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Being Deflowered - By Her

Being Deflowered - By Her

I Want Her To Deflower Me
When I started college, I thought it was going to be like all the films and TV shows you see. How wrong was I! My freshmen year I was so busy, I don’t think I had a moment to even rest. Between classes and working a part time job, it seemed to be non-stop for me. I didn’t mind though, I do enjoy being busy. This was just a new level of busy.

I don’t know how others do it and have a social life. I made a few friends in classes, but never really did much outside of grabbing coffees with them. Once summer came, I kept in touch with a few of them. It was nice to get to know them outside of talking about school stuff.

I don’t live all that far from school, so my first year I decided to stay at home. I wanted to save some money. However, the bigger reason was, my mum wasn’t ready to let me go. Being an only child, she just wasn’t ready to see me go off to college. But now I wanted to be able to enjoy the dorm life. So, for her birthday in July, I bought her a dog. Not so much to replace me, but for her to have something to love on besides me.

It’s always been just me and my mum. My dad left us when I was just two years old. I don’t remember anything about him. I also have no desires to find him, he doesn’t care to seek me out. My mum never remarried. She has gone out on a few dates, but nothing serious. She just threw herself into her job and raising me. She isn’t just my mum, but my best friend.

In late July we received our dorm information, including who our roommates are going to be. The information told me I would be rooming with a girl named Clover. It had her age, twenty, like me and other basic things. It even had her phone number. It was her who texted me first.

We started getting to know each other through texts, and even exchanged Facebook names. Clover is pretty much the polar opposite of me. I’m the type to curl up by the fire and read a good book, whereas she rather do body shots at a bonfire. We do have things in common. I wasn’t worried about that. We’re both into films, history, we’re both close to our mum’s and both enjoy running. I liked her pretty much right away. Maybe she can help me out of my shell.


Classes start in a week from today. Clover and I have made plans to meet tomorrow for coffee. She lives a few states away, so we haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

When I arrive, I don’t see anyone who might be Clover. So, I order a coffee and bagel, before grabbing a table. I check my phone, seeing I’m a little early. When the little bell to the door chimes, I look up. I see a girl come in, the biggest smile on her face. It’s the first thing I notice.

The girl has a tiny little frame. She can’t be any taller than five feet two inches. Her long, dark blonde hair is down, flowing like a perfect waterfall of locks. The shirt she has on says ‘Southern Girls Do It Better’, with the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but stare at her, which gets her attention.

“You must be Dolly,” she says, walking towards me. Her grin is even bigger than it was a second ago.

“Guilty as charged. I take it you’re Clover?” I state the obvious and inwardly groan.

“Yes Ma’am I am. Let me grab a coffee and I’ll come back.”

She swings back around, going towards the counter. The few people in the café are looking at her, not used to seeing someone so boldly wearing so little. Her butt cheeks are showing slightly. I don’t know why, but I just stare. I’ve never been into girls before, I know I’m straight, but damn she has a nice little ass. I can appreciate a good butt when I see one, even if it’s a girl butt. Right?

“It is so great to finally be here. The city is so big!” Clover announces when she comes back. She sits on the chair across from me, crossing her legs. I can’t help but notice, that even though she is so short, she has long legs.

“It’s a college city and all. We have to keep it entertaining, I suppose,” I smile. To me, it isn’t all that big. I’ve lived here for almost fifteen years. My mum got a job offer she couldn’t refuse, we packed our things and started over.

“Well, I love it already, Dolly. Oh speaking of, do tell me how you got a name like Dolly? What was your mama thinking?”

I have to smile, I am often asked about my name. Most people thought it was some nickname I picked. “Ah, it’s kind of embarrassing. My mum has a thing for Dolly Parton. She and my dad both do, so it was an easy choice.”

The look on Clover’s face is priceless. “Oh bless their hearts! I just love me some Dolly Parton. Now, I don’t confess that to just anyone. My mama and I both like her. You’re not the only one with a strange name. As you know. My mama found a four leaf clover the day she found out she was pregnant. She took it as good luck. Mama named me Clover, to be her good luck charm all her life.”

