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New School, New Friends

When one door closes, another one opens, if you're lucky and willing.
When I heard the first call of "cocksucking slut" from across the quad I cringed. Quickening my pace I pretended to ignore the group of boys as they laughed uproariously, howling and jeering, adding 'ass-licker' and 'cum whore' to their shouted invectives. I felt my face redden, imagining their pointed fingers as they identified and ridiculed me to the campus.

I bristled with anger at myself for giving in, because I'd known what would happen. Just like my senior year at high school! When I'd discovered boys, finally, I'd gone a bit...overboard. I'd not been allowed to date till I turned eighteen, and when I got off the ranch, I got way off. My first party I'd enjoyed six different boys in my mouth and pussy. That got me invited to a lot of parties, fast. But within weeks I earned a reputation in the school, and the jeering and humiliation afterwards quashed the thrill of taking multiple boys in a night.

It didn't stop me, of course. I kept going to parties, sucking every cock I could get my hands on, fucking like there was no tomorrow. Because I promised myself that there would be no tomorrow, that after high school my wild days would take a back seat and I'd concentrate on my studies.

So I'd selected a college where no one I knew was going, giving me a chance to start over. I swore off the gangbangs and cock trains and kept to myself, resisting the urges I felt when I heard girls talking of the wild parties.

Until this weekend.

I'd broken my promise to myself with unmitigated abandon. I'd gone to a frat party at the Sigma house, and after two beers, two freaking beers! I had ended up in one of the rooms with three guys, sucking them all off, losing myself to their cocks. And then the train had started. One after another they fucked me, pussy, ass and mouth, sometimes two or three at a time, laughing as I got my fill. Everything I hadn't done since high school graduation I did in that room. Facials, ass licking, double penetration, cum eating, you name it, I did it. And I loved every second of it. I came like a machine, over and over, begging for more, voracious and insatiable.

And now I paid the price. I knew it would be only a matter of days until my name was spoken in whispers of sneering disapproval. I was the campus whore.

Just like high school. I grimaced and trudged dejectedly to class.

It was several days later, in my dorm room studying, when there was a knock on the door. I considered not answering. It was either for my roommate, who was out, or it was one of the seemingly endless trail of guys inviting me to their parties, assuming I'd be the easy tail for them and their friends. I ignored the knock. It repeated, and I ignored it some more. It persisted with a third try. I guessed it wasn't for my roommate.

"Go away!" I shouted from the table where I was studying. "I'm not interested!"

"How do you know?" came a female voice. "I haven't said anything."

Who the fuck is that? I wondered. Concentration broken, I blew out a breath and climbed out of my chair, face twisted in annoyance at the unwanted interruption.

I opened the door to find a serious, pretty face staring at me from under short cropped dark hair.

"What is it?" I asked curtly. She smiled at me with a look of consternation and concern that puzzled me.

"So you're the one," she said. "Can I come in?"

Vindictive girlfriend of one of the guys, my early-warning system blared silently. Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! Thanks, Robot, I got this.

"Depends," I answered even more warily. "Whaddaya want?" I shot her a dismissive smirk. "And who the hell are you?"

"Debra Ross," she introduced, extending a hand, which I didn't take. "Senior." I'd kind of sensed she was an upperclassman by her attitude. Like she belonged. "And you are this years Sigma Stigma."

"I'm what?"

"Maybe I should come inside," she offered. "You've probably drawn enough attention." She lifted her eyebrows, waiting for my answer.

"Yeah, fine," I said after a moment, moving aside and allowing her to step in. I closed the door behind her. She looked around, nodded approvingly, and we both sat at the table where I'd been studying.

"It's Mandy, right? Mandy Krupp?" she asked, as if verifying. I nodded my confirmation. "Good, okay, then." She took a deep breath and released it. "Just wanted to make sure," she added. Her hands seemed to fidget a little, the first sign that she wasn't as self-assured as she let on. "And you were at the Sigma party this past weekend?"

I felt my defenses ripple and poise, ready to pounce. "Yeah? So?"

