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Sex In An Empty Classroom

A 100% true account of my first sexual encounter in college with a girl named Maria.
Having lost my virginity to an older woman a few years earlier, I had been on a quest for my next sexual experience. It seemed that every girl that I would meet instantly became the object of my sexual desires. I guess that is what an undersexed teenager’s mind will do. Admittedly, there were moments of heavy petting over clothes with other girls and an occasional hand inside of a bra, but the ultimate score continued to elude me. There so many doubles and triples a guy can hit before growing frustrated at not reaching home.

The late 1970’s found me in college, pretty far from home, my family and friends. This was a totally alien experience to me. I was completely out of my comfort zone. I stayed at the school dormitory for athletes. I was a member of the university’s varsity soccer team. In truth, I was not a very good soccer player but I somehow managed to walk-on and as a result, had my tuition, books and dorm room paid for by the school.

Looking back, it was probably one of the most one-sided deals in the history of higher education. I received a college free ride and in turn the school got a slow player with subpar technique; my mind being much more efficient in imagining the skills I neither inherited nor learned. My only tangible success on the pitch was scoring one goal during practice in my sophomore year and appearing in only one game in my three years there. I was more a student than an athlete, more adept with my brain than with the feet the university sought to exploit.

Besides the free education, being a student-athlete had other benefits. All varsity athletes would wear the school’s official yellow and green warm-up suit and their respective jersey around campus. The warm up suit was a great conversation starter as it was not uncommon to be stopped by other students on campus and asked what school team I played for. And although my participation was limited at best, I could proudly announce “soccer” every time.

One evening, while eating at the school cafeteria, a cute student came and sat at my table. I was sitting alone for some reason that day and I had the whole six seat table to myself. The young lady simply pulled out the corner chair diagonally opposite to me and sat. I looked up at her and said hi. She responded in kind and then told me her name.

Maria was a petite, standing a shade over five feet tall. She was fair skinned with rosy colored, high mounted cheeks and a large frizzy hairdo that spanned from shoulder to shoulder. This made her head look a bit too large for the rest of her body. Her smile was attractive. Her large brown eyes were her most distinctive feature. The extra dark mascara just added a superfluous exclamation point.

Her yellow tank top revealed a set of breasts that appeared disproportionally large for her petite frame. Her tear drop ass stretched her jeans to the limit. Up close, she appeared older than the average girl on campus. I remembered her being a whole lot younger the few times I had seen her from afar in the past. At the time, she was in her mid to late twenties. She had a mature yet girlish aura; sort of like that “older woman” type but not that old.

“So you play soccer?” she asked as she raised a forkful of salad to her mouth.

“How do you know?” I responded with a question of my own.

“I see you all the time on the field after class practicing ."

She knew the number I wore which was more that I could say for half my teammates. I felt like a sports celebrity. She brought me down to earth though, when she asked if I would ever see any playing time in a “real game” that year. Apparently, she was a real soccer fan and knew me for what I was; an insufferable bench warmer. But at least I wore the warm-up suit.

We chatted and ate our meal. Like me, Maria lived on campus and was far from home. After she finished eating, she excused herself and walked away from the table. Her butt shook from side to side in her tight jeans as she walked to the garbage can to dump her tray. I followed her butt all the way until she exited the cafeteria.

Maria and I ate dinner together occasionally for the next month or so. We would always visit the same themes in our conversations; school, soccer, the news.

One day, I worked up the courage and asked if she had a boyfriend. This was the first time we had ever spoken about anything personal. She replied that she had a boyfriend back home but because of the separation and the distance, their relationship had lately become strained. She recounted that he rarely wrote letters anymore to her (This was a pre-internet era), and that their phone conversations were becoming shorter and shorter. She seemed sad as she told me this.

I counselled her to keep her head up and not to worry, that these things happen all the time in long distance relationships. I obviously had no freaking clue what a long distance relationship felt like (or any other type for that matter) but still I felt compelled to pretend to be the knowledgeable, caring friend that she needed at that very moment. Like it had become customary over the last few weeks we finished our meals and exited the student cafeteria together.

Before parting ways she approached me, and on tip-toes she kissed me on the cheek, tapped me on the arm and thanked me for being such a good listener.

I responded, “Any time Maria… I am here for you.”

She walked off towards her dorm and I towards mine.

