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College Sexscapades

My gang experiences various sexual adventures during fall semester.
(episode 17)

After I finished writing and posting, “The Ménage-A-Trois,” I began to reminisce about all of the great times my friends and I had my last 2 years of college living in that rental house that we had restored in exchange for free rent. It was perhaps the most memorable 2 year period ever for me. It began with that friends-with-benefits period that lasted a few months peaking out during Fall semester of 2006 of my Junior year at the University of Georgia.

Chip and Vic, my two best college buddies since our fraternity pledge days and I had mostly finished the renovations on that little rental house and were now decorating it to fit our college boy tastes. We had several mounted deer heads we put up on the wall, and I even contributed the huge Marlin fish I had caught when I was 16 years old when I went fishing with my granddad in Key West. My trophy fish went over the living room mantle.

We would soon discover that the girls that came to party at our house would develop a tradition of leaving their panties hanging from the deer antlers and boar tusks so that by the time we graduated, our hunting trophies were covered in panties.

Vic had a great collection of neon beer signs that he contributed to our wall decorations. And Chip brought in this stuffed coyote that had been at his dad’s hunting lodge for years. They were going to throw it out so he got it for our house. It had been fully stuffed and was standing on all fours. We put it in our living room and it quickly was nicknamed “Wylie Coyote” from the Road Runner cartoons.

Soon Wylie Coyote acquired some cheap sunglasses, a fishing hat and several Mardi Gras beads. Kelli and Katie bought a Georgia “G” sweater for dogs like Uga (UGA’s english bulldog mascot) wears, and put that on our “Wylie Coyote.” Even later Wylie was given some plastic dog poo that we left strategically placed behind his hind quarters and some of our frat brothers made a cool wooden box with the word “ACME” on it and placed that next to Wylie.

Wylie became quite an attraction at the many parties we ended up hosting over the next 2 years and drunk sorority girls began to have their pictures taken posing with our Wylie Coyote.

We wallpapered our little hallway with Playboy centerfolds, OF COURSE!!! We were college men! So now we had a house full of mounted animals on the wall, neon beer signs, various Georgia Bulldog posters and pennants, a stuffed coyote, a banged up but working 36 inch TV, 1 large refrigerator and several small ones scattered through the house. The dining room was a home gym, the house had a full roofed front porch with 6 rocking chairs, and 2 cement UGA Bulldogs standing guard on both sides of the front steps. I placed our frat greeks above the front porch and we had a back porch, more free weights there, a patio with patio furniture and 3 grills for tailgate parties and cook outs AND a privacy fence in the back so no one could see our beer parties! We each had our own small bedroom, it was a college man’s dream home! Our house was the envy of all the guys we knew!!!!

Four cute chicks rented the house right next to ours. Darlene, a senior was the tallest of the four girls and she and my buddy Vic hooked up right away for sex starting a two week fuck marathon that rattled the walls and shook the floor of our rental house. After that she and Vic had a fight and did not speak to one another for weeks. But one chick in that group of four stood out form the rest. That was Nikki.

• Nikki and Chip. Right away this very petite blonde, very cute girl with a very outgoing personality named Nikki caught Chip’s eye. Within the first week of school, Chip and Nikki were crazy about each other and seeing each other exclusively. We all loved Nikki, she was funny, outgoing and a perfect fit in our gang. The fact that at 5’ 3” tall, Nikki was shorter than Chip was something that I know Chip appreciated.

Nikki spelled the end of Chip’s playboy days. Chip at only about 5’ 7” is a short guy but he still never had a problem attracting very good looking girls to date and hook up with. He just hated being shorter than most of them. Chip, though short, was always very athletic, having been a star athlete at his high school and being a force in campus intramural sports he always seemed like someone twice his size on a football field or a basketball court. Chip loved to lift weights and was very well muscled and to this day he still challenges me to very painful sit-up and stomach crunch contests which I hate to say he always wins.

With Chip’s bedroom being next to mine I came to know just how compatible Chip and Nikki were in bed. Many nights of hearing them fuck like it was the end of the world convinced me that they were a couple probably made for each other. So I was not surprised three years later after we had all graduated when Chip asked me to be his Best Man at their wedding and now I am even godfather to their little baby boy.

Of course my other best buddy was Vic.

