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Our school sex club Part One

The founding of our sex club.
Jamie and I were sat on the grass down by the small sunken garden on the fringe of the woods. She took a drag of her Marlboro Light and passed it to me for my turn. Taking a long deep drag I drew it down into my lungs and blew a stream of blue smoke straight up towards the clear blue, early May sky.

"So what do you think then?" she asked.

"Well I don't have anything against the idea in principle, but I'm not sure who we could invite to join our little club. Who would be interested and more to the point who would we want to join us?"

I paused briefly.

"Come to that," I continued, "how the hell would we approach anyone we wanted to join us? I know I couldn't just ask someone if they wanted to join us."

I flicked the butt of the cigarette into the undergrowth.

Jamie burst out laughing as she huddled in her regulation green track suit, her Gore-Tex jacket giving another layer of warmth against the cool evening temperature.

We had been lovers since the start of our first term together nearly nine months earlier. We were both technically virgins, neither having had the pleasure of a man's cock in our pussies. I say technically; as we had both lost our hymens to the frantic action of both fingers or the handles of our hairbrushes, our only available sex toys.

Whilst on our Christmas and Easter holidays we had both managed to misappropriate our respective mothers' vibrators which had provided a taste of what we both wanted for the future. Alas we both; even with makeup, were unable to take advantage of the Ann Summers shop in town. On the one occasion we had tried; on a rainy Saturday afternoon in February, we had quickly been ejected by the stroppy nineteen year old Saturday girl. She further compounded the ignominy by laughing and sniggering with her spotty friend at the 'young kids' trying their luck. Hence our continuing use of our hairbrushes.

"Don't worry, I'll do the recruiting," said Jamie. "All you have to do is help me with the selection. The thing is, how do we select them? Do we do it on how they look? Or whether we think they like girls? Or just on whether we think they would be sexy in bed?"

"Well if we're honest neither of us are lezzers. We both want to have sex with boys, it's just that there aren't any available to us at the moment. Let's face it we aren't even allowed to go to a mixed social till the end of the summer term and then there's going to be teachers chaperoning us all the time. We're not going to be able to have sex with a boy unless we can find one during our holidays in the summer."

"Tell you what Jay. I reckon if we both make a list of girls we either think would be interested or that we'd like to fuck, then we can compare notes. We can weed out the ones we don't agree on and come up with a short list. Then it's time for me to persuade them that they can't wait to be part of our club."

"I tell you who should be top of the list Jamie. You know Ingrid? She's got the most enormous tits. I often think how nice it would be to play with some huge norks. I bet her nipples are huge too, I'd love to suck on them for an hour or two. I bet they're absolutely lush."

"Oh my god! Haven't you seen them then Jay? I have and they are just fab, each nipple is about two inches round, same sort of pink colour as mine but they stick out about half an inch. I saw her in the changing room after lacrosse practice a couple of weeks ago. She saw me looking and she even winked at me. So I defo reckon she should be on the list."

"Agreed, so she's a definite, who else? I reckon we should think about Saskia."

"Saskia? Isn't she the posh blonde girl with no tits in the lower sixth?" she asked.

"Yes that's the one, she's really sweet, I did notice when we were getting changed after swimming today that she's shaved all her pubes off, she's totally bare down there."

"No way, totally bald? Wow, what does that say about her sexiness?"

"I know, when I saw her little slit with no hair on it I thought what a good idea that would be, just think, no hairs in your mouth, or getting stuck in your teeth. Maybe we should both shave. I know that my stepdad's porn pictures on his PC all have their pussies shaved."

"Okay, so that's two definites. I've got to admit, it makes me really wet and horny thinking about expanding our group of fuck-buddies." She unzipped her jacket and lifted her track suit top exposing her green polo shirt.

"Look, my nipples are really sticking out and it's not just the cold."

