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Kari Watches

The roommate left the door open...
Kari looked down at the open book, finding the passage that she wanted. Just before entering it into her paper, she scanned the words that she had just written. Her face furrowed in a frown, as she suddenly concentrated on her just-completed writing.

“Awww, hell,” she muttered softly since she was in the library and screaming “fuck!” at the top of her lungs would probably be frowned upon. She had no idea what she just wrote, and worse, she had no idea what point she was trying to make. She looked at her laptop’s clock and saw 9:38.

At that moment several previously-suppressed feelings burst within in her. Fatigue - working on the mid-term paper had cost her three solid hours. Hunger - she wanted to eat NOW. Exasperation - what point was she trying to make again in this stupid paper? And sadness - for reasons she did not want to consider.

She packed up, slipping her expensive Macbook into the special backpack she had, along with the books she needed to borrow, and her assorted supplies. She faced a fifteen minute walk from the library to her apartment, and it was an early March, night, and probably freezing outside. By the time that she had checked out the books, donned her gloves and jackets and hats, and stepped outside into the biting air, another twenty minutes had passed. She left the library just after ten.

The walking route was well-lit and it was a college campus, but she remained alert and vigilant. Boys, especially drunken ones, were just too damn unpredictable. The thought of boys made her sigh again, and she realized with a start that her roomie Beth was probably hosting her new boyfriend Pete. Kari recalled Beth talking to Pete about coming over for dinner since the apartment would be empty.

Kari rolled her eyes even though no one could see her. Her roommate Beth and her new boyfriend were in that “totally in love” phase of a relationship. She had been their third wheel the previous Friday night at the bars and found herself watching with a growing irritation her roommate’s simpering behavior.

Beth had laughed at all of his dumb jokes like he was a stand-up comedian. She held his arm and gazed into his eyes all lovey-dovey. She took his side in all of their three-way conversations. Kari resisted throwing up...or throwing water at them.

She sighed. Her own break-up was too recent, and she knew that she was still in the “I hate men” phase of it. She knew that Pete was a nice guy, a genuine nice guy. He was cute, with a big grin and a graceful, athletic way about him. He treated Beth very well and was not overly in love with himself.

On the other hand, she was still resentful from her breakup and applied a jaundiced and cynical eye towards men and relationships in general. She could not help it. Danny had been so cruel and hurtful at the end, not so much burning bridges as napalming them. A wave of emotion threatened to make her cry.

“I will NOT cry,” she muttered through gritted teeth. She fought back against her own emotional unsteadiness, and got it under control. And just like that, she was back at her apartment building and riding up to the sixth-floor unit.

She walked down the hall to 642. She had the random thought that her roommate might be very busy. She had not told Beth when she planned to return, and Beth and Pete had already been to bed together once. Beth had told all over the weekend. So maybe they were busy again. Just in case, Kari decided to be very quiet in case they were active.

She slipped the key into the door and opened it slowly and quietly. She heard some vague noises coming from the bedroom that might have been prone bodies wiggling around on the bed. She closed the door, her face scrunched in concentration to not make any noise. She got it closed and silently began peeling layer after layer of outerwear from her body.

“Oh yeah that’s nice,” she heard a soft noise coming from their bedroom. Kari made a face hearing Beth’s approval of whatever he was doing. She hung everything up and walked into the living room. The lights were all off, and books were spread all over the coffee table. Kari sniffed. At least the place didn’t smell like pussy, she thought. That meant that her roomie was just getting started.

“Yeah, nice babe, that’s it, yeah nice and slow,” Beth groaned. Kari rolled her eyes as more than a trace of irritation flew threw her mind. You could have closed the goddamn door at least! She raged for a moment then calmed. She had recalled a few times hearing Beth return to the apartment just as Danny had been balls-deep in her. It was just that Kari had kept the door closed.

“Like this?” she heard him ask.

“Yeah,” replied Beth softly. “Especially my upper back,” she added.

Kari tilted her head. Upper back? She thought about it, and decided that Beth was enjoying a massage. Jesus, he gives her massages too? Just then, the very primal instinct of jealousy swept powerfully through her. She shook it off and rolled her head backwards on the couch.

“Oof. Too hard. Yeah, better, yeah.”

For maybe five or ten minutes Kari listened to her friend get a good massage from her boyfriend. It was not a surprise to Kari when the tone of Beth’s words and pleas began to change.

“Oh, what’s this?” Beth asked from the bedroom, and Kari heard her mock-surprise in her voice.

“Well, I am rubbing your body,” Pete said with a jovial, teasing tone. “Your luscious body.”

“Luscious?” Beth chuckled. “What am I, food?”

“Well, I will eat you, if that’s what you mean!” Pete said with a throaty chuckle.

“Oh you will, will you?” Beth shot back immediately. However, Kari was not fooled. Beth’s tone of voice had a distinct hunger in it. “I did tell you what happens to me when I get a good massage, right?”

