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Getting Nekkid With a Cheerleader!

There is nothing like getting 'nekkid' with a sexy cheerleader to cheer you up!
(episode 26) This follows "Two Girl Fuck Competition"

I should have been happy and excited because I was officially dating Mary Beth. She was definitely a super hot, sexy girl and nearly every guy I knew would’ve been ecstatic to be with Mary Beth. But I wasn’t feeling happy. I was actually feeling quite depressed. Down deep I still ached for Jennifer, even though I was mad as hell at her. Jennifer had just announced to several of our friends that she was “exclusively dating Eric,” the guy I was always referring to as Mr. Rich Asshole Law Student. In fact I had called him that to his face on two occasions.

I decided that a visit home for the weekend would be good for me. I knew that mom’s home cooking would help ease my emotional torment. My mom would make my favorite dishes and desserts. I thought I would also get my kid brother to go hunting with me that coming Saturday morning and take in his high school basketball game on Friday night. There was not a home game in Athens since the Dawgs were playing the University of Tennessee up in Knoxville, so that settled the deal for me on deciding to visit my family for weekend. Mary Beth though didn’t like the idea of me going home for weekend and she pouted some about it. Her pouting reminded me of Jennifer.

As I often did when I’d visit home from college, I ate too much for supper that Friday night which included a bunch of homemade fried apple pies for dessert. After my dinner settled I took my junior high aged little sister over to the high school gym to watch my little brother in his varsity basketball game. Once we arrived, my little sister disappeared with a bunch of her chatty silly friends. I took the opportunity to say hello to some of my old teachers and parents of friends, and hoped that I might run into some old high school friends, though I guessed nearly all of them were away at their colleges.

I had just sat down in the bleachers when in walked someone who I really didn’t expect to see. My old girlfriend, Mandy, whom I dated for three years in high school, made a grand entrance. She had been my childhood sweetheart for many years. I had not seen her since a church function during Christmas holidays two years earlier that we had both attended with our families.

Mandy had been voted both Most Popular and Best Looking by my senior class. In fact she had been an icon of my senior class, having also been Homecoming Queen, a varsity cheerleader, and drama star in our school plays. No doubt she was one of the best known people in town.

After our senior year in high school she had gone off to a small college about an hour northeast of our home town. There she was a varsity basketball cheerleader and from what I had heard, she was almost as big a deal at that small college as she had been in our high school.

Mandy and I were each other’s first. Yes! Everyone has a never forget your first time, especially if she had been your girlfriend over half your life! We had both been sixteen years old when we bumbled around and got our virginity over with. We had never been with anyone else until after our high school graduation. In fact, I had never even had my hand down the pants of any girl other than Mandy until summer before college. A lot of home folks had always thought Mandy and I would get married one day.

I had known Mandy my entire life, being just a few months older than her. Her mom and my mom had been high school buddies, along with...and oh, this gets tricky and complicated, Jennifer’s mom! Yes, Jennifer, Mandy and I had known each other since before we were old enough to walk.

Mandy was the quintessential cheerleader; in fact she looked like a cheerleader no matter how she was dressed. She was always bouncy, cheerful, outgoing, and smiling. At average height for a girl, dirty blonde hair a little below her shoulders, blue eyes, big smile, slightly thick pouty lips, little nose, sexy athletic legs extending down from a really super hot toned sexy body with medium size breasts, she had been born to be a cheerleader.

I watched as Mandy made her way across the gym, stopping to say hello to several people, squealing loud and friendly as she greeted them, and giving them all hugs and pretend kisses. She knew her appearance would be one of the highlights of the evening and she was squeezing every bit of personal glory out of her entrance as she could. She stopped in front of the bleachers with everyone’s eyes on her, just as she planned, to scan the crowd for anyone else she knew. Then she saw me. Her eyes got really big and her face beamed with excitement as she pointed at me and yelled out loud, as only a cheerleader can scream, “BUUUZZZZ!”

The entire gym of at least 1,000 people were all looking to see who Mandy was yelling at. Mandy started running up the bleachers toward me. I think I fully expected her to do a cheerleader move, like a couple of flips and back flip onto my lap or something. She ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck. Everyone in town, it seemed like, knew we had been long time sweethearts and I could feel every eye in the place on us.

I was quite embarrassed to be the center of the show but had put up with this kind of scene quite a lot when I was a teenager dating her. Mandy then sat down next to me and proceeded to tell me all about her time at college, as a cheerleader there, and that she was in all the college plays just like in high school. Of course I had previously heard all about how she was ‘miss popularity’ at that college. In fact, I knew that she chose a small college just so she could be the popularity queen of the campus. I knew Mandy very well. I guess she also knew me just as well.

