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Glory Girl: Part Two

Carl and Madison return from their NYC gloryhole adventure with something to share
Well, the story of Carl and Madison didn't end in New York City.

In the morning after our glory hole adventure, we took a leisurely stroll in the neighborhood for a breakfast stop, then checked in at the drugstore to pick up a 'morning after' pill. Pregnancy was not on Madison's priority list, nor mine.

During the afternoon we played like little kids, making snow angels, dodging snow balls and failing at making a snowman. Dinner was pizza and wine. The entertainment was me for her and her for me.

We stayed at Aunt Ginny's condo for one more night before returning to campus. Madison lived in an apartment off campus. Her roommate wasn't there so I stayed at her place a few more nights. The apartment was filled with drawings and paintings of all kinds. That was understandable because both Madison and her roommate were art students. Imagine an art studio with artwork strewn about, some half finished, others nearly complete but without frames.

I spent an hour browsing through dozens of canvas' and kept asking about the artist and models. Most of the sketches and paintings were done by either Madison or her roommate. Almost all of the models were nudes of college age men and women. Four of the images were of Madison 's roommate, Sophia. I was not surprised to find three of Madison.

So, the obvious question was, "Why do you girls do the modeling?"

"Oh, Professor Dawkins asked us to model for him to save money. He gives us a little money for doing it and it is easy work," she said without embarrassment.

"Are these Professor Dawkins' work?" I asked

"Yes, all of those you saw of Sophia and me were done by Paul."

"Paul, like in Professor Dawkins? Wasn't Paul the name of your boyfriend?" I was puzzled.

"Alright, so I didn't tell you everything. Yes, I've been Professor Dawkins', Paul's, mistress for the last two semesters, then Sophia became his favorite. She had been flirting with Dr. Dawkins for months trying to take him away from me. Eventually she won."

I sat listening in amazement. 

"Like I said, Paul and I had a fight and it was about Sophia. We broke up last month with Sophia filling the void. Apparently he likes big tits because that's all she has going for her. So, as I told you at the condo, he's fucking her in New Orleans leaving me stuck in Scranton . Thank god, Carl, you asked me to go to New York ."

From the paintings I had just seen, it was obvious that Sophia had the kind of large and sumptuous breasts that every man would find desirable. It was easy to see why the professor hooked up with Sophia. Paul Dawkins was in an ideal situation at the University, opportunities that the math department just couldn't offer. Professor Paul Dawkins has not negligent in this regard.

The next couple of days and nights, Madison was like my fuck bunny. Sex was the primary activity we had in common and we did not fail to take advantage of our singular interest. With several days remaining before winter break ended, I decided to run an idea by Madison. She had already modeled nude and the paintings were already ready for public consumption.

" Madison ," I said, "How about making a blog of your artwork?"

She seemed to like the idea so we began posting many of her paintings on the site. The blog wasn't getting many hits so I suggested we make it a little more enticing adding a few erotic pictures. She agreed that it needed to be spiced up and even suggested we take a few suggestive photos of each other.

At first they were pictures of us half dressed in sexy poses. She wanted to add a few cock pictures of me and I agreed if we added her pussy pictures. Before we knew it, Madison was posing fully nude showing off every beautiful detail of her lovely body. Both of us were really into it especially as the number of hits increased and people encouraged us to add more pictures and even gifs.

There was a series of pictures we took of her deep throating me, finishing with cum all over her mouth and chin. That understandably got a huge response. With winter break almost over, we decided to make a video. The first attempt was making a fuck film. I got a tripod and borrowed a camera from the science department, then set it up in Madison 's apartment. We turned the camera on and did what we did best. Blow job, pussy licking, missionary, cowgirl, reverse, doggie, just normal fucking but nothing really creative.

The best parts were when Madison had orgasms. She did this regularly, cumming early and often, squealing each time she came. Madison's sound-effects made the whole thing spectacularly erotic. We both enjoyed my ejaculation that finished with cum oozing out of her mouth before she swallowed.

