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Practice And Gambit

New school, new team

The sun was very bright in a perfectly blue sky on the first day of fall. It was cold. The sort of cold that a lot of people call ‘crisp’ like it isn’t just another way of saying cold. Humid air, but cold enough that it feels dry.

Classes were still a few days away at St. Xi Feng’s, but they were right around the corner. Ivy was nervous. New schools always meant trouble for her. She swore it wasn’t her fault, but regardless of whether she deserved the blame, trouble did follow her. She had oft speculated it was due to the curse. Of course, the curse itself was something she had imagined up to help her feel better about the multitudinous and grievous inequities of the world. It really did help some days.

Yellow leaves were already dropping from the trees here. Some were even bordering on amber. The outer gates were tall – five, perhaps six meters – is set firmly into a wall of gray stone blocks, topped with a spiked fence which surrounds the perimeter. Ivy observed the wall to be both grandiose and sturdy – clearly meant to separate the campus from the concrete and lumber of the surrounding city. The metal scrollwork that runs between the twisted bars is expertly crafted. They looked to Ivy like black iron, but she suspected they were in fact made of something more durable than that.

The admin building of the campus loomed an intimidating twelve stories over the incoming students. It was an old building, but one which had been maintained immaculately. It was pristine, by anyone’s standards. Clean, reflective glass blinded them until they had approached it near enough. Towering brick was separated by columns of vertical windows on each side. Narrowing as it rises, terraces support gardens which surround the next level of the tower, adorned by trees and shrubs with leaves the color of fire. From a distance, it looked to Ivy like a stretched out step pyramid. Up close, it looked as though it touched the sky.

Returning students had a week to go before classes, so most of them hadn’t arrived yet. Newcomers had a series of orientation checklists to complete. Though she had never had the opportunity to spend much time in the city, Ivy was excited to be where she was. Perhaps it would be a bold new chapter in her life, and perhaps it would just be something fun before being traded again.

Entering the hall itself was at least as intimidating as the building itself was imposing. Inside there was a much larger crowd. Everyone was bustling about, talking, yelling, and handing papers back and forth over counters. It’s like nobody here has ever heard of telecommunications…’, Ivy thought as she entered into the cacophonous storm of students, registrars, and R.A.s corralling their assigned teams. A swamp of body heat and recycled breath mired the crowd into a deep lack of efficiency.

Ivy had never counted herself so fortunate as she did in that moment. As a member of the team, she had been able to register early, and did not have to descend into the seething muck of people bouncing into each other like overly excited hydrogen molecules. A woman standing to the right of her beckoned her closer to join a small group to the side.

“Ivy?” she asked, comparing her face to an image of her.

“That’s me,” Ivy responded.

“Great! I think that’s everyone,” the woman said to the group, running a pencil along her list as she checked again.

“Everyone follow me.”

Ivy started walking with everyone else, but absent-mindedly said “Huh?” aloud.

Someone next to her turned their head a quarter and said “We’re all new recruits.”

“Everyone here is on the chess team?”

“Nah, we’re all new athletes.”


“You play chess?”



~ • ~

Later that night, dinner turned out to be exactly what Ivy had expected it would. The dining hall was packed, and too warm. She mused about why no one in charge ever takes into account the body heat of a thousand humans when setting the air conditioning. Dinner was well prepared, but boring. ‘That could be said of the dinner itself and the people who consumed it,’ she thought. Typically, Ivy didn’t socialize at school. She said it was because she never really knew when she’d be gone, but the truth was that she preferred her own company.

Of course, here she would have to – and there were also a whole new set of reasons she could be expelled, banished, or otherwise discharged from the school. Getting kicked out because of a misunderstanding was one thing – it’s not like she had parents to upset – but losing her scholarship would be a shame that lived with her forevermore.

“Hi there!”

Quite abruptly, a cheerful voice had interrupted Ivy’s thoughts and otherwise unremarkable meal. When she looked up, she saw a young woman about her age staring her down with far more intense eye contact than her tone suggested without the benefit of seeing her face.

“Hi...” Ivy replied expectantly to the intruder.

“My name’s Ariel.”




Ariel laughed at this before responding, “You know, it’s always bothered me that word isn’t a monosyllable.”