Sure enough, both nipples were fiercely erect and threatening to push their way through her top. She tweaked her left nipple with the fingers of her right hand. Her eyes closed and she gave that look of pure sexuality I'd learnt to love in the nine months I'd known this sexy young redhead.

"Come and suck my nipples Jay," she said as she leant against the trunk of the oak tree.

She lifted her polo shirt exposing both of her pale pink nipples that were suffused with blood and turning a darker pink as they became more erect with the cold and her own intimate touch.

I got up on to my knees and crawled the couple of feet across to where she was leant against the tree. I lowered my head to her exposed breasts and took her right nipple into my mouth. As my tongue flicked over its tip I could feel it harden even more at my touch. I sucked hard and in doing so took part of her breast into my mouth.

She sighed and murmured quietly, "Oh yes, Jay, that feels so good. Suck it hard, bite it. Bite my nipple hard, use your teeth on me."

I complied eagerly with her request and bit down hard, her reaction was immediate. She shuddered in pleasure then spread her legs wide and slid her hand down the front of her track suit bottoms. I could see her hand moving beneath the material as she fingered herself. Her hand moved harder and faster in her pants as I continued to suck on her hard nipple.

"Yes that's it Jamie fuck yourself, make yourself cum for me," I said.

I moved my mouth up over her clothing and fastened it onto hers. Taking her top lip into my mouth I slid my long stiff tongue into her half opened mouth and made contact with hers. She sucked my tongue hard into my mouth as she continued her self-stimulation and I took her wet breast into my hand. I squeezed it and massaged it feeling the weight of her breast, heavy with arousal. Taking her erect nipple in between my fingertips I alternately squeezed and released it exactly as I knew she liked it.

I swung my right leg over hers and lowered myself down onto her rigid thigh then started to ride it. Each thrust I made, pushed my clit forcefully against her leg. I could actually feel my lips opening and squelching with my cunt-honey as I mashed it against her. I knew neither of us would last very long.

With a cry she pulled her face away from mine and threw her head back as her orgasm crashed over her, her hand ramming down forcefully between her distended lips.

"Oh yes Jay; fuck I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes. Oh fuck, suck my tits again, suck them."

With difficulty I latched onto her tit again and managed to give a half-hearted suck as my own orgasm came upon me. With one final thrust I bore down hard against her leg and felt my release hit me.

"Oh fuck Jamie. We did it again, oh god I love you so much," I uttered breathlessly as I slumped against her, totally spent.


Three weeks later we had the inaugural meeting of the Ashley Court school sex club.

As the dorm that Jamie and I shared was deemed the largest and of course because it was our idea, it was decided to hold the meeting in our room. We'd chosen the meeting time with some care. The house mistresses had made their rounds at lights out at 1030, then again at 11 o'clock. It was now half past midnight, so they should all be tucked-up in bed either asleep or enjoying their own little fantasy worlds. Earlier in the evening each of the invitees had brought a bean bag to our room to ensure there was somewhere to sit when the meeting convened.

Jamie of course had elected herself as chairperson. When all were seated comfortably, each with a glass of Vodka and Coke in their hands. Jamie stood and theatrically launched into her opening address.

"I declare the inaugural meeting of the Ashley Court School Secret Sex Society open. The first item on the agenda is to welcome our new members, Ingrid, Saskia, Katie and Briony. Welcome to you all. Jay and I chose you all with care and it looks like we chose well. You all responded favourably to our invitation; so you are all now officially, the founder members of our club. Does anyone have any questions before we proceed?"

A small voice spoke up from the green bean bag. Saskia's blonde hair was pulled up into a pony-tail and she was wearing an over-sized man's singlet. She looked so innocent and sexy, the armholes dipped nearly to her waist so that each time she turned, her tiny pointy breasts with their puffy nipples popped out into view.

"So what do we have to do to be in your sex club? Jamie said that I didn't have to be a lezzer to join, but that it would involve what she called 'sexy times' with the other members."

"Yeah, what do we have to do?" a voice piped up from the bed beside her.