• Vic. Vic is a tall slim guy, olive brown skin, black eyes and black hair and girls always said he is really good looking. Vic’s parents migrated to the USA from India and became US citizens and entrepreneurs. Vic was born in Atlanta, Georgia and despite all of his relatives being Indian, Vic is the most southern guy you could ever know. Vic is absolutely amazing on guitar and often entertained large groups hanging around at our house by performing several southern rock classics as well as doing near perfect renditions of Jimi Hendrix. Vic plastered his bedroom walls with posters of the famous and critically acclaimed classic rock band from Georgia, The Allman Brothers Band.

Besides fucking Darlene, Vic had a busy fall. One especially great score for Vic was this super hot blonde sorority chick. She jogged down our little street every afternoon on her running route. We often were sitting out on the front porch in those rocking chairs studying and hanging out. Vic had yelled out a few real cheesy lines at her when she passed. She’d either laugh or shake her head. One day Vic yelled at her, “Sweetheart, darling I don’t even know your name!”

The girl cracked up laughing and stopped. Vic was out of his rocker and on the street in a flash. Chip, Nikki, Katie, Kelli and I were watching from the front porch. Vic and that chick talked for several minutes then she came up to the house with him. He took her inside to give her a tour of our crazy place. In just a few minutes they were in Vic’s bedroom with the door closed.

We were all looking at each other in disbelief and soon we were all laughing and wondering if they were going to have sex. I waited just a few minutes and quietly went to Vic’s door to listen. Sure enough it sounded like they were beginning to have sex. I looked at the others who were all watching me from the front door and made a fist with one hand using my finger going in and out of my fist to signal they were having sex.

Everyone else came sneaking over and all of us are crowded against Vic’s door listening to him and that blonde chick having sex. The chick was yelling out, “Fuck me fast and hard!” Then she said, “Use your finger there, yea right there!”

Nikki, Katie and Kelli were all making shocked faces and smiling really big. Finally when the sex stopped we all quietly scrambled back out to the front porch. In a few minutes the blonde sorority chick came out, Vic walked her down to the street and she resumed her jogging.

As she ran around the street corner I yelled at Vic, “Is she now gonna regularly stop by for sex as part of her running routine?”

Vic yelled back, “You asshole!”

We were all laughing hard. Vic came up on the porch and asked us the big question. “Did y’all listen at the door?”

We all giggled. Then Nikki asked, “Why? Have y’all listened before?”

“Of course!” Vic said and then Nikki asked, “Have y’all ever listened to me and Chip?”

Everyone else in unison said loudly, “YES!”

Then Nikki hit Chip hard on the arm.

He yelled, “Why did you hit me?” Then Nikki hit me and Vic both on the arm. The whole crowd was laughing.

I said to Nikki, “I gave your last performance a 10 rating but Vic just gave you an 8.5.”

Nikki slapped Vic’s arm and then we all died laughing.

“I did not!” Vic exclaimed.

Nikki then looked at Kelli and Katie and said, “And you’re just as guilty!”

We all went went back to rocking in the chairs. Nikki said, “I’m gonna figure out how to sound proof Chip’s room.”

We all cracked up laughing.

• Katie. (see Friends With Benefits Begins and The Menage-A-Trois!) Katie would come over and lay in bed with me spooning a lot of the time. We would have these long philosophical chats about life and our futures. Katie was feeling pressure from her overtly conservative religious family to get engaged to her back home boyfriend. (He played baseball at a college in South Carolina.) Katie liked him and had known him for years, they were high school sweethearts and their families were close friends. But Katie was not in love with him.

In fact Katie loved having sex with lots of different guys! Plus she knew if she married him she would be stuck forever living in extreme north Georgia in the mountains probably working in her dad’s company and she really wanted to move far away and have a brand new life after college. I kept telling her to follow her dream, to not get engaged and move away and see the world.

Quite often laying in bed like that would lead to us having sex and Katie left more than a few pairs of panties on my deer head’s antlers.

One thing with Katie is that she was almost inseparable from her best friend Kelli.

• Kelli. (see The Menage-A-Trois!) A real shit of a con artist came to Athens. We thought he was our age. The first few weeks of fall semester he swept Kelli off her feet, driving a Ferrari and wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. The chicks thought he looked “dreamy.” At some point he asked Kelli to loan him $1,000 and he said he would pay her back in a few days. Then he disappeared. She was very upset wondering what had happened. We finally got Kelli to file a police report about the money.

