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The Best Sex I've Ever Had

He made missing my lectures worth it.
I woke up one morning feeling so exhausted and hoping my lectures for that day would get cancelled. Despite how terrible I was feeling, I had a lot of time on my hands. I checked my phone and Ty, who had asked me to be his girlfriend a while back, had sent me a text in which he said he was dreading the day as well. He mentioned that he missed us getting naughty and playing with each other, although I still feared his manhood and he was usually the one pleasuring me.

I sat on my bed and tried to remember how long it had been. I remembered him giving me mind blowing oral a month and a half ago. The thought of that tongue of his all up between my thighs was starting to turn me on. My nipples became hard and impulses of electricity started generating between my legs. I crossed my legs and thought more about when next we were acting sexual. Well, after that amazing oral, Ty took my virginity about a month ago and that was all. My slight arousal left because I realised my boyfriend needed some sexual healing. I felt guilty, although it was not either of our fault because we were both busy with assignments and lectures.

I stared at my phone and texted Ty saying I miss the wild us too, and that I would willingly skip my lectures just to give it to him hard. I tried to sound as naughty as possible just to remind him that his nasty girl is still in here somewhere. I put my phone down and took my clothes off. My panties were slightly moist and I could smell my horniness the minute I took them off. I tied my hair and stepped into the shower for about half an hour. I made sure to shave my little blonde pubic hairs and scrub myself till I was squeaky clean. I wrapped myself in a robe and walked to my bed where my phone was vigorously vibrating. It was Ty. He told me he had a test immediately but that I should meet him in an hour. I dressed myself up in a short, revealing, body fitting dress with pumps and set off to class.

Throughout the lecture, I stared at the clock, just wishing time would fly by so I could see my man. As it neared 10am, I started feeling aroused because, in mere minutes, I would be getting touched in all the right areas. When our lecturer dismissed us, I walked out and rushed to meet Ty. He greeted me with one of his amazing, firm hugs but before he could speak, an announcement was made that all new entrants that year must report to a lecture hall. We were disappointed as we were both new entrants and had our plans postponed. We walked hand in hand to the lecture hall stated and, to our surprise, we were very few students. The hall was dark with some board members at its foot with laptops hooked up to projectors.

"I have an idea," Ty said. He led me out of the hall and up a couple of stairs which led us to the same hall but at the highest, more private seats, more like VIP seats. He closed the door behind us and turned the key to lock it. Our lecturers called for silence as they began our induction. The lights were dimmed further and one lecturer began speaking with the aid of some microphone and images from the projectors. I was paying attention to him until I felt Ty's hand start caressing my thigh. I got the shivers and tried to remain calm. He leaned in and kissed my neck gently. The fact that he was so slow and gentle was really making me hot. My nipples got hard and pressed through the fabric of my dress. I could feel my crotch burning up as he sucked and nibbled on my neck so playfully but so sexily at the same time.

His hand moved up my inner thigh closer to my pussy and I couldn't help but let out soft moans. I felt his tongue lick my neck and I was already getting wet. The thrill of being in public aroused me more and I knew my panties were drenched. He moved his hand closer to my crotch and I spread my legs to give him full access. He rubbed the sides of my crotch and moved back to my thighs. I was so horny, I wanted him to touch my pussy there and then. But Ty kept teasing me more and more as he kissed my neck lower and lower till he was at my chest. I was going crazy with how much I wanted him and my moans were getting louder and louder. Luckily the presentation was much louder than me. Finally, his hand reached my pussy and he gently rubbed me through my wet panties.

"Mmm, my baby is so wet," he said seductively as his tongue danced on my cleavage.

"Touch me, Ty. Touch me," I said between moans.

He managed to push my underwear between my pussy lips and rub my clit through the fabric. I was moaning his name. My crotch was so hot and I didn't want him to stop. I loved how he fondled my clit but I wanted direct contact. As though he knew, he lifted my hips, closed my legs and slid down my wet underwear. I quickly spread my legs for him and he was touching my cunt again. I had truly missed his touch and it felt so good to feel it again. I closed my eyes as he started flicking my clit very hard.

"Ohhh, yeah. Harder. Do it harder," I moaned. With every firm flick of my clit, I motioned my hips into his hand. He started flicking it harder and I was out of breath from moaning. He increased his pace and the pleasure was so great, I was going to cum. He tried to reach my hole but the angle I was seated in would not allow him.

"Baby I'm going to cum," I blurted to him.

"Hold it in, baby; the student induction is almost over," he said as he withdrew his hand and put my panties back on.

I was disappointed but mostly sore. He had been so firm with my pussy; it was sore and the only way I would feel better was if he fucked me. He gave me his fingers and I licked them clean, after which, he kissed me and tasted my juices. He helped me up and unlocked the door, leading me through it and down the stairs. His room was the closest so it was logical that we would go to his to finish off.

"Was that good, babe?" he asked as we walked to his room.

"It was amazing, honey, but it wasn't enough," I responded.

He was calm and, for a moment, smiled a devilish smile. In a few steps, we were at his door. He unlocked it so calmly and I stepped in after him. He closed the door and locked it slowly.

"It wasn't enough, you said?" he questioned so calmly as he unbuttoned his shirt.

"No, it wasn't. I am so sore. I want you to give it to me hard," I answered shyly as I sat on his desk.

He tossed his shirt away and took off his jeans. He was so relaxed and yet I was burning up inside. I wanted to feel his dick in me and wanted him to screw me so hard.

Suddenly, he pulled me to the edge and pushed his books off the desk. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me so viciously. He sucked and nibbled on my lips and I felt my hard clit start to throb. He found my zipper and pulled it down. I felt the dress loosen its grip on me and in the middle of our hungry kiss he managed to tear it away from me. He squeezed my bare breasts hard and fast. He was so rough today but I loved every bit of it. I wanted to get fucked so badly; I liked how rough he was. He squeezed my tits and sucked on my nipples.

"Oh, Ty; please, oh. Oh, please fuck me. Ahh, yeah," I moaned as he was biting my breasts.

He pulled my crotch to his and he rubbed himself firmly against my wet underwear. He started humping my pussy and his briefs were getting wet with his pre cum. He humped me hard as he stuck his tongue in my mouth again.

"You like that, baby," he said between our kiss.

"Ooh, yeah. Give it to me," I screamed.

In a split second, he tore my panties off, slid down his briefs and slid his dripping dick into my wanting hole. He didn't care that it was just my second time getting laid, he slid it in so quickly and started fucking the life out of me without wasting time.

"Baby, harder. Hit it harder," I screamed.

He held my legs apart and thrusted himself deeper into my pussy.

"You like that huh? You like it when I fuck this cunt, huh?" he grunted.

I was in so much pain and I felt my tight hole engulf every inch of him. The pain was so much but the pleasure was out of this world. As he fucked me, I rubbed my sore clit. My pussy was having a lot of attention and she loved it. I met him with every hard thrust and his balls were banging against my ass cheeks.

He didn't lose stamina as his speed was constant. The room was full of his groans and my moans that came out simultaneously. I felt my body give in to an orgasm and as my moans got louder, so did his. When my body completely collapsed, his speed reduced and I felt his warm cum spill into my pussy. He carried me, with his dick still in my pussy, and lay me on his bed, making sure his dick remained inside me. He moved in me a little bit more and turned over so that I rested on top of him. He slipped his cock out and we lay there still recovering from the best sex we had ever had.

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