Kari closed her eyes, and imagined the scene. Pete, kneeling on the bed, probably wearing sweatpants or something loose. Surely he sported a substantial tent in his pants, given the way he was suggesting things to Beth. She was probably on her back, gazing up (disgustingly!) into his eyes as her fingers wandered (oh so) idly to that tent in his pants.

Yep , she thought confirming her own ideas. Pete’s shrill hiss was answer enough for her.

“You get this hard rubbing my back?” Beth murmured, sounding impressed.

“Yeah, babe,” he agreed quietly.

Out in the living room, Kari rolled her eyes at Pete’s last words of endearment. She again shook her head slightly sitting there in the dark. She pulled her legs up onto the couch and sat more cross-legged. The movement made her realize that her crotch had slightly warmed.

“Well, that is an impressive sight, I have to say,” Beth breathed a moment later. Kari thought she had heard the whisper of fabric. Maybe he was now naked on the bed, she thought.

Kari did not expect it. The arousal came almost like a jolt, arriving akin to flipping a switch. It was not just centered to her sex, although the warm slippery organ was beginning to pulse with need. It was in her mind, a double-whammy of over-hearing a secret moment between two lovers and the realization that she was sorely lacking in her own sex life. It was not just that she had not had a lover in two months, but also the recollection that she had not orgasmed in probably a month or more. Fuck no wonder I’m horny!

“How’s this for an impressive sight?” Beth crooned.

Kari was then struck with the conviction that she not only wanted to see, she had to see. But self-preservation was equally strong, as was the fear of getting caught and ruining her roommate’s good sexy times. But another long, soft moan of pleasure emitting from the bedroom shattered Kari’s mental defenses. Almost as if they were moving on their own, her feet slid out and she stood up, controlling her breath to be utterly silent.

Like Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, hers raced so fast and hard she thought it impossible to remain silent. The sound of silence created a huge rushing noise of being in the middle of a wind tunnel or something but it was only the tension she created in trying to move completely stealthily.

She succeeded in crossing the living room without being detected aided in part by a quite loud squeal. “Hey, what are you doing!” Beth had protested but with laughter. Maybe he is tickling her?

Kari found that the door was open enough to allow her to peer inside yet remain shrouded in shadow in the hall. There was a light outside their apartment that constantly streamed light into the bedroom, which was usually a source of intense bitching for both young women. Suddenly, Kari was thankful for it, because their bodies were fairly well visible.

The sight struck her hard. Beth was on the bed, head facing him. She was on her hands and knees, ass up in the air. Neither the distance nor darkness prevented Kari from seeing that her roommate’s pussy was shaved and open for business. She shifted her view.

It took everything she had not to moan, exclaim something or make a sound that would give her away. Pete had a thick, erect shaft that poked out from full balls. He had a nice but not athletic body, but it was the thickness of his tool that had shocked her. He was kneeling on the bed, butt over his feet, with his knees spread, and Beth was moving forward slowly.

She lifted a hand and ran it up and down his thigh. “You like this?” she whispered. Kari was now able to hear even their most intimate words.

“Yeah,” he agreed. He was staring down at Beth, his entire focus on her and her hand and presumably her warm, soft little mouth.

Another huge surge of arousal struck her when Beth moved forward, tilted her head back, paused (perhaps to grin?) and then open wide and engulfed Pete’s boner. She did it smoothly, with obvious practice. The sounds of a mouth sucking cock are singular, and the sight and accompanying audio struck Kari as being just as hot as hot got.

Kari’s mouth gaped openly from the breath she had to catch in her throat. Her arousal soared to an urgent need, and it was only by the slimmest of margins that she kept from moaning aloud herself. She was standing and felt a hot drop of sweat form and trail along her spine. The wetness at her sex exploded as the urge to touch herself became close to overwhelming.

Standing was no good. Deftly and silently she got down onto the floor where she could still see yet get at her own body more easily. Propping up her body using her left hand, she slipped her right back and pushed it under the elastic waist band of her sweatpants and panties. She pushed further down over the closely shaken pubic hair until she pressed against the already-slick upper reaches of her pussy. She closed her eyes and concentrated hard on not making noise as she slid her finger over her clit.

She left her finger resting on her clit and opened her eyes. Beth still had him engulfed and was now bobbing up and down. Pete’s face was a mask of ecstasy, and his chest rose and fell rapidly.

Gently and slowly she began circling her finger over her clit. The vision of her roommate’s graphic acts and the requirements to stay silent made for unreal tension within her body and mind. She wanted to give into her own lusty needs so badly, but Beth’s mouth and erotic slurping rooted her to the spot.

She had never guessed how erotic it would be to watch the act of sex. It was mesmerizing her fully.

Beth let the cock pop out of her mouth. “Nice, right?”

“Yeah,” Pete growled. He grabbed her and lifted her, spinning her on the bed, and then wrapped her arms around her torso. He pulled her back against him, and she squealed with delight while wiggling her butt to better feel his turgid erection.

