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Chrissy's Two Mikes

Chrissy - High School to College and the two (plus) guys she is sexually involved with

“Oh god! Yes, yes, do it baby! Fill me. I’ll cum again when PhalPal lets go.”

“Soon lover, real soon!”

Mike held Chrissy’s hips tight as she squatted over him. Having already driven her to a number of orgasms, he was ready for his. Pumping hard and fast, his phallus began spurting as he shouted, “Now baby, now!”

Feeling his release, her body began to quiver as her final orgasm ran through her.

“Fuck Mikey! Oh god it is so good! I love my PhalPal! I love all of you.”

She sunk down into a long, amorous kiss, keeping him inside her. Eventually, she reluctantly rolled off him, staying close by his side so their bodies were pressed as close together as possible. They lay there quietly, holding hands, letting their bodies calm and cool down as they both reflected on the pleasure they had brought each other. They induced more sexual intensity in each other than any previous lovers either had experienced.

Mike and Chrissy were seniors in high school. They had been together since mid-October, and were now on Christmas break. Since Mike’s parents both worked, the break gave them every weekday to be together, sexually together—they were making the most of it.


Mike and Rodney had been best buddies since they met in third grade. They just hit it off. It was one of those things that can’t logically be explained, like two diverse people falling in love. Part of the seeming oddity was that Mike was white and from an upper middle class family, while Rodney was black and from a lower middle class family. Those who knew them well, knew they were both highly intelligent, plus there was sports.

In grade school they played soccer and baseball. In middle school it was football and baseball, with football being their first love. In high school they were both wide receivers on the team, both starters from their second year on. They had a friendly rivalry, competing but always supportive of each other.

They were both popular in school. Many called them Frick and Frack due to their close friendship. Nobody was really sure which name applied to who, the nickname just stuck. Girls were never a problem for them. Being two of the most valuable players on the football team made them hot stuff in the eyes of many girls. After turning sixteen they both took advantage of their status and the willing girls. A whole new dimension opened up in their lives...

Now they were seniors. Their on field skills had developed to the point that each expected to get a college scholarship. They had both been recruited by several universities so they were confident. Mike had received the offer he had hoped for and signed the letter of intent. Rodney was still nervously waiting.

The nervous strain was part of the reason he had cheated on his girlfriend. The other part was her high maintenance neediness. Having found out, she dumped him in a fit of out-of-her-mind anger.

So, Mike and Rodney, plus Chrissy, were spending large parts of the vacation together. Not so much as to interfere with Chrissy and Mike’s sexual fun, but enough for Chrissy to get to know Rodney better, enough to enjoy being with both of them playing pool and video games in the man cave Mike’s Dad had constructed. The beer tap was an added bonus.


Both having recovered, Mike pulled Chrissy back on top of him. He had been ruminating on an idea for several days and had now come to a conclusion he delicately wanted to pose to Chrissy. He needed to look in her eyes to try to evaluate her thoughts and also to play with her luscious tits to stimulate her mood.

“I’m going to leak all over you up here,” she said as she wiggled her pussy on his stomach.

Cupping her boobs, his fingers kneading her nipples, he replied, “I know you love my cum and will lick it all up when you get off me.”

“Nasty boy! I hope you can back up what you’re generating in me,” she sexily intoned.

Chrissy was not a sexual novice. Like Mike, she had lost her virginity just after turning sixteen and entered that whole new life dimension with gusto. She had enjoyed, in varying degrees, six boys in the almost two years since her first time. Mike was number seven.

“So I want to just run a thought by you and see how you feel about it.”

“Sounds serious... Damn Mikey, you really know just how to get me going the way you twiddle my tits,” she said, squirming around on him.

“Best boobs I’ve ever seen or had the pleasure to caress! So you know that I love you... lots, right?”

“Of course silly. Just like I love you.”

“And you know that Rod is nervous as a cat on hot coals with no comfort since he and Tiff parted.”


“And lastly I am guessing you know the difference between love sex, like we have, and just sort of sport sex - sex just for the pleasure with no emotional significance.”

“Yes... and just where’s this going?”

“Okay I’ll just say it, and don’t get mad or upset, it’s just a thought for a friend in need. It’s 100 percent up to you.”

“For god’s sake, spit it out already!”

