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Fired Up

Inexperienced cheerleader walks in on squad mates fucking.
I tugged at the bottom of my skirt as I hopped up the stairs. I always felt self conscious wearing my short cheerleading uniform anywhere outside the gym. Even though the school was deserted at this hour, I worried someone would notice me in my revealing outfit.

As I walked through the empty halls on my way to the locker room, I could feel the evening air on the back of my thighs. Their bareness reminded me of cheer practice earlier that day when I had been lifting Marnie up into one of our usual stunts. I had noticed Peter's eyes lingering on my legs just long enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Marnie was head cheerleader, so I was used to her getting most of the attention. Especially since I was usually the one who lifted her. Also, I had been under the impression that she and Peter were dating. At least, that's what one of the other girls on the cheer squad had said while we were gossiping. It was always news when two members of the squad hooked up.

The only reason I was back at school at this late hour was that I had forgotten my French book in the locker room after practice. I was just going to go in and grab the book. Then, I'd make my way home so that I'd have enough time to finish my report for the next day.

When I entered the locker room, I noticed something weird on the floor. It was a pair of bright green lace panties, which I knew belonged to Marnie. I remembered seeing them underneath her cheerleading skirt as I had lifted her up into our usual stunts earlier that day. I thought it was strange that she'd forget such an item, but picked them up anyway, planning on returning them to her after our next practice.

I grabbed the book from my locker and slammed the door shut, ready to head home for the night. The metallic noise of the locker closing reverberated through the air.

I heard a voice call out from the adjacent shower room, "Is anyone there?"

Before I could answer, Marnie came pouncing into the locker room. She was wearing nothing but a bra, trying to cover up the rest of her body with her hands. She dropped them as soon as she saw it was me. We had showered together so many times after practice, I figured she didn't care if I saw her naked once more. Still, I liked seeing the way her nipples were perked up underneath her bra's sheer lace fabric.

She called out into the other room, "Don't worry it's just Stella!"

Her eyes immediately dropped to her panties, which were still in my hand. "The fuck are you doing with those?"

At that moment, Nico came prancing in after her, also nude. I was so surprised by the sight of his erect cock that I was unable to stammer any reply.

Noticing me staring at his body, Marnie said, "Oh and now you're checking out my man, too?"

His penis was much larger than I would have imagined. I shook my head to indicate that I had no interest in him.

Marnie just said, "It's OK, you can look."

She put her hand on his shoulder, continuing, "But wouldn't be a shame if you couldn't touch? It really is a beautiful cock? Don't you just want to kiss it? Slobber all over it?" She brought her hand down to his manhood, and started stroking it.

I watched as she rubbed his penis, whose tip glistened under the locker room's fluorescent lights.

Nico noticed me hesitating and said, "Oh, I think she wants to. But she's a virgin, isn't she? Are you a virgin?" he asked.

I nodded, wide-eyed.

Marnie laughed, "That's OK. You can come touch it if you want to. It won't hurt."

Still uncertain, I put my book and Marnie's panties on a nearby bench and approached.

Marnie took my hand and made me feel his warmth and hardness. "See? Doesn't that feel good?"

I nodded.

Se stroked my back over my cheerleading outfit. "We all just want to make each other feel good, don't we?" she asked.

I nodded again, his erect cock still in hand.

Marnie said, "Don't you want to taste it?"

I wasn't sure. I shrugged, and licked my lips.

"Oh," Marnie said, "Just watch me for a bit."

I removed my hand and watched her lick along the length of his shaft, covering it with her saliva. Then, she took the tip into her mouth, and started bobbing her head up and down along his pole. I looked on, aroused by the sound of their heavy breathing.

"My balls," Nico sighed.

Marnie motioned me over with one of her hands. Hesitantly, I started licking his testicles. Hearing Nico's soft groans, I started working with more enthusiasm.

Then, Marnie moved her mouth to one side of his dick, and I moved mine to the other side. We moved along each of its sides, pleasuring Nico as a team. Marnie caressed my breasts over my shirt as we both let out soft moans of arousal. We made eye contact, with Nico's stiff member being the only thing between out gaze.

As Nico approached climax, Marnie gently pushed me to the side, wanting to finish him off on her own. I sat on the nearby bench, watching his cock move between her lips. I was surprised by how much of it she could fit in her mouth, imagining it must have reached all the way to her throat.

I noticed Marnie had started stroking herself between her legs. As I looked at her, I started doing the same, but over my panties.

Eventually, Nico gasped, "Can I come on your face, baby?"

Marnie nodded, closing her eyes and opened her mouth. As she got covered in the white fluid oozing from the tip of Nico's dick, she swallowed every drop of it that got into her mouth.

Once he finished, Marnie stood and kissed Nico. "I'm going to wash off," she said, making her way to the bathroom.

Nico looked at me, still touching myself. "You liked that, didn't you?" he asked.

I nodded.

He said, "Why don't you get going? We'll do this again some other time."

I nodded once again. I took my book from the bench and left, hoping I'd still have enough time to finish my report once I got home.

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