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Kiss Me, Lina

Kiss Me, Lina

Katherine or Catalina, kiss me, bésame

Katherine sat quietly, reflectively outside the cafe, at an al fresco table. It was a cool autumn day in October but it was still warm and bright enough to need no sweater and to wear her sunglasses. "Misty" was playing softly and unobtrusively in the background. She took a sip of her camomile tea and reflected upon the events of the day.

"Hi, Barkley. Get back here you wretch," interrupted her chain of thought as a pair of canine paws were laid upon her thigh. She glanced down at the eager pup, then up at the chap who ran towards her table. He was holding a leash that he quickly attached to the little fellow's collar as he muttered contrite regrets to Katherine. 

She automatically stroked the head of the pup while smiling agreeably. She brushed her skirt but there were no paw prints. She readjusted her garment to cover her legs. "My goodness, no. No problem at all. My pleasure," she stammered faintly as she reassured him. She rather enjoyed the smile that had spread over his face when her rounded knees and thighs were revealed to view then disappeared. "Is he called Barkley because of his vocal propensities?" 

He looked quickly back at her face. "Ah, well, that's rather a little joke. Actually, he never barks. It's not in his nature." The man kept a slightly crooked and hopeful smile as he introduced himself, barely restraining a bow as he touched the cap on his forehead. "Lorenzo, if you please. Or, Enzo. My friends call me that." 

She extended her hand. "Katherine," she offered in return as he gripped her exquisite hand strongly, letting her know he didn't expect her to be a delicate flower. But his grin and slight blush now somehow allowed her to think he might see her that way, in any case. He laughed and she followed suit for reasons she didn't really comprehend. She just felt happy.

He dropped her hand reluctantly then nodded faintly and stepped back and away. "We must be off. Hope you'll forgive me and Barkley. Must be off to class. My pleasure, Catalina."

"Katherine," she whispered as she removed her shades, watching after him as they disappeared around the corner, up the hill toward the campus. 

It was over a year now since the divorce. Katherine was somewhat lucky one could say. She did get a goodly portion of their dual assets when it was finalized. She didn't really have to go back to work. At least, not immediately. She took some months to grieve and shake off the pain of regrets and to wonder what she had done wrong. As everyone does when the love dies.

The love between them had passed away long ago, or it was moribund for years, but she had not wanted to accept the failure. At last she had gone through and emerged with a new outlook. The first important thing, she decided, was to go back to school and get the degree she had always wanted. 

Her first college experiences ended rather abruptly when she became pregnant and she and Robert got married. It was her job to work while he completed his education. Then, that done, they set up a household and she raised their child while he earned the money. He never wanted her to work again. And she did as he wished. She always had. But no more. 

She enrolled this fall semester and decided to live in a dormitory. For the true student experience she told herself. She did make sure she had a single room though. She wanted to retain the privacy she had finally achieved with the change in her marital relationship. She installed herself here in a residence hall just over a month ago as she tested the waters of academe.

One of the first things Katherine discovered was that virtually all of the students were testing their newfound freedom, just as she was, but in many differing ways. Especially when it came to their sexual experiences. It was pretty clear that most of the students were having a great deal of fun exploring this part of their lives.

The walls of the dorm were simply not as soundproofed as they might have been. And often, on the weekends especially, Katherine would hear the sounds of sexual pleasure coming through the adjoining walls of her room. On both sides the ladies in those rooms had guests spending the night and their passions could be heard rather easily if she didn't have the television or her radio playing. 

That evening Katherine arrived at her room, after dining in the cafeteria, and the first thing she did was to sit down and open her laptop. She searched for 'Catalina' to see what it meant. She had heard of Catalina Island off the coast of California. Now she understood. It was actually Santa Catalina and the name Catalina was the Spanish equivalent of Katherine.

