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Nikkie - Part 2

Nikkie and her roommate attend a sorority party.
When I woke up, Jenna was gone, probably out for her run or possibly already at breakfast. It always amazed me that no matter how late she was out, she still almost always went out for her morning run, with the only adjustment being that she occasionally ran a little less distance. When I got out of bed, I noticed an envelope had been slipped under the door with my name on it. I picked it up and opened it; it was an invitation to a party at one of the sorority houses, along with a little note from Carole.

“I hope you remember me from last night. A few of the sorority sisters and some other friends are having a party tonight at the Cappa Delta Omega house. After talking to you last night, I thought it might be just the party for you to attend. Feel free to bring along that foxy roommate of yours if it would make you feel safer, but don’t worry that someone is going to jump you… LOL. That is, unless you want them to. Really, it is just to introduce you to some other girls that have all been in the same position at some point that you find yourself in right now.”

It gave the time and suggested bringing whatever you wanted to drink along with a dish to share if you could, but that there would be appetizers and snacks provided. I jumped in the shower and decided to try and track down Jenna at the cafeteria to talk about the party.

I spotted Jenna almost immediately when I got to the cafeteria. The room was not very crowded and she was sitting in our normal spot with a couple of other people. She spotted me and waved me over. I signaled I was going to grab some food and would be there in a minute or two. I went through the line and put a bagel in the toaster, then got a plate of scrambled eggs, some yogurt and granola, a bowl of fruit and a bottle of cranberry juice. I grabbed the bagel and some cream cheese, a packet of hot sauce, silverware and went to the table.

After saying hi to everyone, I spread the cream cheese on the bagel and the hot sauce on the eggs and ate them before they got cold. I mixed the yogurt and granola and slowly ate that along with the fruit. A couple of the girls said they had heard about my breakup and were sorry to hear it as Jason and I had been together for so long. One of the guys said he thought Jason was a real jerk and that a lot of other guys felt the same way. One guy said he knew of a few guys who had called him a jerk to his face and told him he was giving guys every where a bad name.

After awhile, the others drifted away and Jenna and I went down to the lounge.

“So what was in the envelope? I saw it when I left for my run.”

“It was an invitation to a party tonight at the CDO house from Carole, the girl we met last night. She said you were invited as well, if I felt safer with you there. Do you think I should go?”

“Absolutely, you should go! And if you feel awkward going alone, I’ll be happy to go with you. I know some of the girls from there, so I can introduce you to them. I am a bit jealous though; I’ve been dying for an invite to one of their private parties for quite some time, and here you go and get one within hours of meeting Carole. Lucky you!”

“Of course you should come too. If it wasn’t for you taking me to Parados we would not have met Miranda and Kandi who invited us to the party where we met Carole in the first place. So it’s almost like you got the invite anyway. And besides, I will feel a little less awkward if you’re there, just in case I need to be rescued. Or if I say something really stupid, you can kick me in the shin or step on my foot or something.”

“It says to bring something to share and our own drinks, so let’s run out to the store later and see what we can find to bring to this party.”

Jenna headed back to the dorm and I headed for the labs where I needed to spend a few hours on a project I was working on. Then I was going to the library to do some research. Jenna said she was going to shower and maybe nap for an hour, then work on a paper that was due on Thursday. After that, we would head into town and do some shopping. Jenna decided I needed a new outfit for the party.

Later that afternoon, Jenna and I went to the mall to look for something to wear. The CDO parties were generally pretty casual, so she picked out a cute little dark blue skirt and blue and yellow print halter top with a matching cropped jacket. Then we went to a lingerie store and found a sexy pair of black lace panties. I had some dangle earrings that would go perfectly with the outfit, as well as a pair of dark blue flats that we both thought would match the skirt. To round off the outfit, we found some blue and yellow plastic bracelets at the Dollar store and bought three in each color. Jenna picked up a cute little pink tank top with a built in bra and a pair of low cut red shorts; at the Dollar store, she picked up some red glass beads and a matching bracelet.

On the way back to the dorm, we stopped at the grocery store and picked up a couple of bottles of wine, some humus and pita chips and two packages of bakery cookies. We also picked up a bag of ice as that is one thing that always seems to be a need at parties. We had a small cooler we could use to store the ice and chill the wine. Jenna decided we should treat ourselves to a manicure, so we stopped at a salon that catered to walk-ins and both got our hands and toes manicured and polished.

