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Glory Girl: Part One

Carl and Madison hook up in New York then experiment with a glory hole
Madison and I met as freshmen while at the University of Scranton but that was three years ago. We said 'Hello' whenever seeing each other on campus or in class but we never dated. Madison was exceptionally attractive so it was easy to understand why she was never without a boyfriend. She was a blond with the face of an angel and properly proportioned curves. There was something about her blue eyes and innocent look that turned me on. It just didn't seem possible for me to be among the chosen ones.

Quite frankly, I was reluctant to strike up a conversation with Madison especially since she was always surrounded by a brood of guys each time I saw her in the student union. Okay, the truth is I was still working on my self-esteem and rejection was not high on my wish list. If only I had known, Madison wasn't quite the angel she appeared to be.

Yet, there are days when good fortune smiles down upon each of us and on Tuesday before winter break, the gods of opportunity struck. We were standing in the cafeteria line side by side and hardly anyone was there. Most of the students had already left for the winter break. She smiled. I smiled back. She said, "Hi, how ya doin' Carl?"

"Good, and you?"

"Did I ever tell you my dad's name is Carl? He's in Afghanistan . I'm lookin' forward to break but since he won't be home, there's no reason to go home. Where are you going over break?"

"I don't know," I lied. I was headed home to Keokuk , Iowa to visit my folks. "What are you gonna do since you aren't goin' home?" I asked. Silly question but I never was very good at small talk.

"A bunch of us girls are going to the Big Easy for sex and relaxation. Oh fuck ... what a Freudian slip that was! I meant, rest and relaxation."

"Sounds good. Has New Orleans recovered from Katrina? I mean, are there some good places to stay?"

"Yep! We found a cheap place to stay near the French Quarter and the bars are rockin'! I can't wait to go to Whiskey Blue. It's supposed to be hot and less than a mile from our hotel. They say it's where a few Hollywood types hang out." Madison sounded really excited as we paid for our lunch.

"Hell, I'd really love to do something like that!" I said as we sat down together.

There was a little lull in the conversation, then she said, "Well, I didn't really tell you the truth. Sure, my dad is in the Army and overseas but I don't have the money to go anywhere. I mean, I did look on the Internet to dream up a fantasy vacation but it is only a dream." That's when tears started to well up in two big beautiful blue eyes.

"Hey Madison , how about we take in the City for a couple of days? New York is so close and I haven't been to Central Park in the winter. We can do a carriage ride and pretend we're on a honeymoon!"

"I don't know, Carl. Where would we stay?"

"Actually, I've got an aunt who lives in Chicago but has a condo in Brooklyn Heights . She lets us stay there when the guys are going to Yankee games. I have a key and all I need to do is give her a call to see if it's okay. What do you think?"

"Let me think about it tonight," she said. "Meet me here tomorrow at around noon and we'll discuss it but no promises."

"Fine, but it should be fun!" We finished our lunch while talking about how things had changed since we first came to Scranton.

That afternoon I called Aunt Ginny. She said the condo was free that week and to have a good time. Then she said, "You know, Carl, the Yankees don't play in December."

I laughed and said, "Yeah, just me and a friend to take in the City for a couple of days."

"Enjoy yourself but be careful."

"Thanks," and I hung up with my imagination filled with a lot of hopeful anticipation.

At noon the next day, she said, 'Yes' and I enthusiastically said, 'Great' but there was a catch; she had no money and couldn't leave until after her last class on Wednesday. The money wasn't a big deal and there was no hurry. I had some Christmas money my grandma had sent a few days before so we were all set. We agreed to leave for New York City early on Thursday morning.

The great big city's a wondrous toy
just made for a girl and boy.
We'll turn
into an isle of joy!
.... " Manhattan " lyrics by Lorenz Hart

The late class turned out to be a problem because snow began falling Wednesday evening and continued into the next day. Transportation into the City was slow so we didn't get into Aunt Ginny's condo until it was almost dark.

The view over the East River into Manhattan was both beautiful and romantic, especially with the falling snow but neither of us had eaten since breakfast. Our best bet was to grab a sandwich at the deli down the street and pick up a bottle of wine at the corner store. The storm was drawing to an end as we braved the elements. We reached the deli just as it was about to close, ordering two enormous corned beef sandwiches on rye. The wine we chose was the cheapest large bottle of Chardonnay we could find. I prefer a red wine but Madison preferred white wines.

After dinner, if you want to call it that, and lots of wine our main objection was to stay warm. She sat tantalizingly close as we watched TV. "Are you tired?" I asked.

"Yes, it's been a long day and I was up studying until after midnight last night," she answered in a dreamy sort of way.

I still wasn't sure how to bring up the sleeping arrangements but finally asked, "Okay, ya want me to sleep here on the couch or do you need a snuggle friend?"