Listening to Clover speak in her thick southern accent, she sounds so animated. She talks with her hands, explaining everything in detail. It’s not until a guy comes in, that she grows quiet a little. She’s checking him out hardcore. She grabs a napkin and scribbles something down and goes up to him. I can’t help but watch, just in awe at how bold she can be.

The guy just smiles, he leans in and whispers something to her, before taking his coffee and leaves. When she comes back to sit with me, I swear her face is going to split in two from smiling so much.

“Who was that?” I ask, thinking she might have known him.

“I don’t know, but I plan to find out. He is so cute! I gave him my number, told him to give me a ring when he has a chance.”

“You just give your number out to just anyone?” I ask, almost in disbelief.

I have never done anything like that. Of course, I lack knowledge on anything boy related. I’ve only been in one relationship. I was seventeen. We were together all of junior year of high school. When that year ended, he told me he and his family were moving. They were going west, where it’s cheaper to live. His parents were having money issues. We tried to do the long distance thing, but after a month we knew it wasn’t going to last.

We fooled around a lot the year we dated, but never did get to having sex. I just wasn’t ready. In ways, I regret it now. I would have loved to give my virginity to the first boy I loved. I just never thought I would lose him like I did. After he left, I didn’t want to date for a long time and I guess I’ve grown into a rut. I’ve had a few dates, but it never amounted to anything.

“Duh! How else do you make friends? You only live once, honey. Living life to the fullest is something I plan on doing. If that means giving my number out to a few strangers, so be it.”

I can see her logic, she is right, of course. All I can do was smile. We spend the next hour talking about everything. I eventually have to go. I still have a few things to pack. I tell her I would see her tomorrow morning.

By the time I got home, my mum is begging to have a girl’s night. She hates seeing me go. Even with her dog, she just wants her little girl to stay home. I keep telling her I’m not that far away. We let the subject go, before diving into doing our girl’s night. Drinking wine, eating Thai and watching chick flicks. It’s something we do every week. We’ve never missed one, not even when I was the busiest last year.

Waking up the following morning, I am so excited, I want to jump for joy. I try and hide my feelings a little around my mum. She is pouting a little bit, I try to reassure her. I kiss her cheek, grabbing my keys and head towards the door. I tell her I love her and leave.

My car is packed with everything I could possibly need at college. The drive is about fifteen minutes. I know I don’t need as much I’ve brought, but I couldn’t decide what to leave behind. When I do get to the dorms, I find my parking space. I am grateful we have assigned parking. It would be a bitch to find a spot every time I came home.

People are everywhere, parents, kids, little ones, just everywhere. I’m so glad my mum and I agreed not to have her come. I grab as many bags as I can and head into the dorms. I’m on the second floor, room 8B. Each building is five floors and twelve rooms per floor. The outside of the buildings are brick, but it looks old. They’re well crafted, pretty almost. The insides are painted the school colours, white and blue. Each floor looks exactly the same, almost confusingly so. The buildings also have basements, where we can do our laundry, a TV room and a storage unit.

I find my room, putting my bags down, I unlock the door. I walk in, and the first I see, is Clover naked on her back. Her legs spread, with someone else as equally naked between her thighs. His bare ass is a perfect shape. Clover’s breasts are larger naked, she is squeezing and pulling her nipples, moaning, begging for him not to stop. He is feasting on her pussy, like it’s the last meal he’ll ever have. Neither of them hears me. I don’t know if I should say something or back out quietly. I opt for the second choice.

Closing the door, I shake my head. I hope they finish by the time I am finished unloading my things from my car. I go back towards the elevator and back downstairs. It takes me four more trips before I have everything. My legs and arms are sore by the time I finish. It could have been a lot worse if there had been no elevator, of course.

With the last bags in hand, I see naked ass man open the door. It’s the guy from the coffee shop. He smiles at me, licking his lips. He leaves the way I came in. I knock softly on the door to my room and Clover answers. She squeals, hugging me. She gushes about Max. That is naked man’s name. She helps me load my stuff into the room.

