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Party Naked! The Grand Finale

Party Naked! The Grand Finale

Buz goes out with a grand bang as his last college party turns naked.
(episode 32)

A sinking depression had hit me as the spring semester of my senior year came to a close. Actually, I think it was more of feeling of being very nostalgic, but I thought I was depressed.

Fraternity parties, socials with sororities, football tailgate parties at our rental house, weekends clubbing downtown as a group, fraternity intramural sports, initiating pledges, riding my motorcycle up the stairs of the frat house during parties, wearing panties on our heads, funneling beer, being called to the dean’s office to be raked over the coals for our fraternity’s misdeeds; all of that was coming to an end.

You all may have read the surveys that show it takes the average American college student six years to get a bachelor’s degree. That would certainly turn out to be true for several of my friends, especially my fraternity brothers. I had course overloaded for a few semesters, taken night classes during the summer, and even taken a couple of exams that allowed me to exempt two classes with credit. I happened to be one of the few in my group that was actually going to graduate on time. Though most of my close friends were seniors like me, several still had longer to go.

Several of my friends would finish after the summer semester and some just needed to attend the next fall’s semester in order to graduate. We were all quite melancholy over the fact that we’d likely never be together on a regular basis again after the next couple of weeks. In fact, it was quite heartbreaking.

I had been toying with the idea of making a move on Jennifer. She had sure been hanging around a lot. Even when she wasn’t hanging around, she was constantly texting, emailing or phoning me on the pretext that she needed me to help her answer some questions on class material. I knew what she was doing, but my pride didn’t want to allow me to make the first move. I was sure hoping Jennifer would, and soon too. 

Knowing it would be our last, the gang decided on a final blow-out party. Remembering the ‘First Annual “Pool” Party, as we had called it, we decided to do that again and have it last Saturday through Sunday.

We sent out our crazy invitations requiring bikinis for women and banning bikinis for men. (Absolutely no banana hammocks!)

We dusted off and inflated the ‘kiddie’ pool that was stored under the house from the year before. We set up volleyball nets, a couple of horseshoe pits, a croquet course, put out a cornhole board and a Twister game (which, of course, would become Naked Twister!).

We had beer kegs, and of course, Vic would be bartender, with the liquor. Chip would be in charge of grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage brats, and planned on smoking a bunch of baby back ribs. I had made a huge pot of brown sugar barbecue baked beans. The girls baked marijuana brownies and brought all kinds of potato chips and cookies.

Everyone in my gang was going to be there, as well as most of my fraternity, our groupie chicks, and a big group of girls from Katie, Kelli and Mary Beth’s sorority.

Early Saturday morning, my immediate closest group were getting everything ready for the party. Jennifer, Brittany and Renee were making a huge tub of party punch with several bottles of vodka, orange juice, Hawaiian Punch, grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and apples cut up and floating in it. Of course they eagerly sampled it as they prepared it. The three of them got pretty drunk early on. Standing in the kitchen, they remembered how all the chicks ended up topless at the previous year’s party. So Jennifer and Brittany decided to go ahead and take their bikini tops off right there. Of course, Renee followed suit.

Kelli was over at the counter making coleslaw. She cracked up laughing and tossed her shirt off too. The girls then stepped out onto the back porch to exhibit their liberated breasts to Vic, Chip, Mack and myself while we were firing up the grills.

About then Katie, Mary Beth and Nikki came around the corner bringing the marijuana brownies and other stuff. They were quite amused and soon joined in the revelry tossing off their bikini tops too. I knew at that point, the party was going to be just as raucous as we had hope it would be.

Soon after that bit of excitement and revelry, our other friends began to arrive and found the girls topless. Evidently the topless thing was contagious as most of the arriving girls also shed their tops as soon as they saw what was happening. Some of them though, had to get a few drinks into their system first. So just as the previous year’s party had ended up topless, this year would be the same, only from the outset, rather than later.

By mid afternoon, there must have been a hundred or more people crowded into the backyard, on the porch and inside the house. Of course, the word was passed “no nudity” on the front porch or lawn. We did not need the nosey Athens/Clarke ‘Gestapo’ police harassing us. With the wooden privacy fence and Leyland Cyprus trees that surrounded our backyard, we did have complete privacy from prying eyes.

