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Friends With Benefits Begins

When I needed it the most, a friend fucks the hell out of me!
episode #15

This follows Revenge Sex Gangbang as my true college adventures continue...

I could not get Jennifer out of my head. I thought something was bad wrong with me because I was so sexually aroused when I saw Jennifer in that gangbang. Those feelings of arousal tormented me. Still I was deeply angered and felt completely betrayed.

My mom and Jennifer’s mom, being very close friends, were both devastated by the news that Jennifer and I had broken up. Of course they did not know the details and all I told my mom is that it was over and done. I told her that Jennifer and I would never get back together and at that time I really meant it.

With my college over for the summer I went home for a week and worked with my uncle on repainting my Nissan Pathfinder, which we had been totally restoring over the last year and a half, and we also finished restoring my old 1980s Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle. It was good for my mental state to have some constructive projects going because of the overwhelming feeling of depression and despair that had come over me.

After finishing those projects I went back to Athens, where my buddy Chip and I were moving into a rental house. We were going to repaint, re-roof and do all kinds of repairs in exchange for several months of free rent. Later our other closest buddy Vic decided to join us in this venture. We would end up living in that rental house for the last two years of our college careers and it would be the scene of many great parties and memories.

Chip and I also had a great summer job offer from a friend of Chip’s dad. We sold an industrial product to businesses on commission. It turned out to be much more financially lucrative than we had expected or even imagined and funded many parties to come.

One month into the summer I still had not hooked up with any girls at all. All I did was work Monday through Friday with Chip making sales calls and deliveries. Every evening and every weekend we worked painting and remodeling that old house.

Chip also brought in a great home gym weight lifting system that we set up in the dining room, turning it into a little gym and I set up my bench press with metal free weights on the back porch. Every spare minute we lifted weights and exercised. This all helped keep my mind off Jennifer and the fact that I was completely heart broken.

My good friend Katie, whose parents had just left to go on a year long around-the-world cruise, was staying the summer with her aunt, a divorced MILF that lived about twenty minutes north of Athens in Jefferson. Katie was spending the summer working as a waitress at a restaurant in Athens.

Katie had come by to visit me and Chip a few times. Her “back home” boyfriend was playing summer baseball in the Carolinas. Having a regular boyfriend had never stopped Katie from dating around though.

Katie texted me one day to find out if I was going to be in town that weekend. I texted her back telling her that I would be staying in Athens and working on the house by myself that weekend because Chip had some other things to attend to and Vic would just be there during the day Saturday. I did not hear back so I thought she might just drop by to say hello later, but of course did not know for sure.

Katie is fairly petite, has a very pretty face with one of the sweetest smiles you could ever see. She usually wears her sandy blonde hair medium to short and she is quite dainty. Katie has a super sweet personality and she was the one that everyone in our gang went to with their problems.

Katie had been a great friend to me ever since we first met as freshmen and she had spent hours on the phone talking to me after Jennifer and I broke up. I of course had not mentioned Jennifer's gangbang to anyone, especially the fact that had I watched through the window.

The next Saturday I painted outside all day and after dark worked on cleaning and repairing the bathroom tile. It was terribly hot and we had not put in window air conditioners yet. That evening I showered and went to bed in my room. I was sleeping on an air mattress on the floor next to an oscillating fan.

Some car lights in the driveway woke me up. I then heard footsteps come up the front steps. They sounded like female footsteps and then I heard a little knock at the door. I turned on the porch light and saw Katie standing there with a raincoat on. That was quite surprising since it had not rained in two weeks and rain was not expected anytime soon.

I opened the door and Katie came in smiling and asked, “Did I scare you coming over this late?”

All I could say was, “Is it raining or something?”

She laughed and grabbed my mouth squeezing my lips together with her hand like I was a small child and said, “No silly! Are you awake yet?”

“I think so,” I replied.

“Good!” said Katie and she walked across the room toward the little hallway and turned and looked at me asking, “Which room is yours?”

I pointed toward the hall and said, “First door on the left.”

Katie walked over to the door, looked in and giggled, “An air mattress?”

“Yea, that’s it for right now,” I said and laughed.