Once I begin to unpack, she tells me about how they had a date last night and he slept over. I ask her if she likes him, she says she did, but doubted it would become too serious. She isn’t looking for someone to tie her down. Live life to the fullest, she says again.


The next few weeks go by quickly, before I know it classes have started. I’m as busy as I was last year and it feels great to be back in a routine. Classes, work, studying, mum, and trying to have a bit more of a social life. Clover helps me with that, begging me to go with her out to the clubs. I notice she doesn’t make friends with females as easily as she does men.

I’m really starting to like Clover. I envy how bold she is. I suppose I can even admit to have a girl crush on her. It’s nothing serious, since I know I’m straight, but I can’t help but like her. Every few nights she has a new man in our room, fucking her senseless. Her sex drive is unbelievable. I’m glad I have my iPod, going to bed so often hearing people have sex isn’t what I call a good night’s sleep.

Before I know it, it’s Christmas break. We have two weeks off. Clover, who wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving, goes home for Christmas. My mum is more excited about me coming home more than I am. I still have to work the whole time, except the actual Christmas day, so it’s no big thing to me.

Spending as much time with my mum as I can, between work and studying, I manage to have a good break. I am looking forward to getting back to college though. It feels like home as much as home does. I even miss Clover. We send a few texts, but she is happy to be back home in the south.

Clover has never had to deal with snow, until coming to college. She told me winter isn’t her thing, but this college appealed to her the most. Being able to be back home where it’s warmer, even for just two weeks is what she needed. I think she just hates having to wear more clothes.

Back at college, I have the room to myself for just one night. It is kind of nice. It makes me think of what it will be like to have my own apartment one day. That will really drive my poor mum up the wall. If it were up to her, I’d live with her until one of us died. She’s even joked about living together when I find a husband. She told me she’d be a live-in grandmother to her grandbabies. As much as I love my mum, the idea kind of made me cringe.

The next day, I still haven’t heard from Clover. I send her a text, she tells me she is back in town, but with Max. He is her hook-up buddy, when she can’t find anyone else. She likes to tell me, in detail about his hurricane tongue. The idea makes me horny, but not for him… but for her.

At ten thirty, she still isn’t back. I decide to call it an early night. I’m in such a deep sleep, I almost forget where I am, waking up in the pitch black. It takes me a moment to realise I’m in the dorms. The sound of moaning and bed squeaking is all I can hear. I quickly know that Clover is back and I’m guessing with Max. The sounds of her moans and the sounds of his groaning continue.

I feel a wave of fire blast through me, bolts thundering down deep inside me. I get so turned on listening to them. I want to touch myself. It’s not something I’ve ever done at the dorms. I’m too horny though, I have to. I roll over onto my back, sliding my hand down into my panties. I can feel how wet I already am. I hear Clover whisper.

“Shh, don’t wake Dolly,” she moans, between thrusts.

“I can’t help it baby, you’re so fucking tight. Your southern pussy is the best I’ve ever been inside,” Max growls, through thrusts. His voice is a low whisper.

“Aren’t you the sweet talking gentlemen,” Clover giggles with a moan. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

The pace quickens the sound of his large body slams against her tiny frame. Even in the dark, I can envision it happening. My fingers move to the pace of their speed. I fuck myself, biting my lip, not wanting to moan. I don’t want to be caught. When Clover gets close to orgasm, she moans a little louder. I focus on her moans only and begin to orgasm myself. I come so hard, I struggle to breathe.

I listen to them orgasm together, both writhing in pleasure. Afterwards they talk quietly, too low for me to really hear anything. I don’t even want to know, so I let myself fall back asleep with sticky fingers and a dripping pussy.

When I wake up, Max is nowhere to be seen. Clover is dressed and putting her makeup on.

“Well, good morning sunshine. How did you sleep?” She asks, as she applies her eyeliner.

“Just fine, thanks. What time did you come in?” I ask casually, not wanting to make it obvious I heard her going at it with Max last night.