Ivy nodded in agreement.

About halfway through sitting down, “Mind if I join you?”

While she ordinarily would have, Ivy said “No,” but shrugged as she spoke.


Ariel sat down next to her as Ivy said “What brings you to the otherwise unoccupied end of this table?”

“You looked lonely.”

“I looked alone. Those are different conditions.”

“I guess they are. Regardless, I was sent.”

“By whom?” Ivy asked.

“By the coach,” Ariel clarified, “You’re one of the new players this year, right?”


“Monosyllabic indeed,” Ariel paused for a moment, before continuing, “That is not a character trait with which I can personally identify,” she was building momentum now, “Professor Rourke sent me to check on all the new recruits, if you will. I guess you could call me an unofficial mentor to the new recruits. Of course, you’ll probably need a little less mentoring, seeing as you’re starting your third year,” for just an instant, Ariel paused, looking as though she had committed a grave error, “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask me questions if you have them, though. I just meant that college isn’t exactly new to you.”

Ivy raised an eyebrow at this comment and paused before saying, “No.” Another pause. “And, thanks.”

A lengthier pause lingered between them this time… Lengthy enough to become awkward, even. At first Ivy had thought that Ariel would leave after so little response, but no. She was awaiting further thoughts.

Breaking the lengthy silence with a lengthy sigh, Ivy said, “I may not be new to college, but what I’m used to is very different…” after a pause, and another sigh, Ivy said “And I could honestly use someone to show me around.”

Ariel just smiled at this, and stood up. She offered Ivy her hand, but that gesture went ignored or unnoticed. “Let’s go, then.”


~ • ~

After a lengthy stroll around the grounds with Ariel, Ivy entered her empty room for the second time. She smiled at the notion that unlike the other new students with incoming roommates, her room would remain empty, but for herself. Despite the internal conflict they inspired, at times Ivy definitely enjoyed the benefits of being on the team.

Ariel had showed her the entire campus, though most of the buildings were closed. The student union was a little crowded for Ivy, so they didn’t stay long. Once she felt caught up on the relevant information, Ivy abruptly terminated their conversation.

“Thanks. I need to say goodnight now.”

“Huh?” Ariel said, stopping about three steps after Ivy had.

Looking toward a well lit clocktower, Ivy told her “I just saw the time.”

“Wow,” Ariel’s eyes widened, “It is late. Goodnight!”


~ • ~

Ivy woke up early, but she laid in bed until late. The sun was nearing its apex by the time she was up. She smiled at having slept in for the first time in months. It felt good to be so well rested. Of course, a moment later her eyes opened as wide as possible. She was instantly awake, and flew out of bed. After showering very quickly she ran back to her room, dressed, and was back out the door.

Though she had intended to arrive earlier, Ivy was at least on time. The large, wooden door to the arena swung smoothly and silently on large iron hinges. She darted down the hall toward the empty locker room. She got into her gear and entered the arena. The rest of the team was already there.

She recognized Professor Rourke whom she had met when she was first recruited – who said “Everyone! This is Ivy.” A subtle murmuring of greetings and friendly baiting interrupted the chattering of the rest of the team amongst itself. Ivy also spotted Ariel, and one of the guys she had seen at the orientation. “Places!”

The team spread out and each moved to their squares. The queen’s knight on her side of the board accidentally jostled Ivy forward when she didn’t notice her.

“Rook seven, Ivy!” the professor yelled at her. Ivy moved slowly, forgetting her position for a moment. “‘G-seven’, come on, move it! You don’t play knight here.” Ivy hustled into place. “Alright then. Prepare yourselves!” The sound of thirty-two players lowering their helmets and drawing their weapons echoing about the arena was incredible. “Begin!”

Ivy was still watching the board, and didn’t see the king’s signal before the knight behind her charged past her. Barely stepping out of the way in time, her heart rate spiked so far that she heard it. The black knight countered, and both moved once more. The game diverged when red moved their king’s pawn, and black sent a rook’s pawn forward twice.

The board was suddenly open, and total chaos broke out. Of course, in reality it was an orderly tactical advance, but to Ivy it felt like chaos. The next few moves flew by in a blur, then halted abruptly when the first fight began. A red bishop charged the foremost black pawn, hit him in the side with her staff, then knocked the sword from his hand with her scepter as he fell. He tried to lunge and grapple her, but took her scepter to the helmet and landed with a foot outside the square.