"Easy," she said, palms up, "I'm not here to accuse or berate you." I sat back, but stayed ready. "But you were, uh, sexually active? With a...number of the Sigma boys?" I felt myself bristle and lean forward and she sank back in her chair with a nervous laugh. "Whoa, easy, Man!"

"It's Man-Dee," I snarled, "and what business is it of yours what I do?"

Still smiling, but only politely, she explained. The Sigma house, it seemed, had a history of finding the wildest, dirtiest girls, using them, and then publicly humiliating them for their activities. Some kind of fraternity history, they'd been doing it for some years now. They threw the wildest parties, attracted first-year students, and several times a semester found a special girl who was willing to have the type of fun I'd had. Several girls had left school because of it. I was their victim? I felt my lips tighten with anger. I'd let my guard down, given in to my horny animal, and THIS is what I get?

"I assume," she added over my silent stew, "that since you haven't filed charges, you weren't roofied." Her head inclined with the question and I nodded. "So you wanted to do it, to go wild," she confirmed as I continued nodding, "to have your fun, your way," she added, "only you didn't expect the publicity."

"Yeah," I replied dejectedly. "Pretty much."

"Well, we're here to help, then."

I gave an exaggerated look around the room. "We?" I asked.

She smiled again, less nervous. Pretty genuinely, actually, and I felt my hostility abate somewhat.

"We," she began, "are a selective group of students, all girls, drawn together by similar circumstances, similar needs, and a desire for...discretion." My expression must have communicated my confusion. "Each of us, as underclassmen, have been the Sigma Stigma," she stated plainly.

My eyes opened wide. "You're a sorority?" I asked with disbelief.

She made a disgusted face. "Eww, no," she retorted. "No, we are more of a private club. Membership by invitation only, and invited only by special circumstances, such as yours."

"So, what, a bunch of disgruntled sluts hang around, bitching and moaning and plotting revenge agains the Sigmas? No thank, I have enough drama in my life!"

She laughed again, but more open and light. "No, no, you've got us all wrong. You see, Mandy," she said, leaning forward and putting her forearms on the table, clasping her hands, "the girls who are invited to be members are not just Stigma victims," she explained, "but girls with...appetites. Healthy appetites." She cocked an eyebrow at me. "Vigorous girls with hearty spirited sexual appetites who crave lots of sex, but yearn for discretion." I blinked my confusion. A sex club? Of horny slut girls? I didn't know if I was intrigued or frightened.

"Our organization provides a safe, private environment where we can express ourselves freely, without fear of humiliation or public recrimination."

I smirked. "You fuck a lot."

She smiled back confidently. "We fuck a lot!" she emphasized with a grin, then raised a finger. "But privately. Complete confidence." She nodded vigorously. "It's a closed group," she offered. "And we'd like you to consider joining us."

It was a little weird, no lie. But the chance to do what I liked, get what I want, without the high school experience...without my name whispered in the back of the lecture hall, without the wagging tongues and bitter laughs... I thought about it.

"At least come visit us, at our house," she offered.

"I thought you weren't a sorority?" I jibed. Was I looking for an excuse to not join?

"We're off-campus," she related. "We used to rent, but a couple of our alumnus bought the house two years ago," she spouted, bright-eyed with pride. "You can live there, next semester, if you want."

Out of the dorms. Away from prying eyes and whispered taunts and disapproving looks. I imagined myself free to pursue my desires, unhindered by indiscretion, and felt my resolve crumble with my promise to myself.

"I guess I could come, you know, check it out," I mumbled, not wanting to jump up and down with the thrill.


On Saturday afternoon I took a cab to the other side of town. It pulled up at the address, which turned out to be a turn of the century giant house in varying states of repair. I paid and stood on the sidewalk, staring at the structure. Must be a hundred rooms! I exaggerated to myself, knowing it was likely more like twenty. I wondered how many girls lived here when the front door opened and Debra came squealing out.

"I'm so glad you came, and right on time!" she chirped as she scurried down the short walk to throw her upraised arms around me. She squeezed me tightly and I felt her nose in my ear. She's not shy, I thought. Grinning, she released me and hooked her arm in mine, pulling me as she fairly skipped back up to the door, prattling.

