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Sex Show At A Wild College Party!

A girl and two guys decide to put on a sex show at a college party instigating more wild sex!
(episode 10) This story follows “A Frat House Party Turns To GangBangs”

Those downstairs/upstairs gangbangs ended up being the dominant topic of discussion around the fraternity house for quite awhile that fall semester of 2005. And Jennifer was proving to be very curious about the gangbangs of that night, quizzing me thoroughly and pushing me into giving her a detailed description of the night’s events. She seem mesmerized by it and even had Kelly describe her version of what she saw.

Jennifer kept saying, “I bet those girls had several orgasms.” I was more than a little uncomfortable with how she has obsessed with that evening’s events and usually did my best to steer the conversation to something else.

Other than that, the next few weeks seemed to pass rather quickly until Jennifer’s roomie and best friend, Brittany, dumped my buddy Chip.

Chip took it rather badly moping around depressed for days. Chip’s family did have the kind of wealth that a rich debutante like Brittany required, but the fact that he would inherit a large family business in a small south Georgia town didn’t quite cut it with Brittany, who grew up in Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhood and loved the big city life.

This break-up led to us discovering that our friend Katie loved to “comfort” heart broken guys in need. This knowledge would benefit me greatly at a later date.

Chip and I were roommates at the frat house, but I rarely spent a night there, nearly always opting to spend the night with Jennifer at her apartment. Late one night however, I really needed a particular computer disc from my room to study for the next day’s test. I rushed over to the fraternity house to retrieve it and as I opened the door to my room I was surprised to catch Katie on top of Chip in his bed fucking his balls off.

I quickly exclaimed that I was so sorry, but had to get a disc out of my desk drawer. While they briefly paused their amorous activity, Katie did not seem a bit embarrassed, and Chip, well Chip looked like someone who had just won the lottery.

As soon as I grabbed the disc, I headed for the door and just said laughingly, “Carry on!”

Katie said back, “Don’t worry we will,” and the bed was squeaking before the door closed behind me.

I couldn’t wait to tell Jennifer when I got back to her apartment and she was very entertained by that news.

There was just one week before the final exams of fall semester and several of us had decided to attend a party thrown by my old friend and roommate Billy’s older brother, Jake. I had not been to one of Jake’s wild parties in a while. Everyone in our gang eagerly looked forward to this party as it would be the last blow-out of the semester before the difficult week of final exams and we all scattered home for the Christmas holidays.

Several of us caravaned out of Athens to the party, with frat president Nick in the lead car. I drove my Pathfinder, crowded with Kelly and Vic, Chip, Katie, a sorority sister of Katie and Kelli’s (that they hoped to hook up with Chip), Jennifer and myself. The party was just beginning to kick up when we first arrived.

We were hanging around one of the kegs, drinking beer and just watching as the party began to build to a crescendo. A lot of beer funneling and other drinking games had gone on and the party was getting really loud and boisterous. In fact, the party was the biggest I had ever seen at Jake’s place.

As the night wore on, we noticed people coupling up, hands all over each other, and sneaking outside to make out or fuck in their cars. We laughed and made comments on whether or not they’d have sex or not and if they did, which positions they’d be fucking in.

It was beginning to get quite late as a noticeable stirring of people was gathering in this room that opened up into the main party room. Curiosity sent my little group in that direction. I bumped into Jake, who was carrying a vinyl floor exercise mat in that direction, and I asked, “What’s up?”

He informed us, “We’ve got some crazies that want to put on a fuck show for everyone, if y’all want to watch.”

We were shocked at his answer and I think half of my group just blurted out, “WHAT?”

Jake didn’t answer, and just tossed the exercise mat in the floor as we squeezed into the front of gathering crowd.

Two guys and a girl moved to the center of the crowd. She was petite, about 5’3” tall, short light brown hair, cute, and she started taking her clothes off. A loud cheer erupted from the gathering crowd.

As she stripped totally naked, so did the two guys with her. She had small tits and was hard bodied. The guys were both a little scrawny, one was about 6’ tall, the other short, about 5’7” and both wore their hair long.

I knew I had seen the three of them before, but could not place where.

As the last guy, the tall one, was getting his tighty whities off, the girl started kissing the short guy as they both stood on the mat. As she began to stroke his dick, the place erupted with a loud cheer.

I looked at Jennifer next to me and she was laughing and cheering as loud as anyone.

