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Getting in to the Frat Party (Part 1)

Two college roommates have to work to get in to the party of the year
This story took place my sophomore year of college. It was one of the first weekends of the year, and that Saturday night one of the biggest fraternities on campus was throwing their annual “Welcome Back” party that’s always one of the craziest of the year. The previous year (my freshman year) I heard all about it afterward and saw pictures all over Facebook, but didn’t go since I didn’t know about it beforehand (that’s what happens when you’re a freshman, I guess). Anyway, come sophomore year, my roommate and I were determined to go.

The problem was—and this explains our absence the previous year as well—was that neither of us were Greek, and neither of us knew many people who were. So we’d have to show up at the door and hope being hott girls would be enough to get us in.

So we both left our dorm that night looking as sexy as we could. My roommate, Lisa, was wearing a pair of short jean shorts and a cute dark green polo shirt. She’s only 5 feet tall, but her boobs are disproportionately large, probably about a C cup. She has dark blonde hair that falls well below her shoulders, and a flat tummy. Her short thin legs were very well tanned, and her ass looked incredible in her little shorts.

I on the other hand am about 8 inches taller than Lisa, but with slightly smaller boobs. My legs make up for it though, and I decided to take advantage by wearing a jean mini skirt. It was short enough to show off my long tan legs, but not so short that nothing was left to the imagination. Since I’m only a small B cup, I didn’t have a ton of cleavage to show off, but decided to wear a teal spaghetti strap top that showed off my perky tits and toned arms. I have shoulder length brown hair, an equally flat tummy (Lisa and I go to the gym together 4-5 times a week), and I’ve been told by several guys that I have a “bodacious” booty.

We made the ten minute walk off campus to the fraternity house, and you could hear the music from several blocks away. Several people were in the front yard, drinking and playing games. A line was formed at the door, and we could tell it was already packed inside. Our lack of connections to anyone in the fraternity was gonna hurt our chances to get in, and our being hott, girls wasn’t going to help much since the place was full of sorority girls, most of whom were at least as hott as us, and all of whom the guys hosting the party actually knew.

We finally made our way to the front of the line after several people—mostly groups of non-Greek guys and freshmen—were turned away. Working the door was some guy in the fraternity named Jason. He was about 6’2, with brown hair and a beard. He was dressed in a polo, khaki shorts, and boat shoes, giving him something in common with almost every other guy there.

Jason asked us our names, what sorority we were in, and what year we were. Once we told him (Jessica and Lisa, none, sophomores), he called over one of his brothers who had been a few feet away. They mumbled to each other, and eventually Jason turned back to us. “Okay ladies, you’re both really cute and we want you in our party. But it’s the party of the year, and, as you can see, it’s really crowded, so you’re gonna have to show us you belong. Follow my brother Marcus up these stairs and he’ll explain.” Lisa and I both exchanged slightly nervous glances, but neither Jason nor Marcus seemed at all creepy or threatening, and we really wanted in the party, so we followed.

We went up the stairs and entered the first room on the left, which appeared to be someone’s bedroom. There were 3 guys waiting for us. Nicholas was very tall and skinny, with almost black spiked hair. Chris was slightly shorter and much thicker, almost like a lineman; he had brown hair combed to the side with some scruff. Ben was shorter and really skinny, with shaggy blonde hair. And Marcus, the guy who led us up the stairs, was black and about Chris’s height, but much more muscular and toned. Chris and Ben were on the edge of the bed several feet apart; Nicholas was sitting on the desk chair.

Once we got there, Marcus closed the door and motioned for us to stand in front of the dresser, facing the bed and chair, and he took a seat in another chair on the other side of Chris and Ben. Lisa and I took a few steps and stood where he said, and looked at the four guys with a mix of confusion and nervousness.

Chris broke the silence. “Okay ladies, welcome to the audition room. My name’s Chris, this is Ben, and that’s Nicholas on the chair. Of course you already met Marcus. We’re all members of this fraternity and we’re in charge of determining who gets in to our parties and who doesn’t.” His tone was friendly and almost flirty, but still authoritative.

He then asked what our names were. I spoke up. “My name is Jessica, and this is my roommate Lisa. We’re sophomores.”

Ben then said “Roommates, huh? You guys just start living together this year, or did you live together last year too?”

Lisa answered by saying this was our first year living together, but we’d been friends last year.

Nicholas seemed intrigued. “Have you ever done anything together?” he asked in a way that made it impossible to tell if he was joking or serious. We both giggled anxiously and asked what he meant. “Well, have you ever kissed?” he asked.

Lisa and I exchanged nervous glances and told him we hadn’t.

