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No-Tell Motel, Chapter 2

No-Tell Motel, Chapter 2

A return to school doesn't mean the party is over!
Cindy and Diane drove downtown to a large gray building with an dubious neon sign reading "Bla es Adult Nov ties". The sign, much like the building it was on was in disrepair, but the meaning was clear. The girls parked on the side of the building and walked up the sidewalk to the windowless building. A large heavy red door marked the only entrance to the place and so taking a deep breath each, the girls stepped inside the den of iniquity.

For what "Blake's Adult Novelties" lacked in exterior appeal, it more than made up for in selection and variety. Upon first glance, it looked like a porn warehouse, and Cindy was awestruck by the vast array of naughty products on display inside. She'd been in a few of these novelty shops before, but there were novelty shops and then there was THIS novelty shop! There seemed to be something here that catered to every twisted vice known to man. Leather and chains and other BDSM related items adorned one wall, clothes specifically made for strippers took up a great deal of room near the front, and then there were aisles of toys of every nature, videos, games, lotions, the list went on. in the rear of the building was the DVD and video area with rows and rows of DVD for rent covering every subject imaginable and some that weren't!

The girls wandered down the aisles wide-eyed and giggling at some of the items they saw, until they came to the toy section. Diane watched as Cindy picked up one package and examined it.

"I'm going to go wander and see what else I can find. Do you need any help choosing one, or are you good?"

Cindy smiled. "My imagination is running wild, but I'm good. Thanks."

Diane walked slowly down the aisles marveling at all the toys they had for sale. The variety was out of this world, what she wouldn't give for a day to look at everything. She wanted something new. Something... wild.

She'd left Cindy to her own devices to choose a vibrator mostly because every time she looked at one of the fake phalluses she kept picturing Cindy using it on herself and Diane's clit would twitch with excitement. She was still wet and ready, and the sounds that Cindy made only a couple hours ago still aroused her.

There were a number of dildos of different sizes and different shapes and Diane picked up one after another to look at them. She really enjoyed using her "friend" to fuck herself with, but now she wanted to find something to play with Cindy with. And most of the ones she had seen weren't that good without the vibrator feature. She traveled further down the aisle until she came across something that caught her eye. Picking it up, mostly out of curiosity, she finally realized what it was and her pussy got wet while her clit quivered in anticipation.

The item Diane picked up was about 14-inches long curved into a shallow bend with a head on each end. The package included a leather harness the dildo fit into and a ring with a small bullet vibe that would fit over the dildo. Thick-veined and sculptured, it did a remarkable job of looking like the real thing, but it was the strong and insistent image of Cindy connected to the other end that was making her blood boil. Decision made, she carried it to the front counter, purchased it, and then wandered back to find Cindy.

The rustle of the plastic bag got Cindy's attention and she looked up at Diane. "Wow, that was quick. Found something already, huh?"

Diane cleared her throat and nodded. "Yeah. How about you? Having any luck?"

Cindy held up the item in her hand, a small blue rabbit vibrator. "Look what I found! And now that I've gotten all hot and bothered looking at all this stuff, let's get the heck out of here and go home so we can try it out!"

Diane couldn't agree more.

* * *

The two girls chatted and giggled about the store and what they got as they made their way back to the hotel. Neither Diane or Cindy had seen a store quite like that, with such variety and selection.

"That place was amazing!" Cindy exclaimed as Diane drove them back to the hotel.

"Yeah it was pretty huge," Diane agreed, "I don't think I've ever seen so many toys in one spot before!"

"How far are we from the college now?" Cindy asked, "Maybe we can come back some weekend to explore the store more?"

"I don't see why we can't. It's about 300 more miles to the college from here, I guess. It would be a good weekend trip. We might even get our motel room back. Would you like that?" Diane said her hopes raising.

"Oh Diane, I would love that!" Cindy said, gleefully clapping her hands like a little girl.