Everyone was playing games and drinking and just having a super great time when the group playing Twister decided that it should be “Naked Twister.” That development brought on a loud cheer throughout the backyard.

My friend, Psycho, was in that group. They stripped off their bottoms and we all watched with great delight as two guys and two girls played Naked Twister. When one girl’s face ended up right in Psycho’s crotch, the crazy party was elevated. There was great laughter and cheering and the mood grew into an even more sexual party direction, as if it needed any help, since all those hot girls were walking around topless.

More and more people began to shed their bottoms as I just stood on the porch watching in amusement. With a cold beer in one hand and a barbecue smoked rib in the other, I stared in wonder at all the craziness as people shed their clothes.

About then my swim suit was yanked down to my ankles. I looked down in shock. I desperately hoped I wasn’t suffering any embarrassing shrinkage, but due to the fact that I had just been ogling those chicks playing naked twister, I discovered shrinkage wasn’t the problem but a semi erection was!

Can you believe all those thoughts shot through my head in a split second as my shorts were down around my ankles?

I couldn’t grab my trunks and pull them up with a beer and a messy barbecue rib in my hands. I then heard Jennifer's and Brittany's giggling voices say, “Just step out of them, silly!”

So that’s what I did! I turned and looked at Jennifer and Brittany, the two who were guilty of jerking my shorts down. They were standing behind me stark naked and laughing like crazy.

The sight of their hot naked bodies sent my penis immediately to full attention. Jennifer looked down at it giggling and in front of the gathering crowd and gave my cock a quick flip, exclaiming, “Are you glad to see me?”

Still holding that messy baby back rib, I took another bite and I doing my best to look calm and cool, I nonchalantly stated, “Obviously so!”

I was really taken by surprise. Jennifer’s eyes were lit up, her facing beaming as she laughed and smiled at me. This is what I wanted – Jennifer to make make a move on me. Yes, we were standing naked in front of a crowd of naked friends, but what more exciting circumstance is there than that?

Jennifer took my cock in her hand in front of everybody and stroked it. Then she leaned forward and planted a big wet juicy tongue kiss on my mouth, even getting barbecue sauce from my lips onto her face.

The crowd of laughing friends that had gathered around watching this, erupted into a loud laughing cheer.

Jennifer, holding onto my now very erect and throbbing cock, led me into the house, through the kitchen, into the hall and into my bedroom, closing the door behind us.

In my bedroom with the sun shining through the windows, Jennifer and I began passionately kissing. Her tongue and mine intertwined in a sensual dance. Her breasts were rubbing and bouncing against my chest. Even without touching her nipples with my fingers, I could feel how hard and erect they were.

I fell back onto the bed with nothing on of course, but my sandals, which I was desperately trying to kick off my feet. Jennifer was crawling up on me, kissing me and slowly sliding her wet warm tongue down my body, slowly down my chest, across my muscular abs until she was teasing the end of my cock with her wet warm tongue.

I moaned loudly as her wet tongue slid down the shaft of my cock and lapped its way around my nuts and then pressed hard against my scrotum. Then it teasingly slid back up to the top of my cock again.

After nearly bringing me to an orgasm, Jennifer pulled herself up and mounted her crotch in my face for me to lick her horny juicy pussy. I gladly did as she rode my face like a sex starved nympho. I felt her erect clit as I softly flicked it with my tongue. Then I licked and sucked her puffy wet cunt lips and made circles around her clit. I licked her cunt until she exploded into a convulsive orgasm.

She squirmed all over my face. “Damn! Damn! Damn! I’m cumming!”

I felt her thigh muscles clench around my neck and shoulders. My hands which clasped her by the buttocks and could feel her butt muscles tighten and her torso pushed back and forth.

Then she collapsed next to me, panting and out of breath, but that didn’t stop me from pulling her around and underneath me as I mounted her missionary style.

Yeah, I really didn’t give her any orgasm recovery time. I was horny as hell and wanted my cock inside her cunt. So, I was a bit greedy at the moment, but all the blood was in my pecker, not my brain!

“Oh My God!” she yelled as I pushed my hard throbbing erect cock into her, feeling her wet warm pussy squirm and squeeze tightly around my penis.