"A snuggle friend is good, especially on such a cold wintry night," came another drowsy response.

"Okay, I'm gonna take a quick shower and you snuggle under the blankets. I'll be there in a minute." I really didn't know what else to do thinking she needed a little privacy to change.

Once out of the shower, I put on a clean pair of briefs and headed for bed. Madison had snuggled herself under the covers as if to make a nest out of the bed. As I slid between the sheets, her back was to me so I could only see her beautiful blond hair on the pillow. Putting my arm around her, I could only feel skin. She was naked, at least from the waist up! Madison turned over to whisper, "I forgot my PJs. Do you mind?"

Nothing like answering with the obvious. "Of course not," I stammered.

"I gotta go take a pee," she said rolling out of bed headed for the bathroom. It was my first glance at Madison fully nude. Her breasts were not huge but proportionate to her slim body. She had pink puffy nipples that fit nicely with her perky upturned boobs. Her ass was tight and firm. She had the legs of a model. Her body was just perfect in every way. I had to wonder if she was a virgin because she certainly could pass for an angel.

Madison returned from the john hiding nothing ... no towel, no embarrassment. It was if she was proud of her body and didn't mind showing it off. I, on the other hand, indulged myself by staring at her rosy nipples and shaved pussy. Of course, my cock strained to be released from the boxer shorts. Back in bed and under the covers, she turned to me and said, "Carl, I have a little secret. I didn't tell your everything. You remember my story about New Orleans ? Well, part of it is true, ya know the money and stuff."

She had my fullest attention! "Well," she continued, "Paul, my boyfriend, and I planned to go there over break. I was so excited and really dreamed about the trip but we got into a major fight over some stupid thing and broke up last month. He'll be there fucking Sophia Henderson instead of me. I haven't had sex since we broke up and I'm so horny. Do you mind doing a little more than just snuggling?"

I was shocked! "Ahhh, sure," was my less than clever response. At that point she reached down and plucked my cock from my shorts.

"Gee Carl, you are really really hard but there is one thing you must promise. I stopped taking the pill when Paul and I broke up so don't cum inside me. I'd love it if I could take you in my mouth when you are ready to finish. Okay?"


Her nipples responded to my tongue and lips. Her pussy was delicious and wet. My hard throbbing dick slid easily into her and it was obvious she was no virgin, angel or not. We continued fucking for some time, mostly with her back to me. The wine helped me from exploding for just long enough for her to have a nice orgasm.

Just as I was about to pour my juices into her, she seemed to sense my climax and pulled away, quickly, then expertly engulfed my cock in her mouth. A half dozen jets of jizz filled her mouth while she tried to keep it from dripping out. A few drops dribbled onto her chin but with a flick of a finger, she slid it back onto her lips.

"Yum! That was really yummy, Carl. Let's do it again."

" Madison , you gotta give me some time. I'm totally spent. You are a gorgeous girl and I've never had such great sex but can you give me a little time to recover?"

"Carl, you'll probably fall asleep and I need you. Hey, did you know that every guy's cum tastes different? But Carl, yours is the best I've ever tasted! Do me again."

"Listen, if I fall asleep, give me a little wake-up call. You know what I mean, right?"

"Okay, but I might be even more desperate the next time."

I must have dozed off because it seemed only a few minutes before her hand was between my legs. Having my balls massaged was a great wake up call. She had found some body oil in the bathroom so I was well lubed for our next encounter.

"How long has it been?" I asked while she continued to wake me up.

"You were totally out for about an hour but I can't wait any longer," she purred still stroking my rising member.

"Okay, I think I'm ready again," and I was. We fucked in doggy, cowboy, reverse cowboy and a few positions requiring athletic abilities but each time she finished me off by sucking my cock and swallowing each load. She was a cum angel and who would have guessed she was such a slut?

We slept late the next morning, almost until noon . We showered together and as expected, she went down on me but without much luck. I was still in a recovery mode and you can't get blood from a turnip. Madison was disappointed but she understood.

After dressing in our warmest clothes, the two us walked out into the wintry city, had lunch, walked the Brooklyn Bridge , then headed for Central Park. I negotiated an outrageous fee with the driver of a fine carriage that took us around the park for almost an hour. It was romantic but cold. After I tipped the driver, she asked, "What's next?"

An idea had sort of been rattling around in my head during the horse and buggy ride but bringing it up was tricky business. Maybe it wasn't a good idea but what the heck, I gave it a try. "Let's go to the Toy Store on Park Avenue. We're not far away."

"What kind of toys?" she asked with a quizzical expression.

"Well, mostly adult toys if you're game."

"I don't need any toys. I've got you!" she said with a sly smile.

"Do you know what a glory hole is?"