It turned out that the con artist guy had taken another girl on campus for about the same amount of money. The car was not his, but belonged to some 30 something year old hot looking woman, who was the trophy wife of an old rich guy in his 60s. The con artist was actually in his upper 20s and he had also ripped off the woman and the old rich guy too.

My buddies and I had gone looking for him but we never located him as he was a pro at this sort of thing. Kelli then had to tell her dad about the money being stolen and all. It was a very bad experience for her.

This all had just happened by the Georgia-Colorado football game in Athens. I had escorted Kelli to the game that day and afterward I was badly wanting to celebrate the Georgia Bulldogs scoring a game winning touchdown at the very last second of the game. But soon after we left the stadium Kelli had started crying again. She had fallen hard for the con artist and was having a real hard time getting over the betrayal and being ripped off. So I spent the afternoon trying to comfort her.

Later that night I walked Kelli down town to party and get her mind on other things. I was holding onto to her tight and holding her hand, just being her friend. After awhile Kelli seemed to start acting like her old self. Then we ran into Jennifer and Renee in a bar in downtown Athens. They were with their new black football player boyfriends sitting at a table. This was just after Jennifer had learned the truth about the Jackie the stalker psycho bitch’s lies and that I had never been guilty of cheating on her. (See Revenge Sex Gangbang)

Jennifer saw me with my arm around Kelli as we had walked into the bar. Kelli seeing them over at the table got a mischievous look in her eye and smiled at me and I knew she was about to do something off hand. So while we were standing at the bar being served our beer Kelli planted a big sexy long passionate tongue kiss on me and whispered in my ear, “That’s to fuck with Jennifer’s mind!”

After making that scene Kelli and I walked over to the table where Jennifer and Renee were sitting with their guys and sat down and joined them. Talking with Jennifer was really awkward. In fact the entire experience of chatting with Jennifer and Renee with their boyfriends was just such an unnatural feeling to me. At the time I could not truly understand why it all felt so weird.

Then Kelli and I left and went back to the late party that had started at my rental house. Kelli ended up spending the night with me. She told me later that the kiss at the bar which had just been meant to fuck with Jennifer’s mind had actually been a lot of fun and made her think of that night she, Katie and I had the menage-a-trois. I think Kelli just needed some rebound sex and I was happy to be a great friend and provide that need. Kelli’s delicious perfect body and sexy dark eyes made that a fantastic evening as we had a few rounds of great sweaty sex. The next morning my mounted deer head also sported some of Kelli’s panties.

Katie and Kelli being such a great pair soon turned into a trio as they added a new best friend and a new member of our clique named Mary Beth.

• Mary Beth. Kelli and Katie’s new buddy, a college junior like us, had just transferred to UGA from a women’s college. She had been a member of the same sorority Kelli and Katie were in and had also transferred her sorority membership to UGA. She became fast friends with Katie and Kelli. Mary Beth had real sexy legs. Really hot sexy legs! Maybe I should emphasize that again, really sexy legs! She loved to show them off and practically never wore shorts or jeans. She was always in extremely short skirts, usually those ruffled or pleated skirts. But the few times she did wear shorts or jeans Mary Beth would sport a camel toe that stopped guys dead in their tracks and left them totally mesmerized.

Mary Beth was a dirty blonde, very attractive pretty face, and had very small breasts. (I like small breasts, though, most of the women I know keep getting enhanced boob jobs.) Mary Beth proved to be very exhibitionistic just like Jennifer.

That fall Mary Beth occasionally hooked up for sex with a senior in my fraternity named Dan. And for along time that semester Mary Beth and I did not click, in fact we seemed to clash. And at that time I was puzzled as to why she seemed to accidently give me so many upskirt flashes. We did eventually start getting along better and I later found out those flashes were not so accidental.

On campus that fall I kept running into Jennifer and Brittany’s wild friend Renee. And at that time I hated that as I blamed her for having a lot to do with Jennifer’s revenge sex gangbang.