Ingrid was laid on the bed with her chin resting on her hands exposing her magnificent cleavage to us all from the sagging neck of her v-necked T shirt.

"I'm no lezzer," she said. "What I really want to do is lose my cherry and get a nice stiffy inside me as soon as possible. I'm so horny I could burst, my fanny has had my fingers rubbing it so much lately, it's getting a bit sore."

A couple more of the four new girls chipped in with similar protestations of their heterosexuality; or anyway, their assertions that they weren't gay.

Jamie was brilliant, she handled them all so well.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know all that. Jay and I had a similar discussion when we first moved in together. Come on, realistically, when are we likely to get our first chance of a nice stiff cock? This week? This month? This year? We're all still virgins right? If we're lucky we might be able to find someone to fuck us by the time we're at Uni. We all have raging sex hormones flooding through our bodies with nothing but our fingers to do something about them," she paused.

"So," she continued, "accepting that none of us are gay and we all need to get our rocks off, the only thing we can use is each other. At least we'll get to learn more about how we tick sexually and best of all, we're all available now. I know one thing for sure, since Jay and me started messing around with each other we've both had so much more fun than sneaking off to the shower or the loo for a quick un-satisfying wank.”

The girls all sat there, apparently robbed of speech at Jamie's revelation. Ingrid was the first to break the silence.

"Ok, I get all that, I must say I'm surprised at Jay, she looks like butter wouldn't melt, I had no idea you two were messing about with each other. So what do you do, just finger each other or what?"

I decided to add my contribution to the discussion.

"Sometimes we do, sometimes we just watch each other playing with ourselves. I really like that, it makes me so wet to watch Jamie finger fucking herself. She sometimes uses the handle of her hairbrush; that's really sexy seeing it disappear inside her. Seeing her squeezing her juices out, then watching them run down the crack of her arse. Sometimes we lie in bed together snogging, that's lush too, she's a really good kisser. Sometimes we lie there and suck each other's nipples and talk really dirty, then we turn around so that our faces are in each other's pussies and we lick each other till we cum."

"Fucking hell, it sounds like you spend all your time fucking and playing with each other, how long have you been doing it?" asked Saskia, her face wearing a mask of incredulity.

"Since about a week after the start of the winter term." I replied

"Can you show us what you do?" Piped up a querulous voice from the red bean bag. Briony blushed furiously, her arousal obvious by the way she cupped her hand between her legs, her fingers wriggling for all to see.

"I was hoping someone would ask that Briony. Ingrid can you let me and Jay up on the bed? It will be easier for you all to watch us on there. If you all make yourselves comfy and get where you can see us, we'll show you. If at any time you want to leave feel free, but remember, if you do leave you can never come back."

The four initiates all nodded their heads in agreement. Ingrid got up from the bed and moved across to my beanbag and I in turn stepped up onto the bed, joining Jamie. We knelt facing each other and put our arms around each other and started to kiss. We knelt there kissing for a couple of minutes then started to undress each other. Jamie started to lift my pyjama vest up over my head, so I lifted my arms to help her.

As my stiff-nippled breasts came into view there was a collective intake of breaths from around the room. Jamie lowered her head and took my left nipple in her mouth and started to suck it gently. I threw my head back, my body suffused with desire, a combination of Jamie's tongue and the sight of so many eyes looking at me as she sucked. In turn I grasped the waistband of her pyjama shorts and pulled them down her thighs to her knees exposing her shock of bright red pubes, droplets of moisture clearly evident on her bush. She followed suit with my pj shorts.

Once more I heard breaths being drawn in at the sight of my freshly shaved pudendum. I sat back and squirmed out of my shorts and then lay back, my head against the headboard. I put a hand either side of Jamie's head and drew her face down between my legs. She leant forward and buried her face between my spread legs, exposing her arsehole and wet pussy to the other girls.