Jennifer started pussy contractions as I pumped myself into her. (Her Kegel exercises have always paid off!)

I pumped and pushed into her as her legs which were outstretched very wide seemed to sway outward with each of my thrusts. The bed beneath us was squeaking and banging up against the wall. Jennifer was shouting and moaning very loud and I was too.

Damn! It felt great to be back inside her pussy. It was my all-time favorite pussy and I cherished the moment.

Of course it wasn’t long before I felt my pulsating cock starting to build to an orgasm and my cum soon exploded into her as her legs tightened around me.

We both collapsed from exhaustion. Looking at each other and we started to laugh. We were both covered in sweat and quite messy with cum. We needed to clean up. We got up and eased over to my bedroom door and I opened it to see if the bathroom was empty. Thank goodness it was.

I said, “C’mon!” We both scampered into the bathroom and slammed the door behind us and cleaned ourselves up.

Once we were cleaned up enough to rejoin the naked party, we discovered that everyone was aware of the fact that we had just fucked and began kidding us. Well, by then everyone was naked, so what did it matter?

After the sun went down, more and more people began to put a few clothes back on. It hadn’t got cold or anything, in fact it was just as hot than it had been while the sun was up. Maybe the novelty of being naked in front of everyone had worn off some. The mood though, had been set by the nakedness and darkness did lead to more frivolity.

Jennifer had pretty much spent the rest of the party latched onto me after our earlier fuck. I was happy about that. In fact we got pretty silly while sitting on the back porch stuffing small pieces of watermelon into each other’s mouths. At first it had been funny, us getting as much watermelon juice on each other’s face as possible and laughing, but then it got more erotic. We began to suck each other’s fingers as we’d push the watermelon pieces into our mouths. Then Jennifer grabbed my hand and held it in place as she sucked my finger like it was a small cock.

That did it for me! She had been making me horny ever since our earlier fuck. By this time, she’d put on a bikini bottom, but was still topless. I had put a pair of loose fitting gym shorts on and all the bouncing around, my pecker, inside those felt pretty stimulated. I led her by the hand into the house to my bedroom. Just as we were about to go into the room, we both noticed that a small orgy was underway in the living room. Even with the overhead light and lamps off, the walls were covered in neon beer signs that gave off plenty of light to show what was going on.

We were standing in the little hallway that opened into the living room and had two bedroom doors on either side. Jennifer with her hand planted firm against my chest leaned to my ear and whispered, “Let’s watch.”

There were four couples fucking in the living room. All of the girls were from Kelli, Katie and Mary Beth’s sorority and the guys, well, they were frat brothers of mine. One couple was on a sleeping bag, hands and knees in the floor facing us fucking dogstyle. They both could see us watching, but that didn’t effect what they were doing.

Another couple was fucking on our squeaky sofa. The girl was on his lap riding him with her tits in his face. She was the noisiest one in the group, screaming out so many, “Oh gods” that it sounded like a Pentecostal Church service.

There was a couple wearing it out on my favorite easy chair. She was on his lap but facing away while bouncing as fast as she could up and down on his prick.

The fourth couple was fucking missionary on a blanket in the floor next to Wylie Coyote, our stuffed coyote that we kept dressed in a Georgia Bulldog sweater.

Jennifer whispered in my ear, “I love to watch people fuck.”

“I like it to, but it’s even better to do some fucking.” My cock was hard as a rock.

Suddenly we heard a loud scream coming from behind us. Vic’s bedroom door was to our back. It startled us and we both jumped a little. We heard another scream and then a girl’s voice shouted, “I’m cumming! Vic! I’m cumming!”

“Give her hell, Vic!” Jennifer yelled out really loud and then she cracked up laughing and quickly scampered into my bedroom.

I followed her in, laughing I asked, “What the hell?”

“I couldn’t help myself.” Jennifer was giggling, and her eyes beaming with a silly mischievous look on her face.

That only made me want her more. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. Jennifer rolled her tongue into my mouth. My hand cupped her bare breasts and I could feel that her nipples were erect erect. My hands slid down her body and I untied the strings on the sides of her bikini bottom. It fell to the floor at our feet.