As soon as the pawn hoisted himself up and slunk off the board, the game continued. Three moves down the line, Ivy spotted the closest red knight relaying the signal to move to rook five. She stepped to the next square, and walked slowly to the next, observing the board as she moved. The second both her feet were inside the square, a streak of motion charged toward her from her peripheral vision.

The next thing Ivy knew she was on the floor, looking to the ceiling. Once there, she recalled a loud clang, then a momentary feeling of floating. Though she was dead center in her square, she knew she was out. A figure stood over her, partly obscuring the bright lights coming from above. She took the hand it offered her, and stood up. Rubbing the side of her head, she said “Ow… And, thanks.”

“Yeah. Looked like she hit you really hard.”

“She did at that,” Ivy said, “Where’s my helmet?”

Ariel handed it to her. “Come on, let’s go sit down for a minute.”

Pretty woozy, Ivy said “Okay,” then paused a moment, “That seems good.”

Ariel led her dazed friend to the bench where they watched the rest of the game. With her helmet off and a bottle of water, Ivy felt substantially better. After a few minutes, she stood up and went to the practice rings with the other eliminated players. She knocked the new pawn down, but the bishop knocked her out of the ring.

At the end of the night, the professor stopped Ivy and said “Nice job today.”

“…I got hit so hard my helmet got knocked off two minutes into the game.”

“So? It’s a rough sport.”

“Yeah, but…”

“Just acknowledge that it was a good first day, Ivy. You got hit hard, and you took it well. You got back in the ring. Now, go get some rest and be back tomorrow.”

Ivy instinctively started “But–”


“Come on,” Ariel said, “I’ll get you home before my date.”


~ • ~

Practice had been taxing. Ivy had never thought or fought so hard in all her life. As she laid in bed, her mind wandered. It was not possible to sleep after using her mind and body like that. Reflecting upon her day and everything that had happened, she was actually optimistic about her time at the school.

She was buzzing with excitement, trepidation, heightened reflexes, and muscle soreness. After a few minutes of trying to visually discern the movement of the moon through her single, small window, Ivy changed her tactic.

For this she would have to leave her room… But not the floor. She wondered for a few moments if she needed clothes. Eventually, she decided that a shirt was important, but pants were ultimately unnecessary. Carrying a towel, she left the room in her extra long, gray t-shirt. The logo of some band or other which she had listened to years ago had faded long before, but little flecks and fragments of it remained.

The corridor from her room to the showers was long, and the lighting was mediocre at best. Ivy found it a little creepy, but just enough to get her to hurry slightly. In her haste she allowed her shirt to slide up a bit as she moved. She passed the doors to the players’ rooms, and It turned her on a little that her ass was showing to anyone who might enter the hallway behind her.

The showers were predictably empty at that hour, so Ivy just tossed her shirt onto the granite counter along with her towel. Being naked in a new place always made her feel a little naughty. She stepped around the partial wall dividing the shower area from the rest of the room, and turned one of the many handles on the wall. Warm water began flowing from the nearest shower head.

A minute or two later, steam is beginning to rise from her feet. As the heat relaxes her tense musculature, she lets her mind focus only on the sound of the falling water. A short while later, the meditative silence in her thoughts was broken abruptly by the squeak of the door swinging open. The sound of bare feet on the cool tiled floor entered her perception.

A bit of indistinct chatter between two women on the floor echoed about the chamber before a stall door closed. A moment later when the toilet flushed, and the stall door fell closed again. As the sink ran, they were briefly audible.

“I had a nice time.”

“Me too. I like that thing you did.”

“Thanks. I get a lot of practice.”


A moment later the main had door groaned under its own weight again, Ivy returned to the isolation of the sounds of the shower and resumed her introspection. As it closed, the light went out. The room was dark – utterly. At first, she was annoyed, but after a few seconds, she found that the experience was more relaxing than anything she had done for herself in a long while. But for the water the room was silent again, and she was alone.

“Hi there…” Ivy jumped at a familiar voice. Ariel slid invisibly around the corner as she greeted her acquaintance.