When we got back to the dorm, we put the food away then headed to the food court for an early dinner, since we had both skipped lunch. We had several hours to kill before the party started and we both felt we should be fashionably late. There was a movie showing at the auditorium that we hadn’t seen yet, so we headed over and got there just as it was starting. We found some seats and settled in. The movie was only so so, but we stayed until the end anyway. After, we headed back to the dorm to start getting ready.

We showered and moisturized, then did our makeup and hair before finally getting dressed. Jenna had the cutest pair of red silk panties with a little black bow that matched the red shorts almost perfectly. I put on my new outfit and Jenna said it was perfect; I would be the hit of the party. After grabbing the cooler and the food, we headed out to the sorority house. It was located about a half mile off campus, but about a mile from the dorms. Since we figured there would be a lot of alcohol involved, we decided to walk. We could always grab one of the campus shuttles back if we needed to. They usually ran into the wee hours on Friday and Saturday nights.

On the walk over, we got lots of looks from guys and girls alike. There were a lot of people out as it was a gorgeous evening and date night as well. I started paying attention to groups of girls and especially when I saw two girls walking together. I took to guessing which ones might be girl friends and which might just be friends. I asked Jenna about a few of them and she was able to confirm or contradict my guesses on some of them. A couple of guys tried to pick us up, and we got several offers of rides, but we just smiled and declined them all.

We finally arrived at the CDO house and knocked on the front door. The door was immediately opened by a girl in what only could be described as a school girl’s uniform.

“Password please.”

The look on my face must have been devastating, because she immediately laughed and said she was just kidding.

“Who invited you and your name please.”

“I’m Nikkie and we were invited by Carole.”

She looked at a clipboard and then let us inside and directed us to a staircase heading down to the basement. She got on a walkie talkie and announced our arrival.

“Carole is downstairs. I let them know you’re on the way down. She should be waiting for you when you get there.”

After thanking her, we headed down the stairs into the basement. A DJ was playing music and there were strobe lights synced up with the music. There was a large room with maybe thirty five or so girls in attendance. Like the party last night, there were several couches and comfy chairs along the walls along with a number of folding chairs. A small bar with a bartender was along the wall where the DJ was set up, and a table with food was next to the bar. Some of the girls were dancing in the middle of the room, some were making out on the couches, and others were standing around or sitting and talking in small groups.

“Hey Nikkie! And it’s Jenna, right? Glad you could make it. Let me take that stuff from you and show you around.”

Carole took the cooler and bag with the cookies and chips. I told her about the hummus and the ice. She took it and gave it to the girl behind the bar, pointing to Jenna and me.

“We’ll come back in a few minutes and Sheila should have your wine open and a glass poured for each of you. So, this obviously is the bar, there’s the food table; feel free to help yourselves to anything you like. And I mean anything.”

She winked at Jenna as she said that.

“This is the main party and as you can see is for women only. As you probably know, CDO is a sorority very tolerant of bisexual and lesbian ladies, though not all our members are either of those. We are also a service sorority, but we do like our parties from time to time. There are some, uhm… shall we say private parties going on upstairs as well. There is a bathroom over there, as well as two more upstairs. There are signs pointing the way. All the sorority sisters have badges like mine with their names, so feel free to ask any of us if you have any questions. The other girls are guests, but fee free to introduce yourself to anyone that looks interesting to you.”

“Oh, and there are more activities outside, right through the patio door. You might find something out there that looks like fun.”

Carole saw a girl waving madly at her.

“Hey, looks like someone needs me. Let me go see what they want. I’ll be back later. In the meantime, enjoy yourselves.”

Jenna looked around and saw some girls she knew. We walked over to them and she introduced me. A couple of them said they knew me from around and had also heard about my breakup with Jason. One of them was wearing a badge that said Crystal.

“I remember you from last year, during orientation week. I was one of the group leaders and when I saw you, I tried to get myself assigned to your group, or get you switched to mine, but they wouldn’t make the change. I tried several times to talk to you, but things just kept coming up. By the time I had a chance to talk to you, you and Jason were already together. Perhaps now we can have that chat some time?”

“Sure, I’d like that.”

We exchanged a little more chit chat, then Jenna said she would go get our drinks. Two of the girls said they were needed elsewhere, leaving Crystal and I alone. She suggested we go sit down somewhere, took my hand and led me to one of the love seats. I felt a little funny sitting that close to another girl that even I could see was interested in me. Jenna returned and handed me a glass of wine, then said she saw a friend and left again.

“So, I was sorry to hear what that ass did to you, though not a bit sorry that you are free again. From your attendance here tonight, I have to assume you are trying something different. Is that just because Jason soured you on guys?”