As we kissed Jennifer began to suck my tongue really hard. Her hands tugged at my gym shorts and pushed them down my leg until they fell onto the floor. While still sucking my tongue, one of her hands gently cupped and stroked my nutsack while other gently pulled at my throbbing erect cock.

Still stroking me, Jennifer began to walk backwards leading me to my bed. She sat on the bed and leaned forward softly kissing my hard throbbing cock. Her wet tongue felt so soft and warm as she flicked it around my dick.

“Get on the bed,” she demanded. I was amused by her aggressive tone.

I lay down and she pressed her hands against the insides of my thighs spreading legs apart. Then Jennifer dove into action, pushing her tongue against my exposed scrotum. Her breathing quickened and she moaned as she licked and prodded me all around my scrotum and balls.

I started to reach over to the lamp by the bed to switch it off and she blurted out, “No, leave it on.”

Her tongue swirled around my swollen cock as she made her way toward the top. Her brown eyes twinkled as they were locked on mine. Once her tongue was at the head of my cock she sucked on it hard and very gently bit it with her teeth then used them to softly scrape my cock as she took a few inches of it into her mouth.

Jennifer slowly pulled her mouth off my cock, but stroking it slowly she looked at me in the eyes. “I love you, goddammit!” 

Still looking at me she kissed my cock. “I tried but I can’t stop being in love with you, you fucking asshole.”

Laid back on my elbows I just looked at her. “That’s romantic as hell.”

Jennifer slid her tongue down my cock and slowly down my balls, never letting her eyes break contact with mine. “I really love you and I always will.”

She spit on my dick and deep throated me. It felt amazing as it slid down her throat and I moaned and squirmed in pleasure. Her fingers tickled my ass.

Jennifer came up for air and gasped. “Uh… mmm, I love you, dammit.”

I didn’t say anything, just watched as she kissed and licked my cock.

“Well?” Jennifer asked. “Aren’t you going to say something?”

“That feels good.” Then I moaned and slightly repositioned my elbows.

“That’s it?” Jennifer’s now wide menacing eyes stared at me demandingly. “That’s all you can say?”

I cleared my throat. “Do you want me to say I love you?”

“You know I do, goddamnit!” she replied slightly angrily but still stroking my cock.

“I never stopped loving you,” I said. “Now suck my cock.”

Still stroking me. “Do you mean it?” she asked.

“Yes, I mean it. How long have you known me?”

Jennifer’s eyes gleamed as her face lit up in a wide toothy smile. She then spit on my cock again and swallowed into her throat. She held it there for several seconds and pulled her head back up. Catching her breath she then slid her tongue down my cock.

She then buried her face underneath my balls licking my scrotum fiercely. She looked at me then buried her tongue into my ass crack. Her hands spread my ass cheeks apart and she spit on my asshole. Jennifer then ran her tongue from the bottom of my crack up to the bottom of my balls and slowly back down again. My torso squirmed and my ass lifted a couple of inches off the bed.

Again she licked my crack and swirled her tongue teasingly around my asshole. Then slowly her tongue made its way up my crack across my scrotum and balls until she reached my cock again. She got up on her knees and twirled around, mounting her pussy over my face.

Jennifer giggled. “There butthole, that should give you something to do.”

I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them firmly with my hands and pushed my face into her wet musky pussy. As my tongue began to lick and slide its way up and down her swollen cunt lips, I slid my left hand down and under her. I felt the hair of her thin little landing strip as I probed for her little clit. I found it and could feel it, soft and erect. It was a familiar feeling that made me happy.

Jennifer, with my cock in her mouth, began to squirm and slightly rotate her hips as my tongue probed her juicy pussy. Her aroused musky scent was a delicious and exciting treat to my senses. As my fingers and tongue teased her clit and cunt lips, I used my other hand to tease her asshole.

I could hear Jennifer moaning through her slurps as she sucked, licked and bit on my throbbing pecker. She was really working my cock. Her face buried into it so hard that I could feel her nose pressed against my nuts. She held it firmly in her grasp with one hand and the forefinger of her other hand was exploring my asshole.

Within just a few minutes I could feel her thighs clench. That was a familiar feeling to me and I well knew what it meant. Quickly, her hands shot backwards toward my head and she jerked her pussy off my face.

