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Memoires of a Schoolgirl: The Art of Seduction

The art of seducing a new student in my last year at high school.
I grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s in the townships of Yallourn, and later, Yallourn North. These towns, especially Yallourn, have etched indelible memories of my childhood and youth. One special memory in particular relates to my student days at the Yallourn High School which I still vividly remember.

These memories are a recollection of events that took place in the year of 1980, my final year at high school, before going to the University of Melbourne in the following year. I feel honoured and privileged to be able to share these events of 1980 with you all.

During the school holidays, I celebrated my sixteenth birthday on 10 January 1980. Two days later, I lost my virginity in the back seat of a car whilst parked at Lake Narracan. This occurred around midnight after enjoying a movie at the nearby drive-in theatre with some friends. For the next two weeks, I had sex several more times with Rodney, a guy who was a year older than me.

Rodney sanctimoniously dropped me only days before school resumed. I felt cheated and used at the time, but losing my virginity left me with a new found lust for sex and gratification. Somehow, somewhere, I needed to find a new boyfriend.

My final year at Yallourn High School was year twelve, also called the Matriculation year, which took place back in 1980. This was the year that changed my life from a naïve and innocent girl, into a woman with ambitions; from a virgin, into a woman who wanted to experiment more and more with sex.

School commenced on Tuesday, 5 February 1980. Wanting to become a journalist, my selected subjects were English Expression, English Literature, British History, Economics, French, Geography and Art Appreciation. Yallourn High School traditionally appointed twelve students to be prefects, comprising of six boys and six girls. I was not only privileged to be selected as one of the prefects, but also nominated as the head female prefect.

This was undoubtedly due to my impeccable behaviour and scholastic results over the previous five years there. The main duties of a prefect are to maintain an eye out on other students during recess and lunch breaks, do room checks during school assemblies once a week when the whole school congregates at the nearby Kernot Hall, and to be the in-between person between the staff and the students.

In my English Expression class, there was a new student named Larry Norman. His parents came from Akron, Ohio; a city in the United States of America. His father, a Civil Engineer, was seconded by the Victorian State Government as a consultant to co-head the Yallourn W Power Station construction site (1973-1982). The site was located approximately a mile and a half due north of the town square in Yallourn.

Larry, wanting to emulate his father as a professional engineer, chose a science based curriculum of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English Expression, and several other subjects that I cannot recall. The one subject that was common to both Larry and I was English Expression. So, on two days a week, Larry and I shared the same class in English Expression.

My initial perspective of Larry was admirable, and he also had an interesting persona about him. I was curious about his background, coming from another country and all that, so I felt that I wanted to get to know him a little better. Larry was of slim build, about 5’-11” tall, had a cute smile, wore a crew cut hairstyle, and spoke with a real sexy American accent.

I don’t know if it was his accent that mesmerized me, or because the rest of the class (males) were just boring idiotic drones who I wouldn’t want to be seen dead with, that I decided to somehow seduce Larry.

It was now early March, and autumn was here at last. Whilst patrolling the school grounds one lunch time, I saw Larry sitting alone on a bench. He was eating his lunch and I approached him.

“Is it alright if I sit down with you and talk whilst you are eating?” I asked.

“Sure, I would love that. Your name is Tracey, isn’t it?” he replied.

“Yes, my name is Tracey. I sure appreciate being able to chat with you,” I replied.

The next twenty minutes or so were very interesting. I learned where he lived in the United States of America, about his life in general, how long he would be staying in Australia, what sports he played, and his impression of Yallourn so far. Before I knew it, the school siren had sounded, meaning that classes were to commence in five minutes time.

For the next three days, we chatted every lunch time. I found out so much about him, and him about me. I enjoyed his company, and as he was opening up to me, I found him to be quite witty in the process. I am sure that no other student had any idea what Larry was really like, and how interesting he was.