Although the audio was terrific, the video portion was spectacularly bad. There wasn't enough light and the focus was slightly off. Sometimes the picture wasn't properly framed, like taking pictures with heads cut off. We had to scrap it and start again.

It was obvious that to take a great fuck film, a third person was needed to hold the camera. That wasn't going to happen, well, not yet. So, we decided on what we called a 'video selfie'. Madison and I decided to make a blow job video. In that way the camera could be focused on the important parts and we could light it by setting up close to the window. Natural light is always the best.

That's how we started, with the camera rolling and a bright sunny day flooding the room with light. When the camera's tiny red light began glowing, Madison dropped to her knees with my pants hitting the floor at nearly the same time. Pealing off my briefs, she found a soft organ dangling between my legs but that condition was only temporary.

Madison's delicate hands began to cup my balls and stroke my cock. Almost instantly my penis was engorged with blood, inflating it to a full seven inches. My powerful erection strained for an extra inch aching in anticipation. Although the extra length wasn't there, my dick began to swell into a fat purplish monster waiting to be satisfied.

What came next is what I didn't anticipate. After teasing my cock and balls until I was hard, Madison took both of her hands and gently pushed my legs apart. That's when she grabbed a pair of scissors from a nearby table. I panicked and nearly fainted. "Oh my god, what are you doing?" I yelled.

Snip snip snip. She was cutting hair from my balls and then the pubic hair around my cock. When she finished snipping, out came the shaving cream and razor. With expert barbershop skills, Madison shaved me clean. Even though Madison had given me plenty of blow jobs over the few days we had been together, this was different, really different.

I can only say that having your genitals shaved by a woman is an out of body experience. I was so hard and so horny, I was no longer conscience of the camera but focused only Madison 's lovely mouth. I was ready to plunge my dagger deep into her orifice.

Madison sponged me off, then began administering her talented lips with sweet kisses to my swollen sex organs. She moved around my parts like a hunter stalking its prey. Her tongue was actively tickling my smooth balls, then sliding her tongue up and down my shaft as if she was slurping a lollipop. She expertly moved her lips to encircle the head of my penis and progressively let it slip past her tender lips onto her tongue. Madison 's tongue swirled around my cock as it slowly slid further and further inside her hot mouth.

She was in no hurry to take me all the way in. She left the last inch or so for the camera to capture saliva dripping down my shaft and onto my nuts. But at long last, she grabbed my ass, pulling me with amazing strength deep into her throat. Every last inch of my pulsing meat disappeared in her face. Madison held me tight with all seven inches engulfed in her throat. In an amazing act of oral dexterity, she began licking my balls while my cock was still held captive deep in her cavern.

Once she had introduced my cock to the deepest parts of her throat, Madison started bobbing her head, fucking my throbbing pole with long and deliberate strokes. Madison had an intuitive sense when a man was about to explode. She knew it wouldn't be long. As she quickened her rhythm fucking my cock, I pounded at her mouth with a flurry of jabs like a boxer finishing off his opponent. An instant before erupting, I pulled out and she grabbed my cock aiming it squarely at her face. Blast after blast creamed her forehead and cheeks.

To me it was like shooting bullets from an AK-47. Some of my cum managed to splash her lips and of course she licked them to savor the delicious salty flavor. She looked as if someone had squirted an entire can of whipped cream on her face.

Ending the filming, Madison turned to the camera. With a mischievous smile and cum dripping down her face, she swiped my creamy fluid with those sensuous fingers, licking them clean.

"Yummy!" was all she said.

This time the video turned out great. It was far more than either of us had anticipated. The video lasted about twenty minutes so we had to break it up into a series of scenes before putting them on her blog. The blog and videos went viral in no time.

One response was from a well known video studio that specialized in porn. They asked if we'd like to do a screen test at one of their studios. After a week of thinking about it, Madison and I showed up for an audition just before the new semester started. All we had to do was perform a couple of fuck scenes and wait to see if we were hired. She was and I wasn't. That's how Madison became a porn star and I became a geologist at an oil company.

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