“It was late, later than I planned, but Max was all over me. I was only gone two weeks. He acts like it was a prison term without conjugal. He’s a great lay, but I’m afraid he’s getting too attached. Even though he knows I’m not looking for strings. I might have to let him go.”

“Or, you know, you could talk to him. Set him straight,” I say, getting up and out of bed. I rummage through my closet, trying to find something to wear.

“I guess, but I did make it clear from the start. You know?” She turns, facing me as I begin to change. I can’t help but blush a little. I’ve changed in front of her before, but somehow it’s different. I can feel my nipples twist into hard knots.

“Point taken, but ya’ll have been fooling around for over four months. Just talk to him. You can live life, be free and still have the occasional serious conversation.” I try to act as casual as I can, getting dressed. Deep down, I feel the same ache I did last night. My pussy tingles, wanting Clover to come undress me, to touch me.

“I’ll think about it. Anyway, I’m late. I have to get to class. Let’s grab lunch?”

“I’ll meet you at Moe’s at one,” I say, buttoning up my last button as she blows me a kiss. If I wasn’t going to be late for class, I probably would have gotten back undressed and fucked myself again. I wanted to come!

The next few hours go by slow, dragging by like a snail. When I get to Moe’s, Clover is already there. We spend the forty minutes talking about the guy she met between classes. She has already forgotten about Max. I wonder how she can do it. To go from guy to guy like that. I’m not sure I could ever do that, but then again, that is probably why I’m still a virgin.

After lunch, I go to work. I work at the local shopping mart. Though we’re a fairly big college town, we only have one shopping mart. I’ve been here for three years. I work as a cashier. It is not a job I want forever, but I know it helps put me through college. The pay is decent enough.

Work goes by fast, I’m glad it does, I have studying to do. When I get back to my room, it’s empty. Clover is probably out with some dude. I crack open my books, studying for a test I have tomorrow. About three hours later, Clover finally comes in. She looks like she has been crying.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I ask, closing my book.

“Max and I got into a fight,” her southern accent even thicker, as she holds back tears. “He told me, he was in fact falling for me. I told him I didn’t want a relationship. Nothing I said mattered, he told me it was all or nothing. I said I guess nothing than, so he left without a word. I may not want to be with him, but I do care about him. You know?”

She flops onto her bed, wiping her face with the back of her hands. Her breasts looking like large mounds, begging to be touched. I wonder how I can think of such things when she is upset.

“I’m sorry, Clover, I know you care about him. Maybe he just needs time to cool off?”

I walk over to her bed, help her sit up and hug her close. I can feel the warmth of her breathing on my neck. Her breasts pressed against mine. She squeezes so tight, almost trying to squeeze out any sadness she may have.

After a few minutes she pulls away and smiles. She tells me she is going to go shower, wash off the sadness. I go back to studying, thinking about how she chooses to live her life. When she comes back in, she dresses and tries to convince me to go out. I have studying to do and can’t go out. She shrugs and goes without me.

Around three in the morning I hear a voice I don’t recognise, I hold my breath trying to listen.

“Fucking hell little girl, you’re so wet. I knew you wanted me, the way you kept looking at me all night at the bar. You were begging me with lusty eyes to fuck you. You have the tightest little pussy.”

The man has a deep voice, older sounding. I can’t tell how old, though. I wonder why she never goes back to their place. It is always here, it seems. Clover only responds with moans, causing the man to fuck her faster. Her bed is bouncing fast.

“Oh you like it when I fuck you like that, huh? You like it rough, to be fucked like a little slut. Such a little cock tease all night, now you’re finally getting what you’ve wanted all night.”

I’m shocked by what I’m hearing, wanting to drown out what he was saying. But, the dirtier he speaks to her, the more she moans. She must like it, wanting him to fuck her like that. I would have never guessed, but what do I know? I was unable to fall back asleep, the guy was too loud for his own good.

Once he snuck out, only a few minutes after he was finished, I listen to Clover cry herself to sleep. It only confuses me more. Eventually, sleep takes over and before I know it, my alarm is going off. It’s Friday, I don’t have class but do have to work. I get up and notice Clover is already gone. A note is on the mini fridge.

