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Flavors of Shadow

They decided it was a night for tasting the shadows.
Let me start by saying I am a slut. I absolutely love sex, and if I'm caught where I am in an exceptionally playful mood, I will be whatever you desire. Whoever you desire. And that is exactly why three of my friends came to my apartment late on Saturday night with a proposal I could not refuse.


It is a surprisingly cold night for Southern California, so I bundle myself up in a sweater and sweats as I sit on my couch and study...or attempt to study. That feeling starts to kick in; that one that has my insides on fire and my whole body aching for a fuck. Quick, long. I don't care, I just need it. I put my textbook and notebook on the table before shimmying my sweats off my waist. The cool air teases my pussy as I run my fingers very softly over my clit. I lean my head back and sigh as I feel the pleasure build. Just a quick cum and then I can study again...a knock interrupts my finger tease and I cuss. Another rap on the door has me running for shorts.

"Hang on! Hang on!" I holler as I pull cotton shorts on, not wanting the sexual restrictions of the sweats. I pop open my door and there stand David, Nathan, and Henry: three of my friends from my Anatomy class.

"Hey Shadow," David says with a smirk. He and I went out a couple times, and each date ended with a very happy ending. I know what he has on his mind when he gives me a smirk like that, "Were you studying for that exam tomorrow?" I blush lightly, knowing I was studying my own anatomy and not the damn textbook.

"Sort of," I reply, "Do you guys want to come in?"

They nod and walk into my apartment, shutting the freezing night out behind them. They all plop on the couch where I was previously, so I perch on the coffee table next to my books. I can tell by their eyes that NONE of them have studying on the brain, "Soooo what's up??" I ask as I cross my legs and stare at them.

"Well..." Nathan starts before clearing his throat, "David told us how good you were in bed and--"

"We don't believe him," Henry interrupts with narrowed eyes, making me laugh lightly.

"So you came here for a confession or something? Yes, David and I fucked so...?"

"Prove you are really as good as I know you are," David exclaims and his words instantly have me wet.


"Seriously," all three repeat before I grin from ear to ear. Oh, this is going to be so much fun. I uncross my legs and stand before unzipping my sweater slowly and tossing it off. I stand in front of them in my cotton shorts and black lace bra and I watch their eyes flicker over my body. My raven black hair tickles my lower back as I flick it off my breasts, exposing the full 34 C's to their eyes. I know I am pale, but the pale makes me exotic here in a sea of fake tan blonde bimbos.

"So which one of you would like proof first?" I murmur seductively. They all raise a hand and I chuckle. David has the most eager gleam in his eyes and bulge in his jeans, so I know I am saving him for last. For he is the reason I am here in the first place. "Hmm....Henry? How about you?" The shaggy blonde nods furiously before I straddle his lap and kiss him deeply. The other two watch as he runs his hands up and down my back, his tongue flicking in my mouth. He reaches for my shorts and instantly I slip off his lap.

"No, no no," I chime, "Not yet. You want this done right?" Henry nods again, and out of the corner of my eye, I see David narrow his eyes. Even he doesn't know what I have in store.

"We fuck. That is right, isn't it?" Henry rasps as his cock presses against his jeans, begging to be released. I smirk wickedly before leaning in and whispering,

"What is your fantasy?" His eyes widen before I give him a small nod. I mean exactly what I say.

"Well...I'm really turned on by the idea of having my secretary fuck me at work," he admits and I grin. Should've known. Henry is the owner of an entrepenaur company and only hires pretty women. Even his tech girl is a typical Barbie.

"Go over to the desk and have a seat. I will be right back," I murmur before I turn and go into my bedroom. I leave the door cracked so only David could see. I smirk at him over my shoulder before slowly, seductively, wiggling my shorts down my legs, exposing my perky butt to him before turning around. His eyes flicker with desire as I sit on the edge of my bed and spread my legs, tweaking my nipples as my fingers trace my lower lips. He gapes before I laugh lightly.

As he watches, I gently pull on black stockings, and then a pencil skirt with a button up blouse that you can clearly see my nipples through. I can tell by the time I slip into my lace stilettos that he is very hard, and very impatient with me. I am soooo gonna get it later, I think happily. He fucks best when frustrated because he isn't afraid to be rough with me.

I step out of the room with a handful of papers and walk right past David and Nathan to Henry sitting at the desk. He watches me approach with wide eyes filled with desire. I put on my best sweet girl pout before clearing my throat.

