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Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 3

The entire dorm has turned into one madhouse for unlimited debauchery.
Noah stood with his back against the door. Behind him he could still hear the loud noises of the students fucking in the corridors. For a moment he thought about opening the door and asking Hannah if she wanted to go home, but the moment he thought of that, he heard one of the outside couples banging against their door.

Noah swallowed. If he opened the door, he would come face to face with a young woman who was bent over having her ass claimed by the man behind her. If he came face to face with that, he didn’t think he would be able to contain himself.

“Hannah, I’m sorry I brought you here,” Noah began to say, but before he could go any further, Hannah took a step toward him.


Noah didn’t know what to do. Hannah had lowered her head so that her wavy brown hair was covering her face. She stared at the ground, not responding to Noah.

Suddenly, Noah felt her hot gaze on him. Hannah was staring at the large bulge in his pants. Noah took a sharp breath. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t go out because the corridor was full with young horny couples fucking in the summer heat, and he was stuck in his room with Hannah, who had suddenly become silent.

Closing his eyes, he could hear noises coming from the next room, where Jason had done with Debbie.

“Jason!” Debbie’s voice sounded. He could hear slurping sounds, Debbie moaning.

“Urgh, fuck me already,” Debbie groaned.

Noah could hear the sound of Jason taking off his belt.

“Unghh!” Debbie made an deep animalistic sound.

Holy shit, Noah thought. Jason and Hannah’s friend, Debbie, were fucking right next door, and he could hear all of it. They had only met about an hour ago, and in the heat of the moment when everyone’s lust in the dorm ran wild, Jason was already pounding into her.

“Noah,” Hannah said in a quiet whisper.

“Yeah?” Noah opened his eyes and could see that Hannah had hooked her index finger to his belt.

“Noah,” she said again. With her left hand she grabbed his belt while her right hand traveled up his torso, feeling his muscles.

Noah’s breathing increased rapidly as he could feel the heat of her soft skin. He couldn’t believe how good it felt just to have her hands on him.

“I want to do it,” Hannah said and looked up at him. Her eyes were glazed, and her breath shallow.

Noah could understand. Fresh out of high school and tasting the freedom of university for the first time, it was easy to lose oneself. Especially now with dozens of couples fucking openly outside, it was so easy to give into the heat of the moment and let the inner animal come out. The animal that only wanted simply, raw sex. The animal that didn’t care when or where. The animal that wanted to fuck when in heat.

Hannah’s hand traveled along the naked skin of his arms, leaving a trail of lingering heat as she felt his muscles. She licked her lips in anticipation.

From the moment she met Noah in the lecture today, she had felt attracted towards him. Normally, courtship would have taken weeks, but this situation permitted her to express her honest lust, to simply say when she wanted to be mounted and have her cunt stuffed.

Her left hand skillfully undid his belt and felt the elastic band of his boxers. Biting her lower lip, she felt his rock hard erection through his underwear.

“Hannah,” Noah breathed, startled by how honest she was now. All of the sudden, the first year student in front of him had expressed her inner desires to him.

He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. His jeans fell to the ground and his thick erection fought for its freedom from the boxers, pressing against the soft cloth of Hannah’s cotton dress.

“Holy shit,” Noah breathed. Just pressing his cock against her body caused a trickle of electrifying pleasure to shoot through his body. He had slept around in his first year, but never before did he have such a strong physical reaction to a woman. He could tell that Hannah was hungry for him. She wanted to be fucked, and fucked well.

“Come,” Hannah smiled up at him with a throaty purr.

Unable to hold back, Noah lowered his head and kissed her. He could feel her exhale and he drank her scent. It was filled with the raw desire to have a man plow her body with his cock.

He opened his mouth slightly and licked her lips. With a giggle, Hannah bit his tongue lightly before she let it slip into her mouth. Noah danced with her slippery tongue, tasting her saliva and drowning in her intoxicating breath.

He licked the inner walls of her cheeks and explored every corner of her mouth. Moaning into his mouth, Hannah tilted her head to deepen their kiss. Both of her arms wrapped around his neck and she pressed herself even more tightly against his hard body.

Noah couldn’t believe it. He had met Hannah only this morning, yet it was true what the phycology majors said about attraction. It is there almost instantaneously, but society tends to suppress a person’s need to express their honest physical desire to simply fuck.

With the entire dorm going into a session of unrestrained wild fucking, this little world of carnal desire was shielded away from the prying eyes of society. Here, if one was horny and needed a good fuck, one could just say so and do it. Sometimes people just want to mash their bodies together and fuck for the sake of raw carnal pleasure.

Noah’s arms were locked firmly around her waist, claiming her as his. She would not escape his powerful grasp, and nor did she want to. Unless his cock had fucked her thoroughly, she would not leave.

Noah could feel Hannah smiling while they kissed passionately. Her hand grabbed his erection through his boxers and began massaging it. Her soft palm created a small valley and used the smoothness of his boxers to move her hand up and down along his shaft.

“Do you like that?” Hannah purred.

“Urgh...fuck,” Noah groaned into her mouth.

The smile on her lips growing wider, Hannah’s hand pulled the elastic waistband of his boxers down and his cock sprang out. Hard and erect, it stood tall in the air, desperate for Hannah to give it some special attention.

