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My First Time With Multiple Girls

I never thought I would get to have sex with multiple girls, this was the first.
College was a great time for me. I probably averaged sex three times a week. Every straight guy imagines having sex with multiple girls. I've always dreamed of having a threesome with two girl but I never really thought I would get that lucky.

I was a freshman in college and I had friend named Samantha. She was about five feet tall, had light brown hair, 32DDD breasts, and a butt to die for. She was absolutely beautiful. We used to hang out a lot but besides hanging out, she was my fuck buddy. We would go at it whenever we couldn't get laid, until unfortunately a year later she had a boyfriend. But this all happened before that.

One night she told me about this small party she and the her friends were having. Since I would hang with the girls a lot, they allowed one boy to come and that boy was me. When I got to the party sex was the furthest thing from my mind.

There were about sixteen girls there. All most all of them were seniors except for Samantha, who was also a freshman. Kayla, a sophomore was also there. She was a seductress. If Kayla liked you, no matter how hard you resisted, she was going to get into your pants. She stood at about 5' 5" with a B cup, dark black hair, a small butt and green eyes that glow. Her voice always sounded like a sexy whisper that you couldn't ignore.

After some talking between me and the girls, Kayla came straight up to me and kissed me on the lips. Everyone was aghast. She then out of nowhere pushed me down on the girl's bed I was sitting on and to this day, I still don't know who's bed that was. She pulled her shirt off and started making out. She said to everyone, "Whoever wants to watch can stay, but I'm going to fuck him no matter what."

She never really asked my permission but I let it slide. We then stood up and got undressed. I saw a smirk on Samantha's face as she wanted to watch, as did most of the girls. Only six of them left.

I was pulling my underwear off as I grabbed Samantha's hand and kissed her. She tried to squirm away but I didn't let her, instead I pulled down her pants to see her wet commando pussy. At the same time Kayla said, "If you get to pick someone to join so will I."

She then turned around to Rachel, a tall blonde with a D cup, who was a very quite girl and kissed her saying, "I have always wanted to kiss you."

I lay down on the bed when Samantha and Rachel started licking my balls and penis. Kayla decided she wanted to make out instead so she lay down on top of me and started kissing me. While we were making out either Samantha or Rachel, I couldn't see, started to eat out Kayla as the other one continued licking me. While this was going on there were about eight girls watching and trying to hide their wet stains on their jeans and pants. I did notice one or to girls rubbing themselves the whole time.

Kayla then said, "Enough play I want you inside me."

She then sat up and went cowgirl style on me. Samantha got up and sat on my face and I knew she wanted her pussy to be eaten so I did. It tasted so good having a wet warm pussy in my mouth and at the same time having my dick fucked was so great. I then noticed Rachel making out with Samantha right on top of me it was so hot. Samantha let out a yelp and squirted a little in my mouth.

I said out loud I want to fuck Rachel, Kayla got up and I told Rachel to bend down and lay on her stomach on the bed. She did as she was told. She was excepting me to fuck her in the pussy, I didn't. I put it in her ass. She scream in pain for a second but then she started to like it.

Kayla then got on the bed and made Rachel start eating her out. It was so hot but I thought I would be able to last a little longer. But when Samantha started licking Kayla's nipples, I was so turned on I couldn't hold it in.

The girls heard my loud grunts as I came in Rachel's ass. I expected her to be mad but she actually didn't care. As I pulled out, Kayla and Samantha ate my cum out of Rachel's butt and you could tell she enjoyed it. The girls who sat and watched actually all applauded. That was the first and only time I received applause for cumming.

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