Nicholas responded “Well, maybe you should right now.” The other three guys all mumbled in agreement.

I then asked, “If we kiss for you, will that get us in the party?”

“It’ll be a good start,” Marcus responded.

I looked over at Lisa. “May as well,” I shrugged. She gave me a nervous nod, and leaned in. I leaned in too, placing one hand on her shoulder, and gave her a quick peck on the lips, my first time kissing a girl. I have to admit, her lips tasted good.

Nicholas wasn’t satisfied. “No, no, actually kiss for a few seconds. Not just a quick peck.”

We both sighed and looked at each other, and decided to do as he said; it seemed harmless, and we both really wanted to get into the party (and out of that room). We made out with each other for about 5 seconds, then stopped, giggled, and looked at the guys.

“Good enough? Can we go down to the party?” Lisa asked.

Chris shook his head. “Ladies, that was awesome. You both seem like a lot of fun. And you’re both really cute. But…..we need to see a little more.”

Both of us sighed in frustration. “Like what?” I asked, trying to hide my nervousness.

Chris responded. “We’re going to need to see some boobs.”

Both of us gasped. “Really?” Lisa asked.

Marcus answered. “Yes. There’s a ton of hott ladies down there. We need to make sure you’re up to the standard.”

Lisa and I looked at each other again. She looked less nervous than I felt, but she also had bigger boobs to show off. I’d never seen her naked, but the idea of seeing her boobs was kind of getting me excited; I’ve always wondered what they looked like, ever since I first saw her (in a low cut top) in History 101 the previous August.

“I will if you will,” she muttered to me.

I’d never flashed anyone before, but I reluctantly said okay, then turned to the guys and said it’d only be a quick flash. They concurred, but said we should each take our bra off first to make it easier to flash them. We agreed. Lisa, in her polo, had a much easier time taking hers off without accidentally giving the guys a premature flash; I had to turn around since my tank top was much more revealing, and it was impossible to take my strapless bra off without at least one boob popping out. Eventually, we both got situated, and tossed our bras (hers a lacy black one, mine a strapless light blue one) to the side.

“Okay, just a quick, two second flash,” I reiterated, then looked over at Lisa and gave her a nod. We both then exposed our tits, Lisa by lifting her polo shirt up, me by pulling my top down. I didn’t want to look at the guys while I flashed them, so I obviously instead looked at Lisa’s boobs. They were amazing. A full C-cup easily, but, at twenty years old, still perfectly perky. She had puffy light pink nipples with medium sized areola; as someone who has always been a bit bi-curious (but never done anything with a girl), I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to suck on them.

After a few seconds of flashing (which seemed like an eternity), I looked up at Lisa’s face and noticed her staring at my chest. She must have been looking at my tits while I was looking at hers. I wondered if she liked mine as much as I liked hers. Mine obviously aren’t as big, but I think they’re really perky, and my ex-boyfriends have loved playing with them. My nipples are a darker shade of pink than hers, and my areola are comparatively smaller and less puffy; however my nipples are longer and were, at this point, pretty hard.

We both looked back at the guys, and they all had satisfied smiles on their faces. “You guys like that?” Lisa asked in a flirty voice. The guys all nodded and mumbled that they did. “So we can go downstairs now?” she asked in the same tone.

Ben responded this time. “That was absolutely incredible, girls. You both have tits that are beyond sexy enough to get into our party.” Lisa and I exchanged glances that were equal parts relieved and flattered. “But…,” Ben went on, “Not every guy is a boob man.”

“Oh God,” I muttered.

“Yep,” Ben said, knowing we both knew what was coming next. “We need you girls to turn around, and show us your asses. Just to make sure they’re as sexy as your tits.”

I’d been reluctant to show off my boobs, but I was feeling kind of adventurous at this point. Plus, I’ve always thought my butt was my best asset. Lisa and I looked at each other again. “We already showed them our tits. We may as well keep going. This isn’t even as revealing,” I said, laughing. I could tell she secretly wanted to see my ass, the same way I had wanted to see her tits.

“Easy for you to say with your bubble butt,” Lisa said to me, laughing. “But fine. This is it though, guys,” she said to the group. They nodded but seemed non-committal.

We both turned around to face the dresser and wall so our backs were to the four guys. I gave Lisa a second to unsnap her jean shorts, while I reached around and grabbed the bottom of my skirt. I was so glad I’d worn my hot pink thong that really made my ass look incredible.

“Okay, on three,” I said. “And only for a few seconds,” I said to her, but really for the guys to hear. I counted to three and raised my skirt to the top of my ass while Lisa dropped her pants to just below her butt cheeks. I again couldn’t resist the urge to check her out. While her ass wasn’t quite as bubbly as mine, it was still very toned, and looked great in the tight lacy purple panties she had covering about two-thirds of her ass. We both had our backs arched a bit to give the guys (and each other) a better view.