“Aaahh! Fu-uck!” Jennifer screamed out. “Oh god!”

She rolled over onto her side and clenched her legs together as she was having an intense orgasm. One of her hands was clenching her hair tightly and the other was pressed against her pussy but not moving.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned out and swallowed hard. She lay barely moving for a minute or two with just an occasional moan before rolling onto her back.

Looking at me she smiled. “I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

“Oh yeah.” I rolled over on my side, propping myself up on one elbow and smiled at her. “Well, have at it, wild thing.”

Jennifer quickly crawled over and straddled me. She grabbed my cock and spit on it, then slowly lowered her juicy twat onto me. Her cunt was warm and juicy. I watched closely as her puffy swollen labia, which were glistening in her juices, spread out around the thickness of my dick.

The tightness of her cunt really felt amazing as my cock spread her cunt walls apart. She lowered herself, balancing carefully with her hands so she didn’t slide down too quickly. She didn’t stop until she had engulfed me totally. She looked at me and smiled as she slowly started to rotate her hips and grind on me.

Jennifer sat up straight as she slid back and forth on my torso, then she arched herself backwards, her long dark hair fell down tickling my thighs. She reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples.

“Oh yes, I like that,” she said.

I pinched her nipples rather hard. “Fuck me hard, dammit!” I ordered.

Jennifer began to grind harder, her moans were coming louder and faster. Her torso was sliding back and forth quickly and hard. She again arched backwards and balanced herself by clenching my thigh with one hand and her other hand quickly moved to her pussy. She began to furiously finger clit.

“Ride me hard Jennifer!” I demanded. “Give me that goddamned nasty pussy!”

Her body was getting shiny all over with sweat as she worked herself on me. Her little waist twisted back and forth, flexing her very toned stomach muscles. I was very aroused by watching her in action on top of me. I loved it when I saw several beads of sweat form under her neck and roll between her tits, down her stomach into her little pubic landing strip.

I grabbed her by the waist as she kept grinding hard on me. Then I started pushing my torso off the bed into her, meeting her pelvic thrusts with mine. Jennifer grabbed a handful of her own hair and pulled it to her face.

She was moaning really loud. “Of fuck, yes!”

“You wanna make this pussy yours?” Jennifer screamed out.

“Fuck yes!” I said. Then I smacked the side of her ass.

Jennifer immediately rolled off of me as I sat up. She lay back on the bed just looking at me. I crawled on top of her.

“Spread those legs, “ I said. “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of that slutty damn pussy.”

Jennifer spread her legs really wide. “Who ya callin’ a slut?” 

Her pussy was drenched. I placed my forefinger against the top fold of her labia.

“You, that’s who.” I slid my finger into her wet cunt. “You’ve been a nasty slut, but you’re gonna be just my slut from now on.”

Jennifer’s chest and tits heaved as she exhaled hard. I pulled my finger out of her cunt and pushed my cock between her juicy swollen pussy lips and deep inside her.

She gasped hard, “Oh god!”

“You’re all mine now, goddamnit!” I began thrusting in and out of her. Her drenched pussy made squishy noises as my cock pushed in and out.

“Fuck me!” she yelled, “I am yours.”

“You’re my what?” I demanded to know as I fucked her.

“I’m your slut!” Jennifer answered between loud pants. “I’m all yours – you fucker!”

I pushed her legs back until her feet were beside her head. My cock pounded into her cunt over and over. My torso slapping against her ass smacked loudly. Jennifer moaned and screamed loudly.

Just then we both heard someone bump against my locked bedroom door.

Someone yelled, “Fuck his brains out, Jennifer!”

Jennifer and I both grinned as we recognized Vic’s voice.

“I will!” she yelled back.

I broke into a smile and half chuckle, but did not miss a beat in my rhythm as I continued plowing her cunt with my hard cock.

Jennifer, with her hair stuck to her sweaty face gave me a wide toothy grin before moaning loudly again. Her hands clenched into my chest with her long expertly manicured fingernails digging into the skin.

“Give me your fuckin’ cock,” she growled.

Jennifer soon clenched her teeth, her face strained and her lips curled up into an ‘O’ and her voice began to quiver as she moaned. I looked down and saw white sudsy sticky fluid had begun to lather up on my cock as it pulled out of her soaked twat.