“How would you feel about giving Rod a BJ to calm him down a bit. He’s wound tighter than a drum,” he blurted out in one big burst.

“Jeez! You’re trying to pimp out your girlfriend?” she shouted.

“No, no, no. Just forget I said anything. It was a crazy thing for me to say. I’m really sorry.”

She held his eyes, staring hard at him, not saying a word. He was not sure what to do or say.

“You’re really a naughty, nasty boy! To think that I would do something like that!”


“Quiet!” she said with just the smallest hint of a smile beginning to appear. “Since you brought this up I’ll be totally honest with you. I wasn’t going to say or doing anything about this, but I think now’s the perfect time.”

“What?” he asked nervously.

“I’ve had some thoughts also. I’ve been wondering what it would be like to fuck two guys at the same time. Who better than Frick and Frack for me to find out with? Just sport sex of course. It would be nothing like our love sex.”

Mike started laughing. “Why you little... slut! That’s what you are, a little slut. But you’re my little slut and I love you!” He tweaked her nips extra hard.

“Oww! That hurt.”

Needling her, he said, “Oh poor baby. Did I hurt my little slut?” as a big grin spread across his face. “Now get down there and clean me up so I can mess you up again. Later we’ll discuss this further.”

She eagerly attacked his stomach, relishing every drop until there was none left. Then moving down from there to his cock, she sucked it ‘til it was extra hard. He flipped her on her back and round two began.

The next day Chrissy came over to Mike’s house around noon, sporting a tee shirt she had cropped herself and tight denim shorts with slits cut in strategic places. Her clearly discernible nipples spoke to her lack of a bra; the slits hinted at a lack of panties.

“Whoa, my baby’s super hot today.”

“Think Rod the rod will appreciate me?”

“I think a dead man would appreciate you! And what is ‘Rod the rod’ supposed to mean”?

“You should know, you guys have been together in locker rooms for years. Rumor has it that he’s large. Is that true?”

Suddenly feeling his manhood in question, Mike tried to turn the question around on her. “What? You’re not happy with me? I don’t satisfy you? I’m not enough man for you? You really know how to hurt a guy!”

“C’mere baby,” she said as she stepped forward and reached for his crotch. “Your PhalPal makes me extremely happy and so does the guy it’s attached to. It’s the biggest I’ve ever had. You don’t lack in that department! It’s just that I have never been with a black guy, so that’s kinda exciting and the thought of a bigger dick is just curiosity. Remember this was your idea. So ‘fess up. I’m gonna find out soon enough anyway.”

Feeling somewhat reassured, he conceded that “Rod the rod” was probably an apt name for him and added, “I know I agreed to let you do this your way, but now I am uptight about the whole thing.”

“Don’t doubt our love. Just let me tease him a bit. Then all three of us will have fun. I’m really looking forward to you fucking me as I suck him. Remember, it’s just sport; you’re my only guy!”

His feelings mollified, he drew them each a beer and they began to play pool. Every time she moved in certain ways the base of one boob, sometimes both, were on display. Her nipples seemed to be constantly hard. He knew she had to be super wet. She was always sexy, but this almost intolerable. The hint of parts he knew so well was more arousing than if she was just naked.

Not soon enough the doorbell rang. Mike practically ran to open it. “Rod-man thank god you’re here. C’mon and have a beer, we’re playing pool. Chrissy wanted a three-way.”

“Huh? You okay man? You’re acting a bit freaky dude.”

“No, no I’m cool. Chrissy just wanted to play three person pool.”

They walked down to the man-cave where Rodney got his first look at Chrissy bent over the pool table. Damn, the girl is beyond hot today. Just what I don’t need to be around right now.

She turned, leaning on her cue stick, “Hi Rod. I’m so glad you’re here! We missed you and need you for our threesome... at pool that is,” she said as seductively as possible.

“Hey Chrissy. Ah... I think I’m going to get a beer. I feel the need for one.”

Putting her cue down, she rushed over to get him one, her bouncing boobs barely contained by the tee shirt. “Here ya go Rod. Grab a cue and lets play.”

“Ah, sure. Now I’m not complaining or anything, but I’ve never seen you dress quite so... risque.”

“Oh I’m sure I must have. Mikey loves for me to show off. Don’t ya babe?”

“Oh yeah. If ya got it, flaunt it I always say.”

