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Grad Student Teaches College Boy How to please women
It was dark and peaceful here at the lake as I parked my little foreign sports car in the picnic grounds. We walked in the dark to the lake shore where it was ghostly quiet. We could still see the dark outline of the trees against the inky black sky, and the silvery smooth water of the lake in the fading light of the summer night.

I was thinking how lucky I had been bumping into her in the pizza place because I was otherwise alone and desperately wanting some female company, as usual. While we sat there, I had been in a state of confusion, trying to talk to her, checking out her body, and attempting to eat my pizza. We talked all over each other, interrupting, finishing each others thoughts, and generally merging into a two-mouthed, one-brain swirl of good thinking and feeling. I couldn’t get enough of her.

She was my roomie's ex, and he always said that she was a great woman to be with, that in addition to her obvious terrific looks, she was terribly smart, and very hot. I obviously could only dream about someday being with someone like her, sexy, older, a brilliant honors student. She was a tantalizing contradiction of hot versus reserved lady.

Her hair was jet black, thick, and long, and she had a hypnotic smile that embraced you instantly. Her legs were long, her waist slim, and she had very big tits. The best I could hope for was that someday I would know a girl like this. Edie, according to my roomie, was still pining for him after he had fucked her and dumped her.

“Damaged goods,” he said.

According to him she kept after him even when he told her he wasn’t interested in anymore of her blowjobs. Yeah, sure he wasn't.

On a more important scale than her brainpower, was her fuckability quotient. Here she also excelled, beautiful hair, alabaster white skin, lovely legs, and best of all, she had insistently huge tits. They were so big that you had to fight the urge to stare at them when speaking to her. Her refined, quiet, and shy way contradicted the bittersweet chocolate brown eyes that seemed to pull you into the deep end of a bottomless pool of sensuality and eroticism. It was important to remember that this was a high class lady who was more likely to prefer lots of intellectual conversation than to want to jump in bed and have sex.

The pizza had evaporated quickly while we talked, and I had no plan. I was interested in her even though she must have been at least five years older than me, but I didn’t have a clue how to ask her for a date should I get the courage up. It was easier than I could imagine.

She said, “Will you please take me somewhere?”

So we went to the lake. We were sitting in the dark at a table talking, when suddenly the peace and silence were shattered by the nasty sound of a fast-moving car full of drunken Townies ripping through the picnic area, yelling, spinning tires, hanging out of the windows, cursing and throwing bottles! If they found us, these wild animals that despised “rich, smart assed spoiled college kids from the city,” would as a minimum, beat the shit out of me, and rape Edie! We both instinctively became totally silent, crouched down behind a bench in the blackness, and froze.

The hooligans spun and turned donuts looking for the occupants of my car, ripping the doors open, yelling “Where’s the fucker?” Then after what seemed to be a lifetime, they sped off into the black night.

We found each other in the dark, and hugged tightly in silence for a long time. Her smell and the feel of her against me affected me in a powerful and unusual way like nothing I had ever felt before. Without a word we got in my car and headed back to campus, straight to her cottage. My mind was reeling from the conflict of the fear of getting badly hurt or worse and the intensely exciting experience of holding this woman. All the way back to campus I was thinking, scheming, and inhaling her breathtaking and intoxicating scent. Could I make the next move? Could I figure out a way to get close to her again?

She must have had secret knowledge of my puny brain because when we got to her door, she said, “Please come in so we can get close to each other, I want you to hug me again.”

Her cottage, right in the middle of campus, was where outstanding grad students live on their own in this big puritanical university with curfews and housemasters for undergraduates. She was living free as a bird with five other exceptional women like herself.

Inside there were individual tiny suites for each woman, a day room, a kitchen, and a little dining room. She introduced me to the three women who were home. I though I was in Penthouse for intellectuals, as they were all “Honors” like her, and good looking in that exotic academic bookish way. I guessed they were musicians, dancers, or writers, but all intriguing in that sophisticated European way of dress. They all had women’s bodies for sure, but I had to cool my staring at them because Edie was smart, remember. I was still at a loss as to what would happen next, figuring she wouldn’t risk any contact with her housemates right there. Wrong again.

She looked at me intently and said right in my face, “Would you like to go to bed now?”

Clearly this woman knew what she wanted and was taking it. We got up, went into her bedroom, and closed the door.

Samantha, a big red-head, smiled with a shit-eating grin as we did, and said, “Good night, you two. Sweet dreams.”

Now the pressure was very high for me to actually have sex with her. My only experience so far was with young coeds who knew very little and had to be coaxed, cajoled, and lied to, to get them to do anything. Here I was with an experienced woman determined to have me as her sex-student. I should have known better. Edie knew everything about sex. She put me on the sofa and curled up closely against me, her face near mine, and she smiled.

Then she kissed me and said, “May I assume you want to know more about sex?”

I could only exhale as response.

“And would you mind if I shared some of my knowledge with you?”

This is going too easily.

“Okay if I get more comfortable? “ she said, and took off her skirt, shoes, dark pantyhose, and blouse.

