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Funny Sex Games and Sex on the Lake

A gang of college friends have a fun crazy day boating on the lake
(episode 7)

Over the summer break after my freshman year at UGA I was working full time in a grocery store to earn spending money for the next school year. I would see my girlfriend, Jennifer on my days off, either going to her house in Atlanta or she would drive up to see me. We’d often would go out on the lake skiing, using my dad’s smaller ski boat.

One weekend I was able to borrow my dad’s large boat for the day. Jennifer and I had several friends who were dating each other at the time join us, Chase and Rachel, Brittany and Chip along with Vic and Kelli.

We got started mid-morning and planned to stay out until late that evening. We brought along three large ice coolers full of sandwiches, colas, chips, dip and other snacks. But no beer! My dad had been emphatic that we were to have no beer on his boat!

The girls were super hot looking and wearing tiny bikinis. Of course they looked great with their summer tans! Brittany had just got a new tattoo that was on her lower back and fairly large. Also, Kelli had just been tattooed on her lower back and told us about how pissed off her parents had been. I didn’t have a tattoo at that time but my friends Chase and Chip had small tattoos on their upper arms and Vic had two tattoos.

At first we kept seeing people I knew out on the lake, especially my parent’s friends. So I decided to take us farther up the lake to where I knew of some secluded coves where we could have a little more privacy.

We mainly were just hanging out getting sun, snacking on food and cutting up while we cruised along in the boat, mainly discussing Brittany and Kelli’s new tattoos. I finally found a great secluded cove and anchored.

We were just chillin’ when the girls decided to go topless. I was practically speechless because they all looked so hot, especially after they put on some suntan lotion and made their titties and upper bodies all wet and shiny looking.
After awhile we all dove in the water and swam for a while. The water felt nice and cool. Chase did have some bourbon so we all mixed it with cola and drank that. There was just enough for us to get buzzed but not really drunk. But Vic did have a couple of joints for us all to smoke as he kept us entertained with his stories. Vic has a vivacious outgoing personality and is always the "life of the party."

The girls going topless was definitely getting everyone horny and to add to the intensity we decided to play some games similar to some we’ve seen watching MTV’s Spring Break on television. Chip had some dice and poker cards so we came up the idea of playing black jack and tossing dice with the losers having to do some crazy things.

First we tossed dice with the guy and girl with the worst scores having to go below and put on each other swimsuits and come back up in 60 seconds. Brittany and I were the two losers so we ran below and yanked our suits off as fast as possible. I quickly noticed that the new lower back tattoo wasn’t Brittany ‘s only one. She had a really little red heart with a black arrow through it tattooed just next to her pussy, her bikini bottom just barely covered it.

I scrambled to squeeze Brittany’s bottoms on. They were too tight and squeezing my dick and balls, and I had to hold my hand over myself, her top just draped over my shoulders. Of course my swim trunks were the typical knee length baggy shorts style that all young American guys wear and Brittany had no problem sliding into those.

We reappeared on deck to much laughter, all of it directed at me. Then I decided to deflect some and told everybody that Brittany had another tattoo she hadn’t told us about. They all wanted to see it and when she refused until we all started chanting, “Brittany! Brittany!” over and over. Then it was really great when she finally relented — standing right there on the deck she dropped my shorts around her ankles and did a funky pose and motioned with both hands pointing at her pussy tattoo. We were all yelling and cheering! Then Brittany and I went below and traded swimsuits and hurried back up with our own swim suits on.

Next we played black jack with the cards. Chase and Rachel lost and had to skinny dip for 10 minutes. We were all yelling and having fun laughing while they got naked and jumped in the water.

While treading water Chase rolled over with just his ass floating above the water to moon everyone! As he did that another boat trolled by slowly. We waved and acted like we were going to get them to pull alongside just to scare Chase and Rachel.

Then we decided to try the whipped cream idea we saw on MTV. We rolled dice to see who all would have to make whipped cream bathing suits. We decided that the three worst rolls would have to go below and come back up with nothing on but whipped cream bikinis/bathing suits. Brittany lost again! That was so funny and we all laughed hysterically.

Brittany, Kelli and Chip had all rolled the worst dice and went below and it was hilarious when they came back up on deck seeing them wearing nothing but whipped cream. We made them all dance for us. The sun quickly melted the whipped cream and they kept trying to re-spray it back on until the can was empty. The melted whipped cream exposed their parts and was making a mess all over them. Finally they got their swimsuits and jumped in the lake to wash the messy melted whipped cream off and put their bikinis/swim trucks back on.

Jennifer and Rachel had caught all of our games on their video/camera phones that day and later distributed a copy to each of us via phone/email. After those games we kicked back for a few minutes.

By that time I was really horny and could tell that Jennifer was too. I suggested to Jennifer that she and I go below for a quickie. There is a little bunk area below deck with two small bunks on each side of the room. I informed the rest that Jennifer and I were going below and the rest of them could just wait their turn.

We laughed and headed below. We were both so horny!!! We immediately started deep tongue kissing while at the same time pulling our bottoms off. I thought Jennifer would suck my tongue right out of me head (always a sign that she was extra horny!) I picked up Jennifer and lay her on a bunk, spread her legs out and just buried my face into her pussy which she had recently completely shaved. She was really wet and tasted fantastic.

I licked her until was she was cumming and she started pushing my head away. After a minute or so for her to recover she started sucking my cock. She loved to make this little popping noise as she would suck on me hard with a lot of suction while looking in to my eyes and then pull her mouth off of my cock suddenly and make a pop noise then she’d smile at me and start licking at my scrotum and come slowly up and she loved to wiggle and flick her tongue on the top of my cock. It felt so damn good!

After sucking me she crawled up on me and started fucking me cowgirl, riding me and grinding around on me. She fingered herself as she was grinding on top of me. Finally we finished up in kind of a missionary position with Jennifer’s legs spread super wide and me holding them up and backwards so I could get a really deep penetration and was fucking her really hard.

I remember that it was such an incredible relief to cum in her. We lay there for just a short while to catch our breath. I pulled my trunks on while Jennifer put her bikini on and we went back up on deck.

The gang was all chanting mine and Jennifer’s names and laughing. Kelli and Vic then hurried below. The others were yelling at them to be quick and laughing. The rest told us that they had all rolled dice to come up with an order of who all goes next. That was so funny!

Vic and Kelli made quite a bit of noise while fucking, so we turned down our music and listened. Actually we did this for everyone but no one matched those two for making sex noises. After Vic and Kelli came back up and it was Chip and Brittany’s turn to go below.

While they were below fucking, Jennifer and Rachel came up with the idea of trying to video them through the port hole. So they had us guys hold their legs while they both hung over the side upside down to get their camera/video phones by the window. We didn’t know until we reviewed the videos that Chip and Brittany saw that right away and Brittany squeezed her titties and stuck out her tongue out the window at the cameras then closed the curtain. Of course that was really funny to us and we all had a great laugh.

After Chip and Brittany had their turn below, Chase and Rachel went last and of course we were all chanting their names and laughing.

Afterward, we all voted Vic and Kelli the “loudest fuck of the day”. Then we all hung around on deck until it was dark and went to a restaurant located at a marina and ate supper before calling it an evening. Before we split, we all made plans to have a camping and fishing trip in the mountains two weeks from then.
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