I noticed my gang all around me Katie, Kelly, their sorority sister, Vic, Chip, Nick and more, all cheering!

The tall guy stepped on the mat and dropped to his knees behind the girl as she was still kissing the other guy, their wet tongues going at it. The tall, kneeling guy started caressing the girl's butt cheeks.

The crowd noise was almost deafening as the crowd of people encircling those three naked exhibitionists started to really get in to it. The kneeling guy pried the girl’s butt cheeks apart and leaned back, turning to look at the crowd, he smiled as her spread butt cheeks exposed her asshole and pussy lips. The crowd on that side cheered louder.

Then the decibel level on other side erupted as the short guy started squeezing one of her breasts with one hand and fondling her pussy with the other. The girl then dropped to her knees on the mat and both guys moved in, so she could get at their now fully erect cocks. She started nibbling, licking, and sucking them, first one, then the other, back and forth.

I saw the flashes of camera-cell phones going off and I noticed that Jennifer was also recording the action with her I-Phone. I found myself laughing and cheering. Wow! This party certainly had become entertaining.

The crowd began to move in a rhythmic dance motion and someone started a chant that caught on, “Suck Those Cocks! Suck Those Cocks!” and it rhythmically repeated over and over.

The two guys had dropped to their knees and the girl lay flat on her back spreading her legs wide. The tall guy dropped in front of her burying his face into her crotch.

The crowd chant changed to, “Lick That Pussy! Lick That Pussy!”

Girls in the crowd had their hands raised above their heads dancing to the crowd chant and motion. If there was any music in the background I could barely hear it! Meanwhile the tall guy licked her and the other guy had his cock in her mouth.

Jennifer still recording it with her I-Phone, yelled into my ear, “They look familiar to me! You seen the before?”

I yelled back just loud enough for to hear me over the noise, “Yes!”

Then it hit me. And I yelled to her, “DRAMA MAJORS! they are drama majors! the plays!”

(The girls in my clique loved to go see plays that the UGA drama students performed in and it had dawned on me that I had seen all three of these people in plays.)

Jennifer yelled back at me, “OH MY GOD! YES!”
Jennifer delightfully yelled into Kelli’s ear passing that news on, Kelly in turn yelled in to Katie’s ear and she told their friend who had come with them. All the girls nodded, still dancing to the chants, arms in the air!

The tall guy took the girl’s hands and pulled her back toward him as he fell backward on to the mat face up. She mounted him and squirmed down on to his cock and started grinding her pussy up and down on him.

“Fuck That Pussy! Fuck That Pussy!" was then the new chant!

The other guy, the short one, moved in behind her, taking a small bottle of lube in his hands and the chick leaned down onto the guy on the bottom as the short guy lubed his cock, as well as her asshole.

“Oh my,” I thought, “he is going to to butt fuck her while she fucks the guy on the bottom.”

And yes I was right! As he hunched up behind her, pushing his cock into her lubed up asshole, the crowd erupted as if we were at a Georgia football game and the Dawgs had just scored a touchdown!

The crowd chant had now evolved into a very loud, “Fuck That Pussy! Fuck That Ass!” “Fuck That Pussy! Fuck That Ass!” over and over!

I couldn’t believe that this girl was in front of a large crowd getting her pussy and ass fucked at the same time to a deafening roar of cheers and chants! It was unbelievable, but highly entertaining!

Just as the cheers intensity began to slightly cool, it erupted again, as a chick not far from me took her top off and was bouncing her titties and dancing, waving her shirt above her head, just three feet from the fucking threesome.

Soon another girl was topless and next a topless girl was hoisted upon a guys shoulders. The threesome just kept fucking, the crowd kept chanting, rhythmically dancing around them.

Some crazy drunk guy dropped his pants and underwear, his dick flopping up and down. At that Jennifer and the girls were laughing so hard I thought they’d collapse.

Kelly flung her blouse off and she wa topless too! Chicks everywhere were tossing their tops off and waving them above their heads, dancing to the chants around that crazy threesome fucking wildly on the mat in the floor.

Guys started taking their shirts off as well. In the craziness of the moment Jennifer grabbed me and tugged my shirt off, she then unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and threw it at me laughing, and took off her little thin lacy bra and started waving it over her head like the other drunk crazy chicks.

We were all still dancing in one motion, chanting while facing and encircling the fucking threesome. After awhile the short guy with his cock inside the girl’s asshole, stood up and raised his arms triumphantly in the air. I guess he had just shot his load in her ass. Everyone cheered him.

