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Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 3)

Secret Diary of a Cheerleader (Chapter 3)

Success is through a door marked 'fuck.'
Thursday May 15th  

I wouldn’t say Mr LeMay was putty in my hands... but I think I can say ‘mission accomplished.’ I would like to think that I came away with my pride intact. I bumped into a gorgeous Asian girl named Rupi in the dining hall. She’s relocated from New York and she wants to join the Cheerleading team. I expect to see more of her later.

It was the day of my appointment with the Principal. Yes, I was nervous, but I knew the ball was in my half of the field and it was my game to lose.

I had gone to bed in two minds about what to wear for my big day. I could do the whole ‘All American Cheerleader’ thing, with my hair in bunches, impossibly short skirt and crisp white top. I nearly did that, but he is the Principal when all said and done and he deserved some respect. First impressions were everything, so I opted for a more sophisticated look - smart but sexually suggestive.

So it was shower and waffles and then a question of hand picking my wardrobe for the day. I started off with candy pink bra and panties. My bra was a half cup, which gave my boobs just the right amount of lift. I stood in front of the mirror in a day dream and contemplated what LeMay would make of me at that moment.

I stepped closer to the mirror admiring myself in a brazen display of narcissism and ran my fingers over my belly and down over the front of my pink panties. There was something oddly erotic about seeing myself, imagining what he would do if the Principal were there. I squeezed my breasts through my bra and ran the fingers of my other hand between my legs. My labia were puffy and swollen as a result of my naughty mental meanderings. The appropriate thing to do would be to lie on my bed and pleasure myself with my dildo, but there simply wasn’t time. I consoled myself with the thought that I would receive ample satisfaction later, if I played my cards right.

I continued to dress, putting on caramel pantyhose and a short grey skirt. I had a choice of tops and plumped for my light cerise blouse, with cream buttons. It was a close enough fit, so that it flattered my breasts, but still looked a little business-like. I might only be seventeen but I wanted to show Mr LeMay what a big girl I was. White cotton socks, red lollypop and my ass hanging out would have been too obviously provocative. I wanted to demonstrate to the top man that I had a little culture as well as being a self-proclaimed slut.

There was a buzz around college. Not sure why. Maybe I was hyper sensitive in my excited state, anticipating the hour when I would have to make my move. I sat in the large lecture theatre, staring at the lectern and chatted to JJ as we waited for the lecturer to arrive.

“Are you nervous, Danny?”

“A little, but I’m in control.”

“He’s a real dish; I’m a bit jealous if I’m honest.”

“Ah well, maybe you’ll get the chance.”

“I’ll expect a full report Danny girl!”

“You’ll get it baby, don’t worry. Say, have you met Rupi?”

“No? Who’s Rupi?”

“Oh she’s gorgeous. She’s an American Indian.”

“Danny! It’s native American.”


“She’s a native American!”

“No she isn’t! You haven’t even met her, butt freak!”

“Ha ha! Danny, you’re crazy today.”

“Anyway, she’s gorgeous. Her parents are from India I think.”

“Oh! You mean she’s an Indian American!”

“Yeah, why, what did I say?”

“American Indian.”

“Did I? Well you know, it must be my nerves I guess!”

And so the conversation continued until Mr Fawcett arrived. He’s often known to be late for his own lectures, so it was no huge surprise.

An hour and fifteen later, I was taking a deep breath and mentally preparing myself for my appointment.

It was only a couple of weeks until the cheerleading awards were handed out and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance. I lippied up in the loo and made sure my hair was just so before making my way to LeMay’s office. I looked like I was going for an interview at Bloomingdales rather than a disciplinary with the Principal. I had chosen my tactics and I had to play to my strengths. I resolved to be contrite and yet outrageously sexy.

I knocked on the door and waited.

There was a bit of a pause and then a single, deep, “Come in.”

Mr LeMay was seated at his desk. It was a luxurious piece of furniture; macassar veneer and a proper Edwardian ink well and one of those Newton’s cradle things. The Principal was a man who exuded authority. His body language said ‘this is my space – I own this office.’ He was besuited. A smart grey brown with gold cufflinks on his shirt. The creases on his collar were sharp enough to slice your finger. He looked like he had just had his hair cut. Short, grizzled and a liberal amount of gel. He looked at without smiling and ran his finger over a writing pad on his desk.

“Marsh. Danielle Marsh?”

“Yes Sir.”

“I only see young ladies in here for two reasons, Miss Marsh. Commendations and severe disciplinary issues...”


“I haven’t finished, Miss Marsh.”

I stood to attention, taking his reproof and cursed myself for interrupting.

“I am sorry to see that in your case it’s the latter.”

He nodded, indicating it was my turn to speak.

“Yes Sir. It was a lapse of judgement on my part, for sure.”

Mr LeMay sat back in his swivel chair causing the leather to make a satisfying crunching noise.