Rodney took the beer and walked back to the table with a skeptical look on his face.

So they started playing pool. Chrissy bent over in front of Rodney as much as possible, giving him a clear view of her boobs and did the same when he was behind her, giving him a view of the thin denim seam that ran between her labes.

She kept this up knowing how horny Rod must be and also how strained his self-control must be. Finally she came up behind him as he was lining up a shot, saying she wanted to help him aim. Leaning over him, making sure she rubbed against him as mush as possible, she reached for his cock and whispered, “I really want to suck that big, hard, black cock. Can I please?”

He whispered back, “Why are you teasing me like this? Especially in front of Mike, what if he hears?”

“C’mon Rod,” she said as she took his hand, “I know I have been a big cock tease. I just had to do it, but I’m serious as a heart attack, we’re havin’ a three-way. C’mon sit on the couch. I wanna see that black rod I’ve heard about.”

As she pulled him, Mike barked, “And get them shorts off before you get on your knees. I know you’re soaked and I’m gonna pound that puss while you take care of Rod!”

“Yes sir!”

And so it began. Rod was not much longer than Mike but he was thicker. Chrissy wasted no time getting him in her mouth and part way down her throat, as Mike slapped her ass and rammed deep into her dripping wet pussy. Soon she was moaning and uttering muffled screams of orgasmic delight.

Rod came first; so much that she could not contain it all. A white trickle ran down her chin which she quickly scraped back into her mouth. She kept licking and kissing his black shaft as she gave full voice to the thrills Mike was urging from her. Then, with a loud groan, he blasted into her and she gave her loudest scream yet.

“Oh my god, oh my god, I can’t believe it! Jesus, that was incredible! I came so friggin’ much.”

“And it’s not over yet. I have a cock that needs to be sucked and I see a hard, black thing that’s lookin’ for a place to drill. I hope your ready baby cuz spit-roast part two is about to start.”

“Holy shit, you’re going to kill me!”

“You know you want it my little slut. Tell me you want it.”

“Fuckin'-a I do! C’mon guys make me scream again. Drive me friggin’ out of my mind!”

They wasted no time switching places and doing just want she wanted. By the time the guys had nothing left, she was as limp as the proverbial dish rag. Rod mouthed, “Thanks” and high-fived Mike. He got himself together and left them alone. Mike curled behind her, fitting his body to hers and reaching over to hold one boob; they both fell asleep.

For the weeks and months through graduation and the summer Chrissy was Mike’s girl. Even so, as the urge overcame them, they got together with Rod to enjoy the intense thrills their three-ways brought all of them.

Leaving for college was especially hard for Chrissy and Mike. They did love each other and promised to call, text, email; but their hormones were flowing, needs were felt and acted upon. The inevitable drifting, coupled with newly found excitement, caused each to move on.

This background would bring Chrissy to a frat house and a new Mike.


Having visited the campus several times during her senior year, she felt at home in her dorm and was well aware of the various party opportunities that presented themselves. Her formerly brown hair was now heavily streaked blond. Each weekend she went to different fraternity houses, the ones that were known for their rowdy parties. Having had fun at all of them, she decided the Theta Sig house was the place for her.  

Knowing there were four years in front of her, she was not looking for a steady boyfriend. She was looking to recreate the intense sexual pleasure she experienced with Mike and Rod without the commitment she had with Mike. Several friends with benefits perfectly described what she hoped to find.


Mike was a senior and a Theta Sigma brother. He would be graduating in May with a degree in computer engineering and already had received letters of interest from several companies.

At their last party he had met Chrissy, a freshman who dressed like a party girl but gave off a certain naivete. They talked and danced a bit where he came to discover she had nothing on under her mini skirt or cami top. With some confidence, due to her outfit, but also with some trepidation due to her seeming innocence, he invited her to an off-limits room.

It did not take long until she was giving him a great blow job, and then sitting on him, taking his cock deep. She moved her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy into him in time with the beat of the music in the background. They sat, locked together in their throes of euphoria, kissing, him playing with her magnificent breasts. She came several times before his muscles clenched, signaling his discharge into her. This brought her one last colossal orgasm.

They stayed connected, talking, getting to know each other. Both felt an unspoken, not quite definable, connection. She expected more from him that night, but he had committed to another girl for the evening. He honestly told her, and she put on a fake pout, saying how bummed out she was. He saw through it and had her laughing in just a couple minutes. They exchanged numbers.