"Not exactly. Is it a girl toy or a boy toy."

"Well, both and I think you'd love it."

"Why is that?" she inquired.

"It's a place where you can quench your thirst, if you now what I mean."

"You mean 'cum' don't you?"

Yes, that's about it," I answered as nonchalantly as possible. 

"Carl, this sounds kind of weird. How does it work?" with a little inquisitive wrinkle above her nose.

"Look, Madison , you don't have to do it, just see what you think. You might find it exciting and fulfilling, you know?"

"No, I don't know, Carl. Are you asking me to walk the street like a prostitute or something?"

"Nope, it is completely anonymous. You step into a ladies room with a guy on the other side of the wall. He can't see you and you can't see him. He puts a 'contribution', usually ten dollars, in a little door on the wall and sticks his dick in a nearby hole. The person on the other side services the guy with a blow job. All the time no one knows you are there."

"But I don't really want to blow a stranger. If I did it, I only want to do it with you."

"You can do it with me if want to try it." By that time we were standing outside the Toy Store looking in.

She still wasn't totally sold on the idea but since there weren't many customers in the shop, she said, "Let's take a look inside."

The rest room was in the far back of the shop and after we had passed the porn videos, vibrators, cock extenders and such, we finally reached a dimly lit area near what appeared to be a small theater. At least it had chairs and a tiny stage. We couldn't see anyone around so Madison went into the 'Girlz Room'. I went around to the side only to find a guy unzipping his pants and putting a bill in the 'donation' door. He turned around and said, "Hey buddy, I'm first. I want that fuckin' beauty you brought in first. You gotta wait your turn." 

On the other side of the wall I could hear the door lock and then Madison said, "Carl, I'm ready."

"You Carl?" the stranger asked.

"Yep and you are about to get sucked off by my girlfriend who thinks it's me."

"Great!" he said plunging his hard long cock into the hole. He was about my size so Madison just might not notice it wasn't me.

With all of the grunting, groaning on one side and slurping and humming on the other, it didn't take long for the man to ejaculate as if he was a stallion fucking a mare. When he was done, all he said was "Thanks buddy, She's fucking great!"

Before I could get unzipped, I heard the door unlock and open so I went out to meet Madison. Her face was flushed but she seemed happy. "So what did you think?"

"It was strange but really sexy. It made me so horny that as I was sucking you off, I pleasured myself a little."

"It wasn't me."

"What do you mean it wasn't you?"

"It wasn't me. I mean another guy was in line before me and wouldn't let me go first."

"God Carl, I can't believe you did this to me."

"Look Madison , it wasn't my fault and you enjoyed it, right?"

"That's not the point. You did that on purpose, didn't you?"

"No I didn't. It just happened that way."

Madison didn't talk to me all the way back to the condo and not a word during dinner. She did say one thing. "You are really an asshole."

It was easy to understand why there was no sex that night. I was out of favor no matter how much she loved the taste of my cum.

Morning came with separate showers. Breakfast was a little frosty and that was not due to the wintry weather. We talked a little but mostly small talk. I wanted to go to the American Museum of Natural History since my major was geology. Madison was an art major and wanted to go to MoMA. I caved. She was already pissed at me so there was no reason to make it worse. It was MoMA.

We really had a good time in the museum. Madison enthusiastically explained some of the pieces and something about the artists. She knew her art. For me, it was mostly abstract experimentation with little redeeming value but then I am a scientist.

As we left the building, she said, "Ya know Carl, I've been thinking. Yesterday wasn't so bad after all. I was just mad because it was like you tricked me. When I think of doing it again, I get really horny. Is it okay if we go back?"

"Sure but Friday night can get pretty busy in New York and I probably won't be first in line."

"Let's go see," she said with a gleam in her eyes and excitement in her voice. Who would have guessed? 


It was late afternoon, almost dark, when we arrived outside the Toy Store. There was a very different atmosphere inside as we stood shivering in the snow. There were probably a half dozen customers looking at the DVD collection and another two or three checking out the sex toys. "Do you still wanna go in?" I asked.

"Sure. Let's see what's going on."

One woman was asking for Michael Lucas' life-like dildo which they didn't have in stock so she tried to decide between a Johnny Hazzard seven inch toy and a Brandon Lee model. We didn't stay around to see what she bought as we went further back into the store. In the back there was some music and a lighted area so we checked it out.

It was the theater, of course, only this time there were dozens of men and a few ladies watching a nude woman simulating sex acts on stage. Each time she brought out a toy, she talked about it's virtues, demonstrated it, and asked if any of the gentlemen would like to buy it for their lady friend. She was doing pretty good business.