Ariel was completely naked. Taking down her hair and wrapping the band around her wrist, she exhaled a refreshed sigh as she turned on the shower directly across from Ivy – Ivy who had already been turned on – There was a naked woman in front of her for the first time in a number of schools, but she was blind to it. The tease of it all was unbearable, and suddenly she was wet from more than the shower.

Water fell lusciously onto the curves of her body, and ran down ever line of her with perfect grace. The way she moved while bathing herself was obviously intended to entice. Even Ivy could see that, but at first she had a trouble processing exactly what was about to happen.

Ariel smiled right into her eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Well enough…” Ivy replied, “Made sure I wasn’t concussed and took a nap. Now I’m all wound up and I can’t sleep.”

“Makes sense. It’s been a big day. Full of adrenaline.”

“Yeah. I haven’t worked that hard or gotten hit that hard in a long time.”

Ariel smiled invisibly and said “We do play hard around here.” Ivy smiled at the sentiment too, but said nothing. “You’re sure you’re okay?” Ariel asked.

Ivy nodded, forgetting the darkness for a moment, then gave a nonverbal groan of affirmation, “Mhmm.”

It was clear from Ariel’s breathing that she was uncomfortable with the silence. She rushed clumsily through her next words. “So tell me… d’you fancy girls?”

Ivy giggled under her breath and grinned. “I do, yeah.”

“Good,” Ariel sighed with relief, “I thought I read that right.”

Ivy leaned a little closer and whispered “Especially the ones who are really forward, but adorably awkward about it.”

Ariel grinned with excitement, and moved another half step toward Ivy, who closed the rest of the distance, placed her hand gently on the back of her head to guide them the rest of the way. They kissed. This was no mere peck, though it began that way. Bringing lips to lips took twice as long as their bodies’ approach. It started with one putting their hand on the other’s ass and pulling them in. The peck quickly turned to intense, deep kissing – the kind where it seemed they knew exactly how they best fit together, though they had never touched before that night. Everything about that moment felt beautiful.

Moments later, Ariel’s hand was grasping her new friend’s firm, round breast. Looking up at Ivy, Ariel slowly dragged her fingers down her serpentine body, and slipping them into her slick pussy. The slid in easily. Ivy gasped, but was not distracted. With one hands she held the skin around Ariel’s pussy tight and rubbed two fingers against her slippery inner lips, before moving up and playing with her clit – first with one finger, then with two.

A few seconds into this, Ariel pushed her backward in the dark. The soft skin of Ivy’s back and ass collided with the cool stone of the shower wall. A hand brushed her hair to one side as they began kissing again. Their hands had never stopped what they were doing now. Fingers moved furiously over clit and pussy, desperate to subdue their quarry with pleasure.

Sex under a cloak of darkness was hotter than Ivy would have imagined. She relished the thought of the light flipping on and discovering they were not alone. This idea flowed into another fantasy, then another, then a million more. In some she would never see Ariel again. In others, they fell in love. Sometimes at the first kiss, sometimes over time. In a few they even hate each other, but fuck each other anyway.

Without stopping what she was doing, Ariel dropped to the floor. Ivy was lost in the moment and didn’t notice until the fingers on her clit were replaced with a tongue. She gasped at the feeling. Once again, she found herself wet with something new.

What happened next happened fast. Ariel moaned onto Ivy’s pussy, obviously playing with her own now. When she put a finger against her clenched asshole, it began. Ivy was gasping – sputtering on water from the shower, but she ignored it. Ariel started to apply pressure. Firm at first, then hard, then she pressed her finger inside.

Quite suddenly, Ivy’s whole body tensed, then shook. She was vibrating, then spasming. Her pussy clenched as tight as she could remember it ever doing. In another moment, a burst of heat filled her, and something inside shifted. As though she had opened, a rush of hot liquid escaped her. The sound it made when it splattered Arie’s face was different than the water hitting the floor. Again. This time, Ivy squirted with far more force. She was gushing into Ariel’s mouth, for more than half a minute.

When it was all over, it took both of them minutes to recover. Ariel stood again and held Ivy on her feet while she swayed in post-orgasmic delirium. “Well that was fun,” she said, “Now, let’s get you to bed, shall we?”