"Um, boss? I need you to sign these reports for tomorrow's meeting...they are very important," I improvise as I set the papers on the desk, leaning over as I do so. He brushes his hand up my thigh, his fantasy suddenly coming to life.

"You better give me a good reason why your pretty little ass is bringing them to me at the end of the day," he growls before pinching my ass. I squeal and look shocked though my pussy really wants to be fucked already.

"Sir, you told have them later today. You never said when," He shakes his head disapprovingly even though his hand is still stroking my thigh.

"What must I do to get you to sign these forms?" I ask.

There it is. The magic question that puts him in charge of his fantasy and all that he wants me to do. I watch as a grin crawls over his face, and I think he may just cum with excitement.

"Suck my cock," he orders as he roughly forces me to my knees. I look reluctantly up at him with that same perky pout before reaching slowly for his zipper. I release his already hard throbbing cock as he undoes the top buttons of my blouse to expose my breasts. I moan with pleasure as he teases my nipples with his fingers. I suck on his cock like a good girl, but it is over too fast as his cum fills my throat and I swallow it.

"Now will you sign...?" I ask, and he shakes his head.

"Get your clothes off and your ass on the desk," he commands as he pulls off his jeans and shirt. I slowly unbutton the rest of my blouse and slide my pencil skirt off until I am standing in front of him in just my stockings. I slip on the edge of the desk and spread my legs as he gets his cock hard again with his hand. I stroke my pussy as I wait, but he instantly thrusts two fingers into my wet folds, making me sigh with pleasure. As he masturbates, he strokes deep into me, hitting that very pleasurable spot. Soon, I am cumming, my juices dripping from my pussy onto his hand and the desk.

"Good girl..." I hear from the couch but I am distracted by the cock stuffed into my pussy. Henry thrusts hard and fast and within minutes he cums on my stomach.

"Oh fuck...Shadow that really was amazing," he says after wiping his cum off his cock and my body. He kisses me gently before going to the bathroom to shower.

"Nathan, that makes you next," I chime after wiping myself down and going over to him naked, "What is your lovely fantasy?"

"I really am turned on by that temptress stranger approaching me just for a fuck," he says with a shrug, "I'm simple," I smile and hold up a finger before going to my room and grabbing my favorite wrap dress that ties together in the back, exposing my tattoos.

"Go over to the window and wait for three minutes," I order from the room. As he waits, I straighten up my hair and make sure the cum is all off of me.

I walk out of my room to the living area where David sits and I see his eyes widen at the temptress look in my eyes. Nathan is looking out the window as I requested, and quietly I sneak up behind him and wrap my hand around his mouth. He pretends to fight me off, but I spin him around and let him get a good look at me. He smirks as I take his hand and set it on my breasts before kissing him deeply.

He takes over with the fondling from there and pinches my nipples through my thin dress. He presses me up against the wall and runs his hands up my thighs to where my wet pussy waits. He strokes it gently before lifting me higher so he can kiss my breasts. He unties the dress and it instantly falls off of me, leaving me to his touches. He licks my nipples while interchangeably nipping at them. I moan lightly as he continues to stroke my pussy, though I want more. I slip out of his grasp and lead him towards the coffee table where I lay down in front of him AND David. Nathan gets the idea and immediately kneels so he can lick my pussy. He swirls his tongue over my clit before biting down gently, making me squeal with delight. Before I cum, he stops and sticks his hard cock deep into my pussy and within a few thrusts, he too is cumming on my stomach.

"Sorry...I'm not usually that quick," he rasps as he wipes off with a towel.

"You probably haven't been given your fantasies before either," I retort as he hands me the towel. He laughs and agrees before him and Nathan wander out of the apartment with satisfied grins on their faces. I lay with my head hanging over the edge of the coffee table and stare at David.

"I think I proved to them you were right," I say as I watch his lips smirk lightly.

"How come you've never done that with me?" he asks before I sit up.

"The fantasies thing? I dunno...I never had to prove myself to you so I never asked," I reply as he runs his hands over my knees and spreads my legs. His fingers creep into my pussy and instantly hit that pleasure spot, which has me moaning.

"Oh, the things we would end up doing..." he absentmindedly mutters as he continues to thrust his fingers into my pussy.

"Such as...?" I breathlessly ask as he builds my desires.

"Raincheck on that, sweetheart," David whispers in my ear as I cum on his fingers.


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