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Pas de Deux Anal Rendez-vous

I get called to hook up with sexy chicks who ask me to fuck them in the ass!
(episode 19) This story occurs during the few weeks following The Halloween Party.

Anal sex: Secus ani; sexual intercourse in the anus.

It was just a few days after Halloween that blonde sexy cool Amber called me on a Friday night and said she wanted to meet me at my place. At the time I was at my fraternity house enjoying a rather large impromptu party but with no immediate sexual liaison planned I was more than willing to leave that party to see Amber.

Amber proved to be her typical self by arriving at my house forty-five minutes later than she said she would. By that time I was beginning to wonder if she would show up. Of course I knew that any rendezvous with Amber was well worth the wait.

I was quite relieved when her car pulled up out front and I heard her heels clicking on the wooden planks as she walked up the front steps onto the porch. She appeared at the front door in a pair of extra low rise tight jeans and even though it was cold outside her sexy tight midriff was, of course, exposed. Amber was smiling as usual and looked sexy as hell wearing her make up in an extra slutty fashion with a lot of black eye shadow and all.

“I was thinking about your body during class today!” Amber exclaimed as she walked in the front door.

“Oh!” is all I could mutter.

Then Amber playfully said, “Yes!” And she stepped in very close to me grabbing my cock through my cargo pants and rubbing it as her mouth was only about and inch from mine giggling and giving me a very beckoning sexual gaze with her big blue eyes.

Upon feeling her hands rubbing my crotch my cock immediately engorged and was hard as a rock. Amber then kissed my lips teasingly. She then glanced around the room and asked, “Is anyone here?”

“No, everyone is over at the frat house,” I answered.

“Great!” Amber exclaimed giggling, “We can make as much noise as we want to!”

At that the anticipation in my brain peaked and the throbbing in my cock greatly intensified. I began to quickly wonder what Amber had in store for me and wanted to hurry and find out.

Amber grabbed my hand and pulled me at jog speed into my bedroom and then she slammed the door shut behind us. Next I found us both embraced in a passionate sensual deep tongue kiss. And Amber soon was pulling my t-shirt off of me and running her hands all over my chest. We kissed as we moved toward my bed and collapsed on it.

Amber then rolled over and undid her jeans pulling her clothes off as fast as she could and I followed suit jerking my pants off quickly. Right away I noticed that Amber was not wearing any panties as her jeans slid down her legs.

“Sorry!” she said, “No panties to hang on your deer head!”

That made us both laugh as I grabbed her by her ankles and spun her legs around in front of me. That really caught my attention as she lay there in front of me looking back at me with her big sparkly eyes, her knees up in the air as she spread her legs wide exposing her plump juicy pink pussy lips for me to stare at.

That was more than I could stand and I had to dive face first between those milky thighs and taste that delicious pungent twat. My fingers quickly found their way between her soaked cunt lips and I worked her pussy while my tongue eagerly licked at her labia and clit. Amber’s legs closed in tight around my back scissoring me and holding my upper body firm between her legs as she squirmed from one side to the other.

As I licked and sucked her musty pungent pussy Amber moaned loudly and continually raised her ass off the bed with squirms of pleasure. I continued working my fingers inside her exploring for that perfect little g-spot as I never let up sucking that juicy wet cunt of hers. And it was quite obvious to me when I did find her g-spot as she let out a very loud, “Oh God!” and raked her hands across my back digging in and taking some skin underneath her fingernails. But I did not let up as Amber’s ass raised up off the bed, her body’s muscles clenched all over and slightly convulsing.

“Oh God! Oh God!” screamed Amber as she pushed my head away hard.

I then let up guessing that she was in the midst of a hard climax. Amber then quickly confirmed that as she squealed out, “I’m fucking cumming!”

At that I had a proud “mission accomplished” feeling but still knew more action was about to follow.

Amber practically jumped on me and started fondling my dick and then allowed her soft lips to kiss the head of it, her tongue flicked at it and then she licked long wet strokes down one side and up the other while her hand playfully held my precious sensitive balls.

Amber looked up at me and then asked, “Do you have any lube?”

“Huh, yea, I’ve got some,” I answered in a moan.

“Get it!” Amber said almost in a command.

So I got out of bed and walked over to the top drawer of my dresser and retrieved a bottle of clear sex lube and handed it to her.

She said, “Come here.” And she proceeded to squirt it on my throbbing erect penis and rub it on really good. Then she looked up at me and put the bottle in my hand.

Amber then crawled over into an all fours position with her asshole pointing at me. She said, “Pour some on my ass and rub it in then fuck me in the ass.”