‘I’m sorry about last night. I didn’t mean to be so loud. It won’t happen again.’

I wonder how she knew I was bothered by it. I guess by how loud he was. I go to work without bothering to write a message back. A few hours later she sends me a text, asking if I’m mad at her. I reply back telling her no. She asks if we can talk after work. I simply say sure. I’m not sure how to feel about what I heard last night. All I know is, she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. It makes me angry she allows someone to treat her like that.

After work, I head back to the dorms. Clover is already there, she must have been home for a while. She isn’t even dressed, but in PJs. That isn’t like her, since it’s a Friday, she normally goes out. She smiles at me when I come in.

Clover tells me what happened the night before. How she was still hurt about Max, wanting to forget the fight, she went to a bar and drank far too much. There was a dude there who was much older but good looking for his age, she flirted with him all night. Somehow he convinced her it was her duty to take care of his cock.

I confess to her that I heard most all of it. That they had woke me up. She smiles, and tells me she knows that I hear more than I let on. I blush deeply, thanking God she doesn’t know what else I do. We hang out for the rest of the night. I eventually tell her I am a virgin. I even tell her about my ex. She gushes, telling me it’s sweet, but sad at the same time.


By the week of Valentines, I am more into Clover than ever before. She didn’t last long without finding men to sleep with. She is at least sticking to guys our age though. I continue to masturbate to her moaning and the way she fucks her boy-toys. I fantasise about being with her. I can’t help but want to be with her.

It’s the day before Valentines, and I had made plans with my mum a few weeks ago. However, she just called and is bailing out on me. Shockingly, she has met someone and is going out on a date with him. I’m happy for her, but I also know Clover has a date, so it seems I’ll be spending the night alone. I guess I can watch a chick flick alone.

The night is a bust. Really rather boring, so I head to bed far too early. Extra sleep can’t hurt. I just hope that Clover doesn’t bring her date home. Let her go to his, for a change. I won’t hold my breath on that one though. I try not to think about her too much.

Sure enough, I’m waking up to the sound of them stumbling in. I usually don’t hear them until the sex begins.

“Shh, my roommate is here. I don’t want to wake her,” Clover expresses.

“Aw man, roommates suck. They ruin all the fun,” he says. I hear him slap her ass.

“Dolly is a good girl. She is my best friend,” Clover giggles, replying to his slap.

“If she is your best friend, maybe she can join us, if you know what I mean,” jokingly he says. I hear his shoes come off.

“That would be the day. I don’t even think she knows I like girls too. We’ve never talked about that stuff.”

I’m shocked by what Clover just admitted. I had no idea! She has never brought a girl home, she has never talked about them. I just lie there, as still as I can, not breathing, my heart racing.

“Come on, go on, wake her up and ask her. I dare you,” his voice is serious now.

I can almost see him standing there egging her on. I want her to, I want her to want me as much as I want her. I really do. I bite my lip, waiting for her answer.

“She’ll never go for it, Pete. She’s not like that,” Clover said, as serious as Pete is.

It’s quiet for a minute. I have no idea what is going on, but before I know it, it’s me who speaks out.

“I’ll do it. But, he can’t join, he can watch us…” I let my voice trail off, getting quiet. I lift the covers off me, turning to face them.

Clover’s face is priceless, she looks so shocked. “Dolly, you don’t have to, I mean, he is just joking.”

“Like hell!” Pete replies quickly. “It’s a deal. I won’t touch, but I do get to jerk off to it.”

They both look at me, I look at both of them and I can feel the excitement build. It’s now or never. I don’t want to lose my chance with her.

“Deal, if Clover agrees also,” I state.

“Um, well, if you’re sure about it, Dolly. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this.”

“I want to, no one is forcing me.”

I climb out of bed, towards her. I smile, my heart still racing. I feel like it’s going to bust out of my chest. Pete sits on the only chair in the room, watching us. I step closer to her, pulling her by the hips and kiss her slowly. I test the waters, wanting to taste her for the first time. It’s everything I thought it would be. She has the softest lips, full and sweet. Her tongue finds mine first, kissing me back.

