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Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 2

Fuck in the park, then in the dorm...raw carnal sex will be everywhere on campus
Much Noah’s relief, that night, Tom and Catherine decided to move to a more private location for their late night fucking. He took the precious few hours of quiet to unpack his things and organize his side of the room.

He looked at his phone and on his contact list, he could see Hannah's number. For a second he thought about calling her, but then decided against it. He did not enjoying playing this kind of game, but he did remember his friends telling him that it was a bad idea to immediately call a girl.

"It makes you look desperate," he remembered Jason telling him on the last day of the of the first year. "Some guys say this doesn't matter, but I still think its better to wait at least one day before calling."

Instead, Noah called Jason to see if he was back on campus. Once he was at university, Noah discovered that it was easy to make a lot of friends, but difficult to make close friends since everyone was busy with their own lives. It wasn't like high school where everyone would be always together in the same classes.

Jason picked up and they decided to have dinner together. After a long summer of hard work at the farm, it felt good to reconnect with some friends.

They met up on campus and decided on a good old meal of hamburger, fries and beer. They laughed at how cliched it was, but hell, it was what bros did together. Sit down with some burgers, beer and talk about what they did over the summer and any girls they had in their lives.

"Man, Tom just won't stop fucking my room," Noah said and took a long and satisfying gulp from his pint.

"I heard," Jason laughed. "I'm in the same lecture with a guy on your floor, I forget his name, and he said this morning the whole dorm came to watch them fuck like bunnies. What's that girls name again...Katie?"

"Catherine," Noah corrected him. "And it drives me crazy how they are constantly doing it. Anymore and the whole dorm will become a fuckhouse."

"Actually, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

"Maybe," Noah laughed. He took a fry and dipped it in ketchup. "But it feels good to be back. After all that hard work on the farm, it feels good to be able to relax on campus and meet some girls."

"I imagine it wouldn't be so hard for you now. Now we aren't the youngest guys anymore and you gained all this meathead muscle from working so much," Jason pointed out.

Noah took a bite out of his juicy burger while contemplating wether or not he should tell Jason about Hannah.

"Yeah, that is true," he began to say. "Actually I met this girl in my Futures class today. She saw me writing in shorthand and we began talking and..."

"You asked for her number?" Jason interrupted.

"No, she asked for mine."

"Oh my God," Jason roared with laugher and it the table. "Muscles really do make a difference."

"I don't think it's that simple."

"Look, women like muscle just like men like ass and boobs. At the end of the day, humans are very simply creatures."

"But I think women are more complicated."

Jason stuck out his lower lip and folded his arms. He thought about what Noah said for a moment and nodded. "True, true."

After dinner, both decided to head back to Noah's dorm. Over the summer, Jason had left his Xbox and some books in Noah's closet and now was a good time as any to collect his stuff. Moreover, he was curious as to the potential chances of Noah's dorm really turning into a free sex zone. Usually something like was only a man's fantasy, but with Tom and Catherine's wild fucking, combined with this hot summer, there was a real chance the dorm could turn an orgy house for the relief of animal lust.

On the way back, they decided to walk through a nearby park. Among the students, the park was an infamous spot close to the pubs. Once filled with enough alcohol, couples would try to find some privacy in the the dark shadows of the bushes. If one took a stroll through the park at night, one could hear plenty of suppressed moaning and grunting coming from the shadows. Often times, couples would engage in their drunken carnal lust almost right next to each other, and they would rarely mind having an audience. Especially at the beginning of the academic year, in the hot and humid summer, the grass would be covered with condoms and dozens of pairs slamming away. This was a park where any sort of shame would go away in the veil of darkness.

"Hey look, isn't that Tom?" Jason pointed out as they walked past a tree where the moaning and grunting was especially loud.

Noah narrowed his eyes and indeed that was his roommate banging away with Catherine behind the tree. Tom was behind her, grabbing her waist and shoving his cock into her. Beyond their moans, Noah could hear the slurping sounds of every time Tom thrust into her. Catherine was incredibly turned by fucking out in the open, with the main pathway of the park only a few steps away.

Hypnotized, Noah and Jason stood there, watching the coupe fuck each other's brains out.

Like a hound, Tom dominated her from behind. Again and again he blowed her pussy with his thick cock, causing her hot wet juices to drop to the ground. His hands were locked on her waist, leaving her no escape. Nor did Catherine want to escape. She supported herself by holding onto the tree trunk, pushing her ass back so that his cock would go deeper inside her.

Noah could feel himself get hard. Catherine was so into it, if he pulled out his cock right now, she would start to suck on it without question. He would fuck her mouth while Tom fucked her from behind.

He watched her moan with her mouth wide open, and could see her teeth, tongue and the inner walls of her cheeks. He wanted to shove his cock in that mouth so badly. If his thick meat stuffing her mouth, her muffled cries of pleasure would be even more erotic.

Just as he was about to undo his belt, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Noah? Is that you?"

Frozen, Noah turned around. It was Hannah. Her blue eyes pierced his. What was she doing here, he thought. Had she come her to observe the wild sex, or she didn't have any idea why this park was infamous because it was her first day at college?