I do not think I said anything. I just poured lube down her crack. In fact I did not care if any dripped on the floor since my brain was not totally engaged having only one thought and that was sex. I then rubbed the lube on her asshole and into it really good. I closed the cap to the lube and just let the bottle fall to the floor as I crawled upon the bed behind Amber.

I held my cock with one hand and the side of her ass with the other as I slowly pushed my pulsating cock into her bum hole while she moaned softly.

My cock squeezed into her asshole without too much trouble and on my knees behind her in the doggy position I began to push in back and forth. My pace slowly picked up until I had both hands clenching her by the waist and was pounding her ass in and out.

Amber was yelling loudly, “Fuck Me!” and “Fuck My Ass!”

I was obliging. And I was feeling the wonderful sensation as her tight lubed hole held firmly around me engulfing my rock hard throbbing cock.

I slowly let my right hand drift underneath her and found her wet waiting pussy lips and clit and began to massage them all while Amber yelled her head off in ecstasy. Soon I started calling her an “anal slut” which sent her screams up at least two decibel levels. And we fucked and fucked until I distinctly remember cumming hard inside her ass.

And that was not the only time I would fill her asshole with cum that night. We anal fucked in several positions including standing up before we finally were completely spent for night. By the time we decided to go to sleep she said something about “I’ll be leaking back there,” and she giggled.

Following that evening’s rendezvous I was reminded of why I always compared Amber to a cat. I did not see her again over the remainder of that semester but did receive two text messages from her leaving open the possibility that she might show up at any time. She never did though. I never texted or called her either. I knew if Amber wanted to hook up she would show up when she was good and ready. She was rarely available unless it was her idea.

Soon after that my very good friend Kelli got 4 tickets to the Georgia-Auburn football game at Auburn from her dad through one of his clients. Kelli, Katie, and Mary Beth really wanted me to go to the game with them. Our Bulldogs were in the midst of a mid season slump, after winning their first 5 games they then had lost 4 out of 5 and we had all become pretty pessimistic about the football season at this point. Our huge rival Auburn was ranked number 5 in the nation with aspirations of winning the SEC and possibly going to the National Championship game. But despite my pessimism and the Dawgs being predicted to lose badly I thought I should accompany the girls to the game.

We made the trip by car and I did all the driving over to Auburn, which is just a short distance over into Alabama from the Georgia state line. I was surprised at how many other Georgia fans we either passed or passed us on the way to the game.

Once the game got under way though it seemed as if the Dawgs had undergone a transformation. In fact they beat the hell out of Auburn, stomping Auburn at Auburn in a huge upset. Every time the Dawgs would score or their defense would stuff Auburn or sack the Auburn quarterback, the girls would all give me a hug and kiss. Well, this was kind of celebration happening so much I was really getting worked up sexually. I mean here I had 3 very good looking sexy chicks all over me during the game along with my team destroying one of our biggest and oldest arch rivals at their stadium! That was one awesome Saturday afternoon!

Realistically though, my hopes of getting sex from 3 gorgeous girls at once after the game was a dream too big to come true (though just a few weeks previous I had engaged in a ménage-a-trois with Katie and Kelli.)

I had a fantastic time that day anyhow and a fun boisterous drive back to Athens, Georgia. Especially when we passed or were passed by other UGA fans on the interstate, with everyone honking their car horns, waving and yelling at one another in celebration. (The Dawgs followed that up by winning another upset over our other huge rival Georgia Tech and getting invited to play in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl where they won their third consecutive upset, that time over Virginia Tech.)

The next great sexual rendezvous for me was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and our game against Georgia Tech. I was in my vehicle on my way back to school in Athens when I got a call on my cell phone from Kelli.

She excitedly asked, “Buz are you back in town yet?”

I told her I was about 30 minutes away. Kelli said to come by her apartment first before I go anywhere and she made it sound urgent. So I drove straight to Kelli’s, actually concerned that something bad or serious was up with her. When I arrived I rushed up to her door and rang the doorbell.

Kelli answered the door wearing only a sexy pair of sheer lacy pink boy short panties. I was speechless! Her delicious dark pink pussy lips were plainly visible through that sheer lace material. We barely got the door closed behind us as she was all over me. Believe me what followed can only be described by this word I made up, fanDAMNtastic!

We were deep tongue kissing there in the foyer of her apartment. She was wiggling all over me so much I had a hard time getting her panties off. We both then struggled getting all of my clothes off. Then I dropped to my knees and started licking her pussy as she leaned back against the wall. I seemed like her knees were going weak. All of this action and not a single word had been uttered from our mouths.