He knew he could have had her again the next day if he wanted, she had made that clear, but decided to trifle with her a bit and see how she reacted. They texted and talked during the week, but he kept putting her off, promising that he was hers at the next party. Knowing he was what she was looking for, she swore she was going to hold him to it.

It was Halloween weekend; the party was well underway at the Theta Sig house. For this one they had hired a local band so they could have live music. There was something about live music that brought out more excitement than just recorded music, even with a good DJ. Most were dancing, many with drinks in their hand.

He was late getting there, it was already eleven pm. Looking over the crowd, he checked out the girls that were there. Since the frat was known for its uninhibited parties, most of the girls there were hotties. As such, they tended to dress and behave in a manner befitting the reputation.

He eventually saw her on the dance floor with one of the newly minted brothers. She smiled and waved to him. He waved back and pointed to the table where the punch and beer was laid out. She nodded and then went back to the dance, purposefully twerking the guy she was dancing with. Mike just shook his head, thinking what a tease she was and how disappointed his frat brother was going to be when he took her away. Oh well, shit happens, he thought. Besides he was a senior, the newbie had no standing.

The song ended and she began to walk to him with the guy closely following. She looked super hot in a black, very short mini skirt and a red tube top. Her firm, perky boobs stood out against the elastic material of the top, hard nips fully on display.

“Hi Mikey, I’m glad you made it finally. You promised.”

“And I never break a promise. You’re looking delicious tonight.”

“Why thank you kind sir,” she said and twirled around twice.

“Uh... Hi, I’m Bob.”

“Hey Bob. I remember you from pledging. Sorry to disappoint, but Chrissy and I are spending the night together. She was just passing time waiting for me.”

Bob looked at her and she just nodded her head.

“Uh... okay. Well nice meeting you Chrissy. Maybe another time?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably see ya around.” She turned to Mike and Bob just wandered away.

Seeing her cup was empty, Mike took it and poured in a ladle of punch. She took it, sipping and thanking him. Then he turned her so her back was to him and wrapped his arms around her bare midriff. As she took another sip, his hands slid up under the top, cupping her boobs and beginning to knead her nips. She moaned and leaned her head back on his shoulder.

Then he dropped one hand to her thigh and drew it up to her heat. Running a finger between her swollen lips, he came away with it drenched in her juice. Placing it near her mouth, she sucked it in like it was his cock and moaned louder.

He whispered in her ear, “Tonight I’m going to see that you get fucked for hours.”

She reached back, grabbing his cock as she purred from his attention. Then interrupting her pleasure sounds, she said with a small giggle, “That would be so wonderful, but somehow I don’t think you have the stamina to do it for hours. Sorry, no offense.”

“None taken. I did not say I was going to do it; I said I would see that it happened, if you think you can take it that is.”

She quickly came out of her euphoria and spun around. “Just exactly what are you talking about!”

During the week that they had been texting and talking he thought he sensed, through her casual remarks, innuendos, and intimations, that she had more than a passing acquaintance - and desire for - sex with multiple guys. He had decided this was the night he was going to find out.

“Relax. I have been thinking about you, and what I have in mind, quite a bit. I know we don’t know each other super well yet, but I believe that this is something you’d relish and get mind blowing pleasure from. Of all the girls I have known, and that’s not just a few, I suspect you’re among the elite in uninhibited sexual enjoyment. I mean that as an utmost compliment!”

She had calmed down and was now staring at him in some incredulity and bewilderment. “So just exactly what’s the plan? You may be even more wicked than I had hoped,” she said with just the most minuscule hint of a smile.

“My roommate, who is a great guy, and I rent a house only two blocks off campus. We have friends who are also much fun. I am talking hot, handsome, great guys. They would treat you like a queen. Think of it as sort of a mini-gangbang where everyone isn’t jumping you at once. One, or two if you wanted, guys at a time. Plenty of time to rest, drink, talk. I guarantee that you will like them. They are quite intelligent, well traveled and would be thrilled just to be in your company. Everything would be your choice.”

“You’re one devious beast you know. I can’t believe you planned this all out. Are they all waiting for my grand entrance?”