Even though she felt like her purchase was burning a hole in her hand and screaming to be used, Cindy's nerves were on edge as she thought about the evening ahead. With fear and anticipation clamoring in her she knew that a lot of the nervousness she was now feeling was due to the time that had passed. She greatly wished there were a way to ease back into the feeling and mood.

As if reading her thoughts, Diane looked at her. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, actually now that you mention it, I'm starving."

"I know about this great little place not too far from the hotel. Really down to earth, great atmosphere, even better food... wanna drop the stuff off in our rooms and then head out again?"

Once Cindy had nodded in response, it only took a few minutes to get back to the motel. They raced to their room to drop off their packages, freshen up, and then head back out again.

As Cindy was in the bathroom putting on fresh makeup, Diane came in. "I'm almost ready!" Cindy said happily. Diane came up behind her and slipped her arms around Cindy, cupping her breasts in her hands and kissing her softly on the neck.

"Mmmm..." Cindy moaned, putting her hands on top of Diane's. Cindy laid her head to the side to allow Diane to kiss her better and Diane took the cue, kissing her neck and shoulder.

"Oooh, Diane..." Cindy cooed softly. She reached behind her, stroking Diane's side and grabbing what she could of her roommate's ass.

Cindy turned and put her arms around Diane. "You keep that up honey and we won't be making dinner tonight!" she said, kissing her girlfriend softly on the lips.

"Yeah I suppose we should be getting to the restaurant...we will need to energy for later!" Diane said softly giggling.

As they pulled into the parking lot in front of the restaurant, Diane and Cindy climbed from the vehicle to enter the darkened building. The restaurant was fairly empty at that time and they were able to locate a small, empty table not too far from the bar and ordered dinner and drinks, talking animatedly about their trip, the people they had met, and the adventures of the night before.

Waiting for their dinner to arrive, they enjoyed their drink and their conversation. Diane smiled and looked over at Cindy, admiring her friend. Cindy looked beautiful. Her short brown hair flowed past her bare shoulders, drawing attention to her slender body covered only in her favorite strapless little black dress. There was an undercurrent of sexuality that bounced between the two girls, each amplifying the other's need.

Finally their food arrived and as the girls ate their dinner, the sexual tension between them was kept at a low boil. Every subtle look, casual touch, and word between them only made their desire simmer. Both girls were hungering for the other but neither wanted to be the first to cave in and speak of it. This teasing game was driving the both of them crazy! Once both girls reached for the salt shaker and as Cindy was the first to grab it, Diane put her hand over Cindy's. Cindy's heart about stopped! She could feel the wetness begin in her panties and she quickly withdrew her hand, blushing.

Not to be outdone though, a few moments later she quietly slipped her heel off one foot and used that foot to caress Diane's leg, running it up the inside of her calf then higher up her legs until she heard Diane softly moan and reach down to grab her stocking-clad foot.

Diane looked up at the grinning Cindy. The surprise of finding herself at a strip club for dinner was registering on her face, followed by a slow, disbelieving smile. Cindy had always liked that she could surprise Diane by doing little unexpected things like this and it never seemed to ruffle her feathers. Most the people on campus would look at Cindy as the shy quiet type who never did anything noticeably flirty or coquettish. Diane, on the other hand, knew her roommate better than that.

"I'll be right back. I need to use the restroom," Diane said after they had finished eating.

"Wait a second, I'll go with you," Cindy said, and the two girls headed for the bathroom.

They entered the pale blue ladies room with it's white fixtures and crown molding surrounding the ceiling. Noting that no one was in the room, Diane came up behind Cindy, who was touching up her makeup.

"Now then Missy, what was all that footsie stuff back at the table?" she said grinning as she put her arms around Cindy and pulled her closer. She leaned forward and kissed Cindy on the neck.

"Diane, oh you know what neck kisses do to me!" she moaned.

"I do indeed!" Diane said, kissing her again. Cindy began softly swaying as she was held in her girlfriend's soft loving arms. She closed her eyes and surrendered herself to the feelings of erotic joy.