There were three ladies waiting in line for the Girlz Room. Madison looked disappointed so I went up to a clerk to ask how long it might take for my girlfriend to get in. He told me some of the women actually think it is a toilet and are in there for only a couple of minutes. The others are wives taking care of their husbands and they don't last long. He said to figure on 15 minutes.

"By the way, we have a special deal here tonight for girls willing to service more than one guy. It works like this. For every guy that cums, she gets half the money put in our glory hole door. If it's only two, she gets ten dollars. If she does twenty, it's a hundred bucks. Most guys leave tips for the girls too. Anyway, let me know ahead of time so I can ring the bell to get it started."

"What's the bell thing about?" I asked

"The bell sounds each time a guy is finished telling the next one to step up to the plate and for me to keep score."

"I see, I'll ask my girlfriend."

By the time I explained it all to Madison , there was only one lady ahead of her. Madison seemed uncertain but finally she agreed by saying, "Hey, I could use a little spending money and you know how I like the taste of cum."

Finally, just before opening the door, she said, "Okay, ring the bell."

"Oh by the way, before you go in," I said. "Some guys want to get pussy fucked. You need to be a little athletic in order to press your pussy to the wall but you might like to try it."

I told the manager she was ready and the bell rang. At that, a bunch of men from the theater area lined up outside the pecker hole. There must have been a half dozen eager guys, maybe more.

The first in line was a muscular man who was already unzipped showing a medium size hard-on but definitely ready to plunge it into a girl's waiting mouth on the other side of the wall. His money was paid and in he went. He shoved his dick into the opening and straight into Madison 's mouth. He lasted only a minute and a half before the bell rang again. 

Next was a tall thin guy with a thinnish curved organ who gave out animalistic sounds as he released a gushing stream of love juice into Madison . The sounds were almost funny but he deserved a lot of credit for his enthusiasm. Then came a short stocky guy with a thick but uncut prick. I wondered if she had ever had sex with an uncircumcised guy. He wasn't there long before squirting a torrent of cum down her appreciative throat.

He was followed by a big black guy who looked like a football player. After paying, he unzipped and plowed ahead. Needless to say, his cock was mammoth. I wondered how Madison could take it all in. That gave me an idea. I decided to join Madison to watch her suck the remaining three guys. 

"What are you doing here?" she asked in surprise when I locked the door behind me.

"I wanna watch to see how you're doin'. I think I might join you," sounding rather anxious. She was nearly naked except for her tennis shoes and her panties down to her ankles.

She laughed while saying, "Hey, I tried the pussy fuck like you said on guy number four. The guy had such a huge dick that I just had to try him. It felt so good when I finally got him in my cunny. He really stretched me to the limit! We both got off together so you're gonna get sloppy seconds"

The bell continued to ring. Most times, a cock was as hard as steel and that was when Madison would tease the tip of his dick until she could lap up his pre-cum for an appetizer. Then she went to work with a great deal of energy until she devoured the main course. It didn't take long because most guys had little stamina and shot their wad within a couple minutes.

A few were not fully extended when entering the glory hole and Madison had to work her mouth like a vacuum sucking him in until he was fully erect. As each guy shot their load into Madison 's thirsty mouth, she drank their spunk with a great deal of zeal. After finishing a guy off and swallowing the last drop, she would give a sigh of contentment like someone at the end of an especially fine meal. It was like a feeding frenzy!

All of this was too much to resist. My cock found a dripping wet pussy when I slammed into her from behind. Fucking her while watching in amazement as she sucked cock was beyond my wildest fantasy. There were some leftovers in her love box from guy number four so I really did get sloppy seconds. I didn't mind and she didn't seem to object when I came deep inside her lovely passion hole. A glory hole for some and a cunt hole for me.

Dessert and Madison 's last 'patron' came from a penis no larger than that of a young boy's. It was tiny but as stiff as a rod. Madison embraced it until he spewed jets of his seed past her succulent lips, repeatedly hitting the back of her throat. As it turned out, Madison didn't disappoint any of her customers. Each one got off releasing a torrent of fluid past her tender lips.

Madison had been servicing guys for about a half hour and that was when she said, "Let's get out of here."

Leaving the Girlz Room, we walked passed two angry looking ladies as they saw my 'angel' that had most likely taken care of their husband or boyfriend. Maybe they just had to take a piss. Anyway, without speaking a word, we left the Toy Store with a fist full of cash and a very satisfied girl.

It was dinner time but Madison , understandably, wasn't hungry. Back at the condo, Madison said excitedly, "Look, Carl, there's at least a hundred bucks here." We both knew she hadn't sucked twenty guys, only six or seven. Apparently several of her 'clients' left a tip. The guys were generous. Lying in my arms that night in bed, Madison turned to me and said, "God, Carl, I had so much fun today. Wait until the girls hear about that place!"
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