The following week, two other prefects were allotted the supervisory duty to patrol the other students during the lunch hour. Instead of having my lunch in Room twelve, the prefect’s room, I decided to have lunch again with Larry. Instead of sitting on the bench seats between the back of Room six (the music room) and the school oval, I suggested that we have lunch on the grass just inside the west perimeter fence, on Latrobe Avenue.

I learned that he and his family were staying in the nearby town of Newborough, and was due to stay there for two years before returning back home. He had had a girlfriend back in Akron before coming here, but nothing serious ever happened between them. Larry loved playing sport, and I learned that he excelled at baseball and tennis.

While seated on the ground, I positioned myself so that I was facing him when talking with my legs crossed, like all good girls would. Towards the end of the lunch break, I repositioned myself with my legs apart, just far enough that he couldn’t help but notice what color my panties were. The summer school uniform consisted of a short blue and white check dress, with a buttoned up front.

I turned around momentarily to watch two other boy students playing tennis on the court, about fifteen yards away, giving Larry a chance to have a little peek at me. On turning back to face him again, his gaze lifted to my face, revealing a little sheepish blush. I knew he had been having a good look up my dress.

The siren sounded again to finish our lunch break, so I went back to the prefect’s room to find out from the patrolling prefects if anything had happened during lunch. I then went to my locker and got my books for my English Expression class. I was about a minute late for class and most of the seats were taken, however, I noticed Larry was there sitting alone. In those days, it was quite common for boys and girls to sit together, sharing a twin desk. I sat down beside him throughout the class, which passed by in the forty five minute session. Nothing happened between us that day, but I was thinking of ways to up the ante and grab his attention. I was determined to seduce him.

The following day was very hot, and I had planned to have lunch with Larry again in the same spot as the previous day. Although there was some shade from two large gum trees overhanging the tennis court, the heat was still a little uncomfortable. On the way to meet up with Larry, I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my dress.

Sitting down, we chatted face to face on the grass. I leaned over purposely to grab a bottle of soft drink, revealing my bra and some breast for Larry to see. He could not possibly have missed seeing a little flesh entrapped by my B-cups. During that forty five minute lunch break, Larry had numerous peeks at both my panties and my breasts. Larry said nothing, but I had a strong idea what he was thinking, as I went about teasing and seducing him.

Three days later, on Friday, we had a double period of English Expression to begin the day with. Whilst lined up outside the classroom and awaiting the arrival of our teacher, I told Larry to sit with me in the back row of Room 10, an old army hut that was abutted to Room eleven. We were alone in the back row of class, with nobody sitting in front of us. During our class that day, we had to write an essay which had to be submitted at the end of class for marking. Everyone had their heads down, leaning over their desks and writing furiously.

While writing with my right hand, I let my left hand wander down to Larry’s thigh as he was trying to write. I moved my hand to his crotch and parted his legs enough to get my hand over his cock. Still trying to write, I moved my hand inside his thighs and slowly began rubbing his hardening cock through his grey flannel pants. I could feel his hardness as he gave out a muffled gasp while I continued to rub his groin.

I would have loved to pull down his pants and grab his cock, but that was out of the question. Some two or three minutes later I could see Larry was a little distressed and agitated. Muffling his despair, Larry uncontrollably shot a load of semen into his underpants. Shortly afterwards, I purposely dropped my pen on the floor so that I had to pick it up. On turning around and looking up, I noticed an embarrassing large wet spot on the front of his pants.

The first of the double period had transpired and we were now into the second part of the lesson. While the class continued with their essays, the teacher was preoccupied by reading a book while waiting for us to finish. I took Larry’s right hand with my left hand and placed it in between my legs, underneath my dress. He caught on quickly and responded by slowly moving his hand up my thigh and onto my panties, where he rubbed my pussy through my cotton panties.