“No one is there but Tom, my roommate. Everyone else would be texted, a few at a time.”

“Jesus Christ Mikey! I was really looking forward to tonight. I figured we would spend the night together, have as much sex as we could and then see what would happen tomorrow. Now you throw this at me. Do you think I’m just some slut to use and throw away?”

“Absolutely not! What you just said was what I had also envisioned; then this occurred to me. I think it was because I want to give you... call it a treat for lack of a better word—“

“Some treat!” she blurted out.

“Listen, I’ll just call the whole thing off. Hopefully we can pretend I never mentioned it. We can go enjoy each other like you said.”

“Well I never said no... You just really caught me by surprise. Okay, so I have to admit the idea does have a certain insane allure... You’d be there with me all the time, for sure?”


“Damn you! How do you have such insight, such a sixth sense? It’s like you know all my deepest thoughts and feelings.”

“One of my secrets is that I’m either blessed or cursed with empathetic feelings for people. I can’t read minds,” he said with a chuckle, “but I do get feelings or impressions from people. I guess I intuited these feelings from you. But like I said, we can forget it all. I was just trying to surprise and please you. No judgment involved.”

She reached and held him tightly, looking up for a kiss that quickly came. With both arms around him, they swayed back and forth as their tongues whirled and coiled around each other. Finally they separated.

Grabbing his hand and sporting a playful smile, she said, “Okay you Mephistopheles, let’s go to your place and see what trouble you can get me in.”

They got in his car and headed out. He soon stopped at The Little Store, an old, small convenience store that catered to student needs.

“C’mon in with me. I need to buy beer and condoms. I’ll get the beer, you pick out the condoms you want.”

While she was looking over the rack, he grabbed a case of cold beer. They got to the counter at the same time where an old, white-haired man waited.

“Chrissy meet Billy. He and his brother have run this store since Adam ate the apple. Take off that top and show him those beautiful tits. Give him something to remember tonight. You can ride home topless for my enjoyment.”

With no hesitation, she pulled it over her head.

“Ever see anything so beautiful? Go ahead, touch them, rub her nips a bit. They get hard as rocks.”

He beamed. She smiled and leaned forward to give him easy access. She coyly said, “Ah... Billy you have the touch. I’ll have to stop by when I need something.”

“Anytime missy, anytime.” Turning to Mike he said, “You got a good one there Mike. You need to think about her. You know what I mean.”

Mike paid and they left.

“What did he mean by the thinking about me and knowing what he meant?”

He reached over and began tweaking her nipple. She closed her eyes and sighed as he said, ”He’s an old man. I think he has dreams or thoughts of his own past. So I’ve no idea, I just like him.”

He had to release her to text Tom that it was on and to get things ready. Eyes still closed, she pulled and rubbed her nips as he drove, her smooth, bare pussy having come in view as she slid down the seat a bit.

“Rub your clit baby. Tell me what you want.”

Through her caressing induced, semi-orgasmic state, she said, “Oh daddy I want you to fuck me and make me cum and cum. I want to suck cock and get fucked and fucked. Fucked ‘til I’m senseless.”

He pulled in the driveway and stopped. It was a bit after midnight as he walked around and opened her door. Shaking her shoulder, he roused her from her reverie. “C’mon baby. We’re here. Come meet Tom and show him how good you can suck.”

During her playing and talking during the drive to the house, it dawned on her that agreeing to Mike’s plan was an impulsive reaction brought on by a flashback to the times with Rodney and the other Mike. She emerged from the car nervously saying, “Part of me can’t believe I agreed to what awaits, and part of me can’t wait. Mikey do you think I’m a slut? Are you and the others just going to use me? Please be honest; it would crush me if that happened.”

“No and no. I won’t deny that everyone will find great pleasure from being with you, but it’s really all about you and your pleasure. Stop it anytime. Just tell me and they’ll all be gone, including Tom. In our short time I’ve come to genuinely care for you. Stop it now and I’ll care just as much tomorrow as I care now.”

“I care about you also. I want us at least to be F-W-B’s. Is that something you want?”

“Absolutely. At least F-W-B’s.”

“Good! Okay, let’s go in.”

“Wait a sec. I meant to mention that tonight you are going to be ‘Susie’ as far the other guys go. I am not worried about anything but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of plausible deniability.”

