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Spring Break in Panama City

Three southern sophomore guys hook up with three wild chicks from New Jersey.
(episode 13)

My heart was set on getting a big group of my friends together to go to Florida for spring break like we had done the year before. And I especially was looking forward to some special fun with my girlfriend Jennifer. But events never turn out the way you plan, our desires are often crushed.

Despite Jennifer coaxing me into new sexual experiments like the little vibrator in my ass incident, anal licking and making videos of our love making, some tensions between us had developed during the winter of 2006.

I was not overjoyed about Jennifer wearing super short skirts with no panties and sheer blouses to class. And she was not happy that I had a psycho stalker chick following me around campus. Furthermore, I was really bothered by how Jennifer seemed so intrigued by every gangbang she heard about around campus and her always mentioning that she fantasized about being a pornstar.

One evening Jennifer sprung the news on me that she was going to the Bahamas on spring break with Brittany and Renee. She said that I could go with some of my fraternity buddies , explaining that it was just separate spring breaks not a break-up. Still, I was devastated by the news.

After letting that bit of bad news settle, I went ahead and made plans with my two best fraternity buddies, Chip and Vic, to go to Panama City, Florida for our spring break. I know that I became especially impatient with Jennifer in the days and weeks following and Jennifer and I found ourselves getting more and more irritated and snippy with each other in general.

About a week before spring break, Jennifer and I had a big argument over something really petty. I got mad and said things that I didn’t mean and told her to, “Quit being a pouty spoiled Scarlet O’Hara.” Despite the fact that it was a perfect description of her behavior, Jennifer took particular offense to that and broke up with me. I was even more devastated than before.

But the longer I thought about it, the more I became convinced that she may have just set me up so she could break up with me and do whatever she wanted on spring break without feeling guilty that she had a steady boyfriend. My best buddies Chip and Vic seemed to agree with me on that theory.

Finally spring break had arrived and Vic, Chip and I were on our way to Panama City, Florida. We departed on Friday evening in Chip’s old faded out Chevy Suburban with just a duffel bag of clothes and essentials each along with several empty ice coolers which we planned to fill with beer and ice when we got there. Also, Vic brought his acoustic guitar on his theory that building a fire on the beach at night and playing the guitar would attract several girls for us to meet.

Evidently on the trip down I had been whining and whining about Jennifer. We were half way to Panama City, when Vic and Chip told me that they had heard enough about Jennifer. They said that she’s going to fuck somebody’s balls off in the Bahamas and for me to get over it. That did not make me feel any better.

Then they went on to say that they were sure she would want to make up with me after we all got back from spring break. And they kept insisting that I promise to fuck somebody in Panama City.

After they went on and on lecturing me for about an hour, I promised that I would try to fuck some chick in Panama City.

We arrived at out motel parking lot in the early morning hours when it was still dark, of course we couldn’t check into our room until early afternoon, so we went to sleep in the Suburban. Chip in the front seat, Vic in the back section next the bags and me in the back seat. After sun up we went to Waffle House for breakfast, then drove around Panama City scoping out the scene before just walking around on the beach.

After lunch we checked into our room, showered went out and purchased several cases of beer and got lots of ice. We filled up the small room refrigerator with beer and put the rest into the ice chests.

The three of us were staying in one room that had two beds so we worked out a revolving arrangement where each night a different guy would get a bed by himself, but of course things would change.

By about 4:00 pm we went out to the beach to scope out chicks. We had no idea that right away we’d run into the girls that we would end up spending all week with.

We walked out on the beach in front of our motel and almost immediately noticed three girls about 100 feet away, two were standing, one sitting on her beach towel, they had a volleyball net set up next to them. From where we were it looked the girls had dark sun tanned bodies.

We planned to casually stroll by them and check them out. As we got closer we could see that all three girls had tattoos, always a good sign for easy sex.

We could see that they were really cute girls with really good sexy bodies. There was a tall one with big breasts standing up, a short girl next to her and the one sitting on a towel and I could see that they were checking us out.

We were going to stroll by without saying anything when the one girl that was sitting yelled at us, “Hey Georgia Bulldogs!”

That startled us, so we stopped and turned toward them. All three girls walked up to us as Vic said, “How’d y’all know we’re from UGA?”

All three chicks really laughed at that and the lighter haired girl that had yelled at us, pointed to Chip’s Georgia Bulldog swim trunks (red & black with the “G” on one side, a Bulldog on the other), I was wearing a pair of black UGA gym shorts and Vic had his red and black “Georgia Bulldog” cap on.

She laughed and said, “Its really obvious!” as the girls all laughed at us.