Mandy announced to me that she was engaged, a very recent development that I had not heard about, to a guy on the basketball team at her college. She told me that he was Phi Beta Kappa, president of a fraternity, and the son of a bank president. Knowing Mandy, that all made perfect sense to me. She basked in glory as she displayed the diamond engagement ring on her left hand.

After telling me all about herself, Mandy asked if I was still seeing Jennifer. It turned out that Mandy knew a lot about me and Jennifer, everything except the dirty little kinky details. I told her that we had broken up again and Mandy gave me this shocked, jaw dropping look.

“Oh, you don’t say!” She exclaimed.

Somehow I did not feel that she was shocked at all to learn that little tidbit. I was pretty sure she already knew before she even asked. I, of course, really didn’t want to talk about it but did tell her I had started seeing someone else.

Mandy spent the entire game with me and we watched my little brother’s on court exploits and antics. By that time he had already grown to be three inches taller than me and I am not short. Mandy went on and on about how much my brother and I look alike in the face. I was more concerned about whether his team would win the game or not, as both teams were very evenly matched and the lead kept changing from one team to the other.

I wasn’t surprised that my brother tried to be a ‘hot dog’ on the basketball court and I had been amused as he once got chewed out by his coach for not passing the ball to teammates. But still he hit the winning shot at the buzzer and ended up being the hero. I had to go down on the court after the game and congratulate him and call him a “snot head.” What are brothers for if not to pick on one another? He called me “asshole” back and then gave me his ‘super cool’ handshake which was some crazy complicated maneuver where you also bump shoulders. Mandy, who followed me onto the court, asked me to meet her after the game at the Dairy Queen.

I quickly found my little sister but also ran into mom and dad, who told me they’d take my sister off my hands. They had seen the spectacle with Mandy and somehow knew I was going to visit with her.

So I went over to the Dairy Queen. It was full of high school kids from the game but I soon saw Mandy who had saved us our old favorite booth. We chatted for awhile, talking about old times in high school and when we dated. She told me she always knew I wanted to go to UGA and thought I would move away to the big city someday. I always felt that after college she would end up back in our hometown to live her life where she knew everyone and felt so comfortable.

Mandy wanted to know all about my relationship with Jennifer and the new girl I was seeing. She told me that she had heard about our, as she called it, “legendary tailgate parties” at our rental house in Athens and that I now had quite a reputation. I asked what that meant.

Mandy said, “The word is out that you get around.”

I just looked at her and motioned “what” with my hands and arms.

“With chicks!” she exclaimed.

Then Mandy told me that she knew about me having sex with the girl (my second girl ever) at the lake the summer before college and right after our high school graduation. (Mandy and I decided to break up right after graduation because we were going to different colleges and we just knew we were going in different directions for our future.) Then Mandy volunteered to tell me that she didn’t have sex with anyone else after me until her second month of college. I asked her why she waited so long and somehow we both started laughing over that. Then we decided to cruise town in my old Nissan, for old times sake.

Mandy and I left and went by the drive-through window at the beer store to get a six-pack of cold beer. After driving by many of the old familiar spots in town we drove out into the countryside. In fact, we decided to ride over to one of our old parking spots out of town on a dirt road that was on her grandparents’ property. It was a very secluded spot that we had used regularly in the past.

I didn’t think anything was going to happen other than we’d drink a few beers and chat. But Mandy kissed me, the first one was short, then she really kissed me. She gave me a deep, long, wet tongue kiss. She had always been a good kisser and she still was, probably even better. Soon we were passionately making out and she was all over me, running her hands through my hair. She was panting and breathing loudly and started unbuttoning my shirt.

I am sure we didn’t say a word until after we had most of our clothes off and she was in my lap, her tits bouncing and rubbing against my chest, grinding on me while my finger was in her pussy and her tongue almost down my throat. Finally Mandy was able to get some words out as she panted in my ear, “Fuck me Buz! Fuck me so good tonight!”

I started massaging her clit as she was grinding on me and she really responded to that. It would soon become obvious to both of us that we were so very much more experienced than the last time we had been naked with each other, nearly four years before.

I let the passenger seat all the way down flat. Then I went down on her, demonstrating all the oral skills I had learned at UGA. “OH MY GOD!” screamed Mandy in that loud cheerleader voice. I am sure it woke up the cows nearby.

She loudly started telling me, “Oh my god Buz, you really know what you’re doing. Oh yea! Oh god, yes!”

I licked her and really did love that distinct familiar musty, salty taste that I well remembered, though I had bumbled around attempting to do that in the old days. She was really responding to me as her legs were clenching around my head, her torso writhing, and her moans were louder than ever. For the first time ever, that I knew for sure, I had made Mandy cum from licking her. Her legs came together and nearly knocked me out with those strong cheerleader thigh muscles. Then I thought she was going to wrench my head off between her legs before I got myself pulled back to a safe distance.