"I told them you'd come, some of them said no, but I knew, after we talked, I knew you'd come, I'm so excited! I can't wait to show you around and introduce you, you're gonna love it here, I kmow it, you'll see. Some of the girls are out, but I'll introduce you around, oh, I'm so thrilled to have you here, we've heard so much about you, and I get to give you your first..." She was still talking, but I'd lost her at 'heard so much' and 'give me my first'. I'd guessed that the stories had gotten around, so that didn't surprise me as much as it made me defensive. But 'give me my first'? I had images of her bringing a naked stud to me, offering his discreet services... I shook my head to clear it. We were already inside, and I looked around the big room.

There were five or six girls, about my age, some a little older, lounging around on mismatched secondhand furniture. The house was old, but clean. Eclectic wall hangings and pictures adorned the walls. Two of the girls played a video game on a big screen on the far side. It had the impression of an old-time hotel lobby and I asked if it had been.

"Boarding house, once, back in the day," a blondish bookworm type answered from the couch. "I'm Jenn. You must be Mandy." She lowered her head and assessed me over dark-rimmed glasses. "You were right again, Deb," she observed.

I glanced at Debra, but she was just beaming at the room, still holding my arm. "Everybody, this is Mandy, the girl I told you about," she announced to the room. The girls all waved and smiled as Debra pointed around the room. "Lise, Tiffany, Jenn you just met. That's Lana and Diana, our gamers, and this," she finished, indicating an older girl with long, sandy blonde hair, "is Olive!" She giggled.

"Livvy," the older girl corrected. "Welcome, Mandy." She looked me up and down, then glanced at Debra with a nod. "Second."

I was still saying my hello's and getting a feel for the relaxed atmosphere, when Debra called out, "Hey, where's Mo?"

Jenn and Lise both answered at once. "Upstairs."

"With Tosh and Carl," Lise added.

"Oh, cool," Debra said lightly and tugged my arm. "Come on, Mandy, let's introduce you." I felt myself pulled from the room, laughing at being dragged as I waved to the girls. They seemed nice. But my mind was on who was upstairs. Mo, Carl and Tosh, I thought, must be their discreet boy-toy studs! Although for the life of me I couldn't understand why they wouldn't be hanging out with the girls. Resting up, maybe, I reasoned, if these girls are like me those boys would be drained dry! Still, enough of my brain was out of the gutter to admire the heavy decorative woodwork of the balustrade and wide staircase. It opened to a landing with hallways in either direction and another staircase in front, to the third floor. Debra pulled me to the right.

The hallway carpeting was a bit threadbare, I noticed as we passed several doors. I peeked into the ones that were open and saw the expected girl's bedrooms, some neat, some quite messy. I was still glancing this way and that, taking in the surroundings when Debra yanked me to a stop. I thought I heard some sounds from inside as she reached for the knob and called out.

"Hey, you guys," she announced, "the new girl's here to say hi!"

Turning my view into the room to meet the boys and look them over, I stopped dead in my tracks two steps into the room. "This is Mandy," Debra continued from in front of me, oblivious to my chin hitting the floor as I gaped. "Mandy, that's Carly, on her back there," she said, indicating a slim naked brunette who's chin just peeked out from under the shaved crotch of a light-skinned black girl. "That's Toshia, getting her cunt licked," Debra went on as if there was nothing unusual. Toshia looked up from under dark, loose ringlets and released one of Carly's nipples to wave and smile. Then she reached right back down and pulled the nipple, hard.

"Don't you stop licking me, bitch!" she growled.

"And this little thing is Maureen, but we call her Little Mo, 'cause she's so tiny," Debra said with a wave, indicating a slight wisp of a naked girl with her hand buried wrist-deep inside Carly's cunt, pumping her arm furiously. As I watched, dumbstruck, Carly's entire body began to shake, her legs wobbling almost violently, and then her feet planted and her hips lifted high into the air. As her muffled shout was smothered by Toshia's pussy a geyser of clear fluid shot straight up into the air. In a flash Toshia leaned over, mouth open, capturing the fountain into her mouth, getting her face and chest sprayed in the process.