Standing in her gigantic bra and her slip, she took a silky black teddy from the wardrobe and asked me to hold it while she reached around the back and unclasped her bra. When the bra came off I was paralyzed with the sight and just stared at her very large breasts.

She looked at me and said, “Please look as long as you want; it gives me pleasure.”

Her aureoles were as large as the palm of my hand, brown, and bumpy around the rim. Her nipples were as big as erasers, hard, and protruding arrogantly. Her skin was smooth and firm, and I could see tiny blue veins running all over her pale breasts. When she moved the bulk of her breasts moved too. They just undulated with a motion that went into my balls like an electric shock. She dropped her slip and I could see her pussy buried in a forest of shiny, soft, mink-like hair. Her vulva strode out from her slightly rounded belly like modern sculpture, with protruding ruffled lips that were like the flowers they were. It was quite pink, nicely contrasting with her white belly.

At this point I felt like a boy in a man’s place. Her pussy was oozing drops of moisture from the slit, which I think was dripping. There was a sweet scent in the room, like in a primeval forest swamp surrounded with wild orchids. Naturally, she knew what next to say and do.

“Here, Robb, let me help you get those things off,” she said as she opened my fly and pulled my pants down.

This was not so easy, as my erection was sticking straight out through the fly opening in my jockey shorts.

She stared at it, smiled warmly, and said, “Ummm, nice, thank you.”

I took my shirt off, but she had taken on removing my pants as her own private task, and she was enjoying every second of it. She had my jeans off. Now, she started to carefully remove my jockey shorts as if they were an unexploded bomb. She took hold of the elastic waistband and rolled it down, being extra careful to allow my penis to escape from the fly, and escape it did! Her eyes went big and soft when she saw it hard and bobbing around like a cobra looking for prey. She was mesmerized, staring intently like it was the first she had seen. I don’t think so.

Shoes and socks were already off; I don’t remember how.

“Robb, please come get close to me. Lie with me,” she said in a soft soothing voice.

I lay down next to her on the bed, trembling with a mixture of anxiety and desire. She put those wonderful breasts in my face.

She said, “May I touch you?” and without waiting for my answer, she had my cock in both hands.

She leaned over and put it between her wet lips. Up and down, bobbed her head. In and out of her mouth it went, deeper into her throat with each stroke. I could hardly stand it because it was going in so far that she was gagging and choking.

She said, “Do you mind if we put it right in me, I’m very hot?”

She climbed on top of me, straddling my chest and leaned forward, lifting her ass and hanging her colossal breasts right in my face, and smiled. She was sweating profusely, and it ran down her face, across her cherry-red flushed chest, and dripped off her nipples onto me. I was frozen like an asteroid with a bunch of out of control feelings. Then she lowered her ass down, sliding my erection into her big pussy! Oh my god! It went in all the way effortlessly in a wave of slithering, gripping, enclosing, pussiness that took me over the edge. I came instantly in her in an explosion of cum, heat, and juices!

She was barely starting and said, “Mind if I keep going? I’m not ready to come yet.”

She bobbed up and down on my cock going faster and faster for what seemed like forever until she let out a loud sharp shriek and came on me. I figured all of campus heard her, and it would bring the campus police right out. Those giant breasts were swinging and brushing my face the whole time. Yeah! We both collapsed in blissful exhaustion, laughing and smiling, out of breath.

As she regained her normal breathing, she looked in my eyes, and said, “You were really great, so hard, thank you. Would you mind if we did it again and I show you some pointers?”

This is where the police break down the door, right?

“You’re very sweet, waiting for me, and you have a lovely gentle touch while also being very powerful! I would like to show you how to be a great lover for any woman. Can I talk about what would rock my boat?” she asked.

“Yes, sure, anything,” I kind of blurted out.

“I want to show you where the best sensations are for a woman, Okay?” she said. "Look, here, this is my vagina, these are my labia or lips, and this little man standing up in the boat is my clitoris, Okay?" she said as she freely touched and spread out the individual parts of her pussy. “Now they all have feelings, but there are important differences. Do you like this?” she said.

I honestly had never seen a pussy up close before as it had always been in the dark, and I was afraid to get caught looking. Now, it was in the light, close, and she wanted me to see and touch!

“Look how I part the outer lips and use my fingers to stimulate these inner labia. The most intense feeling is here in my clitoris, which is very sensitive, and you must be very gentle with it. If you do it right, I will reach a crisis quickly, and come. That would be very nice for me, and make me very happy. I like a light circular motion of your fingertips on my lips while you put your fingers deep in my vagina, in and out, and touch my clitoris tenderly at first. When you see it bulge, stand up and turn bright red, it’s ready to explode like a hand-grenade in my pussy! Okay? Would you mind trying it?”

I went to work immediately, rubbing, looking, feeling inside, and just touching these mysterious parts. The feelings were indescribably good for me, too. The parts felt different, with the lips soft, puffy, and resilient with slippery wetness. Deeper inside her vagina it felt mysterious and juicy, and swallowed my fingers like a hungry animal. It was dark red, the juices were thicker and warm, and the scent was strong and very exotic.