• Renee. Renee had long dark blonde hair with lighter streaks, an almost athletic build on a very sexy trim but very tattooed and pierced body. She was hard in many ways having grown up in various trailer parks with her mother bouncing from one abusive man to another. And Renee was truly on her own, not having any parental help with college like myself and all of the others in our clique.

Renee had just spent all summer in Miami, I think working as an exotic dancer and escort. She came back to Athens flush with a lot of cash and a newer car, a used black Honda Accord v6 Coupe with a spoiler, which was a tremendous improvement over her old worn out and banged up Neon. Renee was very proud to have that car. She soon was seeing a black guy on the varsity football team and she also acquired a “sugardaddy.”

The sugardaddy was a local married wealthy businessman who paid Renee’s rent and utilities for her one bedroom efficiency apartment. In exchange he saw her one weeknight per week for 2 to 4 hours.

Renee was a very active bisexual woman. Her girlfriends tended to be the semi-butch type but thin and cute. When she did see guys they were either wealthy business men who paid or athletic type black guys because she was attracted to them. With all that going on, Renee still achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average and planned to go to UGA law school after her undergraduate degree was finished.

Often when I ran into Renee, Brittany was with her. But I saw Brittany all the time anyhow.

• Brittany. Brittany is Jennifer’s best friend since early childhood. And despite thinking I had cheated on Jennifer, Brittany still came over to study with me a lot. We were both business management majors and regularly took classes together. The year before I had become Brittany’s unofficial study coach. Her grade point average went up drastically even making the dean’s list winter/spring semester and she credited me with teaching her how to study.

Sometimes though I would get mad as hell at Brittany but I would never let her know. Brittany for some reason thought it was her duty to keep me informed of all of Jennifer’s raunchy sex activity, especially involving the black football player Jennifer had started seeing.

One time when we first sat down next to each other in a class Brittany baited me good by saying, “Jennifer is so sore today.”

I did not respond so she brings it up in other words. Finally I asked, “Why the fuck is she so goddamned sore?”

Brittany perked up and said, “That football player she’s seeing talked her into anal sex and her ass is sore as hell, you ought to see how funny she is walking today.”

I pretended that I was not bothered by that but inside I was seething.

But other times studying with Brittany was not so bad. She can really sport her feminine charm. And Brittany is blonde and totally gorgeous with a super sexy southern aristocratic accent and when she talks dirty it can be so incredibly seductive.

Three weeks into that semester one night Brittany was studying with me in my bedroom. We were both laying on my bed reading from our text books, asking and answering each other study questions. Brittany’s leg kept touching mine and I could not help thinking about what an incredibly sexy chick Brittany was. She had long expensively salon perfect stylish blond hair, model looks, great body with sexy long legs and I did like looking at her enhanced breasts that had been a high school graduation present from her rich daddy.

I had first seen Brittany naked on our freshman spring break at the nude beach that Jennifer talked us all into visiting and then again at the lake two summers previous when we all played those MTV spring break type games. I remembered the tattoo on her pussy. Then of course there was the drugged up and drunken little swap orgy between Jennifer, Brittany, Hartley and myself. The memory was hazy, a fog of drugs and alcohol but still I remembered Brittany’s tight wet pussy, the skill she showed at giving head, and the sexual exuberance she had exhibited.

I thought to myself that since I am know longer dating Brittany’s best friend, Jennifer, maybe I should tempt fate and see if my sexy friend might be up to something more than just studying. I made sure my leg bumped against hers again as we lay there studying and kept it in place touching hers. Brittany didn’t move her leg away. In fact she seemed to press in tighter to me.

Then she leaned over toward me, her face nearly touching mine, her long blond hair tickling my cheek, in order to peer into my text book, she pointed at a phrase and asked me about it. When I answered, her eyes meet mine and they held in place for several seconds, our faces only a inches apart. Then she looked back at her book as I turned back toward mine.

Suddenly at the same instant we both turned our heads back toward each other with direct eye contact. Brittany’s lips rubbed together, then her lower lip disappeared behind her upper teeth, slowly, erotically slide along the surface of her teeth, our eyes never parting, our faces moved together and we shared a short kiss on the lips. We stopped and peered into each other’s eyes. I felt her hot breath on my lips which were held maybe an inch from mine. The next thing I know and we are in a hot passionate kiss. Her tongue sliding around mine, teasing the inside of my lips. Her kiss so hot that I achieved an instantaneous erection.