Her accent sounded like New Jersey so I said in my best New Jersey imitation accent, “Are you goils from Joisey?” Emphasizing “goils” & “Joisey.”

The lighter haired girl slapped my arm hard and said, “You hush!”

Vic asked, “Well?”

“Yes we’re from Jersey,” the girls all piped in.

I replied, “I recognized your funny accent.”

She slapped my arm hard again and said, “We don’t talk funny!”

Vic, Chip and I insisted that they did. The girls were all laughing and entertained by this.

The tall one said, “No, you southern guys talk funny!”

Chip interjected (what we always say down south), “No God talks like us and everyone else has it wrong!”

“You’re crazy!” the lighter haired girl said and slapped Chip’s arm.

From our silly banter we realized that they must like us and we definitely thought they were hot. Even better, we soon found out they were staying in the same motel as we were.

We told them we had a lot of beer, which really excited them. They said they were all just 20 years old and hadn’t been able to purchase any beer since they were not yet 21.

We admitted to them that we were also just 20, but we had state-of-the-art fake identification cards that included fake drivers licenses, UGA ID’s and auto insurance cards. The girls thought that was really great. After several minutes of flirty verbal sparring the girl’s wanted to know if we’d play volleyball with them.

The three chicks were hot and slutty looking. The lighter haired girl was average height, long straight medium brown colored hair with a lot of blonde streaks dyed into it, and very pretty big blue eyes, she had tattoos on both ankles, one arm band tattoo, a large lower back tattoo and she had a sunburst tattoo around her navel, and some kind of tattoo was just peeking out of the top of her bikini above her pussy. There was a little lump in her bikini right at where the top of her pussy would be so I had guessed she might have a clit ring.

All three girls had little nose rings, tongue rings, belly button rings, eye brow rings and multiple earrings. What was great was that after close inspection of their bikini tops it was clear they all had nipple rings.

The tall girl had long black hair, olive skin and black eyes & big natural boobs and she soon told us she was of 100% Sicilian ancestry. When Vic asked if her dad was in the mafia she slapped his arm hard & said no.

The third girl was short about five feet, two inches tall and had the most tattoos. Her left arm was one big continuous tattoo art scene from the elbow up to her shoulder, tattoos on the back of both shoulders, both ankles, one ankle a big tattoo all the way up to almost her knee, big star tattoos on her front waist that poked out above her bikini on each side and a star around her belly button and she had black hair in a short choppy style, blue eyes & breast implants. I knew these girls had to be fun!!!!!

We played volley ball a long time with them and the girls seemed to crack up laughing at all out crazy antics and things we said. After a few games of volleyball the girls asked us if we wanted to go get something to eat with them, then later go clubbing. Of course we said yes.

By this time it had become clear who’d be with who as the chicks asked us for our cell phone numbers. They grabbed their phones out of their bags by their beach towels and stood in front of the guy they were interested in.

The lighter haired girl, Steffi, got my number and then used a pen to right her name and hotel room number on my arm. Gina, the tall big boobed girl was doing the same with Vic and Carla, the short girl got Chip’s number and wrote on his arm.

The girls said they’d run up to their room and put on some shorts and to meet them in the parking lot. We found them and all of us piled into Steffi's old Ford Explorer.

We finally found a seafood restaurant and waited in line to be seated. We had a great time with them, ate dinner and& drank a few pictures of beer. The girls had grown up together in New Jersey and shared an apartment together, and worked part-time as waitresses while they went to school.

Steffi and Gina went to their town’s local community college in Jersey and Carla was attending a nursing school there. We asked if her tattoos would be a problem as a nurse and she said that wearing scrubs will cover all that and that her mom is a nurse and has tattoos also. These girls were really interesting and very different from the spoiled rich prima donas that were our girlfriends at UGA.

The girls wanted to go back to their room to clean up and change before hitting the clubs. We went back to the motel and they told us to pick them up at their room in an hour and half.

When we knocked on their door, they came out in these really hot sexy wild, emo type outfits. All three were wearing obscenely short low waisted ruffled skirts, their brightly colored lacy thong panties pulled up high showing over the top of the skirts and they each wore different brightly colored thigh high fishnet stockings that matched their exposed panties and had on tall wedge shoes.

Steffi and Carla wore lacy bras underneath these ultra sheer shirt type things that barely covered their bras and wore these ultra sheer frilly fingerless gloves.

Gina wore a black leather super low cut metal studded bra or halter that her big breasts almost fell out of. And they all wore really dark eye shadow along with dark shiny lipstick on.

We went to some clubs and danced, drank and made out with the chicks on the dance floors and standing against the walls in the crowded clubs.