Surprisingly to me, Saskia made the first move. She put her hands in through the gaping arm-holes of her vest and began to massage her tits, paying particular attention to her puffy nipples. Back and forth she rolled and tweaked her nipples, her face a picture of sexual arousal and abandonment.

Seeing her best friend's actions; Ingrid quickly followed suit. She lifted her arms and pulled off her T shirt exposing the most fantastic pair of tits I had ever seen. Her huge erect nipples were both sticking out a full half an inch from the huge surrounding puckered areola. She then knelt forward on her bean bag and pulled her pyjama bottoms down to her knees and started to rub her expanse of unruly blonde pubic hair, sliding her fingers through her wetness spreading her lips wide with each stroke. As she did so viscous strings of her arousal could be seen hanging between her wet fingertips.

Meanwhile Jamie, oblivious of what was happening behind her; was slavering her tongue in and out of my Gaping labia, she reached between her own legs and spread herself wide hooking two fingers deep inside herself. She sucked me and fingered herself furiously for a minute or so before a small squeal emerged from her throat and her face contorted in the rictus of orgasm. The sticky wet evidence of its power running down her inner thighs onto the sheet below.

The sight of Ingrid and Saskia both now openly masturbating themselves and Briony and Katie quietly snogging one another in the corner was too much for me. I pushed Jamie's head away from my thighs and slipped two fingers down either side of my sex. The feeling as my fingers rubbed either side of my slit and my thumb rubbing over my exposed clitoris was just heaven. I reached around with my free hand and tried my latest trick, I gathered some juice from between my labia and thoroughly lubed up my finger then started to circle my puckered ring. Round and round I rubbed as I pushed down as if trying to do a poo.

My hole opened and I slid my finger in straight up to the second knuckle. I was rewarded with a convulsive jerk in my innermost being. I redoubled my efforts on my now gaping wide cunt, pushing two fingers deep inside me. Finding the pad of my G spot I circled my finger tips on the coarse, rubbery pad. Almost immediately I felt the now familiar feeling of needing to wee. I ignored it and pushed on with the three fingered stimulation, my single digit plunging fully in and out of my arsehole and my two fingered assault deep inside my cunt.

Seconds later I felt the explosion begin. With a totally unconscious spasm, my cum sprayed across Jamie's shoulders soaking her red hair. She lifted her head and buried her face in the stream of my ejaculate; gulping avidly, she tried to gather as much as she could in her open mouth. I collapsed back onto the pillows, utterly spent as Jamie lifted her face to mine and dribbled my cum into my welcoming mouth. We both swallowed greedily enjoying the wantonness of our actions. Our lips joined once more and we kissed as only lovers can.

Breaking from our kiss we both looked around at the others, Briony and Katie had amazingly discovered the 69 position and were noisily eating each other out. Saskia meanwhile, had straddled Ingrid's face as she groped between her friend's open legs fingering her with what appeared to be her entire hand. In response Ingrid thrust her hips up hard against the invasive fingers and thumb.

As Ingrid noisily started to cum, it was as if she had triggered a chain reaction. Saskia bounced up and down on Ingrid's face, her hand still pistoning in and out of Ingrid's huge cunt. Ingrid gave one last push and then collapsed back onto the bean bag. Saskia followed with a small squeal and forced herself down hard onto Ingrid's face, her face contorted into a mask of animalistic sex. On the other bean bag the two girls achieved their own mutual orgasms as their legs scissored around each other's necks jerking spastically in their joint release.

After the noise of six female orgasms, the room suddenly lapsed into silence.

Ingrid of course was the one to break the silence.

"Fucking hell, that was just fucking awesome, when's the next meeting of the club, cos I'm definitely gonna be there. Why wank on your own when we've got our sexy sisters to help us out? I'm still not a fucking lezzer but that was just fucking awesome. Saskia, you certainly know how to push my buttons, I've never cum that hard since I found my cunt was good for more than pissing with."

The room dissolved into fits of laughter, we were all more or less covered with each other's cum and were totally satiated from the incredibly horny experience.

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