"Let's get the hell out of here!" Diane said and Cindy's heart missed a beat. Cindy opened her eyes and looked at Diane through the mirror with an expression that went from sensual pleasure to that of having just swallowed a goldfish. Shivering a little with excitement she whispered, "I'm ready to go now."

In less than five minutes they had left the restaurant, and were on their way back to the motel.

* * *

As soon as they pulled into the motel parking lot, Cindy's stomach started twisting into anxious, excited knots. She wanted to repeat the performance that they had had earlier. But as they neared their hotel room, her anticipation turned to nervousness. Cindy was nervous, okay, she'd admit it. She kept worrying that the first time may have been a fluke and that maybe, just maybe, it was a one-shot deal. Maybe she wouldn't enjoy it as much the second time around.

Yeah, right, she thought! She almost laughed outright at the thought, but managed to hold it back, the sound that escaped instead sounded like a soft whimper. Cindy knew damn well she'd enjoy being with Diane again. Just thinking about it brought images of tan skin glistening with sweat, soft hair to nuzzle, soft skin to kiss....

Coming back to reality, she heard Diane shut and lock the motel room door behind them, and Cindy walked over to the bed, kicking off her shoes along the way. She wasn't sure what to do. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't think twice about stripping naked and putting on something comfortable to sleep in, but now... now it was different.

Ever since their previous sexual romp, Cindy had been in an extremely heightened state of excitement and arousal. Cindy was horny - very horny. And in her current state she wanted to forgo putting on something comfortable. Actually, she thought, she just wanted to strip naked, tackle Diane, and make her scream with one of those vibrators. Hmm... come to think of it, she'd never gotten a chance to see what Diane had bought. Not fair!

Diane chuckled from a few feet away. "You're thinking what I'm thinking, aren't you? What do we do now?"

Cindy put a hand on her hip and slowly turned around, her eyebrows raised as she did her best to look pissed off. "No, actually, that was not what I was thinking. I was thinking... how in the hell have you gotten away with NOT telling me what you got at the store yet?" She couldn't keep up the act, however, and a grin broke through. "I want to see what you got. Open it up!"

Cindy watched as Diane bit her lip as though thinking about whether she really ought to bring the toy out into the public. Since Cindy had gotten the impression earlier that not much in the way of toys and sexual paraphernalia would surprise Diane, she couldn't help but wonder what was in the package that would actually make Diane nervous enough to hesitate.

"Boy, it must be really good if you don't even want to take it out of the package. Afraid I might want to share it?" Cindy joked.

Diane laughed out loud. "Actually, I'm sort of hoping for it. I just... I bought it on impulse and... ." She let her voice trail off as she pulled the double-headed dildo from its bag and handed it to Cindy.

Still smiling, Cindy reached for the package and looked at the item under the plastic. She was perplexed by the shape and it took a minute for her to register what she was seeing. Her eyed fixed on the leather harness folded up and placed in the center of the package. She looked at the plastic dildo and the ring with the shiny metallic thing nestled in it. She studied it for a moment a perplexed look on her face. Then the full understanding hit her like a ton of bricks. Open mouthed, she slowly looked up and met Diane's eyes, nodding. Oh fuck yeah, she thought, she'd share. Dropping the package back on the bed, she walked over to Diane and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Cindy wasn't really sure what happened next. One minute they were kissing and the next they were on the bed partially undressed, packaging and vibrators surrounding them. She was so incredibly ready. The first time with Diane it had been about exploration and, to a certain degree, love, but this time... this time was about need. Sheer, unadulterated, lustful need. She needed to be with Diane. It was as though there were a force driving her that rose above a simple longing or desire to fuck her and watch her cum, and that force made her body ache for Diane's softness.