“That was…” Ivy stopped to take a few deep breaths, “Amazing.

Walking away for a moment, Ariel said “I’m glad to hear it. Think you’ll be able to sleep now?”

Ivy giggled. “Definitely.”

“Good. Close your eyes.”

Ivy did as she was told, without question. Half a second later, the lights were on.

“But you didn’t cum…”

“No, but Tamora fucked me right before we came in here.”

“Oh…” Ivy said, a bit surprised, “Okay.”

“Now go get some rest.”

“Okay,” Ivy said dreamily, “Goodnight.”

She wandered happily from zig to zag down the straight corridor toward her room. She was light headed. Dizzy, even… drowsy, loopy, and grinning with delicious confusion. Though she didn’t quite recall everything that had just happened – it happened so fast, after all – she was glad it had. The short walk proved quite tiring. All the muscles in her legs were trembling by the time she arrived in her room. Once inside, she closed the door and flopped onto the bed in one motion. Sleep came almost as quickly as she had.


~ • ~

Classes began in two days, and Ivy felt somehow more prepared than she had before. Assimilating into the culture here had been… easier than she expected. In fact, she thought it might even be easy enough to keep up. As long as nobody found out she didn’t practice their religion or any other. At least until she proved herself invaluable to the team.

Everything was coming together for Ivy. It seemed like she was making friends. Her coach seemed to be a bit of a hardass, but not indiscriminately an asshole. Campus was beautiful, even if the surrounding neighborhood was very different. She’d heard the other students call it ‘terrifying’, ‘dingy’, and ‘unnerving’, so naturally, she couldn’t wait to wander through it and see what she might find and whom she might meet there.

Another bit of a wander around campus revealed a pool, a coffee shop, and a chemistry lab that all looked amazing. Ivy was surprised to find herself excited about settling in. Of course, every time she looked past the gates of the school, she felt even more that she would probably need to get a place off campus as soon as possible.


~ • ~

Day two of practice was as fast and seemingly chaotic as the first, but Ivy was far better prepared. She was wearing her black uniform, which she found far less distracting in her peripheral vision. Deep breaths helped her focus, and ignore the superfluous movement and sounds of thirty-one other armored humans shifting and moving as they ready themselves and adjust with each change of the board.

Both red knights were threatening Ivy. She watched both of them carefully, looking between them and relaxing so she could see both equally. Tamora signaled the one on the left, and Ivy pivoted to match his line of attack. The fight began the moment he entered the square. He was first to attack. Ivy stepped away at an angle and narrowly dodged his first attack.

He swung again, and with little regard for the integrity of her armor, she charged through the arc of his weapon holding her shield up to the side. The heavy sphere at the end of his flail impacted the shield, which she dropped in accordance with the rules. As he dodged the thrust of her small blade, she saw his balance change, and abandoned her weapon.

Instinctively Ivy rushed the knight, and took him all the way off his center of gravity, with one hand on his waist and one under his arm. With one foot on his knee she took a step to his hip with her other. At this point he dropped his weapon, then hit the board. With their momentum, they slid forward, obviously scratching the stone. He had one foot outside the square, and both of hers remained on him.

Everyone in the room was looking at her in stunned silence. “Impressive,” coach Rourke said, “But don’t do that in a match. Who here knows why?”

“The referees will debate it forever, and we wind up with a draw on our record at the end of the season.”

“Correct, Tamora. What should she have done?”

Ivy’s opponent spoke up this time, “Picked up my weapon and hit me in the chest after she knocked me down.”

“That’s right,” she said, “Nevertheless, very impressive.”

After a pause, Ivy thanked her for the advice, and the red knight left the board. The rest of the game was informative, and good practice, but nothing so eventful as that tackle. In the locker room after the game, Tamora and another player both asked if they would see her at the party. Once everyone else had gone she turned to Ariel and asked “What party?”

Ariel smiled devilishly. “Just our school’s-back party. I’ll come by your room at sundown, if you want to come.”

With an enthusiasm that surprised even her, Ivy asked “What should I wear?”


~ • ~

A knock on her door brought Ivy’s mind out of her wardrobe. It wasn’t like her to fuss over what to wear, but she was actually finding herself compelled to interact with her teammates. She let Ariel in, greeted her, then stated, “I’ve got three options.”