“No, well not exactly anyway. After I gave him the boot, Jenna said some things that got me to thinking about how I felt and a bit about what I was. I started thinking back and seeing some past events in my life in a new light. And some of the things started to make a lot more sense to me.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I am still a virgin. I always told myself it was because I wanted to save myself for marriage, but now I think it may be just because I didn’t want to have sex with a guy. I started thinking about how I had a lot more fun with my girlfriends than with the few boyfriends I had in high school and I can see now that some of the girls I knew back then were probably making passes at me. And I can’t believe I’m telling this to a complete stranger!”

“Well sometimes, it’s easier to talk to a complete stranger than to someone you know, but it sounds like you and Jenna are pretty close. Is there anything going on between the two of you?”

“We are, and she has been helping me a lot; she also said she made a few passes at me last year before I hooked up with Jason, but that I seemed totally oblivious to them. As far as anything between us now… no, we have become really good friends and she has told me before that she prefers to keep things casual and not get serious about anyone. She is a junior and after she graduates, she is going to law school, so a serious relationship just wouldn’t work for her right now.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“I don’t know. Since all this has happened, I am seeing her somewhat differently, but I think it might be a bit awkward if we did anything. What if we did something and it didn’t work out? We’re roomies and it is difficult to change that midterm. I think we are better off just letting that sleeping dog alone, so to speak.”

“Good, that gives all the rest of us a chance with you, starting with me. I would really like to get to know you better. You know, a lot of people knew he was cheating on you. He was not always very discreet. I am kind of surprised you hadn’t caught him before this, though he must have been at least a little cautious around people you knew. I am sure if Jenna or some of your friends knew, they would have found some way to tell you.”

“I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. I just want to get past it and move on. It’s gonna take awhile, I think, because I thought we loved each other. But how could you do that to someone you love? And then I start thinking that I might not have loved him either… I just don’t know anymore. Then add to all of that confusion, these new feelings I am having and my re-evaluation of my whole life. It’s all very confusing.”

“I’m sure it is, but I’m betting you’re a smart girl and will figure it all out. And as word gets around that you are rid of him, and that you have decided to give us girls a chance, you are going to get a lot of attention. Hehehe.”

“Would you mind terribly if I do something I have wanted to do since the first time I saw you?”


Before I could answer, she wrapped her arm around me and pressed her lips to mine, her tongue pushing to part my lips. I found myself responding to her and opened my mouth a bit. Her tongue immediately pushed into me and began swirling around mine. I felt myself wrapping my arms around her and got rather tingly all over. After what seemed an hour, she finally stopped and pulled away, gazing into my eyes as she did.

“Wow that was everything I had imagined and more! I hope I haven’t scared you off, but I just had to do that.”

I just sat back, speechless. Her kiss had awoken more feelings in me than anything I had ever had with any boyfriend before, including Jason. After another minute, I finally was able to talk.

“Wow is right. That was amazing! I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you liked it. Say do it again.”

“I liked it. Do it again.”

Crystal planted another kiss on me, this time rubbing her hands up and down my arms, her thumbs brushing against my breasts with each stroke. My heart was beating and my breath coming in short pants. I felt a tingling in my pussy that Jason had never given me. She turned toward me and threw one leg over mine. It suddenly occurred to me that we were making out in front of a room full of people and I felt my cheeks turn completely red; and not all of the redness was from embarrassment.

“Oh My God! Did I just do that in front of all these girls?”

I looked around the room to check out if everyone was staring at us, but it seemed everyone was busy with their own activities; girls were dancing with each other or talking in small groups. Several other couples were making out and it seemed like no one was paying them much attention either. I grabbed my glass of wine and gulped down the rest of it in one swallow.

“Shall I go get you another glass of wine? You look like you need one.”

“Yes please.”

I watched Crystal head over to the bar and scanned the room for Jenna, but she was nowhere in sight, at least that I could see. But she could have gone upstairs, where it was quieter, or to the bathroom. Or maybe she was just hiding in some corner I couldn’t see. A few minutes later, I saw Crystal heading back towards me balancing a plate and two cups.

“I thought you might like a bite to eat. They have some awesome stuff up there, so I made us a sample plate. And here is more wine.”

