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Benji and the Blonde Sorority Chick

A streaking incident at a party leads to a very nice but geeky guy losing his virginity.
The names in this story have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent, but the characters are real people. This is the true story of how one of them, an old fraternity brother of mine, finally lost his virginity.

My fraternity was made up of some real characters. Many were severe party animals bent on the mass destruction of property… then there was Benji. Benji was Vietnamese. He was born in the States and grew up with a very traditional Vietnamese family in a predominantly Vietnamese neighborhood in the Atlanta metro.

Benji pledged our fraternity soon after I had become a big brother. Benji was short, skinny, wore glasses, and had no athletic ability, and he was almost a genius. Benji eventually would graduate with a prefect grade point average and he became a member of nearly every academic honor club on campus. He was very shy, especially with girls. He did not talk much at all but every so often, at the most perfect moment, he would say the most hilarious things and have everyone almost in tears with laughter. Benji rarely drank beer or any other alcoholic drink and the few times he did his character completely changed enabling him to do the most outlandish crazy things. He did have a very appealing charm that made him one of the most popular guys in the fraternity despite his lack of athleticism and macho character.

Benji did develop a very close relationship with our fraternity’s most insane and wild character, Psycho. Psycho was the biggest, strongest, craziest and thought to be most mentally unstable guy in our fraternity. He and Benji constantly argued and wagered on most anything. In fact it was a bet with Benji, and a small wager at that, that provoked Psycho into shaving his head while growing a Hitler mustache with Elvis Presley mutton chop sideburns. Seeing small, studious, geeky Benji walking around Athens, Georgia with big muscular Psycho, sporting that ‘serial killer’ look was priceless.

At that time Benji was very open with the fact that he was a virgin, though Benji did not enjoy being a virgin and often expressed his desire to lose his virginity. He was a virgin up until spring of my sophomore year.

One spring evening my fraternity was having a social at our fraternity house with a sorority from just down the street. It was one of those socials that required wearing blazers and ties. We had provided beer, wine coolers, spiked punch (of course) and hors d’oeuvres for the event. As the evening was wearing on I noticed Benji drinking quite a few beers and I wondered if he would get drunk and do something crazy.

I had made my way outside onto the front lawn of the frat house and was talking to a group of fellow partyers when I heard a loud commotion inside the main room. People were yelling, screaming and laughing. Soon someone burst out of the front door onto the front porch. Immediately I knew it was Benji. He was clad only in a pair of dark dress socks, dress shoes and a Halloween George W. Bush mask on his head.

Benji came charging out the front door at full speed. His dick was flopping up and down as he streaked by with his naked butt cheeks exposed for all to see. Benji rushed across the porch and down the steps, ran across and around the front yard doing two figure 8’s on the lawn before he rushed back up the steps. There he stopped and turned toward everyone that had gathered outside and did a couple of Jackie Chan type martial arts maneuvers while screaming, “aaaaayiieeeee!”

Then Benji ran back into the frat house circled the big party room and charged back up the stairs. I must add that the silly looking George W. Bush mask really added to the hilarity of it all.

Needless to say that Benji’s show was the crescendo of that night’s social. As Benji had been charging around the front yard, I was laughing so hard that I lost my balance and fell into the shrubbery. While stuck in the shrubs, laughing out of control, I got my shirt ripped and scratched myself enough to bleed. Finally, Nick and Psycho pulled me out of the shrub, all of us still laughing.

We could not believe Benji’s momentary, inebriated, insanity. I mean even with the Bush mask on it could only be him. He was the shortest guy in the fraternity and has a peculiar body shape, style of walking and running very unique to him only.

Later myself and some others checked on Benji to find him passed out drunk on his bed in just his shoes and socks, the George W. Bush mask lying in the floor. Of course we made a picture or two for posterity sake and the fraternity scrapbook. No decent frat brother, or any normal guy for that matter, would ever let a good friend of theirs live this down. It is male honor to forever humiliate each other over such things. What are friends for if not to do so?

