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Quietly Having Sex In The Library

Quietly Having Sex In The Library

When his girlfriend tempts him, he can't resist her

My name is Will, and I'm twenty-two. I have brown hair, and I'm six foot. My girlfriend, Sharon, and I are students in college. She is twenty-two as well. We both agree that college totally sucks. We both study every single day and feel like we have absolutely no social life, none whatsoever. We often studied in the library, for research papers, and various other things. Anyway, there was almost never more than twenty people in there at a time. We guessed it was because of absolute silence rule.

So, you always had to be quiet. Being too loud could get you kicked out. Sharon and I tried to keep it quiet, but it always seemed to be a challenge. Although, there was a small section in the very back that was almost always completely empty. That was pretty much the only place where you could talk in a normal voice. One day we were back there, looking for books, and she gave me that naughty face. So, I leaned forward, and gave her a kiss.

"What was that for?" she pondered.

"You gave me that look, I thought you wanted a kiss," I let her know.

"Well, that was nice, but I had something else in mind," she told me. I was unsure what she was talking about, but she then she came close to me.

"Fuck me, right here in the library," she whispered.

I loved the sound of that, but that was grounds for expulsion if we got caught. Although, Sharon was a stone cold fox, and saying 'no' to her was not an option. She was wearing a skirt and she lifted it up, showing her panties. She had on her dark green panties, and that pair always got my motor going. I couldn't resist her to save my life. She held her skirt with one hand, and slowly pushed down her panties with the other.

"If we get caught, we'll get expelled," I warned her.

"That's what makes it so damn hot. Now let's have our little friend come out, and play," she strongly suggested.

"I'm sorry, did you say the word 'little', Sharon?" I wondered.

She laughed quietly, and then turned away from me. She took off her panties completely, and gave me that same naughty face. I would have had better luck resisting a ten person orgy, where I would be the only guy, than resisting Sharon. She had me under her spell, and she was the sexiest witch in the universe.

I slowly undid my shorts and pushed them down, along with my boxers. My eight inch cock came out as she bent down away from me. She was crazy, and that drove me crazy, in a good way. She was on the pill, so I didn't worry about wearing a condom. I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy, and she immediately put out a big moan.

"Oh," she moaned a little loudly.

"Shh," I whispered.

"It's your fault," she whispered back.

We both smiled and I slowly began thrusting my cock. She was more than tempted to just scream, but she at least managed to hold them in for a few minutes. I put my hands onto her butt, and the thrill was getting stronger. The thrill of actually having sex in public, and the fact that it was her, just made me want to scream too.

She turned her head to me and mouthed, 'I love you'. I did the same, and then she leaned up. She put her back right up against my chest, and gave me a kiss. I couldn't help but to feel her up. She had only B-cup boobs, but they were connected to the woman I loved.

"You wanna see them?" she whispered.

I knew we'd get expelled if she was topless or not, so I thought why not. She took it off, and I undid her bra. She was almost completely naked, and I thought I'd join her in that club. I stripped completely, as did she. I continued screwing her like that for a minute and then she quietly had me stop. I needed a minute to calm down anyway. She turned around, and began stroking my cock. I looked at her in the eyes, and not anywhere else.

"Well, if it wasn't for you, I might have dropped out of college by now," she put on the record.

We met two years before, when we both first enrolled. Truth be told, college was a lot better with her too. I probably would have dropped out without her as well. Anyway, we both kissed each other quite a few times, and then I put my hands onto her butt. I lifted her up a bit, and held her.

With her right hand, she guided my cock into her pussy. She began riding me like that, and it was still getting hotter. The college had thousands of students, and many faculty members too. So, there were a hell of a lot of people that cold just show up all of the sudden. She seemed to love that.

"I only wonder if someone might masturbate to us if they saw us," she whispered.

"Maybe," I whispered back.

I held her close and tried to thrust my cock as best I could. I felt her boobs on my chest, and they were softer than cotton. There was probably nothing she couldn't talk me into if she tried. Then I put her up against a bare wall, and fucked her a little bit louder. It wasn't the best decision, but doing it with her just made me forget the consequences.

"Fuck me harder, Will. Fuck me like you mean it," she whispered.

She seemed to be daring me, and it was going to work even easier than she thought. Not even a few seconds after she said that, I began really pressing her up against the wall. The wall was thick, so we were probably safe from that side. It was still unclear if anyone else in the library might have heard us.

"Yes, just like that. Nice and hard, but quietly," she whispered.

I laughed for a split second, and then I brought my face to hers. I kissed her numerous times, all over. I kissed her on the shoulders, and a lot of other places too. I did that, as I still kept thrusting my cock slowly. Due to the excitement from the thrills, I was quickly coming to my breaking point. I did my best to delay it for long as I could, but it was no easy task to accomplish. To help with that, I had to pull out.

"What are you doing?" she wondered.

I gave her a look, and got down onto my knees. She knew exactly where I was going, and I got right in between her legs. I came to her glistening pussy, and inserted my dying tongue in there. She loved it when I ate her out, but what I didn't count on, was her inability to contain herself.

"Fuck," she moaned, a little loudly.

I quickly stopped, and looked around but I saw nothing. Then I went back in for more, and hoped she could keep it down. I was hot and horny, so I just made it harder for her. I spread out her very wet pussy lips, and stuck my tongue in there deep.

"Oh," she yelled out.

Then we heard something.

"Shh!!" we heard from someone. We couldn't see them, but we heard that. Then I got up with her, and we made out for a minute.

"Well, you can finish that job later tonight," she whispered.

Then she began stroking my cock and I began rubbing her pussy slowly. It appeared for the time being, our hands were going to finish the job. We got close to each other again, and I put my head on her right shoulder. I was a little taller than her, so she couldn't put her head on my shoulder. Although, she leaned her head on it.

"If I knew this was what college was all about, I would have enrolled literally right after high school," I whispered.

"Well, then you wouldn't have met me," she put on the record.

"Well, you would have enrolled then too. So, we would have met then, smart ass," I told her.

"You know, I have an important part of your body in my hands, right?" she wondered.

We both laughed, and we began moaning a bit. We both had the most discreet orgasms of our lives. I came onto her stomach, and she graced the carpet with her lady juice. They were quiet, but amazing. We made out for a couple more minutes, and then we quickly got dressed.

We walked back to the exit of the library and tried not to look guilty. That was a hard task as well, but we got out of there as quickly as could. Then we both ran to our dorm, where we had some more fun.
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