“That’s a great idea. I appreciate you thinking of it.” She gave him a quick hug and they headed to the door.

Once inside Mike introduced her to Tom. She thought Mike was right, he was a hot, cute guy. They went into the living room where what appeared to be a thin mattress, covered by a sheet, was on the floor. Near it was a couch with an ottoman in front of it.

“You guys sit on the couch and get acquainted. I’ll get some beers for us.”

He ran to the car, bringing back the beer and the brown paper bag. Tossing the bag on a chair, he went in the kitchen to put the beer in the fridge. While in there he texted the four guys on standby to arrive in ten minutes and for only two of them to come in. The other two should wait an additional ten minutes. He did not want to immediately overwhelm her.

Tom was captivated by the sensual vision of a topless Chrissy smiling at him. Wanting to just grab her, he held back and walked with her to the couch, his eyes almost totally glued to her boobs. Usually a glib guy, he was at a bit of a loss for words, but did manage some banal conversation.

His instant obsession was obvious and amusing to her, so she clasped both breasts, stretching them out and rolling her nipples between her fingers. This while keeping up with his attempted small talk.

Mike was soon back and immediately understood the situation. Putting down the three beers he was holding, he held his arms out. “C’mere baby!”

She jumped up and ran to him, leaping up, wrapping her legs and arms around him, and passionately kissing him. He reciprocated, taking the opportunity to caress and explore her perfectly shaped derriere. When he probed her starfish she moaned and squeezed him a bit tighter. Now he knew he had found something he would get back to later in the evening.

They eventually separated and sat down to enjoy the beer. She enjoyed the cold fizzy liquid flowing down her throat and the warm feeling it engendered in her body. Noticing Tom eyeing her legs, she casually uncrossed and spread them so he could get a view of her tumescent pussy. Having always been a bit of a flirt, she was enjoying his attention and his obvious bulging reaction.

Mike, not missing what she was up to and also being more than ready for her, said, “Tom is over there salivating for your attention. Why don’t you go demonstrate your oral skills, and I’ll see if I can possibly find something to do in your posterior area.”

Laughing, she said, “Gee, I can’t imagine what that might be.”

She stroked Mike’s crotch briefly, then turned and walked slowly to the couch and Tom, her butt swinging back and forth in a most exaggerated way. Seeing Tom’s hard rod out and waiting for her, she knelt and began a slow tease, licking and kissing but not taking him in her mouth.

Mike was soon au naturel and kneeling behind Chrissy, who soon felt her skirt flip up. Glancing back, she gave Mike a knowing smile. He responded with a few ass slaps as he coated his cock with her abundantly dripping juice. That was quickly followed with a few probes to find her waiting opening; then he pushed in as she took Tom’s cock deep in her mouth.

“Ohh es, es!” was what they both heard. “Uck ee, uck ee eep!” She freed her mouth long enough to say, “God Mike, that is great. I love it, love it!

So the night began.

Pete and Tim walked in to the scene of “Susie” shouting, “Oh god I’m cumming again! Fuckkk!" The quivering of her body was unmistakable.

Without stopping his pounding of her, Mike pointed to the condoms as he gestured for them to strip and get ready. They nodded in understanding. Everyone knew oral was okay bare but condoms for penetration.

Soon after that Tom let go. She managed to swallow every drop, milking him for every last trace. Then, clutching Tom’s thighs, cried out, “Fuck! Again! Oh my god!”, as another orgasm ran through her trembling body.

A few more minutes and Mike was ready to shoot his jizz. He had been pulling her hair ever since Tom had finished. Now he started slapping her ass as he told her, “Get ready baby I’m about to fill ya!”

“Do it baby, do it deep! Make me cum again.”

Groaning loudly, he pulled her hair even harder, forcing her firmly against him, as his cock began to throb with the gushing of his seed. “Oh fuck baby, here it comes!”

She cried out from the strength of the orgasm his release had created in her. It consumed her, causing an uncontrollable spasmodic shuddering. He let her loose and withdrew as, gasping for breath, she partially flopped against the couch. Mike gently turned her and pulled her to him. “Wow baby, that was some experience. I knew you were pretty orgasmic but not like this. You okay?”

Her body having calmed down, she told him, “I’m fine. It is my blessing and my curse. Believe me, I’m not complaining. I see you have two new friends here...”