"Hey, what's up?" Noah said with a slightly forced smile.

Next to her was another girl. She had a long emo bangs, wore thick black rimmed glasses and heavy mascara.

"Debbie and I were just on our way back from dinner, what are you doing here with..."

"Oh, this is Jason, my friend," Noah quickly introduced Jason and he shook hands with Hannah and Debbie.

"We were just on our way back to my dorm, Jason wants to pick up some stuff he stored in my room over the summer," Noah said, hoping that Hannah wouldn't hear the slapping of raw flesh behind him.

"Then let's go together," Hannah smiled. "You two could give us a tour."

Noah and Jason exchanged a silent glance which told a thousand words.

"Dude, we can't let her see the stuff I left in your closet," Jason thought.

"I know, but it would be rude right now to say no."

"But I can't let them see the contents of my book."

"Good point, how about you just take your Xbox? Leave the books for another time?"

Noah and Jason nodded at each other, having come to a silent agreement.

"Yeah, sure," Noah smiled broadly. "We'll show you around the dorms and where the other students live. Where do you two live?"

With that, the four of them went off. Noah was silently grateful that for the moment, Tom and Catherine had kept their fucking to a minimum level of noise. Maybe they weren't comfortable with four people watching them.

The four of them chatted while walking out of the park and into the university dorm area. Hannah told Noah that she shared a private studio with Debbie that was about half an hour away from campus. Both majored in economics and finance and had been friends since high school. Hannah was of German decent, but never really picked up the language. Debbie had a Korean mother who married an American marine. She inherited most of her father's genes, so she didn't look like she was of mixed blood.

Noah and Jason told them he the two of them had been friends since the first year of university and that they were in their second year. Then from their position of having had one year of experience, they told the two girls a few tips and tricks about getting around on campus and avoiding some of the courses with the harshest professors and teaching assistants.

The moment they had walked up the stairs and were on his floor, he regretted taking the two girls with him. The summer was simply too hot, so the guys decided to take off their shirts and walk around in their boxers. But that wasn't all of it. The dorm itself had male and female students in the same building, so there were a lot of girls walking around in their underwear or bikinis.

This was the first day of the semester, so it was just a matter of time before somebody in the dorm turned up the music and the entire dorm turned into one big house party. Any other time this would have been normal, but it was as if Tom and Catherine's morning sex had inspired a new mood in the dorm. The corridors were filled with people holding drinks, but in the rooms, there were pairs making out, and some had taken off all their clothes and a handful of guys mounted the girls from behind. There were a few people watching and cheering them on, with more girls taking off their clothes and more guys eager to join the fun . Feeling a little awkward with two freshmen girls behind him, Noah squeezed through the corridor until he reached his room. He breathed out a sigh of relief when he found his door closed and locked. If it wasn't closed, he was sure that it would have turned into a part of the party and that random couples would have started fucking on his bed.

Hannah, Debbie and Jason hurried in and Noah quickly closed the door before more of the party could come in.

"Wow! Are dorms always this wild?" Debbie asked.

"No," Noah shook his head. "I think it might have something to do with my roommate did this morning."

"What did he do?" Hannah asked.

"He had sex with his girlfriend with the doors open and anyone could just stand there and watch."

Hannah opened her mouth to say something, but nothing would come out. Her turned crimson red. Behind her, the four of them could steal hear the cheers as more people took off whatever clothes they had on and shoved in their cock into any girl who was willing.

As the fucking intensified, Noah could hear the sound of the moans overpowering the people who were cheering. More and more people must be taking off their clothes and have simply started fucking in the corridor.

Noah looked though the peephole in his door and his eyes widened as his manhood swelled. There were several pairs standing in the corridor, fucking without a care in the world. Several girl had their ass pointed up high in the air with their arms up against the wall and another student pumping his cock in and out of her.

After a few moments, the guys looked at each other and nodded. They pulled out and switched partners. Taking part of their cocks, they each teased the girls by rubbing their swollen heads against their hot and creamy folds, causing the girl to shiver with anticipation.

"Stick it in me," a girl begged and wiggled her ass. "Fuck me, fuck me hard."

With a grunt, the guy grabbed her hips and pushed his hard length in her.

"Yes!" the girl moaned. " feels so good."

The other pairs followed suit and they all continued to bang away. The sounds of their animalistic fucking filled the corridor. The slapping of flesh and the slippery of a cock plowing through a hot and soaked pussy made the entire house sound like a madhouse filled with unrestrained. Anyone who walked in here could fuck as much as they wanted with anyone who was there.

With a gulp, Noah moved away from the door and faced his guests. He didn't need to tell them what he just saw. They could hear very well.

Noah looked at Jason, giving him a look that asked him what they should do. With the way things were outside his room, they couldn't possibly go out. But Jason would not answer. He was thinking about something else.

And just as Noah was about to open his mouth and ask what they should do, Jason took Debbie by the hand and headed out of the room. As he opened the door, Noah and Hannah caught a quick glimpse of the numerous pairs fucking right outside the room. Jason slammed the door shut and a moment later Noah could hear his friend opening the door to another room.

This left him alone with Hannah.

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