Brittany crawled over on top of me as I rolled onto my back. Her tongue was then working deep into my mouth as her leg wrapped around my side tightly. My hand slid down her back and fondled her tight ass cheeks. Then my hand slid lower and inside the back of her short skirt feeling her soft skin and then finding the edge of her panties. I pulled at the elastic on them and as I did that Brittany whispered in my ear, “You wanna slide those off?”

My other hand slid under her skirt and grabbed her panties and I slowly slid them down her legs and she kicked her heels off onto the floor.

At that Brittany raised up on her knees pulled her little blouse off then reached behind to her bra, unsnapped it tossing it playfully to the floor. Brittany looked into my eyes, smiled devilishly at me and squeezed her big enhanced breasts together pinching her nipples. I reached up toward her breasts with my hands and Brittany leaned toward me so that I could reach them. I grabbed, squeezed and pinch her big nipples which were getting very hard and erect. After a few more squeezes her nipples were totally hard and protruding nicely.

Brittany grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it roughly over my head hastily tossing it behind her onto the floor. At that Brittany collapsed onto my chest, her nipples rubbing against my chest. Then she placed another super hot erotic long deep tongue kiss on me. Before I could think she pulled my belt off and unzipped my cargo shorts.

I raised my torso off the bed and she yanked the shorts down my legs giggling and looking me in the eyes. She laughed and as she grabbed my boxers she said, “We don’t need these!” and she pulled them off me.

There we were, Brittany on her knees at my feet, me looking at her hot sexy naked body, my cock sticking straight up fully erect. Brittany grabbed it like a gear shift and held it, then she crawled up my body telling me to sit back against the head of the bed. I was staring at her pussy, pink protruding full pussy lips and a patch of hair trimmed neatly along the edges. I quickly wondered if she had let her pubes grow so that she could then creatively trim them back down into some sexy pattern as her best friend, my ex-girlfriend, Jennifer, often did.

Then Brittany pushed her pussy against my face and ever so slightly pulled it back tickling my nose with her pubes. The erotic seductive slightly pungent smell of pussy filling my nostrils numbing my brain and making my cock throb intensely. Then Brittany pushes her pussy into my face with some force telling me to “taste her!”

My tongue wantingly lapped, licked and prodded her absolutely, delicious ever so musty and pungent labia, so fat, so wet, just hanging from her begging to be sucked. I licked and licked and sucked and rubbed finding her clit barely hiding behind a little hood. My tongue teased it and slid around it, my finger inside her pushing upwards into her ever wetter vagina behind her clit.

I pushed her back onto the bed and rolled her sexy ass over and spun myself around pulling her back onto me in the 69 position. Brittany’s moans and groans filled the air.

I told her that she tasted “marvelous!”

Then I peeled her big fat pink pussy lips apart, so wet and sticky, stringy with juicy wetness and buried my tongue into her, fingering and licking her at the same time while I felt her sexy soft lips wrapping around my intensely throbbing cock. Her mouth swallowing my shaft and her hands rubbing my scrotum.

Soon she lifted her ass off me pulling her pussy from my mouth and screamed out, “Oh! my god!” As she had an orgasm she fell backwards onto the bed her legs spread out giving me full view of her open wet fat juicy pussy lips.

At that she looked at me intently and said, “I’m going to fuck your balls off!”

Brittany mounted me in a squatting position her feet flat on my bed on both sides of me, I watched as she lowered herself engulfing my cock and sliding slowly down onto it. My cock disappeared into her and then still squatting she started maneuvering skillfully up and down on me, rotating her torso sometimes and then with her super sexy aristocratic southern accent she asked me, “Do you like that?”

I think all I could manage to utter was a slow, “uh huh yea!”

I had no breath, she had taken it out of me, sexual ecstasy overwhelming me. Brittany then demonstrated great vaginal muscle control as she tightened and loosened herself around my throbbing cock as she slid up and down. I looked and saw my penis wet and so shiny from Brittany’s sloppy wet pussy. Her fat stretched out labia clinging to the sides of my cock as she went up and then disappearing went she went down.

Then she would slide down again flat against me and squirming and twisting on me, her wet pussy lips spreading out around the base of my cock and where it meets my crotch leaving a trail of sloppy wetness dripping down my shaft onto me.