Here’s the kicker! The very next evening, a cute petite blonde girl from the sorority that experienced Benji's wild streak at the social, came walking down the sidewalk, turned and walked up our walkway onto the porch and into the main room where several of us were gathered. At that moment, Jennifer and I are both sitting in the main room watching a basketball game on TV with several others. The blonde girl asked, “Is the asian guy here?”

The room fell deafly silent. Finally one guy jumped up and said, “Sure, I’ll go get him.” He ran up the stairs to get Benji in his room and returned back down the stairs accompanied by a very bewildered Benji.

As Benji and the girl talked everyone pretended to be doing something but were sneaking peeks at the blonde and Benji. In a few minutes those two disappeared up the stairs into Benji’s room. Everyone was wondering what was going on. After several minutes the curiosity was killing us. Several of us crept up the stairs as silently as possible and stopped in front of Benji’s door. We then decided to get someone to peek in the glass window that is above the door (glass panes were above all the doors in that very old antebellum fraternity house). Two of us used interlinked our fingers in our hands making two steps so that Jennifer (since she weighed the least and she wanted to the most), step up onto our hands to hold her up where she could peek into the room above Benji’s door.

Jennifer peered in and immediately a big smile appeared on her face, followed by an amused look of shock as she giggled silently. She leaned toward me and whispered, almost too loudly, “They’re fucking!”

A loud murmur came over us all and I had to hold my finger to my mouth, shushing everyone to be quiet. Then I took a turn with the guys making a hand step for me to peek in and sure enough that blonde was naked on top of Benji fucking him cowgirl. A few other guys took turns having a look. Then we all went back downstairs in complete amusement. Word spread throughout the frat house, and in fact beyond. I texted Vic and Chip and they immediately left our rental house and were walking in the front door of the frat house within 5 minutes. This was big news! Hell, it was a major event. Our friend Benji was finally getting some pussy.

The blonde stayed in Benji’s room with him for quite a long time. I really was wanting to leave and go over to Jennifer’s for sex and sleep, but Jennifer wanted to stay until the blonde left. Jennifer was quite taken and entertained by all of this. She had also known Benji since he first pledged our fraternity and gone out of her way to talk and be friendly with him because he was usually so quiet and very shy around girls. There were always several girls at the frat house at the time who were just as curious as Jennifer.

A little after midnight Benji’s door opened and he and the blonde came down the stairs. Of course everyone was still hanging around. Benji walked her out on the porch and they said bye to each other and she walked down the walk and headed down the sidewalk toward her sorority house.

When Benji stepped back into the house thunderous applause greeted him. I am sure that the blonde chick could hear it as she walked down the sidewalk. Benji broke into a huge smile and he started up the stairs stopping just a little way up, he turned toward us all and with a big smile he yelled, “Benji is not a virgin anymore!” We broke into cheers and laughter. Several guys yelled “congratulations” and went up to shake Benji’s hand.

At that scene I was able to get Jennifer to leave. She was so very entertained by it all and we pondered every theory as to why that blonde came over to ask for Benji and go up to his room and have sex with him. I never really knew why. One theory that developed was that she lost a bet with some of her sorority sisters, but who knows?

That night as soon as we got into Jennifer’s bedroom, Jennifer was ready for some hot sex. And Benji, well, he and that blonde hooked up three more times over the next few weeks. Maybe she just liked short brainy Asian guys who get drunk and run around naked with a Halloween mask on. Could it be her fetish? Quite possibly.

At our next fraternity meeting we gave Benji the "Member of the Month Award." It was and still is, an old nicked up and scratched 5 foot, 8 inches tall, antique wooden cigar Indian. Whoever received the award got to keep it in their room for a month. The award always went to whichever member (chosen by the officers) did the most work or accomplishments to enhance the fraternity. Everyone lobbied the officers to give it to Benji that month. We considered getting the old wooden Indian a great honor and Benji losing his virginity was an honor we all were ready to celebrate.

Currently Benji is making great progress toward his Ph.D. and working part-time in a research laboratory. He is currently engaged to a very cute blonde girl studying for a Ph.D. in chemistry and he still hangs around with Psycho, who is now a police detective…
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