I knew she was having an orgasm. Her entire body seemed to clench and her moaning got shakier as her chest heaved inconsistently.

Finally, Jennifer was able get some words out. “Oh fuck! Oh goddamn fuck!”

I slowed my rhythm and pulled my throbbing dick out of her drenched pussy. A string of her cum followed as it stuck to the end of my dick but still connected to her west shiny cunt lips. My cock was slathered in cunt juice and girl cum. Jennifer rolled over to her side trying to catch her breath.

I smacked her exposed butt cheek hard with the palm of my hand. “Up on all fours.”

Then I got up from the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube from the drawer of the night stand. Jennifer had dutifully got on her hands and knees on the bed and cranked her head toward me to see what I was doing.

I crawled back on the bed up on my knees behind her. “How ‘bout I hit that ass, Jenn?”

She turned her head straight and away from me. In the dresser mirror I could see a big smile on her face.

“Yeah, fuck me in the ass.”

I generously squirted lube down her ass crack. It dripped down her pussy and onto the sheets of my bed. I squirted my fingers with the lube and rubbed some into her asshole.

“You love being fucked in the ass, don’t you?”

She cracked a smile and looked back over her shoulder at me. “Yeah.”

“I think you love it.”

She giggled a little and looked at me.

“Aren’t you a butthole girl?” I asked mischievously as I placed the head of my cock against her tight sphincter.

“Yeah, I’m a butthole girl,” she giggled. “Now fuck my ass Buz and shut up!”

“Oh, it’s Buz, is it?” I said playfully, knowing that Jennifer, who had known me my entire life, had always called me by my name and never liked using ‘Buz.’ She had only done so when either joking or she was mad at me.

“Yeah Buuzzz,” she said. “Please shut the hell up, you nut and fuck me.”

I pressed my lubed cock slowly into her greased up asshole. It slid in a little at a time, feeling marvelous but very tight.

“Take it easy,” Jennifer said trying to catch her breath. “You cock is so damn thick.”

Finally I had my erect pecker all the way in her tight asshole and I slowly started pushing it in and out. I snapped the lid closed and dropped the bottle of lube by my knee on the bed knowing I might need some more in a few minutes.

My rhythm got a little faster and Jennifer really began to cry out and moan. “Oh fuck! Oh yeah! God yes!”

She dropped her head and reached one hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. I reached over and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back.

I smacked her ass with my other hand. “Take it Jennifer, take my cock!”

“Oh fuck, give it to me goddammit,” she exclaimed.

I was fucking her asshole at a fast pace by that time. “That ass is mine!”

“Your dick is mine!” Jennifer snapped back.

I pulled her hair tighter and she yelled out, “Oh fuck, yeah!”

Because I had cum earlier that day, it seemed like I had extra long staying power and I fucked her ass for along time. Jennifer was moaning, screaming and fingering her pussy furiously. I had to re-lube a couple of times, but never stopped my rhythm. I just squirted the lube on my cock on its outward motion and pushed back into her tight asshole.

Our bodies were both shiny all over from sweat. I was basking in the rear view of her sweaty wet body as it shook from my every thrust. I loved seeing her lower back ‘tramp stamp’ tattoo with beads of sweat building up on it and how the sweat rolled off her and down her legs,

In a few minutes it sounded as if Jennifer was crying, but she was just having an orgasm. Her fingers had worked so fast I thought they might cramp up on her. As I let go of her hair, her face collapsed into my pillow and she let out a really loud scream into it. Then she pulled her face back up.

“Oh fuck! Oh! Oh – Oh – Oh!”

In the mirror I could see her lips trembling.

“Oh god, did I cum!” she yelled.

I was still pounding into her.

“Haven’t you cum yet?” she asked loudly. “I’m gonna be sore as hell.”

I concentrated very hard and felt an orgasm start to build energy in my balls. It hit me hard. It was an orgasmic explosion. I gripped her hard by the hips, my hands digging into them. My body froze in one big clench as I shot my load into her asshole.

“Oh! Fuck!” I grunted. “Shit! Oh hell!”

Finally my orgasm subsided and I saw Jennifer with her head turned back over her shoulder looking at me with a grin.