After a few seconds of mooning, we both adjusted our bottoms, me pulling my skirt back down, Lisa pulling her jean shorts back up. I asked, “All right guys, are our asses as nice as our tits?”

Ben immediately spoke up. “Holy fuck, yes.” I could tell he was the resident ass-man of the group.

“Good,” I responded in a flirty tone. “So we can go downstairs now, right?” I asked while Lisa was finishing up buttoning her shorts.

“Not so fast, ladies,” Nicholas said. “Lisa, you may as well leave those unbuttoned.”

I was not happy about this, since they said we could go after we showed them our asses. “What else could you want to see? Every guy—boob man or ass man—at this party is going to want us.”

“That’s true,” Nicholas responded. “That’s very true. And you ladies seem like you like to have a good time. And you may go home with one of our guests tonight, maybe even one of our brothers. And who knows what’ll happen then. We want to be sure whoever you go home with won’t be disappointed.”

“And how will you be sure of that?” Lisa asked, her jean shorts pulled up and zipped, but still unbuttoned.

“Well…” Nicholas said, then hesitated for a second. “We’re gonna need to see your pussies.”

Lisa and I both had looks of shock on our face, as we went from looking at Nicholas, to each other, to the guys again.

“That….that’s a lot to ask of us,” Lisa said.

“Yeah, having us kiss and show our tits and asses was one thing,” I added.

After a second of silence, Marcus chimed in. “Come on ladies, it’s the party of the year down there. You’ve already come this far. This is the last thing you have to do to get in.”

“But….we’re hot,” Lisa said bashfully.

“You are,” Chris responded. “And we’re just trying to make it so much hotter.”

I looked at Lisa. She looked incredibly nervous, but still a little turned on, like she wanted to do it but needed to be talked into it.

“We may as well,” I told her, trying to sound brave. “They’ve already seen our tits and asses. If we leave now then we showed them all that for nothing, and we’ll have nothing to do since everyone’s at this party. It’s only a pussy, and it’ll only be for a second.”

Lisa thought it over for a few seconds, then reluctantly nodded at me. “Okay, fine.”

“I’ll only do it if you’re comfortable with it, Lisa. I don’t want to pressure you into it.”

“No, no…I’ll do it. Not like it’s something a guy’s never seen before,” she said, almost seductively. She then leaned in and whispered so only I could hear her. “Plus, I’m really curious what yours looks like. I’ve never seen another girl’s before. I’ve been dying to see it since we moved in.” My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head. I had no idea Lisa was as curious about other girls as I was. It was then that I realized that this night—and the rest of this school year living with her—could end up being a lot of fun.

I turned to the guys. “All right, we’ll do it.” They all moved to the edge of their seats. I lifted my skirt up so the bottom of the skirt was higher than the top of my panties, while Lisa slipped her shorts down to her knees. Lisa and I exchanged one more nervous, excited glance while the guys were staring at our crotches. On three, we each pulled our panties down a few inches.

The guys again gasped, even louder than they had when we flashed and mooned them. Even for good-looking frat guys, it’s not every day you get two hott twenty-year-olds to show you their pussies. I obviously looked over at Lisa’s, curious to see my first pussy other than my own. As I expected, she shaved her pussy; my pussy was completely bald too, as always. Her lips looked to be a little more closed and puffier than mine; my pussy was more open with thinner protruding lips. And, after a few seconds of staring at her beautiful pussy, I noticed just a hint of wetness. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one of us getting a little turned on by putting on this show.

After a few seconds (though longer than we showed them our tits and asses), Lisa and I pulled our panties up. She again pulled her shorts up, and I pulled my skirt back down.

“You guys approve?” Lisa asked in a much more lighthearted tone than the nervousness she’d displayed just a few seconds earlier. The guys enthusiastically gave us their approval, and, after teasing us three times already, Marcus finally told us the words we’d been wanting to hear for the five minutes we’d been up there: “You two ladies are sexy as hell. You’re welcome to head on down to the party and have a good time. Or you can stay up here with us and have some more fun…if you want.”

Even though the party of the year was happening downstairs—the party we’d been excited for since early our freshman year, and spent all day getting dolled up for, and spent the last five minutes showing our tits and asses and pussies to get into—I looked over to Lisa to see if she wanted to stay. The wet patch I’d seen seconds before on her pussy should have given away her preference.

“I’ll stay if you will,” Lisa said to me.

I agreed, wondering if she’d seen the wet patch that had formed on my pussy as well…

To Be Continued.

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