Once back at their room, the girls said for us to excuse them a minute and they walked about 15 feet away. We watched as they played rock, paper, scissors and we were thinking what the hell are they doing.

Then they came back and Steffi pushed me against the wall and with a sexy mischievous grin stood up on her toes and placed her lips practically touching mine and said, “We’re going to your room, they’re going to use ours.”

Then Steffi asked me, “Do you have rubbers?”

“Oh yes I do!,” I exclaimed.

Steffi then asked, “Several?”

I eagerly said, “Yes!”

We went down stairs to my room and as soon as we walked in the door Steffi was all over me kissing me and feeling of my dick through my shorts. At the bed she said, “Wait!, take off all your clothes.”

I stripped naked and stood in front of her while she sat on the edge of the bed looking me over. She took my cock in her hand and looked into my eyes & said, “Nice cock! thick! mmmmm!” Then she took it in her mouth and started sucking it.

Steffi then lay back on the bed still in her sexy clothes and spread her legs wide. Her lacy panties were very sheer and it looked like she had a hairy pussy from the big dark patch that shown through her panties. She then stood up on the bed and did a little striptease.

When she finally got down to her panties and slowly removed them I saw that she was shaved, the dark patch was a big butterfly tattoo that wrapped around her pussy. And yes she did have a pussy ring! I was blown away with arousal.

She had left her bright green fishnet stockings on and the little sheer green glove things. That with her great suntan, tattoos and fantastic body offered some of the hottest visual stimulation a guy could stand.

I got her on the bed and we started tongue kissing then she started slowly licking her way down my neck, chest and stomach until she was sucking my cock again, using her tongue ring for extra stimulation. After that I proceeded to give her the same treatment, kissing her ears, neck down to her pierced titty nipples, slowly down her tight six pack stomach until I was licking her pussy which was very wet, slightly salty and pungent.

I loved the taste of her cunt, licking her over and over sucking her clit and fingering her. She was moaning loudly and telling me, “oh yes, oh yea, right there!” her pussy was really worked up and wet and I had to fuck her.

I pulled up and pushed my cock inside her. Her eyes opened real wide and her mouth and lips made a tight little circle and she “Ooooo’d” as my cock was going in her and she grabbed my head pulled it to hers and started tongue kissing me while I was fucking her.

I had never kissed a girl with a tongue ring before Steffi.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and back tightly and would push her torso back into mine as I thrust into her. After several minutes of this I told her to turn over and we got into the doggy position. It was so exotic looking at her large lower back tattoo on her shimmery slightly damp skin as I was fucking her from behind.

She was telling me to fuck her hard and she kept looking back at me smiling and she slung her hair around a lot while screaming out, oooohing and panting. I enjoyed watching how wet she got as my cock slid in and out of her wet cunt from behind.

Then she told me to lay down on the bed. She mounted me reverse cowgirl and started up and down on me. It was so erotic watching her going up and down on me and seeing her pussy lips cling to my dick.

She kept turning her head to look at me as if she wanted to see my every reaction. She had several little twisty moves, sometimes side to side as she was fucking me in this reverse cowgirl position. Then after several minutes of that she turned around to face me and fucked me regular cowgirl facing me and telling me to squeeze her titties together

Wearing a condom I seemed to just go and go. I could not believe how long we had fucked and I was actually getting tired. Finally she was getting tired and sensed that I was too. We ended up in the missionary position again and still kept going. She told me that she’d already cum real hard twice and one small orgasm on top of that and she could not believe I had not cum yet.

She said, “I’ll fix that!”

She then pushed me off her onto my back and pulled the condom off and took my cock in her mouth deepthroating it while she rubbed my balls and then inserted one finger from her other hand all the way up my asshole and went straight to this perfect spot up my ass behind my scrotum and right away I started cumming hard.

She pulled her face back and let my cum shoot all over her face. Then slowly rubbed my cock as it went flaccid. She looked at me smiling with my cum all over her face and asked how she looked. I told her she looked great.

Both of us exhausted we sat on the bed talking for several minutes while she just let the cum stay on her face. It was a great turn on just sitting there talking to this really cute wild chick with cum on her face.

Finally she got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face off and pee. She got in the tub and ran water over her pussy rinsing it off and came back out and said she wanted to freshen up for round two.

Even though I was tired I psyched myself into to going again. Steffi pushed me back on the bed and crawled up on top of my face and pushed her pussy down on me hard saying, “I’m gonna ride your face until you make me cum!”