Ariel laughed quietly to herself, “Let’s see them.”

Holding three different outfits up in turn she said “Classy…”, “Slutty…”, then “Demure.”

“Alright put ‘demure’ down right now.”

Ivy smiled. “Good.”

“Now, show me the other two.”

“On my body?”


“…Sure.” Ivy was smiling as she said it, but she was also a little nervous.

Despite what happened in the shower, she felt a certain trepidation at Ariel seeing her naked for the first time, but not seeing her naked. Suddenly, but just for a moment, she worried that it hadn’t been Ariel at all, and the whole thing was a big mistake. Of course, that didn’t make sense for lots of reasons, but wild idea after absurd theory flew through her brain for the few seconds it took her hand to reach the band in her hair and take it down.

As she moved her hands to the straps of her top she started to breathe a bit erratically. Telling herself that she was just being silly, she slipped her thumbs under them and pulled it off over her head, intentionally blinding herself to Ariel’s first reaction to her body.

Once it was off she discarded it quickly and put on the slutty top on to cover herself. She only waited a moment before asking “Well?”

“Very sexy,” Ariel paused, “What about the skirt?”

Feeling slightly more confident, Ivy unbuttoned her pants, pushed them down a bit, and let them fall to the floor. Ariel grinned but quickly bit her lip, not wanting to look overly enthusiastic at the sight of her teammate’s bare legs and cute underwear. Only a moment later though, she gasped in surprise.

Shocked and a little scandalized to discover a tattoo of Ivy’s namesake on her body, Ariel’s jaw dropped. At first she just noticed a bit of green on her shoulder and ankle, but it became apparent as Ivy turned that they were part of the same full body wrap. The plant appeared to be climbing her body in serpentine fashion, about to reach her neck. The illustrator had even taken the time to show where its vine like tendrils pull at her skin.

Completely forgetting her own cultural aversion to tattoos, she blurted out “That’s beautiful work,” as though she knew what she was talking about, then said “The tattoo, I mean.”

“Thank you!” Ivy said, “I don’t get to show it off very often.”

“Can I see all of it?” Ariel asked.

“Maybe…” Ivy teased.

Ariel was disappointed when she pulled the skirt over as previously requested, but said, “Looks good. Very slutty, though.”

“Yeah, that’s why I like it,” Ivy said.

“Me too. Makes your ass look good.”

“Right? But is it too slutty?”

“I don’t know. Looked better without it, though.”

That would be too slutty.”

“Maybe so…”

Ivy raised an eyebrow comically high and asked “Is there something about this party you’re not telling me?”

“I mean, you never know what will happen,” Ariel paused for teasing effect, “but, I just wanted to look at that ass again.”

“Oh… I see.” Ivy straightened her legs and bent at the waist as she started pulling the skirt down again.

“So?” Ariel asked with anticipation on her tongue.


“Can I see it?”

“Of course you can,” Ivy said, stepping out of the skirt. With a confident wiggle of her commented on ass, she slithered out of her top and dropped it on the bed. “Help me out of this.”

Ariel stepped enthusiastically forward and swiftly unhooked her bra. Ivy slipped it off let it fall too. She moved toward her thus far undecorated wall, put her hands together above her head and placed them on the wall. She stood with her feet together her legs rigid. Ariel could feel her eyes light up, and if Ivy had been looking at her, she would have been embarrassed. Instead she was exhilarated. She stepped forward and put her hands on Ivy’s sides, just below her breasts. For a lengthy moment, she looked at the art on her back, taking it in. 

"This is so beautiful on you," she said. 

"Thank you," Ivy said again, smiling.

Leaning in and took a deep breath, Ariel said “You smell good.”



“Mmmhmm… I showered an hour ago.”

“Smells good. I like it when you’re dirty, though.”

With that, Ariel shaped her palm as she thought best, and spanked Ivy, hard. The force rippled from her ass into her thighs, and Ivy’s voice could probably be heard down the hall in the showers. After the impact she curled her fingers under the firm cheek of her ass, and squeezed. After only a brief pause, she slapped the other side at least as hard. Ivy moaned loudly, but did not yell out as she had before.