"Fuck! Yeah!" Maureen encouraged, "cum for me, you slut!" The geyser repeated as Carly's limbs flailed in the throes of the most violent orgasm I'd ever witnessed. Toshia let her mouth fill before closing sealing her lips tightly, then slipping her cocoa fingers under Maureen's chin and angling the tiny girl's face to her own. She stared, prolonging the moment, then suddenly spit the mouthful of girl-cum into the tiny girl's face.

The sudden sensory overload and surprise made my knees go weak and I realized I was squeezing Debra's arm. She turned to me and misread my expression.

"I know, fucking hot, right?" she asked, smiling.

My mouth was bone dry. "She...she...she's fisting her!" I blinked my confusion away as Carly's body settled down, her hands wrapping around Toshia's thighs and pressing her head up into the darker girl's crotch.

"Yeah, her hands are so tiny. Fucking cool, huh?"

"I'll do you next!" Maureen offered.

"Liv already called seconds," Debra offered, sticking out her tongue in a playfully tease.

"Thirds, then!" Maureen offered, and as I watched she pulled her arm back slowly. Inch by inch her slicked wrist emerged, stretching the cunt wide as her hand came into view. I stared as it opened, opened more, and I gasped as her knuckles finally slipped free. She pulled her sticky fingers free and Carly's cunt remained open, gaping wide and red and raw, slicked flesh glistening swollen and pink around her channel.

I was panting, trying to catch my breath. Lesbians, the thought raged, it's a house full of lezzies! What the fuck? My heart raced and I felt my face redden. Run, you fool! Run, save yourself! I turned from Debra to the door only to find Jenn, Lise and Livvy there, blocking my exit. Livvy's eyes were wide and wet as she caught my gaze. She called seconds, I remembered as she eyed me up and down, and Debra, my first... I turned my gaze away quickly only to have it drawn back to between Carly's spread thighs, her cunt still open, dark, forbidden and beckoning. I felt lightheaded as her fisted cunt stared back at me, a deep red-rimmed eye of promise and pleasure, calling me, drawing me against my will.

I fought the pull, resisted with my mind while my own cunt throbbed, answering the call of its own accord. My attention was pulled away as Toshia cried out and I turned to watch as she ground her pussy onto Carly's eager mouth, crying out her climax to the room. Maureen sat back on her haunches, fingers playing between her own legs as she watched Toshia cum. I felt my pussy react with a twinge and shouted it down. Stop it, you filthy fuckhole, I told my body, these are girls! You're straight! But I shuddered just the same as Toshia's climax receded and she reopened her eyes, gazing hungrily between Maureen's legs.

With the agility of a cat she was off Carly and diving face first into the offered cunt. I swooned, resisted, swooned again. I reached for Debra's arm to steady myself and found only air where she had been. My head turned to see her a few steps away, her back to me, standing bottomless by the open dresser. Long, slender legs lifted one at a time, fitting themselves into straps that pulled up around her flawless rounded butt cheeks. I blinked, astounded at my fascination as her ass muscles clenched under her skin, the straps pulled tightly. Another wave of trepidation swept me and I felt myself sway, only to be caught in confident hands.

"It can be overwhelming, at first," a soft voice whispered into my ear. I recognized Livvy's husky contralto. "Easy, take deep breaths." Her hands were on my shoulders, guiding me. I concentrated on her words as I felt myself moved, looking down at my shuffling feet until my knees bumped the bed. I looked up to see Maureen on her back, hands tangled in Toshia's flowing dark locks, pulling her head in, writhing against the other girl's face.

"You're one of us now, you'll see," I heard Debra's chipper voice, soft and sultry from my side. I turned to look at her as my hips were pulled back and hands fumbled at my waist. My eyes dropped from Debra's face, past her bare belly to settle on the incredible toy cock she sported from her crotch. Thick and long with realistic features, glistening with lube, bigger than anything I'd ever fucked, and I knew that it would be fucking me, and that I wanted it. My pussy gushed eagerly as Livvy's hands opened my pants, despite my useless imagined resistance. My breath was short and I no longer knew if it was panic or desire. My eyes followed the bouncing appendage Debra wore as she added, "You're going to love it here, Mandy."