Mike introduced them. They both said, “Hey Susie.”

“Hi guys, you look like you’re ready,” she said, grinning at the sight of their hardons. “Let’s get that ottoman over here for me to lie across. There’s no way I’ll be able to support myself after more attention like I just experienced.”

Releasing her skirt, it fell as she stood and grabbed her beer. Then arching her back and turning a bit as she finished it, the new guys had a good look at her exquisite, nubile body. She walked over to them and grabbed a cock in each hand.

“Mmmm, both so nice,” she declared as she stroked them. “Which one where? Decisions, decisions... Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

The whole situation was raising her natural flirtyness. She had let go of any remaining misgivings and was completely enjoying the excitement.

“I, want, to suck... this one!”

She dropped to her knees in front of Pete, taking him into her mouth for a brief time before popping back up and heading for the ottoman. Both guys quickly followed and assumed the appropriate positions as Chrissy settled across the hassock.

This enthrallment proceeded much like her experience with Mike and Tom, except she was more worked up to begin with so her response was quicker and stronger. Soon overwhelmed by her orgasms, she was losing her ability to energetically suck Pete. Her moans had become mostly screams and shouts as she collapsed into her own world of rapture and ecstasy.

Greg and Rob had walked in just as Pete and Tim were switching positions. Since she had lost her ability to focus on a blow job, Pete was about to take his turn behind her. They gave her a short time to rejuvenate before he plunged into her. Her euphoric shouts of passion filled the room as everyone urged Pete on.

He pounded her relentlessly, seeking the release her mouth could not give him. As she was gasping for breath in-between orgasms, her body shaking, her arms thrashing with no purpose, he finally shot his load. Taking a minute or so to recover himself, he eventually pulled out of the hot, slick tunnel that had brought so much pleasure to both.

Drained and glistening with moisture, she just lay still as her breathing returned to normal. Mike went to Chrissy and helped her sit up.

“Hey babe, how ya doin?” he asked in a somewhat concerned voice.

“I’m fabulous! Let’s have a beer. Then I’ll be ready for the new guys. They look as dangerous as Pete and Tim.” Turning to look at them as they were stroking their cocks in preparation, she coyly asked, “Are you guys as nasty and wicked as Pete and Tim?”

They quickly shot back exclamations of what they were going to do to her, how they were going to do it, what she was going to feel and endure.

Smiling, she looked at Mike. “Seems like you did an excellent job in picking your partners in debauchery.”

He looked at her in disbelief.

“I told you ‘senseless’ remember?”

“Yeah, I do, but didn’t think you meant it literally.”

Beckoning him closer, she whispered, “I may well never do this again, but I want to feel as much as my body is capable of, and I want you to be my last.”

He whispered back, “Don’t worry, I’ll be last. There’ll be a big finish that’ll test you.”

With that he stood, as she gave him a quizzical look. He just smiled and went to get beers.

The seven of them drank their beer and took the time to get alternately raunchy, lewd, playful, and salacious with “Susie”. She welcomed the attention, happily spending time sucking and stroking the assorted boners that were waiting their turn to pummel her.

They did not have to wait long. After finishing about half her beer, she stood and went to the ottoman, saying, “C’mon guys, make me scream with those beautiful, hard cocks.”

For the next several hours the four guys Mike had invited took turns with her. They did as she asked, kept her screaming and moaning from the orgasms they wrung out of her. There were occasional breaks for beer when Chrissy seemed like she was seriously out of breath and exhausted. Each time she recovered and wanted more—they obliged.

Finally the guys were drained of all that they had to give and “Susie” was really close to her desired point of senselessness. Mike went to her as Tom told the guys the night was over. There were a few grumbles of complaint, but they all knew she was just clinging to sensibility and they were all essentially incapable of more. They dressed. Before leaving they all went to her, expressing their own versions of how amazing she was and how much they would love a repeat opportunity. She just smiled as she told them it was wonderful but not to get their hopes up.

As they were leaving Mike said to her, “Wow baby, just wow. I would never have believed it if I did not see it. Are you doin’ okay?”

“Oh Mikey, I was really kinda out of it sometimes wasn’t I?”

“Yeah you were.”

“Well it was totally worth it! I have to admit I am a bit sore, but it is a good sore, a sore I will never forget.”

