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Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 1

They fucked with an open door, and soon the whole dorm will follow.
With a yawn, Noah woke up. Today was the first day of his second year at university. In the bed two steps away from his, he could hear muffled grunting and moaning coming from the mattress.

"Baby..." he could hear the voice of his roommate Tom.

"Fuck me," a female voice whimpered.

Noah could see the rising and falling of the cover and how the mattress below them showed signs that the weight of two people and the force of their vigorous morning fuck.

Sighing, Noah turned his back to them. At first he was annoyed by Tom's habit of fucking his girlfriend in the same room, but after a while, he didn't care anymore. He simply blocked out the grunting and the sounds of his balls slapping against her.

Noah wanted to sleep some more, but took his phone and had a look at the time.

"Shit!" he jumped out of bed and was dressed so fast that the moaning pair next to him didn't even have time to notice him.

Running to his lecture room, Noah was heaving and panting on his first day back on campus. It was a hot summer day, and every student sought out the safe refuge of the merciful shadows the tall oak trees provided on campus. But Noah didn't have that luxury. He was running across the open campus, on the bowling hot concrete with the sun pounding on his head.

After his first year at university, he had spent the summer working on his father's farm. Waking up every day at five in the morning, plowing the fields and using every muscle in the body to get the work done. Without ever going to the gym even once, he had thick arms which stretched the T-Shirts he wore during his freshmen year. He had kept his fit body, but the moment he was back on campus, his discipline to wake up early had collapsed.

He jumped out of bed ten minutes before his first lecture was about to start. Normally he would skip it, but there was a rumor that this professor had a tendency to drop anyone who did not show up on the first day. To top it off, it was a compulsory class. If Noah didn't get those specific credits, he wouldn't get his degree.

Cursing, he jumped up the stairs and raced through the corridors, desperately trying to find the right room. Even though he had been on this campus for almost a whole year, it was so large there would always be some buildings that remained unexplored.

Sweat glistening on his neck, he finally found the right room. He pulled out his phone to check the time. He was ten minutes late. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself and used his T-Shirt top wipe off some of the sweat on his face. On the first day, the lecture room would be full of people, and he was sure that he would have to sit next to someone else.

"Alright," he said to himself. "Alright..."

He opened the large door and squirmed as the door squeaked. The professor stopped short of his opening speech and shot a glance in his direction. Muttering an apology, Noah sneaked to the back of the lecture room, sitting in the last row where there were still a few seats left.

As he made his way up, he could feel the hundreds of eyes looking in his direction. Unlike last year, he had a much large frame from all the farm work and it was impossible to allow himself to blend in. With all his newly acquired muscle, the amount of physical space he took up made every person notice him no matter how concentrated they were on the lecture.

Sitting in at the very side of the last row, he hoped that his sweat wouldn't gross out the girl sitting next to him. She had wavy light brown hair. Beyond that, Noah couldn't see anything else about her, nor did he really care. He was just grateful that this girl had a slim frame, so he could afford to take up a little more space without coming into contact with her.

Silently he sat there, listening to the professor talk about the contents of the syllabus. He didn't understand why all professors did this. Some did it hoping that it might convince a few students to join their class. But this was a compulsory class. No one was here because they wanted to be here. The professor gave the standard speech about plagiarism, office hours, tutorial times and so on.

And just as Noah was about to fall asleep, the professor announced that there would be a ten minute break and that in the second hour of the lecture he would give a detailed introduction to the nature and methods of Futures trading.

The students began moving around. Some went outside to go to the bathroom, others stood up with their bags and left the classroom for good. Noah considered going out of the classroom just so that the people sitting in his row wouldn't have to squeeze past him to get out. In some ways, he still needed to get used to his larger frame. While on the farm, there was plenty of space and he wouldn't have to worry about bumping into anyone. But on a crowded campus during lecture rush hour, it was a different tale.

"Excuse me," he heard the girl next to him say.

"Oh, sorry, sorry," he said and stood up.

She nodded a 'thanks' and walked out. Her wavy hair brushed past his nose, causing Noah to breathe in the intoxicating scent of a young woman. Gritting his teeth, he willed himself to stay calm. She smelled good, yes, but she was just a random person sitting next to him, nothing more, nothing less.

Since more people wanted to get out, Noah decided to go the bathroom. He washed his face, neck and his arms with the hand soap provided, and then used the paper towels to dry himself. By no means was he clean, but at least this way he wouldn't feel so sticky.

He hurried back to the lecture and began taking notes as the professor talked about the fundamentals of Futures trading.


"Send me an email if you have any questions. See you next week," the professor said and then dismissed the class.

Letting out a breath, Noah ordered his papers. Everyone else was saving the Word document they were writing on, but Noah found it much more effective to write notes down by hand. Of course the professor would speed up sometimes, so during the second half of his first year, he took a course in shorthand and was able to write faster than any other student using a laptop.

"What kind of writing is that?" the girl with the wavy light brown hair asked him.

Surprised that someone suddenly talked to him, Noah turned to her. For the first time, he got a good look at her face. She had bright blue eyes, full plumb lips and a sharp nose. Immediately he noticed that she was not wearing any makeup. Maybe she came late too, he thought.

"Shorthand," Noah answered and showed her one of his papers. "It's a technique that allows you to write notes really fast when someone else is talking or you have a train of thought and your hands can't keep up with your mind."