A low groan comes from Pete, making both of us girls smile. Clover slides her hands down my PJ shorts, squeezing my ass. I begin to undress her. Of course she isn’t wearing much, even though it’s February. I take more of the lead, bringing Clover to her bed. She lies there fully naked for both me and Pete to enjoy.

At this point he has taken out his cock. I can’t help but notice. It’s a decent size, hard as a rock and throbbing with excitement. My gaze moves back to Clover, who is lying there, looking at me with her legs slightly apart. I undress myself, wanting to be just as exposed as she is. She lets out a soft moan, making me believe she likes what she sees. I am not nervous at all. I’ve wanted this for months now.

Going to my bed, I grab one of my pillows. I drop it on the floor, before kneeling on it. I help Clover scoot to the edge of the bed. She brings her feet up, spreading her legs wider for me. Softly, I begin to kiss her inner thigh, moving towards her glistening wet pussy. I know she was planning to fuck Pete, so the wetness isn’t just caused by me. However, I’m the one to get to please her.

My lips gently caress her mound, teasing her slowly. The tip of my tongue works down her slit, exploring her. I can hear her moans, the sounds of Pete behind us, and my own breathing. I slide my tongue back up towards her clit, catching it, I begin to suck on it. Clover gasps out, letting out a moan so wonderfully beautiful. It is like no moan I’ve heard from her. I keep going, sucking on it as I begin to fuck her gently with my middle finger.

Pete is jerking his cock a little faster now. He is moving to the same pace I am inside Clover. I like that I have someone watching me. It’s almost as hot as me listening to others have sex. For a virgin, I feel like a kinky freak and I love it!

Softly, I begin to moan against her clit. I suck on it a little harder. Her clit is hard, flicking it with my tongue, I don’t stop. I have no idea what I’m doing, but from the moans she is making, I have to be doing something right. She suddenly grabs my hair, pushing me into her more and begins to come. She whimpers out my name, begging me not to stop. It makes me think of Max all those months ago. She sounds sexier when it’s me that causes her pleasure.

Once her orgasm passes, she leans up, breathing hard. Her eyes are wide, grinning from ear to ear.

“Are you sure you’ve never done that before?” She looks at me, reaching down to caress her own clit.

“I’m sure. I just went with what sounded good. The more you moaned, the more I’d please you in that spot. Logical, right?” I giggle.

“Fucking hell. This is why I love fucking women,” Clover giggles too.

“Me too!” Pete says, watching us. He has stopped stroking his cock, but still hard as a rock.

Clover helps me stand up and has me lie where she just was. She licks her lips and grins again. I can see it on her face she is thinking your turn! I can’t wait, it makes my pussy throb hard. She gets on her knees, reaching up, she squeezes and pulls on my nipples. They harden fast, making me moan out.

“That’s it, Dolly, I want you to moan so good for me,” Clover whispers.

I can feel her voice against my naked skin. My whole body is singing with excitement. I have never felt anything like this before. I want her to touch me more. She is taking her time with me, making me tremble. Her soft hands are caressing my breasts, pinching and twisting my nipples. They tighten harder each time she does. I’ve never felt them so hard before. I notice Pete now, jerking again slowly. He’s watching us, loving the sight before him.

Finally her warm, wet lips come in contact with my pussy. The touch of her tongue is like a cattle prod, but in a good way. It causes me to jump, pushing my hips outwards, towards her. She pushes her face deep inside my pussy, giving me no mercy. Her long, hot tongue darts inside my virgin pussy. Her nose moves against my clit, which is swollen and aching for its own touch.

All I can do is moan and repeat the same words. “Fuck, please, fuck, oh Clover, fuck fuck.” My moans growing more, I continue to moan more. I give her what she asked for. She wanted me to moan. I don’t think I can stop, even if I tried. She begins to go faster, how that is possible, I don’t know. I feel dizzy, I can’t even keep my eyes open. It feels like I’m falling.