“I love your cum face!” she said with a big toothy smile.

I gave her ass a smack and then collapsed on my back on the bed. Jennifer immediately dropped her head and face on my chest. Then she scrawled up on me with her face to mine, her sweaty tits on my chest.

Looking me deeply in the eyes, “I love you, asshole,” she said.

I smiled and answered, “Ditto kiddo.”

She kissed me then looked at me and grinned. “You’re such a butt.”

I smiled and brushed the sweaty hair back off her face. “I know, but I’m a lovable butt.”

A few minutes later we cleaned up. Jennifer, just like she had done when we were together before, went to my drawers to find something to wear. She put her bikini bottom on and a t-shirt of mine.

We rejoined the party which wound down when everyone finally went to sleep somewhere on the property. There were sleeping bags full of people everywhere, in all the rooms, and on both the front and back porches.

Jennifer and I had another round of sex. It was probably around 4:30 am, but I’m not quite sure.

The party continued into Sunday, but one day of naked activities had been enough. Sunday found everyone wearing bathing suits or shorts.

That month was May and finally Jennifer and I were back together. We both attended graduation in June. In October, she broke up with me again. That lasted two years. Three years later Jennifer and I had a ridiculously huge and expensive wedding.

Epilogue for my entire college series.

Characters in order of their appearance in the series.

Buz: On the verge of publicly announcing his engagement to another girl when Jennifer came back into his life, ripped things apart and… is now married to Jennifer. He works in the corporate world, loves physical fitness, golfing, motorcycling and writing stories for Lushstories. Buz and Jennifer now own a house with a swimming pool in the backyard. Buz still hosts a UGA football game tailgate at all the home games for his friends.

Billy: Eventually got back into college and graduated. He has an excellent high paying career. Drives a huge extended diesel pickup and enjoys dating recently divorced women or what he prefers even better, married women, that are older than he. Billy was one of the groomsmen at Buz and Jennifer's wedding. Billy regularly attends’s Buz’s UGA football tailgate parties. Billy not only fucked one of the strippers at Buz’s bachelor party, but he fucked two of them, and he took one of them for a long weekend in the Bahamas.

Billy’s brother, Jake: Arranges parties and promotionals in Miami Beach, Florida. The legality of his activities are in question, which might answer the question of why he has so many super model types that fuck his brains out on a near daily basis. Jake arranged the strippers at Buz’s bachelor party.

Amber: She married a doctor. She has served as president of a high society women’s service club, and as an officer at her town’s local country club. Amber attended one of Buz’s football tailgate parties with her husband. Her appearance didn’t make Jennifer any too happy.

Kathy: She quit school for a while and worked as a stripper in Florida. Some naked pictures of her ended up on the internet and are probably still floating around. Some were selfies and some were ‘action’ shots. Her parents persuaded her to go to a clinic and get therapy for sex addiction. She is now a school teacher.

Jennifer: Months after getting back together with Buz, just before graduation from UGA, she broke up with Buz again. She traveled the world, living a wild party life funded by her rather substantial trust fund annuity. Jennifer landed in Miami, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, and eventually in Los Angeles. After two years away, she returned home to stop Buz from his impending engagement to another girl. Jennifer and Buz are now married. Jennifer is active in many women’s social clubs, like any good southern lady and former debutante. Of course, she is a great hostess at Buz’s Georgia Bulldog football tailgate parties. Jennifer works out regularly at the gym and has one hot body that keeps Buz more than entertained.

Brittany: She married a wealthy socialite befitting her social status and lives near Buz and Amy. They are all inseparable friends. Brittany and her husband may or may not be swinging and have an open relationship, perhaps even enjoying a cuckold night regularly. Brittany and her husband help host Buz’s Georgia football game tailgates. Brittany is probably the socialite of the year around these parts. Brittany was Jennifer’s Maid of Honor at their wedding.

Chase and Rachel: Both are attorneys and married to each other. They often attend Buz’s UGA football tailgate parties, if they are not attending official GOP gatherings. Rachel was one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids at their wedding.

Katie: Still single and definitely looking hot, Katie is the manager for an art gallery somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Katie gets to fly all over the USA and to Europe to make art acquisitions. Our old gang makes a big deal out of it when Katie comes to town and we always have a party. Katie was one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids at Jennifer and Buz’s wedding.

