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Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 4

She hallowed her cheeks to create greater suction and used her tongue to create a soft meaty bed...
The fucking lasted late into the night. Afterwards, Noah and Hannah had done it two more times. Every time they had finished resting, they would still see countless couples fucking each other’s brains out in the corridor. Every time they would get caught up in the whirlwind of hormones in the air, and start making out all over again.

Noah couldn’t quite remember how many times he had come inside Hannah. In the end, he took a quick peek into the room next door, and saw Debbie leisurely sucking on Jason’s cock.

Not wanting to disturb them, he had told Hannah that Debbie was still busy, and he accompanied her back to her apartment. Once there, Hannah wanted a good-bye kiss, but that one single kiss turned into a passionate exchange of tongue and saliva. In the end, they had sex one more time right in the entrance corridor.

They fell asleep on Hannah’s bed, with part of Noah’s cock still plugged inside her.

When Noah woke up in the morning, Hannah was gone. She left a note on the table saying that she rushed off to some lectures she wanted to check out. As a freshman, she still had to declare her major and hence wanted to drop in on some lectures across various faculties to see what sparked her interest.

Yawning, Noah went into the shower and borrowed her shampoo. Once he dried himself, he discovered that he smelled like flowers. He put on his clothes and gave himself a tour around the house. The apartment was eerily quiet, so Noah assumed that Debbie had stayed somewhere else with Jason.

Feeling that he needed a fresh change of clothes, Noah wrote on under her message that he had gone back to his dorm to change, and then attend lectures.

“I’ll call you around dinner time,” he wrote.


Once he had arrived at the dorm, Noah wondered if the air of debauchery had permanently settled in the dorm. He took his shirt, boxers and pants to the upstairs laundry floor, and walking past the toilet stalls when he saw a girl on her knees, bobbing her head back forth. The guy held her head and groaned as he enjoyed his sloppy blowjob.

There weren’t any more couples having sex out in the open corridor, but he was sure that there was some action going on behind those closed doors.

Stepping onto the laundry deck, he saw a girl using one of the washing machines to support her weight while a guy slammed into her from behind. Both had their eyes closed, moaning and groaning, lost in the ecstatic bliss that there was no shame fucking anywhere they wanted in this dorm.

Ignoring them, Noah stuffed his clothes into the washing machine, added the necessary detergent, closed the doors and the machine began humming.

This would be time of the year when washing machines would break down all the time. Fresh out of high school and excited to be away from the care of their parents, most freshmen didn’t even know how to operate a washing machine. They would let their dirty laundry pile up for weeks, then stuff all of it into one washing machine until it was nearly impossible to close the door. Such an overloaded washing machine would break quickly.

It wasn’t until his second year at university that he realized how childish the freshmen could be, especially the boys. And he was sure that he would find the second year students childish when he would enter his final year of study.

Instead of taking the elevator, he decided to walk down the stairs to his floor. Noah saw another girl on her knees, giving two guys blowjobs at the same time. She pumped her head back and forth while she held the second guy’s cock in her hand. Moments later, both of them groaned and shot their cum all over her hair and face.

Noah stood there, watching them. Even though he had fucked Hannah all night long, watching this random sex in front of him turned on a primal response in him.

He took a couple of steps and unzipped his pants behind the girl. Hearing someone approach, she turned around and came face to face with Noah’s rock hard erection.

She looked up at him and smiled. Semen was all over her face and hair, and so aroused was she, that she stretched out her tongue to tease his swollen mushroom head while she observed his face.

Her hands traveled up to feel his abs as she swallowed his thick member. Her hot mouth engulfed him. She hallowed her cheeks to create greater suction and used her tongue to create a soft meaty bed for the underside of his cock.

Groaning, Noah saw the other two guys go down the stairs, leaving him alone with the horny girl in front of him. Without asking who he was or what he was doing here, the girl sucked on his cock as it was the most natural thing to do.

Noah could hear the slurping sounds of her mouth slobbering her hot saliva all over his cock, her tongue roughly moving back and forth to rub his underside. The walls of her cheeks trapped the sides of his cock in a slippery furnace, sucking him for the sake of having a rod in her mouth.

Gritting his teeth, Noah couldn’t believe how skilled she was.