A few hours later, I was studying for a chemistry exam I had the next morning when there was a knock on my dorm room door. I opened the door to find the dorm administrator standing there.

“There’s a woman downstairs asking for you,” the man reported.

Having my priorities firmly in order, I turned, closed my door and glided down the stairs. Chemistry will just have to wait.

Outside, on the dormitory steps sat Maria.

“Hey there, what a surprise,” I exclaimed.

“I hope I am not disturbing you.”

“Of course not,” I lied.

She responded, “I’m bored and was wondering if you want to walk around with me?”

I said yes and we both walked off the dormitory steps. We headed in the direction of the student center. A few yards before the student center entrance was paved walkway that led to the humanities building. She suggested we walk in that direction.

As we lazily strolled along the tree lined walkway, she again brought up the subject of her failing relationship. She repeated her feelings of loneliness and boredom, her voice sounding more desperate with every little detail she recounted.

This time instead, I took a more self-serving approach with my advice.

I opened my eyes wide and with look on my face as if I had received a divine message, I blurted, “What you need is a companion here on campus to take your mind off of your boyfriend.”

I knew full well what I was doing, convincing myself that this lame strategy actually had a shot at working.

She responded that it sounded like a nice idea but she knew no one that she felt comfortable enough with to start a relationship with on campus.

Like a magician when pulling a rabbit out of his hat, I roared an emphatic “Ta-Dah” as I pointed at my chest.

“I will make the ultimate sacrifice for your happiness,” I comically added.

She looked at me as if I were some sort of crazy person and giggled but she did not respond to me semi-serious suggestion and we continued our walk.

We made it to the front of the humanities building a few minutes later where we sat on a bench. She stared into the darkening early evening sky and asked, “Are you being serious about what you said?”

I said yes and with a little hesitation, leaned over and kissed her on the lips. I pulled back, looked at her and then returned.

Our lips met and then our mouths opened. My tongue darted from side to side in her mouth and she reciprocated strongly. With every passing moment, she moved closer to me on the bench until we both engaged in a full sitting embrace; our twisted upper torsos facing each other. We kissed and caressed for what seemed like 15 minutes or so. We stopped and looked at each other.

“Wow Maria… that was intense,” I declared.

“Wow is right,” she responded.

We got up from the bench and began walking aimlessly around the building. But now the walk felt different. We were now holding hands. I felt like a lottery winner, unexpectedly lucky.

We circumnavigated the building and found ourselves back at entrance.

“You know, I have never been inside this building,” I remarked.

She took my hand and pulled me through the main doors.

“I have a psychology class here on Tuesday and Thursday in the morning,” she informed me.

The main hallway was wide and deceptively long. The bulletin boards adorning the walls were full of announcements and other humanities-related material. There were classroom on either side. A few classrooms were occupied I could hear voices coming from inside a few of them. At the end of the long hallway was a flight of stairs.

Maria pointed up the stairs and said, “My psych classroom is upstairs.”

“Let’s go check it out” I requested.

We ascended the flight of stairs and upon reaching the landing I noticed that the building had become a lot quieter. There were no classes being held in the evenings on this floor. We walked halfway down the hall when Maria stopped, turned, and opened the door to a classroom on the right. As we entered, she flipped the light switch and the darkened classroom was flooded with bright white fluorescent lighting. There were about twenty or so student desks neatly aligned in rows of five or six. There was long table at the front of the classroom and behind it a simple black vinyl high back chair. A semester’s worth of white chalk residue caked the blackboard.

“Well… Here we are,” she announced.

Realizing that we were finally isolated from the rest of the world, I instinctively grabbed her hand and slowly pulled her towards me. We immediately renewed the tongue dance we had shared minutes earlier on the bench outside. I hugged her tightly and she responded with an even harder embrace. For minutes, we tried to outdo each other, our necks straining, our tongues probing. She suddenly stopped, pulled away, and walked to the classroom door. She locked the door and quietly turned the knob assuring that there would be no intrusions.

She then turned off the lights and the windowless classroom became pitch black again. A few seconds later a dim light emerged from the ceiling. Maria adjusted the level of the recessed lighting just enough so that the vague yellowish light was sufficient to clearly see to each other.

Maria walked giddily towards me and paused in front of me. I placed my hands on either side of her waist and smiled. She raised her arms directly above her head. I instinctively grabbed the bottom of her tank top and pulled it over head and completely off.