"Interesting," she murmured and leaned in closer. His nose was just inches away from her hair. He breathed in the gentle scent that belonged to a woman, his eyes glued to her light copper hair. He could feel the heat radiating from her arms, and got a peek at the valley her well sized breasts formed as she leaned in closer to get a better look at his shorthand writing.

"And everything he said is noted down with this?" she asked skeptically and pointed at Noah's writing.

"Well, not everything. Only the stuff that I thought was important or interesting."

She pointed at a line in the middle of the paper. "Then what does this say?"

"Buy toast after the lecture," Noah replied.

With a raised eyebrow, the girl shook her head.

"I was writing down my grocery list while making lecture notes."

The young woman let out a small frown and then laughed. Her bright blue eyes scanned his body. She took in his worked out muscles and the strength of hard labor radiating from his body.

"I'm Hannah," she offered Noah her hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Noah," he smiled broadly, happy that he had made a new friend.

The pair walked out of the lecture room. Hannah told Noah that she was a freshman, and had just moved into the Northern Dorm on campus. Noah was surprised by how easy it was for him to talk to her. While he was never socially awkward, he wouldn't describe himself as a party person either. He could just normally talk to women, but he never managed to figure out the underlying dynamics of flirting. Whether or not Hannah was attracted to him, he could not tell. He simply found it a pleasure to talk to her.

They continued to walk together until Hannah pointed out that she had her next lecture on the other side of campus and had to go in the opposite direction.

"Hey, do you have WhatsApp?" she asked.

A little surprised, Noah nodded and pulled out his phone.

He gave Hannah his number and she called him so that he would have hers. Then she turned around and hurried to her next lecture.

Smiling, Noah turned around and went on his way. He wasn't sure if she was attracted to him or not, but either way, he was happy that he had made another friend. He hated the idea of getting friend zoned, but one way or the other, he reasoned that the friend zone was an illusion disillusioned guys had come up with.

Whether or not the friend zone existed, he believed that making a new friend - male or female - was a good thing.

Having no more lectures for the day, Noah decided to return to his dorm room. After almost three hours, he reasoned that Tom must have finished plowing his girlfriend. Hearing and seeing them fuck made him incredibly horny, but he knew that his roommate would never agree to a threesome.

Judging from the sound of the moaning, this wasn't the same girl Tom was dating last year. The girl from last year had a higher pitched moan.

Sometimes he wondered if it would be alright if he simply took of his pants and joined them in that one moment when their lust was at its highest and they lost all reason in their throes of passion.

Noah opened the door to his dorm room and what he saw shocked him before, but by now, he didn't really care anymore.

"Ungh, Catherine! Your pussy is so tight!"

The girl, apparently her name was Catherine, was completely naked and down on all fours as Tom mounted her from behind and slammed his cock into her. Grabbing her waist, he pulled out and Noah could see his cock completely covered in her juices. With a grunt, he slammed back into her and Catherine threw her head back while her ass pointed high up in the air.

Noah could see the ripples form on her buttocks as they absorbed the full force of Tom slamming against her. Again and again he pumped in and out of her, like a machine trying to fuck her to exhaustion.

Ignoring the two, Noah walked into the room and sat down at his desk with his back turned to the sounds of sloshing juices and animal grunts.

"Oh fuck, fuck me harder," Catherine let out a deep grunt, completely unaware that a third person had entered the room.

Tom had noticed Noah, but decided that as long as he just continued to pump his swollen cock into her, it would keep Catherine distracted long enough until he could finish.

Noah had left the door open, and the entire floor could hear the animal moans coming from Tom and Catherine. So wild was their fucking that the slapping of their flesh could be heard throughout the dorm. A few guys and girls stood at the doorway and watched as Tom continued to mark Catherine with his cock deep inside her.

"Urgh, Catherine... oh my fucking God," Tom gritted his teeth. "You're so fucking hot. Your pussy feels so good."

He slammed into her, watching the juices flow out of her cunt and dripping onto the bedsheets. He could feel how soaked her cunt was, how her pussy juices had dampened the curls of her sex. His hands traveled along the length of her back, covering her body with his. He lay on top of her, her breasts squashed against the mattress, and his cock plowing her ass.

Then with a final grunt, Tom pumped his semen into her. His entire body was rigid and he shook as the walls of her pussy squeezed his cock to milk every drop of cum out of him.

Noah glanced to the side and noticed how the fucking had made some of the onlookers horny, and many of them had their hands at their zippers and were massaging their bulging erections. Some of the girls were giggling as they watched the guys grow desperate with horniness.

Tom's softening cock left Catherine's cunt with a plop, but Catherine didn't have the strength to move. Exhausted, her ass was quivering with the lingering orgasm she felt. Noah and the onlookers had their eyes glued to her well fucked pussy and watched as some of the thick hot cum leaked out of her hole.

Noah was rock hard at that point. He had half a mind of ripping off his pants, going behind her and simply slamming his cock into her. Her pussy was well lubricated. No doubt he could easily slide his entire length into her. So dazed was her mind from the thorough fuck Tom had given her, she wouldn't mind having a second round with a different rod inside her.

But Noah restrained himself. Some part of him would not allow him to give into the horny animal that was thrashing inside him. He glanced at the onlookers standing by the doorway, and even some of the girls had a glazed look in their eyes. If Tom had fucked Catherine any longer, this might have turned into a big orgy.

Soon, the entire dorm would become a secret spot for random, wild, unrestrained fucking.

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