Much to Noah’s disappointment, Hannah broke their kiss, and her smooth hand left his shaft and she raised it up. Before he could ask why, she loudly spat onto the palm of her hand. Then she grabbed his cock again, this time covering the entire underside in her hot spit.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

The room was filled with the sound of Hannah giving him a wet handjob.

Noah’s breathing grew rapid as Hannah’s grip tightened and put more pressure on the sensitive upper underside of his shaft. Her hand stroked him vigorously, milking him for all he was worth.

Then suddenly, the door to his room opened. Shocked, both of them turned to see who was intruding.

All they could see was that one of the couples fucking outside had leaned against the door and the woman had put too much of her weight on the unlocked door handle and accidentally opened the door. Losing her support, she was about to topple over, but the man fucking her from behind tightly grabbed her waist and she managed to put her hands on the doorframe to support herself while the man continued to pound into her.

Hypnotized by the sight, Noah and Hannah stared at the couple. Like a large beast, the man hovered behind her. His large hands almost completely hugged her waist, and pulled her ass towards him while he pushed his cock into her. The loud slapping of their flesh filled Noah’s ears.

Closing her eyes, the woman moaned like an animal, not caring for any appearances. All she wanted to was to have her cunt fucked.

With a grunt, the man shoved himself deep inside her, emptying his semen deep inside her.

Hannah’s mouth was slightly open, aroused by the scene in front of her. For a moment she thought that it was over since the man came, but the man’s cock left her pussy with a plop sound and he stepped aside. From the side, another man stepped forward and shoved his cock into the woman from behind.

“Unghhhh!” the woman threw her head back as she felt a different man’s cock pump into her.

She didn’t even look behind. Her tongue hung lose as she enjoyed having one cock after the other stuff her from behind. Going with the rhythm, she pushed back, trying to drive this stranger’s cock deeper into her.

This man didn’t last so long, and he pumped his semen into her after just after a few strokes.

With a grunt, he pulled out and stepped aside. One moment later, a third man stepped forward, grabbed her waist and shoved himself into her.

Noah quite couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Right at his door, one of the female students in his dorm had completely give over to her mad desire to fuck. She simply stood there, raising her ass up in the air, letting every guy mount her and cum inside her.

Noah glanced to his side, and he saw that Hannah’s eyes were glued on the scene in front of her. Her breathing was shallow and she had one finger slipped into her pussy, fingering herself. She was wildly aroused by the sight in front of her.

There was just something so primitive about what she was seeing. The young student was just standing there, allowing every guy to empty his cum into her. Her hole was available for anyone to use. Up in the air, any guy could simply stuff his cock into her.

“Noah,” Hannah rasped.

She took his hand and led him to his bed. Without saying a word, she let go of his hand and climbed onto the bed. Getting on all fours, she raised her ass high up into the air. Her cunt was drenched in her juices, glistening as she pointed it towards Noah.

“Quick, fuck me,” she breathed. “I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me, quickly.”

Noah was in a state beyond reason. Here she was. The girl he met just this morning, and she was on all fours on his bed, pointing her ass at him, begging for him to fuck her pussy. No more foreplay or fingering, she simply needed for him to stuff his cock into her.

With a nod, he got onto the bed and guided his cock to the entrance of her wet hole.

He took his shaft and rubbed the swollen head of his cock around the outer lips of her pussy, taking a sharp breath as he could already feel her burning heat.

Short on patience, Hannah wiggled her ass, trying to slip his mushroom head into her. She wanted to have his cock inside her so badly. It was as if she had just come back from a desert and needed water. That was how much she craved to have Noah plunge himself into her wet cunt.

With a grunt, Noah pushed forward. He stopped when he was halfway into her. He couldn’t believe how hot the walls of her pussy were. Her cunt wrapped so tightly around him, and her insides were so hot he thought his cock would melt.

This isn’t good, he thought and he wanted to pull out to prevent himself from cumming too soon.

Hannah would have none of it. With an impatient groan, she pushed her ass back, burying his entire shaft in her snatch.

“Hannah!” Noah cried out, his breath heavy with the white hot heat that surrounded his cock.

“Fuck me, I need you to fuck me good,” Hannah moaned.

At this point, Noah lost all sanity. This sight of his cock buried deep inside her, her ass pointing at him, her wavy brown hair spread across her back, the noises of wild fucking coming from the outside, and Hannah begging for him to fuck her, Noah began to pound into her with an animal need.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer towards him. Then mounting her like a hound, his body covered hers, his cock going in and out of the fleshy hole between her legs.

Slurp. Slurp. Slurp.

The sounds of his animal pounding filled the room. Again and again he slammed into her, his cock melting in the tight furnace that Hannah’s pussy had turned into.

Every time Noah pulled out, Hannah instinctively tensed her inner muscles, creating a sensation of suction, as if her pussy wanted to suck him back in.

And then finally Noah reached his limit. He slammed into her so hard that Hannah’s knees buckled and she lay flat on her stomach. His body covered hers entirely, his full weight on her.

With a final grunt, he shoved himself as deep into her as he could.

“Hannah!” Noah groaned as he pumped wave after wave of his semen into her.

“Yes!” Hannah cried out, loving the sensation of this hard man behind her spurting his hot cream inside her. This pushed her over the edge, and she cried out again as a powerful orgasm shattered her mind.

Exhausted, Noah collapsed on top of her.

Behind them, the noises of wild random fucking continued.

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