I turned to him, whispering in his ear, to put his hand under the elastic and onto my pussy. He started again and moved his hand up my thigh to my panties, where I opened my legs much wider for him. I could feel the elastic drawing back, and then felt some fingers combing through my pubic hair, before settling on my pussy lips. With time running out in class, Larry reluctantly withdrew his damp fingers from my pussy, before going on to finish his essay.

When the siren sounded to end the class, we got up and handed in our essays and went to recess. Larry covered up his wet spot with his books to avoid any embarrassment. We found a private spot in the schoolyard and chatted about what had happened. He was slightly embarrassed about cumming, but said that was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Larry told me that he never did anything like that with his girlfriend back home, as she was very reserved and shy.

He admitted that he had always dreamed of touching a girl, seeing her naked and having sex with her. With nobody near us, I moved closer to him, giving him a short peck on his lips. I followed up immediately by squeezing him tight and giving him a long breathtaking kiss. We broke apart and got ready for our final but separate classes for the day.

In bed that night, I masturbated until I orgasmed, before drifting into a deep sleep. I can still recall that night vividly, dreaming of us making passionate love, just Larry and I. All I had to do now was plan my next step of seduction. The two questions that I posed to myself were: when could we fuck, and where could we fuck? The thought of making puppy love together was starting to consume my thoughts. It would be a first treat for Larry who was still a virgin, and at the same time, satisfying a craving for me who was lusting for more sex. Two months had passed since my last fuck with Rodney at Lake Narracan.

Another week passed without anything spectacular happening, except for some heavy petting and kissing, when the opportunity arose. In a school of around five hundred students, it was hard to get much privacy. Doing anything outlandish without being caught, was nigh on doing the impossible. Tuesday, 1 April, was only three days before Good Friday, and the start of school holidays. Larry and I were to have lunch again together as usual.

Following that lunch was the general assembly at Kernot hall for all the students and teachers. I was one of the two rostered prefects who had to ensure that all the students attended the assembly. This meant patrolling all the classrooms for any students that were hiding in any of them, or anywhere else within the school grounds.

I met up with Larry at lunch time, telling him that when the siren sounds to finish lunch, to go to Room twenty and hide in the store room. I told him not to head into town and go to Kernot Hall. I also told him that I would meet up with him there, five or ten minutes later. While Larry was left to have lunch by himself, I had lunch in the prefect’s room. Arnold Sambell was the other prefect rostered to check the rooms that day.

During lunch, I suggested that I would check on the north half of the school, comprising rooms: five to twelve, twenty, and twenty one. Arnold was to check on the remaining rooms on the south side. Rooms twenty and twenty one were the newest and last classrooms to be built at the school. They were quite remote from the rest of the other classrooms. Situated adjacent to the north perimeter fence running parallel to Outlook Road, they made a perfect hiding place.

At 12:45 PM, the siren sounded to end lunch. The students and teachers started to stream into town via the south-east corner gate, on their way to Kernot Hall. I stayed in the prefect’s room with Arnold until 12:55 PM, when we commenced our room check. I quickly checked the inner quadrangle classrooms and then headed for Room twenty. Both of the access doors to this building can be locked from the inside, unlike the other classrooms in the school. Taking all precautions, I quickly locked both entrances from the inside. This left Larry and I alone in the twin classroom building. Arriving at Room twenty, I met up with Larry who was waiting for me in the store room. On coming back into the classroom, I closed the venetian blinds, blocking any view that any pedestrians or cars going past might have.

Larry and I kissed, while rubbing his crotch at the same time. His cock started to respond to my advances, revealing a bulge through his pants. Taking his hand, I guided it under my dress and inside the elastic of my panties. I suggested to Larry that we do it on the teacher’s table, in front of the blackboard. I unbuttoned the top of my dress, removed my bra, and slipped off my panties. In the meantime, Larry took off his pants and underpants.