That was why the gentleman she met that afternoon had called her that. Was he Spanish? Or Hispanic? She wondered. Yes, with a name like Lorenzo he probably was. Enzo. She determined in her mind that she liked that best.

Katherine undressed and took her evening shower. She disliked showering in the morning. Mainly because she preferred to let her hair dry naturally and washing her hair upon arising left little time to dry it without using the hairdryer. So she hummed as the warm water sprayed over her bare body and rinsed the lilac scented shampoo from her blonde tresses. She couldn't seem to keep her hand away from her kitten. Touching herself was something she had learned to do earnestly since her divorce. It was a wonderful relief for her.

Now she recalled that gentle, strong face she had seen today and her fingers were busy stroking her button then slowly entering the tingling lips of her slit. As she kept up the urgent fingering she grabbed the glass toy from the shelf in the shower. It had been a gift from a young lady she'd met lately here in the dorm. How red Katherine had blushed when accepting it.

All of the young ladies had taken to her when she first appeared here in the residence hall. So sweet, and now she was using this naughty little gift to please herself in the best way she had found. With this crystal dildo that fit her genitalia so perfectly. Tightly and deeply. In and out she kept it going while her other hand was caressing her breasts, pinching and squeezing the nipples. She'd always loved her breasts.

"Please, suck them, Enzo," she whispered, then gasped as a pleasant tremor passed over her body and she had a lovely, satisfying orgasm. She began to work the toy with more speed and reckless abandon. Wanting more as stronger waves of passion sped over her trembling body. "Ahh," she cried out as a much more intense climax spread through her. "Fuck me," she shrieked and bent over with the complete excitement of the moment.

Now she allowed herself to relax as the enfolding warmth of the waters washed away all traces of her welcome lust. She hugged herself and then stepped out gracefully with her smooth legs and dimpled knees and toweled herself dry.

Preparing for the nightly ritual of studies she dressed in a negligee that she wore just for herself. To feel pretty and happy. She made sure the room was nicely warm and then got down to studies. She played some French cafe music to go along with her reading as she sat in the comfortable chair she had brought along with her as a personal piece of furnishing for her room.  

After about an hour she found it hard to stop thoughts of Enzo from happening for some odd reason. She softly touched her thighs and they spread slightly. Her caress was gentle and she didn't really notice she was doing it for a moment. Then she looked down at her bared legs and smiled to herself. "I do have nice legs," she murmured. One hand rose to her breast. "These aren't so bad either," she chuckled as she pinched a swelling nipple through the sheer material. 

"Not again, naughty girl," she said to herself. She really needed to get this studying done. For the rest of the evening she was a good girl. And she slept with dreams of unknown rapture enveloping her.

The next few days passed quickly as classwork took most of her time. She thought of Lorenzo often but was a little reticent about doing much about it. Finally it occurred to her to simply look into the directory that listed all of the faculty at her college. It was a small, private school and there might not be too many men named Lorenzo teaching in the department of Romance languages. Perhaps he taught Spanish or Portuguese.

There it was. A person named Lorenzo was a professor of Romance languages. Just one fellow. "Now what?" she wondered as she went to bed once more rueing the fact that she had not been quick enough to get his phone number, at least. And she shyly dreamed that maybe he had regretted it when he allowed her to pass out of his sphere. Perhaps he did.

She was sitting in the same cafe where they had met a few weeks earlier. This time Katherine was inside, alone, sipping some Earl Grey tea. She relished the taste of bergamot orange. When she thought of her Enzo she got a slight chill, as if the November breezes had touched her. Then she giggled. "My Enzo," she murmured and then glanced about to see if anyone had noticed the loony lady talking to herself. It was fine as she smiled with such unexplained happiness.

Gazing out the window upon the passing students, bundled up against the cool weather, she watched as the last leaves drifted down from the bare tree limbs. There might be some snow soon. She took another sip of her warm tea.