Pete begins to moan, jerking his cock faster now. I can hear it. The sound of his hand is moving quickly over his shaft, nearing his own orgasm. I moan out, begging Clover not to stop. She drags her tongue up to my clit, before enclosing her mouth around it. She sucks violently hard on it, making me cry out. I gasp; a soul-shattering orgasm is pulled out of me. I suddenly feel like I’m being possessed and Clover is the exorcist.

I have to pull in the deepest breath, trying to breathe again. The aftershocks thunder strong inside me. Clover is still licking gently on my clit, working a finger inside me. It is gentle, making the feeling I feel last so much longer. Until I’m rocked into a new orgasm, this time Pete joins me. He comes hard, coming high up into the air, making a mess on the floor when it lands.

Clover comes up to me, kissing slowly towards my nipples. She suckles on the right one, twisting the left one with her fingers. “You have the best nipples I have ever seen, Dolly,” she groans, sucking on my right one still. After a few minutes she switches to the left, sucking harder. She uses her teeth, driving me crazy. Back and forth she goes between them. It makes me smile, thinking indeed what a sex drive she has.

Pete keeps watching, stroking his cock. It has grown soft, but working into another solid rock. I’m sure he doesn’t want this to end, as much as I don’t. I don’t care if he is even watching. I may not know who he is, but at least he is hot and respected what I wanted. At this point, Clover has pulled us up to her pillows.

She gets out one of her toys, one I didn’t even know she had. She places it just at my entrance and whispers enough for us all to hear. “I’m going to take your virginity, Dolly.”

I moan out, shivering with need. “Yes please,” I breathe out.

With that, she begins to push the vibrator inside me. I can feel the thickness of it push deep inside me. It feels like it bites me from the inside, it almost hurts, but the pleasure takes over. Clover is sucking on my nipples again, giving me overwhelming desires for her. When she thinks I can handle it, she begins to thrust the dildo into me. The speed is on a lower setting, but it buzzes strong inside me. I can feel it tickle against my clit.

I’m writhing under Clover, who has taken complete control of my body. She bites, she sucks, she fucks, she controls all of me. I moan out her name, feeling the dildo push deeper inside me. I’m on edge, so close to erupting once more. I know this time will be stronger. I think Clover senses it to, turning the vibes up higher. It’s than, I begin to come hard. I squeal out a long moan, tangled with her name. I thrust into it, making the toy go deeper inside me. Pete is fucking himself harder now. He joins in and comes again with me.

Holding me close, Clover kisses on my neck. I watch Pete pull up his pants, he even has the decency to clean his mess up. He tells us it’s getting late and he has to go. I’m far too tired to even really say goodbye. I am fighting with the pull of sleep. Before I know it, I’m fast asleep.

Waking up the next morning, I feel the lightest touches on my thighs. I also feel the warmest lips around my nipple. She is sucking on it as if she was nursing on me. The tug and pull of her mouth feels so erotic. Every so often, she’ll catch my tightly wound nipple between her teeth and bite. It makes me moan out each time.

Rolling over so we can face each other, I reach down and begin to caress her clit. She is wet for me. I love it. Her fingers are already inside me, fucking me gently. It’s her mouth that is more aggressive. I rub quickly over her clit, finding those perfect spots that make her moan out a little louder than other spots. When we’re both so worked up we can’t hold back, we orgasm together. We buck into each other, coming hard. She sucks even rougher on my nipple. It makes me dizzy once more. I love how she does that to me.

Lying in bed together, I confess to her how I have grown to like her more than just what we were. She said she had a feeling, but wasn’t too sure. Once I had admitted to being a virgin, she figured she was wrong all together. I couldn’t help but laugh. I tell her how I would masturbate to the sound of her moans, when other men fucked her. She tells me I’m crazy. Crazy Beautiful.

Over the next two years, we were whatever we were. We never felt the need to put a title on it. I, however, was able to tame the Wild Southern Belle. She had no need for anyone else, she got everything she needed from me. I was quiet content with what we had.

After her, I never fooled around with another girl. It even took me another three years to have sex with a man.

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