Mandy yelled out, “Oh fuck, I am cumming! I am cumming so hard!”

When she had first started to cum she had her hands on my ears and during most of her orgasm it felt like she was going to pull them right off my head. I have to say that I was really glad to have survived licking her to an orgasm!

Mandy looked at me while her legs were still rocking back and forth very fast and said with a quivering voice, “Oh, fuck the shit out of me Buz!”

I told her to suck me first. Mandy giggled. I guess that brought back memories because back in high school I had begged her to do this so many times before she finally consented during our senior year, on her 18th birthday! What a wait...

Mandy went down on me and, yes, I could tell that she had gained a lot of experience in college. She was very good and made sure she licked all up and down my shaft, concentrated on the head of my cock and then went down low and licked and massaged my balls and scrotum. Her tongue found all the right spots.

I soon stopped her so I wouldn’t cum and then crawled between her legs, pushing them out wide, and pushed my wet cock into her drippy soaking pussy. In the quiet of my car parked out away from any artificial noises, I could hear her pussy squish as my cock squeezed into her. Mandy's eyes rolled back and she screamed out an, “OH MY GAWD!”

I started pushing into her faster and hard enough to hear our skin slap together as my torso slapped up against her ass cheeks since I was holding her legs up high. I maneuvered one finger in so I could massage her clit some as I pounded her pussy. Mandy continued moaning loudly and yelling out, “Fuck me good!”

After awhile as we were still fucking, I asked, “Mandy would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

“I’ve never done that,” answered Mandy.

I just said, “No problem.” (I only asked because I thought she might like it. I was used to Jennifer begging me to fuck her in the ass, and I had fucked Mary Beth in the ass twice by that time because she loved it too.)

Then Mandy asked, while I was still fucking her, “Do you do that?”

I said, “Sure!”

Then she said, “I better not since I hadn’t ever done it, it might hurt.”

I just said, “Mandy your pussy feels damned great and this is great!”

“Thanks!” she said as we were still fucking. I pushed her legs way back and her voice let out a long shaky, “ooooohhh!” I fucked her hard that way for awhile then Mandy’s shaky voice yelled out, “Oh my god I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Then she raked her fingernails hard across my back.

I had been concentrating on not cumming, so after I knew Mandy had cum I decided to let go and right away I felt myself shooting a load into her wet pussy. I kept thrusting into her, but slowly brought myself to a stop then fell back in my seat next to her.

We were both saying, “Oh my god that was good.”

Then Mandy put her hand on my chest and looked at me and started laughing. She then said, “That was fucking great! – Is this what you learned at Georgia?”

I laughed and replied, “Yep!”

She jumped over to me and did a light pretend bite of my ear and growled real funny at me. We got our clothes on while laughing and talking about our past bumbling attempts because we had been so innocent and inexperienced.

Mandy, being always so bold, just blurted out, “So have you fucked Jennifer in the ass?”

I said, “Yes, who do you think talked me into doing it?”

Mandy laughed so hard and said, “Gee! Is Jennifer wild!”

I asked, “You mean wild as in sex?”

“Yes,” she replied.

I said, “Jennifer completely loves sex and will do anything!”

Mandy asked, “Anything?”

“Just use your imagination,” I answered.

I could tell that Mandy was highly entertained by the information.

I drove Mandy back to her car at the Dairy Queen and asked if she was going to be around on Saturday. She said she had a basketball game to cheer at Saturday night at her college and she would drive back to campus in the morning.

Then Mandy said, “I just heard you were coming home to visit and knew you’d come see your brother’s game, so I came home to catch you.”

“Oh,” I said, knowing that information had been passed along from my mom to hers.

So, I thought to myself, what was with that wild, super-surprised act at the gym when she saw me? But that was Mandy; she loved to put on a show and be the center of attention. I knew that well, for I had been her arm piece nearly all the way through high school.

When I let Mandy out at her car she yelled at me and walked back to the driver side window and I rolled it down. She leaned in and gave me a big wet long kiss and then quickly said, “See ya!” She then skipped happily over to her car, got in and drove off waving bye to me.

I remember thinking that I bet she’d look good cheering at that college game on Saturday night. I thought to myself, ‘Damn! Mandy is engaged to someone and we just had great sex, wow!’

About then it dawned on me that there were some more fried apple pies in my mom’s kitchen and I hurried home.

Sunday afternoon while driving back to Athens I got really pissed off because my Dawgs had lost to Tennessee, plus I felt just a little guilty for cheating on Mary Beth, combined with worrying about how to hide those scratch marks on my back that Mandy gave me. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to confess. My mind even wandered to Jennifer. Then I looked over at the tupperware container in the passenger side floor board of my Nissan that held an entire freshly made German chocolate cake that my mom made to bring back to college with me. I felt much better.

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