After the waitperson brought her another small pot of tea she took out her smartphone to do a little search. She brought up the course handbook and perused the listings for the classes in Spanish. There it was, so simple. Wasn't life wonderful now?

His schedule of classes was right there. Now all she had to do was happen to stop by after one of his class sessions. Just happening to be passing by on her way to somewhere in the same building. She giggled at her intrepidity. She was usually so shy. Not today. She was taking charge of her life!

It was the next day and Katherine had slipped into the old, brick building where she knew a class in Spanish literature was being taught. She was early. Very early, but she didn't want to miss the end of the session when the students were released. So she wandered just outside the doorway to the class, not getting out of sight of the door but not standing right outside. That would be so embarrassing if her Enzo thought she was 'stalking' him. She giggled.

She shook her head as she tried to recall when she used to giggle so much. Back in the days when she was a schoolgirl. And then she realized, "I am a schoolgirl, now," and smiled, broadly. The door opened and a small group of students exited as she began to saunter slowly down the hall, timing it so she was right there as the last pupil left. She looked into the room and Barkley looked up at her from where he was lying next to the desk at the front of the classroom.

He jumped up and ran over to her, placing his paws up on her knees in greeting. "Hello, Barkley. How are you, little one?" She stroked his head as he slipped down and went quickly back to Lorenzo who was watching and smiling.

"Hey, little wretch. Sit here and settle down." Lorenzo laughed and then grinned crookedly as he looked into her eyes. "Hi there. On your way to class? Who would have thought it. I haven't seen you about here. How's it going, Catalina?"

"No, um...I have a friend who's down the hall, so I was just on my way to see her. But I forgot what day it was. So silly. Her class is tomorrow. Anyway, just passing by. Why is Barkley here? Are teachers allowed to have dogs?" She laughed but stopped abruptly as his facial expression changed suddenly. The smile left quickly.

"No, it's not that. Well, simply put, he's a therapy dog. I have to explain that all the time. Not to worry, Catalina. It's fine." He smiled again as he gathered his things together, finishing his preparations to leave.

"But, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I'm sorry. You just don't look like you need a service dog, I guess." She was fast losing the joy she had felt just moments earlier.

He put his things on the desk and sat down on it. "It's really not that. Barkley is a therapy dog, not a service dog. If he was meant to be a service dog he would be trained especially to aid someone with a disability and not act completely freely. Anyway, he can interact with people. Come on. I'll tell you all about it. Why not. Let's go. I'm free now. How about you? Want to get some coffee? Oh, you're not in a foreign language class, are you?"  

"No, I finished taking French classes long ago when I was first in college. Not in one now. Not sure I could learn a language now at my age," she giggled, then felt the blush rising into her face.

He rose up from placing a leash on Barkley's harness then smiled as he gestured for her to lead the way out of the classroom. "Will the cafe where we met be alright? It's only five or so minutes from here at the bottom of the hill."

"Yes, surely. Perfect. I stop there often. It's just teatime, isn't it? Well, most times are teatimes, I always say." She realized that she might be rambling a bit but she felt wonderful at the moment and was not going to lose this feeling soon if she could avoid it.

Each of them was soon pouring from their own pot of tea. Sharing a plate of scones with jams and marmalade on the table. No one questioned Barkley's presence there. He was known along with his master, Lorenzo. The two had simply gone from this subject to that, with little plan or pathway of conversation. Just enjoying each other's presence, each other's jokes. Learning about each other in words and smiles.

The first time he called her Catalina she went ahead and corrected him gently. With embarrassment he tried to explain. She touched his arm and explained that she understood. "Is Spanish your first language?"  

"Oh, no. Actually, I grew up in a family that spoke both English and Spanish at the same time. Rather fun we thought. Never considering that anyone else was growing up differently. You know that the best time to learn any language is when one's a child, of course." She nodded, listening closely. "It was actually something of a blessing for me. I could major in Romance Languages in college and really have a goodly step up at the very start."