Oh my god, this felt so intimate and wonderful. My penis got much harder and more erect, standing right up against my belly, and became sensitive to the touch. I watched carefully as she guided me, but I could see right away that what she liked best were fingertips lightly brushing and teasing her clitoris, so I concentrated on doing that. And then I discovered something extra. If I held back on what she wanted, teasing her, it drove her crazy! She went nuts, begging me to do something, anything, while flailing her arms around!

Then she arched her back, closed her eyes, and started to breath with her mouth open in short, sharp gasps. She was shaking and squirming. She seemed to be on the verge of some sort of convulsion.

We spent what seemed like hours with me playing in her pussy, with her coming over and over again. Then she said, “Robb, I want you in me again, I want that sweet, hard, cock deep in my pussy, and I want you to fill me to the brim!”

I got on my knees between her outstretched legs and my cock bumped into her pussy lips. She gasped. I tried to bump her again, but it slid right in. The feeling of being inside her was beyond description. She was wet, very wet, enclosing and firm, and slippery, and when I pushed into her, I must have hit something special, because she let out another gasp and started to buck, squirm, and gyrate. The sounds were like a puppy getting stepped on - squeals, whimpers, and burbling cries.

I lost any sense of what to do, just started to thrust and drive my penis in and out hard, with my balls swinging and slapping her ass. Then she let out a sound that shook the walls, a long undulating high-pitched squeal at the top of her lungs. It was a cry for help and a scream of joy, completely free of any control. It was sheer pleasure. I never thought a person, a woman, would allow herself such pure pleasure. I was happy to be the giver of such abandon. I didn’t care a hoot that the other girls surely heard every sound we made.

She said that she would make sure I got at least as good as I gave, and boy was she right. With each of her orgasms, she used her fingers or her mouth to excite and satisfy me by sucking, stroking, or caressing my cock and parts of my body that I never think about as in play. The head of my penis was too tender after the third time to let her touch it with her fingers. Only her tongue would do. She had a way of keeping it, the strongly muscled performer of cock-pleasure, outside her mouth attacking my penis.

She said, “You know, I’ve had a great night of sex with you. I feel close to you, and maybe you feel a little something for me too, and I don’t want you to go home now. Please stay and sleep with me here. Tomorrow morning I’ll make breakfast for us. Plus, I want all the girls to meet you and see how sweet you are.”

My fear now was that these older, sophisticated women would easily see what an immature young guy I was, and laugh.

That morning-after, she did make us breakfast, and the girls did meet me, and yes they were older and sophisticated, but they were really nice, treating me like their kid brother. They were six unique women, as different from each other as could be, but they had some things in common. They were all sexy, beautiful, and I wanted every one of them.

Pixie was tiny, had curly blond hair, was vivacious, and never stopped talking.

Elin was tall, thin, quiet, the essential Scandinavian goddess. Her long, straight hair was so light that it was almost colorless. Her cheeks were the color of peaches, and her skin was smooth and light tan with a couple of freckles. She moved like she was lighter than air, just flowing across the room, and she smiled. She never stopped smiling and said nothing. Don’t let the thin fool you, though. Her breasts were full, firm, and articulated away from her lovely body, and had a little movement of their own.

Debbie was a big redhead, who had a secret, though I had no idea what was behind that nervous energy that made her swish her hips around, as if there was something left running in her pussy-garage.

Samantha was a strawberry-blond from the UK with a clipped, posh accent, big boobs, a fat ass, and a funny cute mouth. Her smile flashed, she giggled, and you were on fire.

Of course I had to be extra careful not to let Edie catch me looking at the obvious charms of these exciting women, while satisfying my burning need to check them out for my fantasies. This had been a dramatic day in my sex-life, and it promised not to stop anytime soon.

What could have motivated this obviously splendid woman to be here making bone-shaking sex with me? Certainly it wasn’t my approach, consummate experience, or skill as conqueror of her body. It seemed to me that what excited her about me was my appreciation of her as a unique and wonderful person, and my genuine attention to the tiny nuances of her sexual needs. Wow, would that be the same for other women? This flies in the face of everything I know about sex from reading, my buddies, and movies.

What started out as my wanting to score and feel her tits had become something different and important for me. I really liked her in a serious way and felt somehow connected and caring for her, and I didn’t care about the size of her breasts, only that she wanted them against me. In fact her body had ceased to be an object at all! It was just she.

As we were eating breakfast with Elin and Samantha, Edie said, “You know, there is nothing to stop you from loving any or all of these girls, too, assuming you found one interesting. They would love it, and I would certainly help you satisfy them too.”

As I recovered from nearly choking on my breakfast, I saw big, ear-to-ear grins on their faces, showing me that this was not a fantasy for them, after all. I was now informed about them in an amazing way which I needed to explore.

As I kissed Edie goodbye, long and deeply, and turned to leave, she said to me in a low voice, “Next time I’ll teach you what to do with your tongue.”

And when I went for the door, Elin came over to me, put her breast against me in a little hug, placed her long, pretty fingers on my ass, grabbed me, put her mouth on my ear, and whispered in that lilting Swedish accent, “Please call me, sweetie.”

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