“I would hardly call fellatio on school property, a lapse of judgement. It’s a flagrant disregard for the standards to which we aspire.”

I looked down at my shoes and looked up, focusing on the Principal, with what I hoped was my most deliciously endearing expression.

“I see that you made the final eight for Cheerleader of the Year.”

“Yes, Sir. It’s an honour. It’s regrettable that I should have transgressed an’ all, at that time.”


“I’m aware that performing oral sex on college premises is not the done thing, but I’m young.”

“Is that an attempt at an apology, Miss Marsh?”

“Not exactly, Sir. It’s merely an acknowledgement of the facts. It’s known that I give good head and I didn’t consider the consequences.”

Mr LeMay flinched visibly at my response, but I kept my cool.

“I appreciate the effort that you have gone to, Miss Marsh in attending this interview, dressed respectfully.”

I could tell that he had pretended to ignore my flagrantly sexual remarks, but a girl knows when a guy is ruffled. This man though was a pro. He had a cool head, but I saw a slight weakness in his armour.

“I choose my clothes carefully, Sir. Right down to the color of my panties, so you know. A girl never knows when she might be called upon for inspection.”

He gulped. I definitely saw his larynx bob. This was getting interesting. I was treading a fine line, but I knew what I was doing. He was more assured and hard-edged than I had imagined, so I was hoping that I could out-finesse him.

“I see. Well underwear inspection is not part of our curriculum.”

“Well maybe y’all should re-think that, Sir.”

I did my best to stifle a giggle.

“I don’t think flippancy will assist you right now, Danielle.”

“Just saying, Sir. What with all the girls who go without panties an’all.”

“Is that a common practice!”

“Maybe. I’m a good girl, Sir, got my panties nice and neat, look!”

I pulled up my skirt, displaying my pink panties through my pantyhose.

“Miss Marsh!”

I turned round so he could see my butt.

“Just demonstrating, Sir.


“Excuse me, Sir?”

“It’s not often I see girls with pantyhose. All you Cheerleaders – it’s normally bare legs and socks.”

Mr LeMay was definitely thawing. I sensed I was close to a breakthrough.

“Do you like pantyhose, Sir?”

“Miss Marsh, we shouldn’t be… why, yes.”

“That’s okay, some men do.”

I took the liberty of moving closer to his side of the desk.

“Would you like to feel them? Stroke my pantyhose, I mean…”

Suddenly I saw a different LeMay looking at me, his puppy dog eyes staring at me, like a kid on Christmas.

“Maybe just a little…”

I stepped up to his chair and lifted my skirt by the hem. His eyes properly feasted on my legs and my gusset. Then he stroked the inside of my thigh, pawing the soft flesh below.

“This doesn’t excuse your previous behaviour, of course.”

“Of course not, Sir. And the fact that my pussy is so wet an’ all, I wouldn’t expect you to give me any preferential treatment.”

“That goes without saying, Danielle.”

His hands moved to my butt and he squeezed my cheeks, circling his hands at the same time, giving my ass a proper grope.

“When you spoke of panties inspection…”

“Yes, Sir?”

“I suppose, just as a one-off.”

“Of course, Sir.”

He stood up, and the massive tent in his trousers indicated that he was a man of considerable endowment. He unclipped my skirt and drew down the zip just enough in order to slide my skirt down. His eyes focused on my breasts constantly as he removed my skirt. I was so hot and wet between my legs, I can hardly describe how aroused I had become.

The Principal sat in his chair again and slid his hands up my legs, starting from my knees until he reached my gusset. Then as brazen as you like he rubbed my pussy through the nylon and my panties. The gasp he emitted, was, I assume from the heat of my pussy. I licked my lips, wondering what he would do next. He gave my pubic bulge a gentle caress, as if he was trying to flatten a bubble under the wallpaper. He was thorough, I’ll give him that. I so wanted to see his cock, but I wanted him to have fun too and allow me to show him how accommodating southern girls can be

He gripped the waistband of my pantyhose and slowly rolled them down, until he had them just below the crease of my thighs. His eyes were on stalks and his hands were trembling against my legs. Despite that, he slipped an index finger under my panties and moved it from side to side, as if he was testing the quality of the cotton.

If my labia had been swollen that morning, they were positively engorged now, swallowing the crotch of my panties and oozing pussy juice by the minute. He did something to himself with one hand, rearranging his accoutrements or something as he placed two fingers between my legs and plowed a furrow in my lips. Even as he did it, I could feel a tingle as well as a deep ache in my pussy. He looked at me and made a circle with his finger in the air, urging me to turn round. I suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable in a most wonderful way. He was peeling away my panties, easing them down and then pausing, as if he was just taking time to watch my butt.

“You have one fine ass, girl!”

“Thank you, Sir.”