"I feel so silly having called you Catalina so much and so many times in my thoughts," he went on.

"Your thoughts," she broke in. "You were thinking of me," she teased discreetly. "How sweet. You call me anything you like. You told me to call you Enzo once and I shall."

"What a pleasure. Yes, certainly, you're Lina to me, then. Great fun, little friend." 

In the process of getting to know each other it was firmly established that the only students that the faculty could not socialize with were those over whom they had some sort of power. As a teacher or an advisor. In that way. Katherine had not cared in the least, but it had, interestingly enough, preyed somewhat on Lorenzo's mind. And it pleased Katherine to no end to be told about that.

As they parted outside the cafe Barkley ate the treat he had been given as they left. Katherine leaned down and stroked his velvety head and then rose. Lorenzo took her hand. "I'll call you later, alright? After you've dined. We should make some plans, I hope."

"I hope so, as well. Enzo. Later if you please." She stifled the giggle that had started. "Just a smile," she murmured to herself under her breath.

"Yes, later. C'mon little buddy. We're off again. Bye now, Lina." With a wave he was off around the corner, up the hill once more.

In a short time it was Halloween. This year the day fell on a Friday. How lucky for all the kids heading out to trick or treat and grand for all the adults as well who were celebrating the day by dressing up in their favorite costumes to stroll up and down the main thoroughfare in town. It was just a block away from the campus of the college. Students were either displaying their finery or simply sitting and walking around checking out everyone else and enjoying the camaraderie of the season.

Katherine and Lorenzo had become something of a couple. At least, they had begun spending time together. Most of their free time. Neither was seeing anyone else. They had not discussed being exclusive or anything of that sort. But they both considered themselves together. It was simply not a formalized relationship.

On their very first date they had spent hours dining in Lorenzo's apartment just off campus. He didn't own the building but did own the apartment itself. There were several flats on three floors and he had a place on the top floor with a little view of the campus quadrangle.

As they dined on a dinner Lorenzo had cooked himself he opened up and explained the main reason he had Barkley. His therapy dog was with him to help him deal with PTSD. Rather than go into details he basically related how he had served in Iraq for two tours of duty.

Because of his background in linguistics he had been charged with learning Arabic. It was the most widely spoken language in that country and in many more around the world where the United States was becoming more interested year after year. Where the military services were justly interested.

"Lina, you must understand, it isn't something I really wish to talk about right now. Just understand that I am well. And Barkley helps me to stay well. That's all you really need know at this moment. Perhaps I'll tell you more someday. I'm fairly sure I shall." He smiled knowingly as he rose to get their coffee to go with dessert.

She rose with him and encircled his chest with her arms, laying her face against his chest with emotional trust. That was all for that time. They finished dining and he walked her back to her dormitory. Everything was so close together on this familial, collegial campus of higher learning.

On their last date they had walked around the college campus holding hands after dining out. They stopped beneath a limestone archway and chatted. Then Lorenzo had said, "Bésame, Lina." He looked down at her face. And leaned down. Their lips touched. It lasted only a moment or two but it held special meaning. 

Katherine giggled and asked, "What did you just say, Enzo?" 

He chuckled. "I said, kiss me, Lina." He smiled and touched her chin, raising her head up. "Bésame, mi querida. Kiss me, my dearest." They kissed again, more intently, more passionate, and he held her close. 

That had been as close as they came to anything more passionate. But now, on Halloween, they were downtown watching the crowds. It hadn't occurred to either to dress up. It was simply not something either had done for many years. But looking at the celebrants passing along the way was great fun.

Barkley loved it. Many in the crowd brought their own pets along with them. It was a meet and greet marathon for the pup and any friends he made as they strolled by. Most of the time they sat upon a corner bench and had fun holding hands and pointing out their favorites as they walked by.