Diane was beneath her on the bed, wearing nothing now but her skimpy panties. Diane's full rounded breasts were smashed against her own similarly nude body. Cindy could feel the wet anticipation flowing between her legs and moved her hips in a slow grind in hopes of relieving some of the ache. Diane's hips rocked in response and Cindy groaned with pleasure. Taking one hand, she slid it up Diane's tanned leg, and stopped when she reached the fabric of Diane's thong. With her fingertips, she gently moved the strip of fabric to one side and rubbed her middle finger up the soft folds of Diane's pussy until she found where the slit of her lips began. Parting them gently, she traced down the few millimeters to Diane's clit, sliding over the engorged bump, making Diane buck beneath her, and down further still until she reached the deeper folds and then finally the hole that she sought. Wet liquid seeped out as she slid her finger in the full length. Diane let out a loud moan and Cindy felt her own cunt twitched in delighted response.

Sliding her finger in and out of Diane's hole wasn't enough, however. She wanted so much more. She wanted to feel her and taste her. Cindy pulled her finger out of Diane's body and hooked Diane's panties with her thumbs, sliding them down Diane's legs exposing her glistening sex.

Diane's body visibly trembled as Cindy took her hands and gently spread Diane's knees. Putting her head down to taste, the flat of her tongue parted lips plump with desire before pointing itself toward the deepest part of Diane's sex. Hard and unyielding, it plundered in and out as Cindy's eager and trembling hands fought to hold Diane's bucking hips in place. Rigid and insistent, her tongue fucked its way deeper and deeper into Diane's cunt, until finally she couldn't hold back the movement of Diane's begging body and loud moans.

Pulling back from Diane's body, Cindy moved upward to where Diane's head thrashed on the pillow. Threading her fingers through Diane's soft hair, she kissed her gently, the taste of her mouth mixing with the taste of Diane's sex making Cindy dizzy with a need of her own. She could feel the heat from Diane's body as she lay on top of her, but the barrier of her own clothing prevented her from getting any closer to that heat. It made her want to scream in frustration.

Diane was nearly mad with desire. She wanted to get as close as possible to Cindy's sex and the barrier of fabric was stopping it. Moving with a strength and speed she didn't know she had, she rolled Cindy over on her back and yanked Cindy's panties down her legs.

Once the offending garment had been removed from Cindy's body, Diane urged Cindy up into a slight sitting position. Diane scooted up, placing one leg over and one leg under Cindy's and then scooting up to close the gap. Sex met with sex and it was unlike any feeling Diane had experienced before. Soft, plump skin and hot wetness mingled between them and their groans of pleasure echoed in unison as they ground together seeking and hoping for more. The sucking sound of their wet cunts echoed with each movement and Diane could feel the hard nub of Cindy's clit slide between her pussy lips with each grind. The pressure sent her blood racing to her head with a dizzying effect. With insistent urgency they rocked, the tension in their bodies becoming more demanding, crying for release.

Diane took her finger and placed it between them seeking and finding Cindy's cunt. Moving her finger in as far as she could, she curved it upward seeking the taunt nub of Cindy's g-spot. When she found it, she moved her finger in a come here motion that made Cindy gasp with pleasure and buck wildly beneath her. But God help her, Diane wanted to be selfish.

She wanted to fuck her. To watch the length of cock penetrate and spread her cunt. She wanted to feel it happening to herself at the same time. She wanted to watch Cindy's face as she came and feel that same wave break over her body soon after. Picking up the dildo, she looked at Cindy, affirming that it would be okay to go ahead and attempt the use and then swallowed hard when Cindy whispered in a voice husky with excitement, "Oh yeah... please."

While Cindy watched in mesmerized heat, Diane put the double-ended dildo in place in the harness and then rubbed one end up and down her slick slit. Cindy slid a hand down to finger herself as she watched Diane use the dildo on herself. Diane rubbed the phallus up and down her slit and over her throbbing clit as she moaned and whimpered her desire to Cindy. Finally, Diane could wait no longer and she aimed the plastic missile towards her sex and slowly slid it in.

"Oh fuck, Cindy! Oh god it's so wonderful!" Diane said as the toy pushed deeper into her.