Kari had never seen such an erotic moment. Her mouth went dry and she presumed that was because her pussy had so exploded with liquid that nothing was left. His hands roamed up and down Beth’s body, up and over her full breasts, pausing to tweak her nipples until she shuddered and squealed. Slowly he brought his hands back down slowly over the swell of her breast, and Beth exhaled slowly leaning back into him. Then he slipped his hands down and held the front of her hips, before repeating the exercise.

The masculinity of his embrace enthralled her, and she suddenly wished that she had a man behind her doing the same thing. She wanted to feel a pulsing cock in the crack of her ass, just waiting before diving into her wet quim. She wanted to be kneeling on a bed, her man’s hard body behind her, his hands roaming all over her making her hot and wet and needy.

Beth purred from the pleasure of the moment. “Oh that’s so sweet,” she moaned.

“Not for long,” Pete chortled.

“Yeah, why?”

“My little slut’s all wet in the pussy and desperate for some big cock!” Pete said in a growling, needful tone.

“Yeah? You better satisfy this slut’s cunt if you’re gonna talk a big show!”

He actually hesitated, about the same way that Kari herself had done. Beth had never used that word before.

“Cunt?” Pete inquired.

“Yes, Pete, it’s an old world slang word. We now use pussy. Does it matter? Seriously, you’re gonna fucking worry about cunts now?”

“No, no,” he said quickly. Then tweaked her nipple. “Slut,” he laughed.

“I know. Fuck me like one!” she begged him.

“Okay.” He did the most erotic thing then. He used his right hand and ran it through his hair in a big sweeping motion, complete with head-rock back before shoving her hard forward. He grabbed both hips and then released one, and gave her a resounding, harsh-sounding slap on her ass. That made her cry out in delight and pain. Then, he gripped the base of his cock. “Okay slut!” he laughed, “get ready to get fucked.”

“I can’t wait, Pete, put your big cock in me!” she begged, sounding exactly like a cock-mad slut would sound.

“Mmmmm,” Kari finally gave the softest moan she could dare. Her finger was moving much faster now, and Kari found that she had to wiggle her hips from side the side. The captivating sight was her whole world at the moment. A man could walk up behind her and plunge his cock into her wet, slippery depths and she would not give a shit unless he stopped!

She pushed her hand further back to push fingers into her greedy, sucking pussy. Fingers slid with ease inside as the muscle walls contracted tightly around her fingers. She palmed her clit and was fighting gasping aloud.

Pete had was rhythmically pounding Beth. She gasped or moaned or cried out with each hard thrust. Kari heard Pete’s balls slap wetly against the upturned ass of Beth. Pete was grunting now, focused on Beth’s hot ass as he drove his meat deeply into the silken, delightful tunnel.

Kari felt her own orgasm finally approaching. Her fingers and wrist ached a little, and she felt already slightly sore, but never stopped. She watched Pete change speeds, get a little faster now, but ragged. She guessed that he was coming closer to orgasm. Beth was lost - she was a loud, moaning, totally sex-lost slut. She had lifted her torso up on straight arms, and leveraged the position to slam her body back into each of Pete’s thrusts. Kari stared open-mouthed at Beth’s thick boobs swaying wildly from the force of their coupling.

“Mmmm fuck!” Kari whispered and blurred her hand, rubbing her clit as fast as she could.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum!” roared Pete.

“Cum in me Pete, cum in my pussy, fill it up with your cum!” Beth cried wildly. She kept thrashing on the bed, her feminine cries giving voice to her own powerful, pleasurable orgasm.

Fuck! Kari finally felt the release of the orgasm, and she felt her hand get gushy wet from the wash of juices. Her legs and arms trembled and she lowered herself to the floor seconds before collapsing. The tremors continued from the orgasm, and she carefully scooted herself backwards silently. She was too frightened to stand, knowing that if she tried she would likely lose her balance and crash loudly to the floor or into a wall.

She crawled back onto the couch, where she laid down and exhaled hugely. Each movement had fired tiny little sparks of pleasure, and now she felt very relaxed in the afterglow of the orgasm. In the bedroom, the lovers were making soft noises that a satisfied couple makes. Kari began to think about how to make an entrance.

She silently went back to the door and opened it while the lovers were still embraced in bed, and probably under the covers. She opened the door from the inside, and poked her head in. “Hello!” she called.

Her reward was a terrified squelch from the bedroom. “Shit, hold on!” she was warned.

“Okay,” she said, stepping inside the apartment, flipping on a light and loudly closing the door. She sniffed. The scent of sex was thick in the air. She grinned, suddenly feeling triumphant at pulling it off. It had been a sexy moment for her. She wondered if she might be able to wrangle another go at it some time.

She washed her hands and prepared for eating, and then smiled as Pete and Beth emerged from the bedroom. They both wore sheepish, just-fucked looks on their faces. “Hi,” Kari said brightly. “Looks like I just missed the fireworks, huh?” She grinned hugely. Or not!

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