I licked and licked her, using my fingers to rub her clit area while she rode my face hunching into it hard sometimes until her torso finally spasmed as she started to orgasm and she fell backwards across my legs onto the bed.

After that Steffi had me to sit up with my back against the headboard of the bed and sat on me facing me cowgirl style with her titties in my face to suck them while she fucked me, sometimes crunching down enough to kiss me and she reached behind her rubbing my balls, this time even wearing a condom I lasted a more normal length of time before she made me cum.

I told Steffi, “You are the first Yankee I had ever had sex with.”

Steffi laughed and told me I was her first “Johnny Reb.”

I responded laughing and told her I was surprised she even knew that term.

She just said, “I’m a smart girl I know lots of things.”

I gave her a sly grin and said, “Obviously you do!” and we laughed.

We all spent the rest of the week together though we changed “room assignments” a couple of nights.

One evening Steffi and I were fucking on one bed while Chip and Carla were on the other bed and on another night Vic and Gina on the other bed. The girls showed no inhibition at all about fucking in front of each other. In fact it seemed as if they actually competed for being the loudest and wildest when two couples were fucking at the same time in the same room.

We took the girls windsurfing one day, jet skiing another day, hung around on the beach, swam in the motel pool, drove and walked up and down Miracle Strip, one night we even built a fire on the beach while Vic played his guitar and the girls did get all gooey eyed and romantic, just as Vic had told us they would.

The highlight evening though, was when big titted Gina entered a wet t-shirt contest. We screamed our heads off for her to win. She came in second and got $100. She might have won but the girl who did win pulled her bikini bottoms off and Gina didn’t.

One afternoon outside one club we all watched a bikini contest that really got wild as the chicks that were on stage ended up naked and eating each other's pussies. The crowd went nuts. Six chicks on stage and they ended up with three all-girl 69s going on up on the stage. Steffi was sitting up on my shoulders for that particular show.

That week those New Jersey chicks proved that they could drink as much beer and party as hard as any guy. But best of all Steffi kept my mind off of Jennifer.

The girls had to leave on Friday. It was kind of sad. We had all exchanged email addresses but I was sure that we’d never see them again.

Chip, Vic and I attended a wet t-shirt contest that Friday night and drank a lot of beer but didn’t try to pick up any chicks. The next morning we packed up and drove back to Athens.

On the drive back I couldn’t help thinking about Jennifer again and feeling guilty about fucking Steffi all week. But then I also had no doubt Jennifer had been fucking some guy, so why I thought why should I feel bad, we were supposed to be broke up with each other anyhow. But the thoughts of her kept coming.

Sunday, Vic, Chip and I laid around the frat house trying to get some sleep. In fact all day frat brothers kept arriving and going straight to bed. I decided not to contact Jennifer and see what her response was.

I saw Brittany in class Monday morning, she was very tan and very tired looking. She asked me if I was going to call Jennifer. I said, no that Jennifer had broke up with me.

Tuesday afternoon while sitting in a class my phone beeped. I checked it and it was a text from Jennifer asking if I was still mad at her. I texted back that I was not the one who was mad, that she had broken up with me. Jennifer immediately texted back that she needed to see me.

I went to her apartment after class. Jennifer was actually streaming tears when she saw me and said that she was so sorry for breaking up. Looking at her I couldn’t resist her.

We started kissing with her tears getting my face all wet. Jennifer pulled my t-shirt off over my head and unzipped my shorts as she dropped to he knees in front of me telling me that she loved me.

Then she engulfed my cock which was instantly erect as soon as we had kissed. Her fingers softly rubbing my scrotum and balls, she took my hard throbbing dick in and out of her mouth several times before rising to her feet and leading me to her bedroom by holding my cock.

As soon as my fingers were inside her shorts and panties I found her to be soaking wet. Very little foreplay was needed and Jennifer was whispering in my ear, “Fuck me!”

With her shorts and panties off Jennifer laid back on her bed spread apart, her glistening big puffy swollen aroused pussy lips beckoning me. My cock slid in easily and Jennifer wrapped her arms around my shoulders tight as I pushed into her saying, “You’re all mine, you’re all mine!”

The excitement of being back with Jennifer and feeling my cock inside her had me cumming in less time than usual. But that didn’t seem to be a problem as she told me that she had cum right away after I entered her.

We had made up and that evening and we had two more rounds of great long physical sweaty sex. Jennifer and I were definitely on again.

But with mixed emotions of guilt and fond memories I still vividly remembered the details of that wild week in Panama City with that wild tattooed, pierced New Jersey girl, Steffi. But still the memories are slightly tainted by a morbid curiosity of what Jennifer probably did that week in the Bahamas.
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