“Well,” Katie said and she looked at me seductively with her big blue eyes.

Katie and I were great friends but I did not have a clue what she was up to and found myself very intrigued by the playful mischievous attitude she was portraying.

Katie removed the raincoat and as it fell to the floor I saw that other than her shoes, she did not have anything on at all.

That really took me by surprise and I just stood there looking at Katie’s hot sexy petite naked slim body, clean shaven little pussy and small titties. (I love any titties but I really do think small ones are sexy as hell.)

Katie then looked at me nodded her head expressively and said, “Well, you’ve got a naked girl standing here, are you gonna do anything about it?”

I finally said, “Oh hell yea!”

I eagerly walked over to Katie and easily picked her up in my arms and carried her through the door gently laying her down on my air mattress. I then went over and turned off the living room light as there were no curtains or shades in the house yet. The almost full moon coming through the windows supplied plenty of light to see inside that night.

Katie and I started kissing passionately and I discovered Katie to be one really great kisser. She gently bit my lower lip and slightly scraped my tongue with her teeth before sucking my tongue sensually.

“Did I surprise you,” she asked me.

I replied, “Totally!”

Katie said to me, “You are probably my closest male friend, you’re good looking and have a hot body so why shouldn’t I enjoy you TOTALLY every now and then?”

I replied, “You TOTALLY should just do that!”

Katie then ran her tongue slowly in one long sweep down my chest, down my belly until she got to my cock, slid it around my cock and then slowly down my balls, tongued my scrotum and slowly back up my balls until she was sucking my cock. I just lay there moaning in complete ecstasy.

After a long slow wet blow job from her I told her that she had to let me “taste her.”

Katie lay back and spread her legs apart and I could see her little pussy lips in the moonlight. I sucked her titty nipples while I slowly started to finger fuck her. Katie’s pussy felt small and tight. I kissed down her belly until I was licking sucking on her clit. It was so small and her pussy lips were also small but by that time very wet.

My fingers were inside her while I licked and sucked her pussy. I savored the ever so slightly salty and pungent pussy taste. Katie’s body quivered as I licked her and worked my fingers inside her very wet vagina.

She grabbed my head hard and a few times squeezed my ears tight while I continued to lick her. If my hair had not been cut really short I am sure she would have pulled some out. Her body rotated back and forth as I licked and licked her wet little pussy and worked my fingers in and out of her.

At one point she slightly pushed my head away quickly shouting out, “Oh stop now, I’m cumming!”

Once she had regained her composure Katie said, “Oh wow! You’re really good at that, I wished we done this sooner,”

I got on top of her and started to push my dick in her. Katie said, “Wait, let me get on top so I can get you in slowly. Your dick is big.”

I know I do not have a porn size dick, but I knew it was big enough to not feel slighted in the showers after football ball games and practice in high school. And I really did enjoy her saying that.

I said, “It’s not that big.”

Katie said, “It seems big to me.”

Katie sure knew how to give me an ego boost.

She got on top of me and slowly she pushed my dick in her. Katie's pussy felt exceptionally tight tight, so I presumed that my cock did seem big to her. She certainly was very wet.

Finally she had me inside her enough to slowly start going up and down on me. She was very juicy but still so extremely tight. It took awhile before she really had me all the way in her and she finally was fucking me at a very good pace.

Soon I could tell Katie was really enjoying it. She was panting heavily and saying, “oh god this is good.”

She put her mouth to my ear and panted out, “Do you have any idea how great you feel to me?”

I told her that she is the one that felt so great. And I was not lying. Katie’s small pussy felt so amazing clamped so tightly around my cock.

She fucked me cowgirl for a long time. Her amazing pussy felt so good that I had to mentally focus to keep from cumming too soon and just before we had a chance to change positions I did cum quicker than I wanted to.

She lay with her head on my chest for several minutes while we let the fan cool us off. Katie took the opportunity to tell me about this guy she worked with that she had been seeing. She also said that her family still was putting pressure on her to get engaged to her “back home” boyfriend, whose family is really close to hers and how she was so glad that he went to a college pretty far away.