Kelli: Got married to another UGA alumni, months after Buz and Jennifer got married. Kelli and her husband live near Buz and Jennifer. Her husband often golfs with Buz. They are regulars at Buz’s UGA football tailgates, at Buz and Jennifer’s pool parties, and at Buz and Jennifer’s house. Kelli was one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids at their wedding.

Arlene: A mid level executive, she finally kicked Psycho out of her house. She’s doing very well, has a new boyfriend.

Chip: Married to Nikki, two kids, big house, big truck. Chip now helps manage and operate a very large family corporation. Whenever possible he and Nikki attend Buz’s football tailgates. Guess who the ‘Godfather’ to Chip and Nikki’s children is? Yeah, the guy who wrote this. Chip was one of Buz’s groomsmen at Buz and Jennifer’s wedding.

Nick: An up and coming attorney at law. Dates lots of women… lots of women. He is one of Buz’s main hunting buddies. Nick was one of Buz’s groomsmen at their wedding.

Vic: Now Buz’s best buddy, golfing partner, and business partner. Vic works in a large family business and is engaged to be married. Vic and his fiancée can always be found at Buz’s UGA football tailgates, as well as at Buz’s house or vice-versa. Vic was one of Buz’s groomsmen at their wedding.

Psycho: He is now a police detective. He no longer lives with Arlene. He rides motorcycles and dates heavily tattooed women. He is often seen at Buz’s UGA football tailgates. Psycho fucked one of the stripper’s at Buz’s bachelor party. Psycho was one of Buz’s groomsmen their wedding.

Skinny freckled Lawrence: A successful politician.

Jackie, the psychotic stalker bitch: Serving time in prison for embezzlement.

Renee: She is now an attorney-at-law and active in Democrat politics. Renee was one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids at Jennifer and Buz’s wedding. She is married to an attorney and they both often hang out with Buz, Jennifer and the gang. Renee and her husband regularly attend Buz’s Georgia football game tailgates.

Hartley: Never finished medical school and lives off a trust fund annuity. He owns a lavish New York City apartment and a house in Atlanta’s upscale Buckhead district. He is often found staying with friends in the Hamptons enjoying good times with their college aged daughters. A young woman in New York recently sued him for child support in a paternity lawsuit.

Steffi from New Jersey: Whereabouts unknown.

Mary Beth: A real estate agent, she lives in a very expensive beach house that she inherited in an expensive well-known resort community. She also inherited a significant trust fund annuity. She is currently torn between two lovers, a shrimp boat captain and a successful attorney. Jennifer actually invited Mary Beth to she and Buz’s wedding. To everyone’s surprise they were very cordial. Mary Beth occasionally attends Buz’s UGA football game tailgate parties.

The black football player (Jennifer’s ex): (Purposely left him unnamed in the stories.) Now he is enjoying a very successful career playing professional football in the NFL, and is married to a gorgeous big-titted, blonde haired bikini model.

Dez: Played football for 5 years in the NFL.

Benji: Recently received his Ph.D., he is a research scientist and engaged to a very cute petite blonde research scientist working on her Ph.D. Benji and his fiancée are regulars at Buz’s Georgia football game tailgate parties.

Mitzie: Mitzie is studying to be a psychologist specializing in sex therapy. She loves clubbing on weekends.

Tiffany: Tiffany is married to a banker and they have three kids.

Bethany: Now married to music director at a large church. She is the church’s business manager.

Yvette: Still living in Paris, she is working for the French government, Yvette recently got married to an older French guy in the jewelry business.

Mandy: Married with one child and another on the way. She and her husband attended Buz and Jennifer’s wedding.

Mack: Co-owns three fast food franchise restaurants. Mack was engaged to be married until his fiancée caught him having sex with his personal assistant on top of his desk. He is now engaged to his personal assistant. He usually attends Buz’s UGA football game tailgate parties. Mack got a blow job from one of the strippers at Buz’s bachelor party.

Bobby: Whereabouts unknown.

Mr. Rich Asshole Law Student: Unfortunately, Buz has to see Mr. Asshole’s picture on TV a lot. A very aggressive attorney, he advertises his law firm on television.

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