“So want to call it a night?”

“No way! You promised me a big finish. I’m gettin’ my strength back... at least enough strength. I want you!”

With a hug and a big grin he said, “Well I want you also so just relax until Tom gets back. I can’t believe how turned on I was watching you getting fucked by all those guys. It was some combination of jealousy and major excitement.”

“Excitement does not begin to describe it for me! It makes me feel good to think you felt some jealousy... Maybe that means there are some feelings deep in your brain...”

”More than I thought sweety, more than I thought. Ah look, here’s Tom. Hey man lay down so Chrissy can mount you. C’mon babe, crawl up there and slip that hard cock in your beautiful sore pussy.”

She gave him a questioning look as she began to move over Tom. Mike just smiled and urged her on. Soon she was impaled as Tom began long, slow strokes to get her engrossed. That was when Mike began to rub the lube on her ass and slightly push a finger in. She gave a groan and a slight wiggle, not really putting it all together yet since she was into what Tom was doing. Then came Mike’s well lubed cock pressing into her star.

“Oh god! No! No, no, no. Not that. You’ll kill me. I can’t take it!”

“Just relax baby. Relax and let it happen. If it becomes too much I’ll stop, but I think this is the big finish you need. I know you’ve had it there before, probably just not a DP like now.”

“Oh god,” she moaned. “You fucker, you are too smart for my good! Damn you!”

His cock head popped in as Tom held her hips tight.

“Fuck!” the sensation caused her to exclaim.

“Okay baby, nice and slow now. Just go with it, feel Tom’s cock.”

As he slowly pushed further and further, she fell back into her moaning enjoyment. He felt her sudden relaxation. This was his signal to go further faster. When fully in, he started a partial, slow in and out motion—she had her first orgasm.

“Jesus Christ I’m cumming! Fuck me. Oh god I love this. Fuck my ass. Yes do it, do it!”

As her body was still trembling, Tom and Mike got into a rhythm. One was pulling back while the other was pushing in. As Tom strongly held her and Mike pulled her hair tight, they fell into the flawless rhythm that began to drive Chrissy to her goal. Her fervent craving for orgasmic pleasure was being overwhelmingly satisfied as she experienced more and more and sank ever deeper into an uncontrolled state of sexual abandon.

Spurred on by their ceaseless pumping, she eventually lost all knowing connection with them; her body was on a carnal autopilot. Still screaming, still gasping for air, still repeatedly cumming, she was beginning to descend into senselessness. The guys, understanding her state and having fought off their own fulfillment, jointly groaned and released into her. She responded with one last convulsive orgasm as she collapsed on Tom.

Mike began to ease out of her. When the last of him popped out she suddenly perked up and jerked around towards him.

“Oh fuck,” she murmured. “Jesus, you really did it. I was gone wasn’t I?”

“Yeah, you were... You doin’ okay?”

“I’m more than fine,“ she said with a big grin, “but pretty destroyed... it was wonderful! I love you for it.”

Tom had been moving himself out from under her as they were talking. Once free, he kissed Chrissy on the forehead saying, “Amazin’ girl, just amazin’.” With that, he withdrew, leaving them alone.

Mike had pulled her up so that they both were leaning against the couch. Chrissy had put her arm across him and let her head snuggle into his shoulder.

“Ya know, when we first met I pretty much thought that you were an unpretentious, genuine person, which I still do, but I wondered about your level of innocence. No girl comes to a frat party just to listen to the music, but I felt like I was taking a chance when I invited you to that private room. I was pleasantly surprised by your spontaneous and trusting manner—not to mention your sexual prowess.”

“I was pretty happy with your prowess as well,” she said with a mischievous grin. “We parted with me wanting more. You teased me for a week and now here we are... Am I still the girl you thought I was, or maybe the girl you wished I was?”

He laughed as he turned her head up to his. “I could not be happier with you. Honestly, at your age, I did not expect such sublime maturity. I hope that we can be much more than F-W-B’s.”

That night was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship that lasted longer than either of them could have possibly contemplated at the time.


Author’s Note: This is the first story of a trilogy. Each story stands on its own, but the characters interweave between them. The second story is “Chrissy and Lacie: Their bisexual awakening” and the third story is “The Devil Made Me Do It”. Lacie is in the third one for a first time BBC encounter.



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