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Our school sex club Part Two

The continuing story of our sex club
The girls were all excited. Jamie and I had convened the second meeting of the sex club two weeks later. A Friday night in late May. The weekend had been declared a holiday; so there was no need for us to get up early to play games, or to do the mountains of prep set for us.

This weekend was blissfully free of such distractions. Katie had been home the weekend before, to attend her baby brother's christening and she'd managed to raid her mum's booze cupboard.

One bottle of vodka, tick. Better still she'd also nicked the makings for a couple of spliffs her elder brother had stashed in his bedroom along with his extensive porn collection. He was away, working up north, so they wouldn't be missed, nor would the half dozen porn DVDs she'd also misappropriated.

Katie had strolled into our room the previous Monday morning before breakfast and emptied her huge handbag onto Jamie's bed.

"Here you go girls here's something for the weekend," she quipped.

"Fucking hell Katie, that's awesome, this stuff will make the party go with a swing, are you sure it won't be missed and get you in trouble?" asked Jamie, as I looked on in awe.

"Nah, none of it'll be missed, my brother's not home till the end of term, so as long as I get the DVDs back by then, we're golden," she replied.

"Look at these DVDs, they look so horny," said Jamie as she rifled through the six titles, her mouth agape at the provocative covers.

"I've watched them all and they really got me going, I won't tell you my favourites. I'll let you make up your own minds then you can choose which ones to play at the next meeting."

"Thanks Katie, you're a star, don't forget to tell the other girls about our practice ceremony after prep tonight," I said as she left the room.

At last Friday arrived for us expectant girls. We had decided to increase our numbers by two, bringing our number to eight. We all agreed that this was a good number; enough to ensure the right amount of sexy variety, but hopefully not too many to prejudice the security of the group. If that worked out okay, we thought that maybe we could add another couple. Ten would be the maximum number for our group.

Jamie once again had taken on the task at which she excelled - recruitment. She had the knack of being able to offer the right inducements to join, without fear of alienating the prospective members. And most importantly she had the knack of choosing not only the sexiest girls from our year but also ones who she correctly identified would be up for some sexy fun.

It was further decided that we would only introduce two girls at a time to the club. This had the double benefit of maintaining security and ensuring that the newcomers could experience the joys of lesbian sex in the absence of the more usual heterosexual stimuli.

The two new girls were Charlotte and Vanessa (Nessy to her friends) Charlotte was 5'3", she was very slim and had her hair coloured a weird red and purple colour. Nessy was a slightly chubby but very pretty girl with the sexiest 'come to bed' eyes I'd ever seen. She was just over 5' tall with beautiful orb shaped boobs and without doubt the messiest dorm in the school, hence her the nickname, Messy Nessy. Ingrid had had her eye on her for some time and it was she who had proposed her.

As founder members the original six decided that some kind of initiation ceremony was in order. Having all watched 'Eyes Wide Shut' and tried out some of the more sexual parts together, we agreed that the initiates would have to perform a sex act of some kind. One that would be captured on video to ensure their compliance and to further guarantee their silence.

We had all gathered in Jamie's and my room the previous week to discuss the form the initiation should take.

"I reckon it should be so sexually deviant that there is absolutely no chance they would run to the staff and squeal on us," opined Ingrid.

I countered with, "Yes but we don't want to alienate them from the start, we want them to enjoy it as much as we all do. We need them to want more, not put them off with some kind of phoney extreme sexual shit."

"You've got a point there Jay, but I reckon Ingrid's point is valid too, we've got to make sure that there is no chance of them chickening out on us but still make them horny enough to stay in the club," said Jamie.

"I know," I said. "Why don't I download some video editing software from the net and we can cut it to make it look more deviant than it really is. If the teachers ever saw it, none of them would know it had been altered."

"Agreed," we all concurred.

There was a sharp rap at our door and our house mistress opened it and looked in.

"Lights out girls, it's past 11 o'clock. I know you've got a holiday weekend but you still need your sleep. Come on now; put those books away and you other girls, time you went back to your own dorms."

Ms Smythe put her head round the door of our dorm and looked straight at me.

"Jay is that a new nightie? It's so pretty, I've not seen it before," she asked me. Her eyes wide at the sight of my puffy pink tipped nipples, clearly visible through my sheer white nightie.

"Yes Ms Smythe, I've run out of clean pyjamas, so I dug this out of my trunk. Do you like it?"