Kelli’s taste and smell filled my nostrils and excited my tongue. As soon as I was finished licking and sucking Kelli’s gorgeous dripping wet fat pussy lips, she ended up on her knees with me standing back up against the wall of her foyer and she proceeded to lick and suck my balls, scrotum and cock until it was slippery wet from her saliva. Kelli has a long sensuous tongue that she really knows how to use and the sight of it licking and wrapping around my cock was so dramatically sensuous and stimulating that my mind went numb. Especially looking at her nearly black sexy eyes as she looked up at me and her long straight black hair bouncing and her head bobbing back and forth.

Kelli was back up on her feet, I picked her up in my arms and held her back against the wall and slid my cock into her sloppy wet pussy as her legs wrapped really tight around my back and then I fucked her hard right there. Her arms clung tightly around the back of my neck and shoulders. Kelli’s mouth was tight against my ear and her heavy breathing, loud panting, moaning and screams of pleasure were electrifying, especially when she would say “fuck me” right in my ear, as her hot breath blew into my ear. As I held her in my arms against the wall fucking her I could feel her wetness draining down my balls all over my scrotum and down my inner thighs.

I fucked Kelli holding her in that position until my arms were getting shaky and the muscles beginning to ache. But in no way did that take away from the incredible sensation of my throbbing cock pushing into her tight super wet cunt.

Finally I felt myself explode into her, shooting what felt like, under the circumstances, a double load of semen. It probably really was not but it sure came out of me like rocket explosion.

After a short rest our second round of sex ended up being in Kelli’s big king size bed (scene of The Ménage-A-Trois.) While sitting on the bed Kelli looked at me and coyly asked, “Do you like to do anal?”

I gave her a really big smile almost laughing and said, “Yea sure.”

Kelli had lube in her night stand and after she licked my cock making it very wet she then applied and rubbed lube on it. I thought she might ask me to lube her ass but she did not instead reaching back with her own hand she applied lube to her ass herself.

Kelli’s ass was very tight and I did not go in easily. I eased into her but had to press hard despite being totally lubed. Once her asshole loosened up for me we did a really long anal doggy where we could watch ourselves in her dresser mirror. I already knew that Kelli liked her ass being slapped and having her hair pulled so I gave her plenty of that.

As I fucked her hard from behind we both watched in the mirror. I had her hair in my hand like a cowboy holding the reins of a horse and gave her ass a good slap every so often. Kelli’s pussy was drenched leaving the corners of her crotch very wet. I next bent over her enough to began fingering her pussy as I drove my cock into her tight asshole and was surprised out how soon Kelli began to orgasm.

“Oh shit!” Kelli screamed out, “Oh God! Oh God!” over and over until she finally stopped and I stopped too, though I did not orgasm.

After a short intermission in which we shared a cold beer, Kelli cleaned off my cock with a warm soapy wash cloth followed by another hot washcloth to wash the soap off. Then Kelli mounted me and slid her drippy cunt down onto my cock and began fucking me reverse cow girl. (I ask how hot is reverse cow girl? It just does not get any better than watching your own cock disappear into a wet pussy from that angle.)

Kelli with her fine firm shapely tight ass and super sexy hard body. What a view? As she went up her dark fat elongated pussy lips clung to my dick and left my shaft covered in her sticky wetness then she would slide back down on me and my throbbing cock disappeared into those gorgeous wet labia. I have always loved the sight of big pussy lips clinging and wrapping around my cock. I think that visual stimulation is what pushed me to have such a hard orgasm. It was one of those that feels like it will pull my testicles through my scrotum and shoot them out of my cock. The kind of orgasm where I look everything over really good afterward to make sure everything is still in place.

As we lay stretched out recovering on Kelli’s bed I asked her, “What the hell brought all this on?”

Kelli cracked up laughing. And then she told me a long story about the huge crowd of relatives they had at her parent’s house for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Her cousin brought his exchange student buddy from college with him to their house. The exchange student was from England and Kelli thought he was the sexiest guy she had ever seen.

She had tried and tried to get alone with him and could only arrange a few minutes at a time and they kissed and made out some but never had the chance to have sex. So she was really worked up and horny from the holiday and told me she needed a real cock to get off on and thought of me.

I laughed and laughed and accused her of calling a bunch of other guys before she settled on me. But Kelli kept beating me on the chest and insisted I was the only guy she had called.

Well, maybe so, but I will never know for sure. I was just glad to be her friend when she needed one!
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