As Ariel squeezed with her left hand, she let go with her right – straightening three fingers and slipping them between Ivy’s legs. The last remaining vestige of clothing separated those fingers from her pussy, which was quickly going from damp to wet.

“Fuck!” Ivy almost gasped the word, but it was loud enough.

Ariel touched her creatively, and rapidly gained insight into how she liked it. Putting that insight to the test was an experiment that sparked brighter arousal in both of them. Ariel ripped Ivy’s panties to the floor with her left hand and let the middle finger of her right slip into her wetness and touch her clit, while leaving the other two outside to massage the line where pussy meets thigh.

Again, “Fuck!”

“Mmm. You are so sexy when you yell like that.”

“Good, yes… Mmm!” Ivy groaned abruptly and intensely.

“Yeah,” Ariel said, sliding her other two fingers into her wet pussy – not missing a stroke on her clit.

“Oh my g–ah… ah...” Ivy gasped, “What are you?”, she paused again, “Fuck! Oh, fuck!”

“Yeah? Do you like that?”

“Yes! Fuck, yes!”

Glancing to the side, Ariel saw a bit of motion in the light of the hallway which peeked through the crack in the door.

“What’s that for?” Ivy asked, her voice a touch indignant.

“Did you know that we left your door open?”

“Actually…” Ivy moaned, “It did slip my mind.”

Neither of them said anything else about it, and continued as they were. After a minute or two, Ariel added something new to the mix and pressed her thumb against Ivy’s asshole. A few seconds of that and Ivy was about to cum. Instead she restrained herself, and whipped around. With a quivering pussy, she said “Take off your clothes. Now.”

Ariel was naked on her back before she knew it, and Ivy was on her knees at the edge of the bed with her face between her legs. Distracted at first, she moved around frantically, but her tongue quickly focused. She began licking the rim of her pussy, pushing her tongue as deep inside as she could.

“Fuck! Yes. Do that.”

With Ariel’s clit between two fingers, Ivy began forcing her tongue further into the depth of her. She was slippery and salty. Delicious. Using the other hand, she circled her asshole with a finger, then touched it. Next she started to push into it. The pitch of Ariel’s moaning broke the ceiling when it entered her.

What came next overwhelmed Ariel. She had been waiting for this – saving herself for it. The orgasm that gripped her took hold like a hand making a fist with her hair. Every part of her clenched inside, and shook. She vibrated with pleasure, and was so wet.

When it was over, Ivy backed off quickly, giving Ariel room to breathe. While she recovered, Ivy dressed again. “So, how about ‘classy’, then?”

“That’s nice too. How slutty are you feeling?”

“As slutty as you’d like.”

“How about classy and slutty, then?” and jerked Ivy’s black tights back to the floor, leaving her legs bare under a short, shimmering dress.

“I like it,” Ivy smiled, “Now come here and finish what you started.”

Ariel did just that. Her face was mostly covered by the dress, but it didn’t matter because Ivy’s eyes were closed as soon as she made contact. Almost immediately Ariel had two fingers in her pussy, and pressed again against her ass. She put a finger inside, and sucked ferociously on her clit.

That was it for Ivy. “I’m going to cum!” she gasped. She was over the edge and falling fast. “I’m cumming!” Ariel didn’t stop. She kept pushing her, kept provoking more from her pussy. Once again, Ivy was so wet she was starting to drip. Ariel knew what hot, sweet liquid was about to pour out of her and she didn’t move. She kept going. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” There it was. Ivy’s cum splashed all over her face and naked body. As she convulsed, she sprayed the floor and bed as well, before collapsing.

“That was…” Ivy trailed off for a moment, “Incredible. You are very good at that.”

“Thanks. You are good at this,” Ariel said, gesturing to the liquid on the bed and floor. “It is so hot.”

“Mmmm. I’m glad you like it. Not everyone does.”

“Maybe not, but I do.”

“I like you.”

Ariel smiled comfortably, backing toward the door, “I like you too.”

“So… We should really go to this party.”

After a moment of quiet, Ariel said “Uh…”

Ivy looked down at her dripping thighs, and then to Ariel’s face. “Oh, yeah.” She giggled.

“Yeah,” Ariel smiled, opening the door a sliver more, “Let’s go get cleaned up first.”


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