"It's very, erm, erm nice Jay," she said and blushed furiously.

She struggled for words, apparently captivated at the sight of my tits through the sheer fabric. We had all suspected that the young games mistress, who also doubled as our housemistress had sapphic inclinations. She seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time in and out of the showers and changing rooms at the gym.

A number of us had caught her ogling our naked and semi-naked bodies as we either changed or showered. Ingrid had recently taken to flashing her long unhindered glimpses of her freshly shaven pussy and her humongous boobs, just to see if our suspicions were correct. After a number of incidents she had concluded that Ms Smythe was either just a pervy voyeur or an out and out lezzer.

Ms Smythe; her face a deep scarlet, switched off our light and left our dorm making her way down the corridor through the fire door towards her own room at the far end of the block. The other girls dutifully followed her.

As soon as we saw the crack of light from the automatic corridor lights disappear from under the door. We both turned on our bedside lights again and jumped out of bed. Having prepared everything in advance it was seconds before we had our two beds pushed together, forming what we had planned to be our play area for the night. We had told the girls to wait at least an hour after lights out until coming to our room for the start of our fun and games.

Jamie opened up her big Dell laptop and retrieved the DVDs from their hiding place on top of the wardrobe.

"Which one shall we put on while we wait for the girls to arrive?" she asked.

"Let me see them," I replied.

She handed over the half dozen plastic cases.

"Hmm, let's see. There's two lesbian party ones, one called Supercocks, one called Gina's Golden Shower and a couple of classy looking ones by some director called Andrew Blake. Anything take your fancy Jamie?"

"What's the Gina's Golden Shower one about?" she asked holding her hand out.

I handed her the box.

Perusing the write up on the back she read aloud.

"Gina and her friends have a party by the pool, they are joined by the pool boy and his assistant for lots of golden shower fun," she paused.

"Let’s see what this one’s all about. I've got no idea what golden shower fun could be though."

We were about to be educated, though I'm not sure our strict Headmistress would have approved of it as an educational video.

The scene opened with a very ordinary but quite pretty girl sat on a sun-longer by a beautiful blue swimming pool. She was wearing a pair of cut-off 'daisy-dukes' and a white vest with thin spaghetti straps that showed off her full boob and erect nipples. As she sat on the seat a woman; obviously older, probably in her mid to late 40s approached her. She was wearing a pair of 'porn star' high heels and ice blue jeans with a tight white boob tube, her fulsome tits overflowing over the top.

She stood beside the girl and leant down, kissing her neck. The girl turned her head and offered her mouth to the woman who kissed her with an open mouth, sliding her tongue between her waiting lips. The woman then slipped the straps of the girl's vest off her shoulders and slid her hand down to reveal and then caress her hardening nipples. Her hand then travelled down over the girl's tanned washboard stomach pausing between her belly button and her crutch. She pressed firmly on her lower belly, causing the girl to groan, almost as if she was in pain. The young girl disengaged her lips and said.

"Don't Gina I need to pee, please."

Gina then redoubled her manipulations, pressing hard against the girl's tummy.

"Go on then, pee Angel, show Gina, just do it."

As she said the word 'it', she pressed very firmly into the girl's tummy and almost immediately the crutch of Angel's denim shorts turned a darker blue as she let her bladder flow free. In seconds it seemed; a clear pale gold stream issued from either side of the crutch of the shorts, spraying down both of her legs and soaking the padding of the sun lounger.

"Fucking hell, that looks so fucking horny," said Jamie as she pushed her hand down the front of her candy floss pink panties.

"God yes," I agreed; transfixed at the sight of Angel peeing, my own pussy moistening as I watched the lewd display.

By now Gina had put her hand in the flow of pee and then pulled the gusset of Angel's shorts to one side releasing the full flow of her pee, which arched across the patio with full force. She cupped both her hands and caught a puddle of pee, lifted her hand to her mouth and sipped delicately. She then poured the remainder over her own face, allowing it to run down over her tits and between her ample cleavage.

She stepped back from the chair; undid the studs of her fly and dropped her jeans and stepped out of them, revealing she was wearing no panties. She then straddled the recumbent girl, her thighs either side of her face and then unleashed her own stream of pale golden piss, straight into Angel's open mouth and all over her perky stiff nippled tits. The girl writhed in ecstasy, she hurriedly pulled down her shorts exposing her bald pussy still leaking the remnants of her own pee.