I took the cup of wine and had another big swallow. We shared the food on the plate and sat in silence for a few minutes. I was getting a little buzzed from the wine which was making me relax a bit, so when another girl came up and asked me to dance, I looked at Crystal. She nodded slightly, so I took the girl’s hand as she pulled me on to the dance floor. In rapid succession, three more girls came up and cut in each time the song changed. I was feeling kind of bad about leaving Crystal, but whenever I looked over at her she waved and smiled at me.

Just as the music changed to a slow song and I thought I could finally go sit back down, I turned and there was Crystal taking me into her arms. She held me close as we danced to the song, then she led me back to the love seat.

“You’re obviously going to be quite popular tonight and as much as I’d like to keep you to myself, it’s not fair to you if I hog all your time. I still want to talk more and get to know you better, but since this is all a new experience for you, you deserve to get the full blown one. I see Jenna looking this way, so I will leave you to her… for now anyway. Have fun and I hope we will be seeing more of each other.”

“Thank you, for everything, I think, giggles. You certainly provided me with an interesting experience, and yes, I also feel we will be talking more.”

Jenna walked over and winked at me.

“I see you have been making some friends. I didn’t want to interrupt though, so I just kind of checked on you from the sidelines every now and then in case you needed help. But you seemed to be doing just fine all on your own.”

All I could do was giggle nervously. My cup was empty again, so Jenna and I walked over to the bar for a refill and to check out the food table. We each got a plate of food and sweets, then decided to head upstairs for a bit so we could talk. As we sat and talked, several girls came up and introduced themselves to us. A couple of them were sorority sisters and some of them were guests just like us. I actually recognized a couple of them, and there were a few comments about my coming over to the ‘softer side’.

“Damn girl! If only you had come out last year, I’d have had more action than I could handle with just your leftovers! You’re a real chick magnet. I suspect we’re gonna have to come up with some sort of signal for using the room. It’s a good thing our class schedules are different; so far that has worked for me, but now you are going to have to figure it out now too.”

“What do you mean, it’s worked out for you so far? You mean, you’ve have sex in our room when I’m not there?”

“More than once sweetie, a few were guys, but mostly other girls. I told you I like both. There were a few close calls when I lost track of time, and you came in and I was ‘studying with a friend’. You never suspected?”

“Just call me oblivious, I guess. I mean, I knew you were having sex, you never hid that fact from me. I just never really thought about where you were doing it. But I think it will be awhile before I will be bringing anyone back to the room for sex. I mean, I am just figuring this out.”

“Well this is really no different than what you and Jason did. You told me you fooled around a few times. This would just be a whole lot more fun. At any rate we should at least be sure you know my schedule, and if you should decide that something could happen, you can always let me know and I can make sure I have something else to do. Now, what do you say we go and see what is happening outside?”

“That sounds like a plan.”

We tossed our paper plates and stopped at the bar for a refill before heading out to the backyard. I was feeling quite relaxed by now, so when we entered the fenced in yard and saw the hot tub on the deck, filled with girls, some of whom were at least topless, I did not turn and run. There were a number of lounge chairs around the deck as well as some lawn chairs. Some of the lounge chairs were occupied by girls making out, and I suspected by the noises coming from the hot tub, there was more going on in there as well. In one corner of the deck was a small cabana.

“Hello ladies. Would you care to take a dip in the hot tub?”

“Oh, we didn’t know there would be a hot tub, so we didn’t bring suits.”

“Well, suits are not required, but if you feel more comfortable, there are suits in various sizes in the cabana. Feel free to pick one out and change in there if you decide you want to try it out. And don’t worry, the fence keeps out any prying eyes. If you just want to enjoy the atmosphere, grab a chair.”

Jenna decided she would try out the hot tub and went to change in the cabana while I staked out a couple of the lawn chairs and settled in with my cup of wine. You could still hear the music, but it was quite muted except when someone went in or out of the patio door. After a few minutes, Jenna came out dressed in a cute one piece suit. She hung her clothes on one of the hooks on the fence next to the deck, then stepped into the hot tub next to someone she obviously knew, and apparently quite well. They immediately started kissing and groping each other. Then their hands both disappeared under the water and after a few minutes, it was clear even to me what was happening. No one in the tub seemed to notice, or if they did, they didn’t care.

Suddenly, someone came up behind me, covered my eyes, tilted my head back and planted a kiss on my lips. I found myself returning the kiss automatically and when I opened my eyes, I saw it was Crystal. She walked around my chair and pulled the empty one next to me very close, handed me another cup of wine, then sat down. She was dressed in a two piece suit.

“I thought you might be ready for another drink. I see Jenna is enjoying the hot tub, what about you? It’s really the perfect temperature. Why don’t you go change into a suit and join me?”