It was just an hour or so after the sun has set when they decided that the air was getting much too chilly to stay out any longer. They bundled themselves up and set off with Barkley in the lead to Lorenzo's apart about two or three blocks away. Within fifteen minutes the two of them and the pup were upstairs taking off their wraps and laughing. 

First thing Lorenzo went into the kitchen. Katherine joined him as the pup went to his snug corner bed to take a nap. They heated milk and made some hot cocoa with marshmallows, taking their mugs into the living area. Lorenzo turned on the gas burning fireplace to give them a welcome glow of warmth against the chill of autumn becoming winter.

As conversation died down and the cocoa was consumed they sat smiling. Katherine had kicked her boots off to stay warm in front of the fire. Her skirt was pulled up and her legs curled under as she laughed as something Lorenzo had said. Then she set her mug down on an end table.

With her hands free she decided that she didn't mean to wait any longer. Perhaps Enzo was too much of a gentleman. But she needed him. She reached both hands up to his strong face and pulled him toward her, her lips seeking his. "Bésame, Enzo." And they kissed, fervently and with consuming ardor. This was her moment.

The pup kept sleeping as their kiss finally ended, lasting for what seemed like hours. But too short a time by far in her estimation. His too, undoubtedly, and he picked her up in his arms. In through the open bedroom doorway he carried her. There he carefully placed her on the bed and began to slowly and cautiously remove her clothing.

"No, Enzo, no. I need you now. Please, just take me, lover. Take me." And she took command of her own needs jumping up and stripping off her clothing as quickly as she could. He needed no further goading but was unclothes as fast as her. Both stood achingly at the end of the bed. His manhood was rampant and her breasts were turgid. 

His mouth sought them and sucked them in, taking as much as his mouth would hold. Her hand was gripping his prick with an eager want, stroking his veiny member into even more rigidity. Dropping to her knees she took him into her mouth, moaning with her desire, licking and tasting his cock. 

He spread his legs widely, bending his knees as he thrust into her receptive mouth. Holding her blonde curls, gripping them with each ram of his cock into her wet, drooling mouth. "Please, suck it querida, oh fuck yes, that's what I want mi amor." 

She had made certain that she was giving the love she needed to express as one hand was feeling the lust she felt herself, tickling the dripping kitten that tingled with her starved yearning. Each thrust of his cock into her mouth was matched with her own fingers jamming into her sticky, velvety smooth vulva.

The small, precious climaxes spent themselves in her body and she kept taking him in. But, no. Not that. She felt his urgency. "No, Enzo, please. Don't come yet, my love. I want it in me. Yes, please, take me and use my body, my love."

"Ah, Lina. Lina. Yes, lay down dear heart. Lay down. Yes." And he lifted her soft, tender and firm legs up and over his shoulders. His hands lifted her rounded butt up away from the bed and his prick sought her wetness, and it enfolded his hardness as he plunged into her desperate womanhood. 

She cried out with each thrust of his prick. Softly grunting with the forcefulness of his fucking. Her arms were tightly pulling him closer to her, feeling his now sweating body sticking to her own perspiring flesh. Both of them moaning and groaning with their obsession to complete and use each other's body. The rage that filled them as they joined together. Until it was time.

He stopped, then rammed once. Withdrew. Then rammed again. "Yes, Lina," he sighed as she responded with a soft hissing sound. And he began jetting and spurting his seed into her gentle yet constricting femininity. He continued over and over, spilling it out and into her. Until he was spent. And her arms held him tightly. Never wanting to release him.

As he also wished that. To never release her. Then Barkley bayed. The sound echoed off the chamber walls. They both laughed and her pussy had a gleeful spasm as his cock slipped free from her. They both collapsed together and the pup jumped up on the bed, went to a pillow, scratched a bed, and laid there gazing at them both.

Lina got out of her dormitory contract that December when the semester ended. Instead of going off somewhere for the winter break she moved in with Enzo. They had their own semi-vacation getting to know each other much better. Along with Barkley.



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