After several minutes of that Brittany slid off me and I said, “Let me get you from behind.”

She just said, “Sure.”

At that Brittany got on her hands and knees on my bed and turned her head to look at me as I maneuvered to push my cock into her pussy from behind, doggystyle. Once I pushed my hard throbbing cock into her, Brittany still looking at me smiled big and told me to, “Pull my hair and call me names.”

I asked, “Call you names?”

“Yes” said Brittany, “Call me a horny slut and stuff.”

So I found myself having a great time obliging her.

I pulled Brittany’s hair tight pulling her head back and swatted her ass, but not too hard and said, “Fuck me you horny slut!”

At that Brittany let out a loud, “Oh god yes! - Fuck Me!”

I pounded her hard from behind, my torso slapping against her ass cheeks, the bed squeaking and Brittany calling out in ecstasy, me still calling her a “horny slut” and yanking her head back every so often.

Finally, I just couldn’t hold back anymore as I could feel an orgasm building deep in my balls and soon found myself cumming hard as hell. Brittany immediately knew it and before I could even say, “I’m cumming,” Brittany blurted out, “Cum inside me!”

She turned her head to look back at me as I was cumming. I am sure my face was contorted in total orgasmic pleasure. As soon as my thrusts into her extra sloppy wet pussy started to slow down she then pulled away from me and turned around grabbing my cock and burying it deep in her mouth slurping it hard then licking it all up and down the complete length.

She looked at me licking her lips smiled and said, “Yum!”

Then Brittany collapsed back on the bed smiling and looking at me and she said, “Damn that was fun!” I fell onto the bed next to her. We lay there for several minutes recovering.

We found ourselves deep in conversation still naked and sweaty laying next to each other. Then Brittany asked me to promise never to tell Jennifer about us having sex.

I asked, “Why should it matter? Jennifer and I are ancient history, what the hell would she care? And she’s fucking that football player!”

That’s when Brittany dropped a bombshell on me!

She said, “Jennifer never has gotten over you!” She said, “I’m not shitting you! So don’t tell her, okay?”

I promised her I would not.

As I still lay on the bed naked Brittany grabbed her panties and gave them a little toss up onto one of the antlers on the mounted deer head that adorned the wall above the headboard of my bed. I was not surprised later when Katie and Kelli informed me that the panties Brittany left were very expensive ones.

So even fucking Brittany led to me thinking about Jennifer.

• Jennifer. That fall semester Jennifer did find out the truth about Jackie’s lies. Brittany finally told me about the pictures and boxer shorts that Jackie had used as evidence to convince Jennifer that I had been cheating, I demanded that Brittany bring the pictures to show me since I knew I had never been in a picture with Jackie.

The next day Brittany and Renee showed up at my place with the pictures. Vic, Chip, Kelli, Katie, Nikki and Mary Beth were all present. Of course Nikki and Mary Beth had only heard about what all had happened.

When they opened the packet of pictures Vic grabbed the top one before I could see it. Evidently it was a picture of me in bed with Jackie. Vic screamed real loud and angrily, “Oh shit! This is photoshopped! Come here!”

And everyone followed Vic over to where we had a cork board on the wall plastered with photos and he held it up against the real photo. The real photo was me in Vic’s bed at the frat house with Kelli. It was a prank picture Chip and I made. We had rushed into Vic’s room one night during the time he and Kelli saw each other and I jumped in bed with her to look like we were having sex and Chip snapped the photo. Everyone knew it was joke picture. Copies of that picture and the others had also been on the wall at the frat house.

Jackie stole several pictures that I was in and used Photoshop to change out her and Kelli’s head or in some picture’s Katie’s head. That devil Jackie had created a professional looking job of of these fakes, so authentic looking that by themselves they looked absolutely convincing.

But we had the actual pictures to compare them to and that changed everything. We showed all the real photos to Brittany and Renee. Brittany and Renee just stood there in total disbelief and shock.

Katie found two pictures where she had been replaced and she was livid. Then Chip told Brittany and Renee about the time he and two other frat brothers caught Jackie red handed trying to steal stuff from my room and how she had been banned from the frat house.