The chick got up smiling really big, sweaty all over, everyone cheering her as she pranced around waving at the crowd like a gymnast after a great performance.

The tall guy still on the mat lifted up on his elbows laughing. The crowd cheered them loudly!

Then a funny thing happened. Someone started chanting, “UGA!” like we do at football and basketball games, even a few Dawg barks were heard, “Woof! Woof!” I knew then that this was one memorable wild and crazy party!

As the three began to put their clothes back on (actually the girl just hung around wearing only her panties) the decibel level dropped off somewhat, enough to hear the loud music. People began dancing, but practically no one had a shirt on!

A sexually charged atmosphere had enveloped the entire party. Kelly and Katie’s sorority sister, whom they brought to meet Chip, was against the wall some other guy letting him squeeze her breasts. Her hand was down the front of his jeans while they were kissing like crazy. Soon she disappeared with him.

A boisterous gangbang had evidently started in one of the back rooms, but the doorway was so jam packed with people that we couldn’t get a good peek. Some people had exited the party, but most were just going out to their cars to have sex.

Two girls were dancing naked with each other over in the corner with a group of guys standing around watching them, drooling at their every move. The two naked girls were soon kissing and groping each other to those guys' cheers and encouragement.

Several other guys had gotten chicks to give them their panties and the guys were wearing the panties on their heads like a hat.

We all went to the kitchen where the keg was, for more beer, and had to squeeze by a girl on her knees with only her panties on, giving a blow job to a guy leaned back against the kitchen counter.

My group partied on, dancing for quite awhile until we were exhausted. We finally decided to leave and Jennifer, Kelly, and Katie put their tops back on. As we strolled to my SUV, we passed car after car with steamed up windows, rocking with the feint sounds of sex moans, some louder than others.

We then piled into my Nissan, without of course, Kelly and Katie’s sorority sister, who we could not find anywhere.

Vic and Kelly were soon all over each other in the backseat as I drove us back to the frat house, and a glance in my rear view mirror showed that Chip was making out with Katie.

As soon as we got back to the frat house, Vic and Kelly piled out and rushed inside, in a hurry to go fuck, I assumed. Katie had mercy on Chip and accompanied him inside and generously gave him some more pussy that night – "pity pussy" that is!

Jennifer and I were so horny that we fucked right there in my Nissan, in the driveway of the frat house. As soon as the others had exited the car, she had just jumped up in my lap and we struggled to get our clothes off, just enough to go at it.

Jennifer’s breasts were in my face as she sat in my lap, taking my throbbing cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Jennifer whispered in my ear how watching those people fuck made her horny as hell.

I was able to use one hand to stimulate her clit as she was grinding up and down on me and moaning loudly, screaming, “Fuck Me!”

Three times she bumped into the car horn on the steering wheel. And we hadn't even slowed our pace when Nick and some of the others returning from the party, pressed their faces against the steamed up windows of my SUV and yelled, “Who’s fucking in there?” They laughed and walked off.

Jennifer and I both heard someone’s voice trailing off, “That was Buz and Jennifer!”

A staggering drunk freshman stood on the front porch of the house and screamed, “PUSSY!” as loud as he could, which caused Jennifer to start laughing, but didn’t interrupt her grinding rhythm.

Soon I felt an incredible orgasm building up inside me and shot my load deep into Jennifer’s soppy pussy. She continued to grind on me hard until I finally went flaccid. Jennifer then collapsed back into the passenger seat gathering up her panties and skirt saying, “Oh god that was good!”

After finishing our sex romp in the frat house driveway, we started to drive back to Jennifer’s apartment, but decided to stop and eat at the Waffle House on South Milledge over at Little Five Points.

It must’ve been 4:30 or 5:00 am by that time, and after a night of drinking, partying, viewing sexual debauchery, and fucking in the driveway of the frat house, I was starved to death. So I ordered the All-Star Breakfast Special of a waffle, scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, grits, and toast.

I readily consumed all of that and noticed that Jennifer did not eat all of her toast or even touch her grits. She saw me eyeing them, laughed and asked if I wanted that too.

I finished off her toast and grits while she laughed at me, then she began reviewing the video of the party “threesome” on her I-Phone. It was so shaky and bouncy it gave me a headache to look at it, but she was quite absorbed with the little amateur sex video.

I have to say that I will never forget that wild party night.

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