Cooler air reached my overheated cunt and I realized my pants were down. A hand pressed between my shoulders and I fell forward, catching myself on my hands, on the bed, inches from Toshia. I fought the urge to reach out and touch her creamy brown skin, but failed to pull my eyes from her tongue, pink and wet and strong as it tormented Maureen's tiny shaved pussy lips, licking up and down, burrowing in, then sliding up to torment the swollen giant clit. Such a little girl, I observed in a moment of clarity, to have such a huge clit. As Toshia's lips wrapped the engorged button I felt hands on my hips and heard an encouraging murmur from behind me.

My body exploded as Debra filled me with her cock. My final vestige of resistance gave up the ghost as I surrendered to my lust, my cunt wrapping itself delightedly around the invader. I lifted my head and let out a long, hearty groan as the cock pushed deep inside my slick channel, spreading me, stretching me. I felt filled like never before, stretched tightly around the toy, expanded, my opening almost painful, feeling the crown of the realistic head push me open, touching every inch of my walls. My head dropped and I heard Little Mo cry out her orgasm and I didn't care, didn't listen, just felt the cock fucking me, deeper and deeper until it brushed my deep end.

I took deeper, longer breaths as she continued to push inside, stretching me deep as she had stretched me wide. I braced for the pain, expecting the monster to hurt me, but felt instead her thighs against the back of mine, her belly against my ass. Pushing my limits. I opened my eyes to see my hands clutching the bunched sheets. I felt fuller, was fuller than I'd ever been, and it was incredible, every inch of my cavern filled with cock being worn by a girl who wanted to fuck me into oblivion. And I want to be fucked. I want the oblivion! I wanted to lose myself in sex, the way I could, and I knew then that I could forego the fear, the anticipation of the disgrace and reputation, that I was safe to enjoy and be enjoyed.

I stiffened my arms and pushed back on her cock, feeling the final stretch of my cunt, and let out a deep, satisfied sigh.

"Fuck me, Debra, fuck me!" I muttered into the sheets. And I surrendered to her as she withdrew her shaft and began a slow, methodical rhythm, sending waves of unparalleled pleasure coursing through me. I met her thrusts, matching her strokes with pulses of my own. I sighed as I tensed my muscles, gripping her shaft. I groaned as she increased her speed slightly, then cried out when she pumped me harder. I tried to part my legs, let her get deeper, but my feet were still in my bunched pants. I arched my back instead, gave her my cunt, and let her have me. Of all the cocks I've fucked, I considered, it's never been this good! I closed my eyes and let the sensations sweep me, felt the building orgasm begin as Debra fucked me like no man ever had.

I heard animal sounds as my body shook, guttural cries, pleas of passion. I realized they were coming from me. I was begging her for more, begging her to fuck me, overwhelmed by the sensations. The tickle began, growing quickly, more powerfully than I recognized. It would be a big one. My body tensed for the onslaught and Debra tightened her grip on my hips.

"Yeah, Mandy, you like my big cock, don't you?" she goaded, thrusting deep and hard. "You like the way I fuck you, don't you? You're a slut, just like me, aren't you?" I heard her words, nodding my agreement, knowing in my heart, my brain, my cunt, that they were true. "You fucking hot little cunt, you love it, don't you? You want to cum for me? Wanna cum on my big cock?" I squeezed my eyes shut as the pressure built to stupendous levels, threatening to burst in a torrent of release. I willed it to come, begged it to come, but she altered her pace, holding me at the edge. Hands stroked my back, cupped my breasts, pinched my nipples. I felt the bed move, felt motion in front of me. I opened my eyes to see Livvy there, naked and leering. I straightened my arms and lifted my head as she placed both hands on my face.

And then she was kissing me, her tongue inside my mouth and mine in hers, swirling and dancing together, slick and wet and delicious, hungry and tantalizing. Still Debra fucked me as I tasted another girl's wet kiss for the very first time, breathing heavily, panting into her eager mouth, her lips soft and full yet firm on mine, her saliva spilling into my mouth. She sucked my tongue, tickling the tip with her own. And then she pulled back and stared hotly into my eyes.