As if to reinforce his compliment, he squeezed my butt cheeks and then slid his fingers between my crack and stroked my ass over and over. He stopped short of actually poking my anus, but it was everything but. Then I heard his chair scrape back on its wheels and he stood up. I wanted to look round, but didn’t want to presume to do so, without being asked. What followed, was the sound of unbuckling and the rustling of his pants and I knew he was going to go the whole hog. I was so excited and I was turned on beyond reason!

The Principal stood behind me and cupped my breasts in his hands, kneading and fondling them through my clothes. A second later, I felt something hit my lower back and I squealed internally as I realised his cock was out. As his fingers began to deftly unbutton my blouse, I reached round and carefully grabbed his cock. It was as hard as wood, thick and hot. Even without seeing it, I could tell he had a beautiful dick. He walked me towards the front of his desk, my blouse now open and my boobs spilling out of my bra. He bent me forwards over his desk. He had one of those old fashioned fountain pens and a thick leather diary, on which my name and the appointment time had been written in blue ink. I was suddenly privy to his daily schedule as I felt his hands grip my hips.

I braced myself as his fingers found my sodden pussy opening and then…

I bit my knuckles as his cock plunged into my hot, wet cunt. It was an amazingly delicious sensation, partly burning, partly satisfying. From touch alone, I had underestimated the girth of his cock. It occurred to me that keeping me turned away, was his way of saving face. Like he was in denial, using my body, while not confronting me, Maybe I was over-thinking the situation, but I had the Principal’s cock in my pussy and was preparing to be fucked good and proper.

His shaft pressed deeper and I was thankful for my pussy being so dripping wet or it might have hurt. As it was, it was a beautiful, intense sensation as my aching pussy was pounded by his cock. I found myself pressed into his desk and was ‘forced’ to sprawl over the surface as the weight of his body lunged forwards with each thrust. His hands were round my boobs, pulling my bra down, causing my nipples to pop out. They say guys can’t multi-task but he sure did a good job of pinching my nipples and fuck me at the same time. The sensations were ripping through my body, swirling like electricity around a plasma ball.

Mr LeMay’s groans were deep and urgent. He was breathing deeply in time to his thrusts, snorting through his nostrils in a way, as if he needed more air. I knew he was a fit man who worked out, but I don’t think he had had such an opportunity to fill his boots with a Cheerleader before. I felt like a complete slut and yet I wasn’t sure who was using who more.

I had my hands flat on his desk, my boobs now swaying, bouncing on his desk, occasionally weighed in his hands. He was exploring me more now, pulling and stroking my hair, not hard, but pulling it all the same. He stroked my spine and my shoulders as he fucked me. I just shut my eyes and enjoyed the experience as the wonderful sensations began to well up inside me. His hands were all over me, now and then holding my hips, squeezing my butt cheeks together as my plaintive whimpers grew louder.

“Oh Danielle! Oh that’s so good!”


“Tell me you want me come in you!”

“I want you to come in me, Sir.”

“Tell me again!”

“Sir! Come in me!”

“Oh fuck! Danielle!”

He was pounding me hard now, his balls were like ‘fwap’ fwap’ against my pussy lips. I bit my fingers, not sure if I was allowed to come, but I couldn’t help it! His cock was so fat inside my pussy, stroking inside me so good and I just went into spasm. I had tried to keep a lid on my feelings but it was too much. His cock seemed to be getting harder – his groans louder, my body trembling as if every cell was on fire and my pussy gushed with orgasm. I squealed helplessly, squirming and writhing on his desk. At the last moment, I had a curious dazed feeling like nothing was real and his groans turned into a cry of pleasure, loud and yet distant as I felt his cum spray inside me. The force of his body was suddenly doubled and I bent my elbows and pushed against him as he came and came inside me.

Before I had time to turn round, he had pulled out and was dressing. I stood up and pulled up my panties and my pantyhose, by which time Mr LeMay was practically dressed, if a little dishevelled.

“Well, ummmm… turning to the matter of your disciplinary, Miss Marsh.”

“Oh yes, of course.”

“I think on this occasion, we can put a record of ‘strong disapproval’ in your file.”

“Well, it could be worse, I appreciate that, Sir.”

“As long as there is no recurrence.”

“Of course. And in respect of my status as a competitor in Cheerleader of the Year.”

“Between you and me...”


“I think you can rely on my full support.”

“Thank you Mr LeMay.”

Sometime later, I was with Julie waiting for the post-lunch lecture along with other students. The door had been locked, so we loitered in the corridor, allowing me to be fully debriefed by my friend.

“Danny! You absolute slut!”

“Well, a girl has to do, what a girl has to do.”

“But you never actually saw his cock?”

“No. But it was a good one.”


As I spoke to JJ, I was pleased with the choice of attire as between my panties and my pantyhose, they were providing a good barrier to the gooey mess, as the Principal’s spunk was slowly leaking from my pussy. I sat in that lecture with a smile on my face, knowing that I had done my best.

To be continued…

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