I just stroked her gently as she talked and told her that her friends were here for her if she ever decided to end it with that guy. (I had met him, he was a nice enough guy, it was just that Katie didn’t love him.)

Then I finally asked if she’d like to go again. Katie sat up real perky and said with her sexy southern drawl, “Why yes I would!”

Immediately she went down on me again licking me until my cock was completely erect again.

I asked her, “Would you like me on top this time?”

Katie eagerly said, “Yea!”

I felt of her pussy and it was very wet. Katie spread her legs and I slowly pushed myself into her pussy as she held her hand against my abdomen as if to stop me from going in too fast and saying, “oh yes, yea, slow, yea, yea.”

Once I was all the way in Katie said, “Okay!”

Soon I was fucking her at a steady pace but not too hard because she was so tight and so petite. I was trying to move myself around in her rather than pound her.

After awhile Katie said, “You can fuck me harder now!”

I held her legs up high and started fucking her deep and hard.

Katie yelled out, “Oh yes! Oh god this is great! Yes! Fuck Me!”

After several minutes of that I decided to have her get on top of me the way I had learned from Steffi at spring break. I slid the mattress up against the wall and sat back using the wall as a back rest and told Katie to sit on me.

I held her up and let her down onto my lap. She used her hand to guide my dick into her pussy and took me in, sitting on her knees spread out on either side, facing me, her little breasts right at my chin level. First I leaned into her sucking her nipples then pulling her face toward mine I kissed her really deep and then she started to grind on me.

Katie had never done that version of cowgirl before and she said, “I like this!”

I squeezed my left hand between us and used my thumb on my that hand to massage her clit as she moved up and down on me and I used my right hand and fingers to stroke her back and butt cheeks and every now and then pull her tight against me.

Katie yelled out, “Oh shit! I’m cumming!”

I said, “Don’t stop because I’m about to cum too!”

I felt my orgasm build up and explode into Katie’s pussy as she was grinding on my cock. Her body felt like it quivered and spasmed as she was cumming herself.

Then Katie collapsed in my arms and we quietly cuddled for several minutes. And after a while Katie told to me that she knew I’d be good in bed.

I asked, “Why did you think that?”

Katie said, “Some people talk.”

“Some people?” I asked.

Katie said, “Well, you know.”

“I do?” I asked.

She said, “Jennifer used brag about you to the other girls a lot.”

I just said sarcastically, “Oh her? Okay, I’m glad she thought so.”

Katie laying here with her arm across my chest and her chin laying over it looked at me with her big blue eyes using one hand to slightly tug at my ear and giggled.

Then she said, “You’ve got lots of friends you know. AND you really are good in bed and that’s good to know because I will be acting on that knowledge in the future.”

Then Katie quickly jumped up on me, kissed me, pulled my arm over her to snuggle her and said, “good night, sweet dreams!” And we soon fell to sleep.

I had more hot sex romps with Katie that summer but one time turned out to be very funny. Katie came by late one night and brought along a cute girl she worked with at the restaurant and they also brought two 12-packs of cold beer. Her friend hooked up with my buddy Chip.

Katie and I had of curse ended up in my bedroom and her friend in Chip’s bedroom. After Katie and I finished we could faintly hear Chip and the other girl still having sex in his room. Katie opened the door to my closet and put her ear next to the wall against Chip’s room to listen, so did I. That girl was wild and loud and the the things she said were really funny and had Katie and I laughing hard.

Katie’s friend kept yelling at Chip, “Fuck me hard you Beast! You’re my Tiger!”

She also had a sex moan that sounded like she was gargling mouthwash. We laughed so hard but tried not to make any noise so they wouldn’t hear us.

For the rest of the summer Katie and I teased Chip calling him Beast and Tiger. He just laughed and called us “perverted assholes” for listening through the wall.

Katie and I continued to be great friends and took advantage of the ‘benefits’ we offered each other as friends for some time. It was the beginning of a new stage in my college sex life, the friends with benefits stage.

My next story is a continuation of this stage and one of my all time favorite sexual experiences. Look for my next story to be posted soon. It will be called The Menage-A-Trois!
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