“I don’t know…

“Oh c’mon, it’s a lot of fun. And no one will bite… unless you want them to, of course.”

Crystal stood up and straddled my legs, then leaned down and kissed me again. I felt myself responding to her kiss and returning her passion. I got that tingly all over feeling again, and when she asked me one more time to join her, I found myself nodding yes. I went into the cabana and looked at the suits, but the only thing in my size was a bikini. I undressed and put it on, then took my clothes and hung them up on the fence next to Jenna’s stuff. Crystal waved me over to a spot next to her and I climbed in. She was right about the temperature; it was perfect. As I stepped over her to sit down, she grabbed my arms and pulled me down so I was on my knees straddling her.

She pulled a little harder until we were thigh to thigh and face to face, my lower legs splayed out. Then she pulled me in close and kissed me again. We were breast to breast, and I could feel her nipples hardening against me. She was making little mewing sounds as we kissed and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I felt her hands sliding up and down my back, lower and lower each time until she her hands were cupping my butt cheeks. I felt her squeezing them and pushed myself down into her hands.

As I pushed down into her, I felt her fingers slipping inside my bikini bottoms. I heard myself let out a soft moan, halfway between a protest and a moan of pleasure. She hesitated for a second until I pushed down again. Her fingers found my clit and began to rub it, then slid one finger along my slit. One hand came around the front and her thumb slid into my bikini once again and found my clit. She worked it expertly and almost before I realized it, I felt an orgasm cumming. In an effort to minimize my actions, I tucked my head into her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her. I buried my mouth in her neck to muffle my moans. My body shuddered as I climaxed and I was sure everyone knew what had just happened.

When I finally settled down, I raised my head and kissed her, then looked around. Everyone was busy doing their own thing, including Jenna who was quite occupied with her friend. They both had at least their tops off and Jenna was sucking the other girl’s tit. A few other girls were openly fingering each other. Two couples had moved to more secluded lounge chairs which they had moved next to each other, and the four of them were playing around.

“Well, you seemed to enjoy that. I hope I wasn’t being to forward or freaked you out, but I have been wanting to do that to you for a long time. That and a lot more.”

“To be honest, I was… am a little freaked out, but it was quite enjoyable. It is something I would never have considered doing, but I’ll just blame it on the wine.”

“Oh, I hope it was more than just the alcohol, but if that helped relax you a bit, then that is all good. I hope you felt at least a little something for me.”

“Now I’m embarrassed. I did not mean to imply it was just the alcohol. When we were kissing earlier, it made me tingly all over. And then when you snuck up behind me and kissed me again, I was thrilled. Then you got me into here and, well… I think you can figure out how I felt about that.”

“No worries Nikkie, next time, I’ll make sure you’re stone cold sober. Okay?”

“Mmmm, next time, huh? That sounds like a plan.”

I hung around the hot tub with Crystal for a bit longer, then got dressed and went back inside looking for Jenna who had left the tub with her friend about thirty minutes earlier. I finally spotted her coming down the stairs; we each got another plate of food and more wine. We were sitting on a couch when Carole walked up to us and sat down next to me.

“I hear you’ve been a busy girl. Sorry I haven’t been able to spend any time with you, but we had a minor emergency. One of our sisters slipped and hit her head on the wall. We had to take her to the emergency room for a few stitches. She is ok and resting in her room; and I need to go check on her again in a bit. I hope you have been enjoying yourself… both of you.”

Jenna chimed in that she certainly had, and winked at me.

“I have too; it’s been quite interesting.”

“Interesting, huh? I hope that’s a good thing.”

“Oh a very good thing.”

“Hmm, I hope that doesn’t mean that I don’t get a chance to get to know you? Because I really would like it if we could. Perhaps we can meet for lunch one day next week if you’re free?”

“That sounds nice. I have labs on Tuesday and Thursday during normal lunch time, but the other days are good.”

I gave her my room number so she could reach me on the campus phone system, then she had to go. Jenna and I thanked her for inviting us to the party before she left, then decided it was time to head back to the dorm. We grabbed up our cooler and went out to the shuttle stop. We only had to wait about ten minutes before one came along and dropped us off right in front of our building. We went to our room and barely changed into our pjs before falling asleep

As I drifted off, I thought to myself that it had certainly been an interesting two days. And that Jenna and I had a lot to talk about. I also thought about what had happened with Crystal and what Carole had said to me. My last thought before falling asleep was that the next few months were going to be a lot of fun!

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