"Fuck yourself, baby, fuck yourself for me," Cindy groaned as her own passions raged.

Once the dildo had been inserted as deep as it could go in Diane's steamy hole, she put the harness around her and buckled it in place. She slid the vibrator egg ring on and turned it on. The vibrations caused Diane to gasp at first but then she turned to Cindy.

"Ok honey, now it's your turn," she said smiling.

Laying Cindy back on the bed, Diane used her hands to fully part Cindy's thighs, the musky scent of sex assailing her senses. Loosely holding the cock in her hand, she began rubbing it slowly back and forth across Cindy's puffy lips. She could see the juices flowing rapidly from Cindy's hole as they moved down the crack of her ass to drip on the bed and watched as those same juices made the dildo shiny with wetness, lubricating it. Diane pushed the head of the dildo slowly into Cindy's cunt, watching it stretch to accommodate the girth as inch by inch the head moved inside.

Cindy rocked her hips in a selfish bid to give herself a little pleasure before raising her hand up to Diane indicating that she'd taken as much of the cock as she could. Rolling a little onto her side, she reached one hand down and played with Diane's pussy, feeling the wetness there. Taking the remaining end from Diane's hand, she repeated the motions Diane had played on her and wet the end of the dildo by rubbing it back and forth over Diane's glistening pussy.

Once the plastic gleamed with creamy lubrication, Cindy started moving it in, loving the way that Diane's cunt stretched and tightened around the cock. Half way in, Cindy stopped and just looked at the taunt skin, thinned pussy lips, and clit that peeked out from its sheath. One finger teased its way forward, rubbing lightly over Diane's clit, making Diane push forward, the remaining head of the cock sliding inside.

Cindy's pulse raced and she felt dizzy. With arms and legs that trembled from the excitement racing through her veins, she moved closer to Diane, sliding on the bed to get closer. They were inches from each other, separated only by the leather harness that held the attached dildo. She heard Diane groan and it made her stomach knot in anticipation.

Feet firmly planted on the bed, knees bent, Cindy rocked back and forth, attempting to get the cock to move inside of her. Instead, it slid in and out of Diane's pussy as she moved. She watched as Diane adjusted to the same position and moved back and forth, and felt the cock slide in gentle rhythm in and out of her own pussy. Cindy moved once again, in an effort to keep time with Diane, but to both of their utter frustration, the dildo didn't cooperate as planned.

They looked at each other and their eyes met, both in accord with their frustration, both in want of release and both high on an overpowering sexual need. There was nothing left in the universe that could distract them from obtaining the climax they sought. Whimpers and moans could be heard echoing between them as they struggled to manipulate the plastic cock so that both of them received enjoyment at the same time.

Finally, out of desperation, Diane reached down and grabbed the dildo with one hand and held it in place as they both rocked back and forth keeping time with each other. Each watching the other. Each watching as full breasts swayed and bounced with the movement. Each watching as hands reached down to massage wet clits, stroking closer and closer to nirvana.

Cindy heard Diane moan, low and deep, and watched as her mouth opened and her head dropped back on the bed. She felt more than saw Diane's back arch and legs move inward as her toes curled in response to the orgasm racing through her body. She watched as Diane lurched upward, her eyes shut, her mouth tight and open, little gasps of air escaping as Diane rode the waves of orgasm to their completion.

Heat covered Cindy's body and electric currents raced down her limbs as she watched. Cindy could barely breathe for the beauty of the looks on Diane's face and the sounds coming from her body. But as Diane let out one last moan, the sound so filled with pleasure, Cindy could control her body no more and she gasped as the muscles in her cunt clamped down on the cock and spasmed in wave after wave of release. Her body following Diane's in its ride of release.

Some time later, as they both came back to reality, they cuddled together content. Cindy looked at the clock. They had five hours until they needed to leave for the airport and join the real world once again. As she drifted off to sleep, Diane's arms around her, she couldn't help the drowsy smile that appeared on her face.

This was a Spring Break neither of them would ever forget!

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