed myself in the pleasure of stroking my cock and how good it felt. I grew faster in the motion of jerking, as I had to finish quickly to raise suspicion. This was the first time I had masturbated in public and I sort of liked it, the naughtiness of it overwhelmed me, which only helped with my erection. I put the toilet seat down and sat on it so I could relax a bit more when I heard a voice and not a voice I wanted to here in this situation.

“So, when is our next class?” said a voice from the outside of the stall.

As my mind processed this voice, it turned out to be female voice. What is a female doing in the male bathroom? Then it struck me, in my rush to get to the bathroom I had stumbled into the girls bathroom, instead of the males. I never really used the toilets at college so this was an understandable mistake. Other questions popped into my mind, “Did anyone see me go in? How will I get out?”

I continued masturbating, but in a slower motion and I went bright red with embarrassment. I needed to finish fast and get out fast. The door opened and the voices got fainter, so that meant that they had left, whoever they were. This was good and I picked up the pace. I then put an image of Tessa in my head so I could finish soon. The door opened again and it came with a voice.

“Hello, everyone okay in here?” said the voice.

I recognised the voice straight away, it was Tessa. Why was she making sure everyone was okay? She took a few more steps into the bathroom.

“Hello, someone said they heard moaning.”

Oh god. The girls must have heard me moaning when they entered and told Tessa that someone was hurt in here. My heart started racing and I didn't know what was going to happen here. "Hopefully, she just leaves," I thought, but she walked over to my stall and I could see her feet in the gap at the bottom of the door.

“Hello, is anyone in there?” she tried to open the door with no success. “Hello? Are you okay in there?”

I didn't reply and just hoped she would goes away. My cock was still raging hard surprisingly.

“I will get someone to open this door if you don't open it.”

She sounded serious, which she should've been in that situation from her point of view. I pulled my jeans up and unlocked the door. The door opened and she had a confused look upon her face.

“Why are you in here?” she said sternly.

“Please, it isn't what it looks like. I walked in the wrong door,” I replied quickly.

She took a look at me and realised by my face that I was telling the truth and she became sympathetic.

“You idiot. I'll go check if the coast is clear then, so you can leave.”

I smiled, but just before she left, she noticed my erection and her facial expression changed very quickly from sympathetic to angry.

“What’s that?”

“What’s what?”

She entered the stall and pointed at my erection, which didn't seem to want to go down.


I looked down and went red. I couldn't possibly explain.

“Want to explain what's really going on here?” she said with her arms crossed.

"I know it looks bad, and whatever I say won't help the situation. But, I have a masturbation addiction and I couldn't help it. I wasn't spying on any girls. I just wanted to have a quick one,” I replied in hope of some understanding.

Tessa took a few seconds to decide what to do. She looked me dead in the eye and smiled slightly. Tessa turned around and closed the door behind her and locked it. I was very confused to why she was doing it and I just stood there.

“Why did you lock the door?” I asked.

“I believe you. You're not the type to sneak like this,” she replied still smiling.

“That doesn't answer my question though, Tessa.”

“Take off your trousers.”


“Just do it.”

I looked very confused, but with the hope of something happening, I took off my trousers and boxers to reveal my erection. Tessa looked amazed at it and stepped closer to me.

“I like that,” Tessa said taking a hold of my cock.

My mouth opened up as I was so confused. Her soft hands felt so nice. She put her lips on mine and slowly jerked my cock. I kissed her back and got comfortable with her body shape, as I put my hands around her body. We kissed for a short while and pre cum started to form at the tip of my cock. She jerked at a constant speed throughout. Eventually, she took her lips away from mine.

“Now, no moaning and no one hears about this when this is over," Tessa said with a grin.

“Okay,” I reply back, still not believing what was going on.

Tessa gave me one last smile, before she got on her knees and formed her mouth around my cock. I couldn't believe what had developed, but I didn't question it and went with it. Her mouth slowly took in my cock and I was in heaven with the pleasure that was forming from her tongue.

I felt close as I had already been masturbating, but I didn't want to finish just yet. The urge to moan was insanely high, but I had to contain myself so no one found out by hearing what is going on. My cock slowly worked its way down her throat, until most of it had gone. I slowly felt the cum working its way up my cock and I was very close.

“Tessa, I'm close.”

Tessa starts to thrust her head up and down on my cock. I had tipped the scales and I was beyond the point of no return. I very quickly gasped as cum rushed through my cock and into her amazing mouth. She sucked the remaining semen out of my head. Although, there was not a lot of cum due to the constant masturbating, it still felt amazing and I gave a good load. Tessa looked me in the eyes, still on her knees and swallowed the load that was her mouth. She got up and winked at me.

“I'll check if the coast is clear, you get ready to leave,” Tessa said, unlocking the door.

She left the stall and I put my clothes back on. I exhaled strongly with a smile and I would never have believed that would have happened. My erection went back down for the first time since I entered the bathroom. I was waiting for Tessa to come back.

Eventually, she came back and said that I could leave safely and told me once again not to tell anyone of what happened. I left the bathroom as Tessa went on to the staff room, while I returned to the student room, where my friends were waiting. I had five minutes remaining until my next lesson.

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