Gina moved down with her legs either side of the lounger and concentrated her spray on Angel's slit, which the girl was spreading wide apart. The stream hit her clit and sprayed directly into the bright pink of her insides. They both then frantically rubbed their clits and in what appeared to be only seconds, Angel began to have a gut wrenching orgasm, causing another spray to arc across the lounger.

Jamie pressed stop, the screen went black.

"Fucking hell Jamie, why did you stop it? That was getting so horny; I was just getting into it. It’s made me really wet."

Jamie turned towards me and stood up.

"That was the problem, much more of that and I'd have had to cum and I want to save it for the girls when they get here."

She pulled her pants up into her pussy making a camel toe, the shocking pink fabric immediately darkened with the wetness from her open lips.

"It made me fucking wet too, look!"

Our mutual observations of each other’s wetness was interrupted by a tentative knock at our door. We both chorused, "come in."

Ingrid's unruly mop of blonde hair appeared around the door jamb.

"I hope I'm not intruding," she laughed. "I hope you two haven't started without us." she continued as she led in Saskia, and Katie, "Bree will be bringing the other two down in about ten minutes, we thought we could help you get ready."

"Did you bring some glasses?" I asked.

"Yep got them in the bag, also brought some other stuff, I'll show you later."

Jamie moved her bedside cupboard to the foot of the two single beds and set up her laptop on it. She ejected the Gina DVD and put in one of the Andrew Blake movies.

"There, all ready for action when the others arrive. Okay, let's get the candles lit. Put that red scarf over the bedside lamp please Katie."

The room was transformed from the utilitarian dormitory into a sensually lit sex nest with a red glow.

"Will the video on your camera work in this light Ingrid?" I asked.

"Yeah, I tried it in my room earlier, the picture isn't brilliant but you can make out faces ok."

We then all stripped and redressed in the costumes we'd prepared for the initiation.

Our preparations complete, we all sat on the bed and each poured a vodka and coke and smoked the two spliffs we'd got ready as we waited for Briony and the two new initiates to our society.

Ten minutes and a large vodka and coke later, we were all beginning to buzz. I felt totally relaxed, horny as hell and ready for a long night of sex with my new found lovers.

There was a double double tap at the door, Jamie opened it and Briony led in the two new girls. She was holding Fiona's hand who in turn was holding Natalie's hand in what looked like a grip of steel. They were both blindfolded and both wore dressing gowns, that covered their nakedness beneath. Exactly as instructed. Briony led them to the centre of the room followed by Ingrid, her camera focused tightly on the two girls faces.

Jamie took over the proceedings in her own inimitable style. She wore a Venetian mask, a black cloak pulled back over her shoulders and nothing else. Her nipples had been coloured a dark scarlet with a red lipstick. She looked like that girl from the film Eyes Wide Shut, totally sexy and gorgeous. Briony stepped away and slumped on the bed out of the camera's view.

I pressed play on my iPod and the music from the same film filled the room. Jamie intoned the following in a monotone.

"Do you Fiona and Natalie confirm that you are willing participants in the events that follow?"

The girls both answered in the affirmative.

"Remove your bathrobes."

The girls undid their belts and dropped their robes revealing their total nakedness.

Jamie continued the ceremony as the girls stood naked before us.

"Do you further confirm that you have not been coerced to take part in what may follow in any way and do you also agree that everything that occurs is entirely what you both desire above all else?"

"We do," they both replied.

"Do you swear that what occurs here tonight will remain a secret between all participants and may only be discussed between those present?"

"We do."

"Remove their blindfolds."

We had formed a loose circle around the room during Jamie's opening words. Careful to remain out of camera shot, Katie stepped forward and removed the blindfolds. The girls blinked, then looked around the room. We were all naked, our nipples similarly rouged like Jamie's and all wore a variety of masks. Their eyes took in the sight of our naked flesh and they both stared wide-eyed at us noting our bizarre masks, painted bodies and freshly shaven naked pussies.

Jamie continued. "You may kiss your new mistresses, you will be their playthings for tonight and if we are convinced of your worthiness to join our society you will both be inducted as full and equal members at its conclusion. Do you understand and submit to our requirements and our every desire?"

Both nodded.

"I need your verbal consent or we stop right now," continued Jamie.

"We understand Mistress," the girls replied together, obviously getting into the mood of the event.