My breasts could best be described as a classical conical breast shape. They were firm and self-supporting, with no sagging, and were complemented with light brown conical nipples that pointed out horizontally. I began trembling, as though I was vulnerable in some way. My knees felt weak as my pulse started to race. I am not sure if it was from fear of being caught, of doing something forbidden inside the school ground, or just from the excitement and pleasure that a good fuck would give me.

I glanced down at Larry’s cock and was amazed to see his half-hard cock dangling just below the horizontal, have no apparent head on the end. I had never seen an uncircumcised cock before! Rodney, my first boyfriend, had a circumcised cock where I could play with the end, lick it and suck on it.

I asked Larry if he could show me the end of his cock where the round knob should be. He promptly pulled back his foreskin, revealing a sheepish head emerging from the loose foreskin. As I handled his cock, it became harder, resulting in the head creeping out further. I feared handling his cock too much in case Larry had a premature accident.

Time was running out before the students and teachers returned from Kernot Hall. I climbed onto the teacher’s table and lay on my back. I started playing with my pussy to make myself “wet” before we started having sex. I wanted Larry’s cock to glide smoothly inside me before we started fucking. The sight of me touching myself must have turned Larry on, as the head of his cock was now fully visible. As I was now ready to take his cock,

I moved my butt just over the edge of the table, spread my legs, and raised my knees. I beckoned Larry to stand between my legs, and put his rock hard cock inside my open pussy lips. Fumbling around, and not really knowing what to do, he had trouble inserting his erect penis inside me. I leant forward enough to grab his still hard cock and guided it into my moist, hairy pussy.

“Push it in and then take it out half way, and then push in again and keep going,” I said to Larry.

He soon got the gist of it, and we were soon rocking back and forth in simple harmonic motion. Larry started to slow down after about ninety seconds, his face reddened, and he said that his legs were going weak and shaky. I knew he was about to cum!

“Pull out, pull out quickly Larry, pull out,” I yelled nervously, as I felt his orgasm and first spurt of cum deposit inside my pussy.

It was too late! On pulling out, the next few strong squirts shot across my stomach, followed by a few dribbles on my pubic hair, as the force abated.

“Sorry, Tracey, I couldn’t help it. It just came out because I was so excited,” a red-faced Larry stammered.

What had happened had happened, but I had no real fear of getting pregnant. I had just come off my period three days before and I knew that it was a relatively safe period to have unprotected sex. I cleaned up the mess over my stomach and pussy the best I could, and got dressed. I told Larry to get dressed and wait in Room twenty, until he saw some students arrive back in the quadrangle.

I went back to the prefect’s room and saw Arnold there, who asked me what took so long to check out the rooms. I told him that I also checked out the toilets, as well as the schoolyard as well. Within five minutes, the teachers and the rest of the school had returned from the school assembly.

During the next three terms, Larry and I had the chance to do that again five more times, while the school assembly was on. On each occasion he had purchased a condom to use, making the fucking a lot less messy. There was also the gratification of not having to worry about getting pregnant. We also experimented in oral sex as well, with some hilarious results.

Out of school, we also became a couple. On most weekends, both of us met as his place or mine. At my place, we had no real privacy, as my parents or brother were always home. Larry and I would then go for a walk down to the dam at the end of the paddock, and then fuck behind the small hayshed, before returning home later. I was very much in love with Larry, but we both knew it couldn’t last. I had enjoyed his sojourn in Australia, and was thankful that destiny brought him here.

I passed my exams that year at Yallourn High School, with honours, to my delight. The following year I went to the University of Melbourne to study journalism. I saw Larry throughout January until I moved to Melbourne. Larry found a job locally until his parents returned home.

I saw Larry twice more during my semester breaks, when I came home for a few days. After that, we never saw each other again. Thirty four years have passed since the year I met Larry. I still have fond memories of him, and our time together, something that I will never forget. The next guy that I seduced turned out to be my current husband. I am not sure why guys are attracted to me, but I will not complain, and take it as a compliment.

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