Renee took me aside and burst into tears pouring down her face, apologizing profusely for her role in the follow up revenge sex scheme that Jennifer had pulled off on me. And of course Renee was apologizing for not believing me when I had told them I was innocent.

I was very angry and this made all of the bad events fresh again in my mind. I was hurting inside and told them I did not care anymore and that I would never be involved with Jennifer again. I actually believed that at that moment. I think they all did too.

Katie and Kelli insisted they take the evidence back to Jennifer and show her. So Brittany and Renee left with the actual photos to show Jennifer.

I found out later that Jennifer cried inconsolably all night after discovering the truth.

Soon after that is when Jennifer saw me with Kelli downtown after the football game. She believed that Kelli and I were seriously involved. And actually for a couple of weeks Kelli and I did have a lot of sex. It was friends-with-benefits, “help you get over a hurt” sex. But it was great sex! But still Kelli and I were just good friends and nothing more.

A couple of weeks after Jennifer saw me with Kelli I had gone over her apartment with Brittany to help Brittany with some computer virus/spyware problems. When we first went in I noticed Jennifer’s bedroom door was shut. When Brittany and I went in her room she closed the door behind us. This was all a little unusual, they usually left the doors open unless someone was having sex, so my mind wandered to that possibility.

I loaded an anti-virus/anti-spyware program onto Brittany’s computer and it was going to take several minutes to run, so I asked If I could get a beer out of the fridge.

Brittany and I went into the kitchen to get some beers and this time as I walked by Jennifer's door I heard wild and loud sex noises coming out of Jennifer’s bedroom.

We each got a beer and I sat down on the living room sofa. Brittany seemed quite fidgety but sat down too. We had just finished the beer and were just talking when I heard Jennifer’s door open. The black football player she had been seeing came out, just wearing gym shorts and pulling on his t-shirt and carrying some sneakers.

He saw me and Brittany and said hello, sat down on a chair and put his shoes on. I actually was acquainted with him because I was good friends with some of the other guys on the team.

I knew he had started seeing Jennifer several weeks before but I tried not to think about it, as I tried to not think about her. Though constantly seeing Brittany did make me think of Jennifer.

After he put his sneakers and t-shirt on he then yelled down the hall at Jennifer that he had to go on to football practice.

I heard her yell out, “okay!”

Then he said “see ya later” to me and Brittany and left. Then Jennifer, unaware I thought at the time that I was even there, came out of her room and walked into the living room in just her ultra sheer and ultra tight boy-short style panties and a cut off t-shirt. She acted really shocked to see me sitting there and just said, “uh - oh - hi.”

Then stepped around the counter into the kitchen and got herself a diet soda from the refrigerator. Jennifer’s next move was something I will never forget.

I guess she had rebounded from the surprise and walked over to me and stopped standing almost touching my arm on the edge of the sofa with her crotch. Jennifer strongly smelled like sex and in fact her body was still damp from sweat from just having sex, a big wet spot was forming in the crotch of her very tight sheer panties. Her still swollen pussy lips easily visible through the sheer material that squeezed them tightly.

Jennifer then asked boldly, “What have you been up to?”

I just said, “Studying with Brittany, got to keep her on the dean’s list ya know.”

Brittany was just sitting there quietly but anxiously and curiously watching the interaction.

Jennifer then asked, “How’s Kelli?”

I said, “Kelli is good.”

Jennifer asked, “Are you guys serious?”

“No. Just friends,” I replied.

“Y’all looked serious to me,” Jennifer responded.

“Oh that!” I said, “No that was just a short two week thing or whatever.”

Jennifer seemed to be pondering something deeply and then looked at me intently but never said anything and never moved while her pussy was nearly touching my arm.

Then I said, “Looks like you’ve got a regular booty call.”

Jennifer replied, “I don’t know, things change.” And then she added, “Don’t be a stranger.”

At that she turned around and I could see the back of her panties were completely ultra sheer and she walked down the hall to her bedroom and closed the door.

I looked at Brittany and she shrugged her shoulders and gave me a funny “well what now?” expression. I went back and finished with her computer and Brittany thanked me for fixing it before I left.

As I drove back to my place I realized I still wanted to fuck the hell out of Jennifer and would have fucked her right then. I knew she was sending me some kind of message, but I had no clue....or did I?
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