"You're going to cum, aren't you?" she asked softly. "You want Debra to make you cum?" I nodded desperately, wanting nothing more than my orgasm. Livvy's eyes glinted with desire as she leaned back and scooted her hips toward me. "Come and get it, cunt," she smiled, and spread her legs wide.

I got a long look at her body, stretched out before me, noticing for the first time the colorful tattoos decorating her breasts, her arms, her belly and her legs. Covered by her clothes they'd not been visible before. She was beautiful, adorned or not, but the inked skin beckoned me, and my eyes fell to her spread open crotch, a bright red heart resting where her bush would have been. Below it, open and wet, her full swollen labia parted, framing her slick gash and a tiny glistening ring piercing her clit hood.

I gasped. Saliva flooded my mouth. Cock filled my cunt and fingers and hands touched me everywhere, even stroking my pussy as Debra fucked me. Thoughts rushed through my head at lightning speed. I'm not a lesbian. I want to taste her cunt. I wish I could spend the time relishing my first pussy. Why did I never consider eating pussy before? I need to cum! I felt my tongue slip from between my lips as I lowered my head and then my lips were pressed to her delicious pussy, lapping and licking and sucking her wonderful juices. I heard cheers around me and fingers rubbing my clit and then I was moaning, then screaming as my orgasm broke over me in an explosion so fierce that I nearly collapsed. Debra held me tight, fucked me through the biggest, strongest climax I'd ever experienced as I shouted my release into Livvy's pulsing hole, her juices drenching my face as I felt my own spill down my thighs. I shook as the waves rocked me and pushed my face deeper, pressing into her, wanting every drop, my mouth awash in her flavors, my face soaked, her scent in my nose. I breathed deep, snorted her juices. Fuck, this is so hot!

I released the animal then, and they released theirs. Clothes vanished and legs opened. They put me on my hands and knees and Debra pulled out and someone took her place. Debra came to my face and I sucked my own cum from her cock. Carly slipped under me and sucked my nipples, biting, pinching and licking. Jenn got on her hands and knees in front of me and pushed her ass up, showing me her crinkled back door, and I dove in, driving my tongue into her tight hairless ass. First time, I thought, without balls in the way. I pushed two fingers into her cunt and fingered her as I licked her ass until she came, her ring clenching my tongue as the pulses of her orgasm rippled through her. I felt a tongue, then a wet finger, penetrating my ass as I was fucked into another orgasm, crying out with release and delight.

Then I was on my back, and Lise fucked me, pulling my legs into the air. Toshia lay over me, pressing her cunt to my face and licking my clit as I was fucked, then someone fucked her right above my face. I sucked her clit, licked her juices, reveling in the total debauchery, the complete release of inhibition. I felt another orgasm, and just as it began Toshia took my clit between her teeth and pulled it. I fucking howled at the extreme sensation! So intense! So different I thought I would burst apart!

After Toshia came and spilled her juices on me, Carly sat on my chest and masturbated until she squirted, and fuck if I didn't open my mouth and drink her girl cum. The girls watched, fingering and fondling each other as I took my first lesbian facial. Jenn tongue kissed me, sharing my reward and licking the juices from my face.

Lana and Diana joined us then. Lana wore a strap on, a giant black one, and lay on her back. I crawled on top of her and sank myself fully onto her shaft, feeling it fill me. Diana licked my ass until I came, then fucked my ass with a slim vibrating dildo as I rode Lana's big black cock. Oh, fucking double-penetration! So full! I came again, as soon as she started. Then Livvy crawled in, over Lana's face, and I licked her asshole while Lana licked her pussy.

Tiffany and I got ass to ass and fucked a double-headed dildo and had our asses fingered. Debra pulled out a contraption that strapped around my head with a dildo mounted on my chin and rode my face, fucking the dildo as I licked her clit. Then she pulled her cunt off and lowered her ass on the toy and I licked her pussy while she ass-fucked my face. We all crawled into a daisy chain, mouths to pussies, licking and being licked, cumming over and over, then switching directions and licking whoever licked us. I was lost, swallowed in desire and unabated lust.