Her sheer white wireless bra barely covered her pendulous tits. I could clearly make out her dark pink areola and her protruding nipples. She lunged at me and again we kissed. Firmly securing her by one of her belt loops with one hand, I used my free hand to knead her left breast. I grabbed the bra from underneath and in one fluid motion lifted and freed both of her tits. I nudged her away, leaned forward and began sucking on her now erect nipples.

She ran her fingers through my hair as I nibbled and kissed her nipples stopping only to lick her neck. We kissed and I sucked furiously for what seemed like an eternity when she asked me to stop and pulled again away. She took my hand and led me to the front of the class room.

Maria pulled the chair from the desk and motioned for me to sit. As I turned to sit, she clutched me by the waist preventing me from bending my knees. She slowly knelt in front of me. As she lowered herself, she pulled down on my pants. My hard penis now fully exposed, she softly slid her lips over my swollen purplish head and opened her mouth.

My hard cock slowly disappeared into her mouth as she began a rhythmic bobbing motion. Moments later she stopped, grabbed it at the base and stared at it as if she were sizing it up; her continuous gaze stopping at one inch intervals. Immediately, her lips parted again and my cock disappeared. This time her mouth strokes were longer and more powerful. She began to push her mouth harder over the shaft; each gulp more purposeful than the previous. She would pause momentarily as my cock reached deeper. I could feel my engorged head hitting the back of her throat causing a slight discomfort.

Relief came when I felt a snapping sensation. I let out a deep gulping sound. My cock slid another inch down her throat. The head felt asd entered another dimension. She retreated and pushed back onto my cock. Again, there was a pause and another snap. My cock was now completely being swallowed. She bobbed about a dozen times with every stroke ending in a slight hesitation followed by an additional inch of wet penetration.

Wearily, she stopped suddenly and stood up. She placed her hand over the front part of her neck and made and an exaggerated swallowing gesture and with a voice dripping with a sense of accomplishment she said, “Man, your penis is so long and fat.”

Not expecting to hear that sort of comment, I shrugged my shoulders and sheepishly responded, “What can I say?”

Maria took a few moments to compose herself and gestured for me to sit in the chair again. My pants were at mid-thigh level and as I sat she pulled them to below my knees. She pulled off her bra and unzipped her jeans, wiggling her hips while removing one of her pant legs. Her panties matched her nearly transparent bra. I could see her bush through the sheer crotch while the triangular patch of dark straight pubic hair overflowed from the sides of her panties. A wide wet stain was visible.

She grabbed the top of her panties and slid one leg out of them. Her jeans and panties now hung limply around her left ankle. She stared at me as she swung her free leg over my lap. As she lowered herself, she grabbed my cock with her hand and guided it to her hairy opening. She eased herself slowly onto it and I felt my manhood enveloped by her extremely tight vagina.

She lifted and lowered herself feverishly a few times until she stopped while on the upswing. She stood there frozen, her knees slightly bent. Her head tilted backwards and she let out a whispered shriek of relief. Her body suddenly tensed. Simultaneously, I felt a large trickle warm of fluid flow down the under side of my shaft.

She trembled and murmured, “Yes, yes, yes.”

I grabbed her buttocks and pulled her down onto me, my cock stabbing her deeply. She attempted to dismount me but I would not let her. I pumped furiously, each thrust inching further inside of her. Furiously, she shook her head from side to side, grimacing, and shutting her eyes tightly only to pop them wide open to stare at the ceiling while biting on her lower lip.

I climaxed inside of her but continued thrusting until I felt the ooze of my semen accumulate at the base of my cock. Letting out a deep breath, Maria collapsed on top of me.

A few minutes later we disengaged. Still semi hard, I coaxed my penis back into my underwear and lifted my pants. Still suffering from the effects of the trauma of her orgasm, Maria had trouble getting her foot through the leg opening of her jeans . She was still twitching. I steadied her with my hand while she pulled up and finally zipped her jeans.

Over the next few semesters, Maria and I visited the humanities building many times; always at night and never to attend an actual class obviously.

After college, we relocated and moved in together.

A few years later, with the passion towards each other diminished, we agreed to go our separate ways. I know she moved back to her hometown.

We eventually lost touch with each other.

I wonder if she ever got back together with the long distance boyfriend that I had replaced while in college.

Who knows?
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