“Urgh, this feel good,” he growled as he put a hand on her head so that he could guide her.

The girl grinned and looked up at him, enjoying the agony that was written all over his face. While Noah didn’t recognize her, she recognized him. She was the girl who had her ass high up in the air and accidentally opened the door to his room while guys were pounding into her from behind. She watched Noah fuck Hannah so well, and thought that his thick girth would be a perfect fit for her. He looked so fit and strong, after she saw the thorough pounding he gave to Hannah, she decided she wanted a piece of him too. That is why she was so willingly swallowed his cock right when she saw him.

Feeling his large hands grabbing her head, she followed the speed at which Noah moved her head back and forth. She couldn’t help but giggle. Normally guys would slam into her mouth, driven mad with lust. But Noah knew how to take his time to enjoy her hole. He moved her head at a leisurely pace, watching as his cock slowly vanished and reappeared from her mouth.

“Fuck, this is good,” he breathed. This girl beneath him knew exactly how to tense her tongue and inner cheeks to create a slippery passageway that felt even better than her cunt.

“I’m Noah, by the way,” he said with a grunt.

The girl momentarily pulled back, letting his cock exit with a pop sound.

“I’m Tracy,” she smiled.

Without wasting another moment, she opened her mouth slightly and squeezed his thick head through the tight opening. This gave him a sensation more intense than even the tightest pussy.

Noah groaned and his hips pushed further into her mouth. But Tracy smiled and pulled out her next trick. Using her tongue, she created a soft wall inside her mouth, blocking him from going further.

Instinctively, Noah pushed against that wall. His jaw dropped at the feeling. The sensitive head of his cock was pressing against her soft tongue, feeling a waterfall of hot saliva flowing over it while part of his cock was swallowed by her outstretched lips. Tracy hallowed her cheeks again, sucking him further in while her tongue prevent him from going further inside.

This feeling of contradiction in her mouth pushed Noah over the limit. He grabbed her head and used raw force to push himself past her tongue and hit the back of her throat. With a gurgle, Tracy’s tongue was pushed to the side, intensely rubbing the left side of his shaft.

Noah’s hips buckled and he pulled her head towards him so that her lips hugged the roots of his cock. With a groan he pumped wave after wave of hot semen down her throat.

Tracy relaxed her throat and allowed the river of hot cream to flow down her throat. She wanted to savor every last bit of it. She didn’t want to gargle and have some of it come out of her nose.

After Noah’s orgasm had subsided, Tracy pulled back while her lips cleaned his cock in one clean sucking motion.

“See you later,” she winked and hopped down the stairs.

Exhausted, Noah looked after her, wondering about what just had happened This girl called Tracy had seemingly given him a blowjob out of the blue and she had gone off after she had sucked him clean.

Shrugging, Noah zipped up his pants and went to take a shower. He didn’t want to be late for his lectures like yesterday.


Once he was sitting down in class, the last thing on Noah’s mind was the lecture. He remembered how he had fucked Hannah all night long and the random blowjob he got from Tracy once he was back to the dorm. The memories kept playing in his mind, giving him another rock hard erection. All he could think about was the great sex he had yesterday, and the wild lust party the dorm had. With the memories on his mind, all he could think about was having sex.

Since the lecturer was still talking about the syllabus, Noah pulled out his phone and texted Jason. He wanted to ask him how the night with Debbie went. Jason didn’t answer immediately, so he simply left the phone on the small table in front of him.

Suddenly, Jason replied. Before, Noah had turned the sound volume of his phone to the maximum so that he could hear the alarm, but he forgot to turn it down or set it to silence for the lecture. The beeping sound of Jason’s reply echoed through the lecture room, causing all eyes to land on him.

“You! Give me the phone!” the lecturer ordered.

His face red with embarrassment, Noah stood up and walked to the front of the lecture room, handing over his phone.

“Come to my office after the lecture,” the professor ordered.

With a sigh, Noah nodded.

Cursing he looked up, and instead of an old man or woman, he saw a woman who was in her mid to late thirties, wore thick rim glasses and had a shoulder length hair. Her bosom stretched the white silk shirt she was wearing and she wore black office pants.

Feeling aroused by the sight of her, Noah’s erection grew even harder.

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