Finally we were sated and exhausted. I reckoned we'd been at it for hours. I dozed a little, naked and damp and sticky, a steady thrumming between my legs. When my eyes opened there was just me and Debra on the bed. I felt cooling wet spots several places beneath me and I shivered as a chill rippled across my skin. Debra saw me stir and wrapped me in her arms, her body warm against mine.

"You were incredible," she said softly, looking into my eyes. I noticed tiny flecks of gold mixed with her brown. "You were never with girls before, were you?" She lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry, I thought you understood. I should have explained better."

I leaned to her and kissed her on the forehead, tasting the salty sweat and something musky. "It's okay," I told her reassuringly. "Turned out alright, in the end."

"You enjoyed it," she observed with demure satisfaction.

I coughed a laugh. "Enjoyed it? Debra, it was incredible!" I shook my head, smiling at the memory. "I never know, I've always been about the cocks..." I drifted off, noticing for the first time the absence of the taste and mess of semen leaking from my holes. I missed it, but not as much as I would have imagined. A thought occurred to me.

"How did you know?" I asked. "That I'd never been with girls before?"

She smirked, then inclined her head for a kiss. Her hand found my breast and cupped it, her thumb lightly brushing the nipple to hardness. It felt good and easy. "Silly. You were so excited. You did everything like it was brand new!" She giggled and I laughed with her before settling onto my back. She leaned up on an elbow and continued her caress of my breast, tracing lazy circles with a manicured painted nail. "After a while you'll go for certain things more than others, figure out what you like the best."

"I like fucking," I observed.

"Who doesn't?" She leaned over me. "Hey, you didn't get to fuck anybody!"

I smiled at her. "No, I guess I didn't. Except with my face," I joked. "Does that count?"

"Not really," she giggled lightly. "It's not the same as strapping one on, getting one end inside you, and feeling the power when you're drilling a horny slut!"

She dropped to her back and we lay there, in silence for a few minutes, our heads touching. She reached down and took my hand in hers and I gave her grip a squeeze, entwining our fingers. We lay still for a few more minutes before she spoke.

"So," she started tentatively, "you going to join us?"

I blew out a breath. "Fuck yeah! A house full of chicks as wild and crazy for sex as me?" She chuckled. "You guys do this a lot?"

"Not everybody at once, not all the time," she said honestly, then added with a smile that I didn't have to see to notice. "But there's always someone ready for something!"

I lay there, smiling at the ceiling, unbelieving at my good fortune. All the sex I could ever want, I thought, and complete privacy. No abuse or reputation. I'd miss the cock. I wondered...

"Hey Debra?" I asked.


"You just do it with each other, you know, exclusively?"

"Thinking of cocks and cum, Mandy?"

"Well, yeah." It was true, and I admitted it.

She stirred, rolled out of bed. She stood there naked and proud and sexy and gorgeous. I stared without shame. "God, look at you! Hungry again and you just ate!" We laughed, and then she answered. "No, we all go out occasionally for some man-meat." She winked at me. "There's still nothing like it. But being able to do this, when we want, it takes the edge off. Remember," she said, "we all got here the same as you. So yeah, we go out on the prowl." She pulled open a drawer and took out towels, throwing me one and wrapping herself in the other. "But we can be more selective, and not let our judgement go out the window."

I jumped out of the bed and wrapped the towel around my soiled, sticky body, feeling satisfied and comfortable. No Walk of Shame, no dreading tomorrow, I considered, smiling. I followed Debra out of the room. She looked over her shoulder at me.

"Next semester you can move out of the dorms, and live here. It can be your home." The concept caught me short. No hiding who I was, what I was, what I wanted. Sharing a house girls. All the sex I could handle and none of the downside. "Think about it," she said. "I'm gonna jump in the shower before dinner." She turned to me and pulled her towel open, flashing her naked body at me and holding a sexy pose, her hip cocked to the side. "You wanna join me for a shower?"

I stepped up to her and took her breast in my hand, squeezing the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Can we fool around?"

"I'd have to insist," she sighed.

"Good then," I said, giving her nipple an extra pinch before releasing her, "but after dinner..." I looked at her thoughtfully.


Fuck it, you know you want it, just say it! "After dinner, you think we can get Little Mo to fist me?"


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