The two were then led by the hand and forced to kneel. As previously agreed; Ingrid went first, she moved up close to Fiona and forced her freshly shaven, fat bulging mound into her face. Fiona nervously kissed her just above her clit.

Camera in one hand Ingrid zoomed into her face and then with her other hand she spread her lips wide and forced her gaping hole onto the girls lips.

"Kiss her properly, use your tongue," said Jamie.

Fiona paused briefly before snaking her tongue between Ingrid's labia and licking from the bottom of her opening to her clitoris. Ingrid wobbled slightly as she felt the intrusion but still managed to capture the entire submissive kiss. She moved over and positioned herself in front of Natalie.

Natalie didn't hesitate, she put her arms around Ingrid's thighs and gripped her large white bum cheeks in her hands. She squeezed the large globes and drew her towards her face and licked her deeply, her tongue plunging down between her lips. Ingrid was obviously having trouble in focussing on Natalie as she was being licked.

Jamie reached out, grabbed the camera and moved it down catching the entire detail as Natalie kept licking. By this time her face was contorted with lust.

We all got up from the bed and our bean bags and formed a tight circle around the the two initiates.

"Continue girls," said Jamie.

We linked arms closing the circle, then each turned as we'd practiced earlier and kissed each other, tongues swirling deeply in each other's mouths as the two, initiates went from each of us licking our pussies pushing their tongues deep inside us. The touch of Natalie's tongue on my clit was divine, she was obviously enjoying this initiation her tongue snaked deep inside me and then withdrew to lap at my erect clit.

The combination of her tongue and the sight of Fiona similarly licking Katie's freshly shaven pussy and the remainder of the club masturbating, pushed me over the edge. I started to cum and pulled her head hard against my pussy. My juices ran down my inner thighs. Natalie licked every drop from my legs and I then slumped to my knees beside her.

My orgasm served as a kind of trigger as first Ingrid, followed by Jamie and then Katie all started to cum. Their orgasms spurred on both Saskia and then Briony. Both of whom came noisily their fingers deep in their gaping slits. This left only Natalie and Fiona, who were yet unfulfilled, and both feverishly rubbing themselves through their pubic hair covered lips.

"Stop girls," said Jamie. "It’s not yet time for you to orgasm, there will be plenty of time for that later. First, we have to shave you, it is a rule of the club that we must all remain clean shaven at all times. It's more hygienic, and more to the point means no pubes in our mouths and increased sensitivity. Lie on the bed, both of you, use the towels to put underneath you then spread your legs wide and show us your nasty hairy cunts."

The girls complied as Jamie and I, as founding members, went to the dressing table and picked up the bowls of hot water we'd prepared earlier. We each picked up a ladyshave razor and a tube of shaving foam. The girls looked with trepidation at the razors as we approached them. I picked up a flannel from the bowl of hot water and placed it over Natalie's bush and watched her enjoy the heat as it penetrated the hair and heated up her pussy. I left it there for a couple of minutes to soften the skin and then squirted a liberal amount of foam all over her pussy.

"Wider Natalie, bend your knees and open wide, let me get the foam all over your pussy and between your bum cheeks. You won't have a single hair below your waist by the time I've finished with you."

I started to shave her. Initially I removed all of the long hair from above her pubic bone. Then moved lower, stretching the skin tight as I shaved her labia. She shuddered with pleasure as I manipulated her lips with my fingers. It was so sexy seeing the clear trail of her arousal dribbling down and making a track through the foam that remained.

Her pussy completely bare I pushed her legs up, until her knees were either side of her head.

"Hold your legs up and keep them spread wide, I need to do round your bum."

I spread her bum cheeks wide and carefully shaved around her puckered little rosette as she gripped her thighs tightly. I looked round to see Jamie wiping Fiona's newly shaved pussy. Her shaving task was also complete.

The second part of the initiation over, Jamie and I moved on to the third and penultimate part.

Jamie knelt down once more and started to slowly lick Fiona's very wet gaping pussy, I duplicated her actions on Natalie. I ran my tongue from her freshly shaved arsehole up to her engorged clitoris. It was as erect as a man’s penis and poked out of its hood by at least a centimetre. I took the mini penis between my lips and started to suck it gently. Natalie bucked her hips against my face. My tongue moved back down between her lips and flicked deep inside her, fucking her with short sharp stabs.

I dribbled some spit down over her arsehole and then moved my index finger up and circled its perimeter gently. She responded by pushing down hard against my finger. Her hole opened up and I pushed my spit lubricated finger into her gradually until it was buried deep inside her. Her movements became jerky as she tried to arse fuck my finger.

I reached behind me and as arranged. Briony handed me a well lubed,cream coloured church candle that we'd stolen earlier from the school chapel. It was nice and thick, about 11/2 inches in diameter and about seven inches long. I moved my face away and slid the candle, wick first inside her until it hit her hymen. Then returning the tip of my tongue to her clitoris I started an irresistible fucking motion, pulling the thick candle almost out of her, then sliding it smoothly back inside. I was totally fascinated at the way her lips gripped the candle as it moved in and out of her wet cunt.

We had already discussed the subject of virginity amongst the six of us and had all agreed that if we found an intact hymen we would not break it without the express permission of the girl concerned.

"Is that deep enough Nat? Or do you want it deeper?" I asked as I slid it into her. "If I push it deeper it will break your hymen and you can't un-break it you know."

"Fuck that, stick it in me, just fuck me harder. I need to feel it deep inside me. Just fuck me Jay," she replied throatily as she thrust her hips against the candle in my hand.

Her final thrust was what did it. As she pushed against me, the candle slid fully inside her accompanied by a small squeal from her as her hymen ruptured. She paused briefly then started to shove once more, her juices squishing around the periphery of the candle, its surface streaked slightly with her virgin blood.

Fiona had already cum noisily on Jamie's capable fingers and tongue. Ingrid had cleverly managed to capture both girl's orgasms on film without showing our faces, though to be honest, Jamie was pretty unmistakeable as her hair was a total giveaway as her titian locks tumbled down over Fiona's pussy.

We both moved away from the bed to allow the final scene to be captured on film.

"Okay girls, your initiation is nearly over. All that is left is for you both to make each other cum. When you've done that you're both full members. You think you can do that?" asked Jamie.

"Fuck yes, come here," said Natalie as she pulled Fiona towards her.

Once more the six full members formed a loose circle around the two initiates as they started to kiss and touch each other. We were now all naked, our masks removed. We all knelt up as we watched the novices kiss and finger each other. We then all started to masturbate; our fingers a blur as we plunged them in and out of ourselves, our juices squelching noisily.

I, like a couple of the others was a particular devotee of nipple stimulation. I took my right nipple between my left fingertips and thumb, and squeezed it harshly. The sensation hit like a lightning bolt that arrowed unerringly to my clit. My fingers moved from fingering myself and curled into my favourite two finger claw and slid deep inside me. I felt the crinkly rough pad up behind my pubic bone and started to massage my G Spot.

My attention to my nipple increased in its frequency and harshness. I widened my attention to take in the whole of my breast, massaging and squeezing it as I approached my orgasm. I looked around the circle and saw that we were all in a state of extreme arousal. The sight of the other seven fingering and groping themselves was the final straw and I started to cum noisily.

"Oh fuck yes, I'm coming. Look at you filthy bitches, all fingering yourselves. Fuck yesssss."

My orgasm spread like the flames of a forest fire, jumping from one area of tinder to the other like dry undergrowth spontaneously combusting. Ingrid was the last to cum. Her head was lowered and she was frantically licking and sucking her nipple as she fucked herself with what appeared to be her entire hand, plunging it in and out of her dripping cunt. Finally with a cry like a wounded animal she started to cum both noisily and wetly an arc of ejaculate splashing all over the two new girls. We all leant forward and greedily lapped at the wetness that covered them. The taste was simply divine, a mix of musk and honey. Sheer nectar.

"Welcome to our club girls," Jamie said. You now need to recruit one girl each to bring our number to ten, which we have decided is going to be our maximum number of members. Remember that ours is a secret society. No one outside our circle must know a thing about us or everything will be spoilt. The fact that we are all fucking together will almost certainly result in our being suspended at least, if not expelled."

She continued her monologue in a serious voice.

"We are all still at school and no one would ever understand our need for sexual expression. Secrecy is paramount, so choose carefully. When you have chosen you are to give me the names and I will make a subtle approach to them prior to arranging their initiation."

Ingrid, entirely in character nodded throughout then added. "Okay, okay, are we finished with the lectures? I want to see a couple of those DVDs and cum a few more times, what do you say girls?"

"Yes and now it's time we stopped all our self-pleasuring and see how well we can make each other cum," I added.

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