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The Christmas Party (episode three)

My first time to hook up with the girl that would break my heart over and over creating quite a saga
At the end of my first fall semester at UGA, I arrived home for Christmas break to find my mom making a big batch of fried apple pies that smelled great! As I took one, mom told me that the family was going to a big Christmas party in Atlanta at her, very rich, friend’s house. I thought, 'oh gee how can I get out of this?'

She said she wanted me to meet up with her friend’s daughter again. I was thinking this was sounding even worse than I could imagine. If a guy’s mom mentions a girl she wants him to meet it is usually one of those 'great personality' or 'daughter of an old friend and they are usually just dog ugly! Right?

I did remember the girl from when we were younger and remembered that she wasn't ugly at all, but she had once been skinny and much taller than me. Mom told me that the party was going to be a really big formal affair with a few hundred guests and that I needed to go get fitted for a “Christmassy” tuxedo. 'A Christmassy tuxedo?'

I unloaded my laundry for mom to do and finally caught up with dad out in his work building in the back. I told dad I wanted to get out of going to the party, but he laughed and said, “No way, son! This is a big deal to your mom. You’re gonna have to suffer through just like me.” And dad laughed again.

On the next Monday I drove into town to get fitted for the tuxedo. I found out “Christmassy” meant a red bow tie and a green cummerbund with black trousers and jacket.

On the day of the party I found out I had to drive to the party taking my little brother and sister. It was about an hour's drive from our house to Atlanta. Mom and dad were invited to spend the night at her friend’s big mansion after the party. I felt like I was expected to be a chaperone from my younger siblings, which in the case of my out of control brother was quite a chore.

I followed my parents to the party and valets took our cars to park them. Mom was re-adjusting everyone’s outfit, ties, and so forth, so we wouldn’t embarrass her. We walked up to the entrance to this huge house and were greeted my mom’s friend and her husband just inside. Their young son was with them and my mom’s friend sent him to get his sister. I thought, 'oh no, the dreaded moment has arrived!'

In a couple of minutes I saw this super hot girl that looked like she should have been in a Hollywood movie, come around the corner with the kid! I almost said out loud, oh fuck! I was properly introduced to Jennifer and she shook my hand and smiled. Thank goodness she was not taller than me anymore, I had grown a lot. She looked to be about 5’8” if she weren’t wearing heels, with very dark brown sexy eyes and long straight salon perfect shiny dark brunette hair, wearing a low cut formal but quite short velvet evening dress with black stockings and heels and big, dangling, very expensive looking diamond earrings.

Jennifer’s mom said that she was a freshman at Gainesville State College just down the road from UGA and that her SAT had been a little too low to get into UGA as a freshman, but she’d transfer there the next year. Jennifer cut her eyes with a bit of resentment at that revelation about her SAT score and all.

Her mom then told Jennifer to take me get some punch and get better acquainted. Jennifer poured me a punch and said, “I don’t know why my mom had to mention all that about my damned SAT score, pardon my cussing, hell it wasn’t not that bad.” She said, “What was your score, like did you make a perfect 1600 or something?”

I lied and said, “Hell no, I barely made it in.”

She looked a little relieved.

After we talked for a while it turned out we had a lot in common and started to hit it off pretty good. She was laughing remembering things I had done when we were kids that I had forgotten about for years. I felt queasy when she reminded me about the time I had smashed the window out of her dad's antique Jaguar with an errant baseball. I looked at her and thought that she was way too good looking for me or anybody outside Royalty or Hollywood.

It turned out her apartment was in Athens, not too far from my dorm and she liked to go to see UGA football games. We hung around the party for awhile and she found us some alcohol-spiked punch which we gladly drank.

Later, she asked if I wanted to play pool. She led me downstairs to a game room but her kid brother and his friends were in there. So she said, “C’mon,” and I followed her back upstairs to the kitchen area where the food and drinks were being prepared by the staff.

Jennifer grabbed a six pack of Heinekin beer out of the refrigerator and we went back downstairs to her bedroom, which was huge. She had a sitting area with a sofa and a couple of matching chairs, behind that was her enormous semi-circular bed. She put on some low music and we popped open the beers and sat on the sofa. We chatted about high school and college, she had gone to a very expensive private high school where she had been a cheerleader and homecoming queen, and she seemed to like the fact that I had been a varsity football and baseball player.

I was pleasantly surprised when she retrieved a joint from a fancy box on her bookshelf. We smoked it, got a buzz and then started making out. Jennifer was an excellent kisser. She stopped me to say, “You are a good kisser.”

I was thinking to myself that this was really turning out great. The we resumed deep tongue kissing. Jennifer was beginning to breathe and sigh heavily and I was getting an erection in my trousers. The lights were on and she could easily see me pitching a tent in my pants. She looked at it and gave me a little smile. She looked at me seductively through the top of her eye lids, and nonchalantly let her forefinger point at my erection and asked, “Is that for me?”

Oh wow! It felt like my heart just stopped. She got up walked to the door twisting her ass in a real slutty manner and locked the door. She turned around, walked back to me, staring deep into my eyes, bent over me reached down and yanked my cumberbund, belt and trousers off.

She then said forcefully in a playful manner, “You don’t need these!” and grabbed my boxers and pulled them off too.

She got on her knees in front of me and bent down and with her tongue started a real slow lick just below my balls and really slow all the way up my cock. She engulfed it into her mouth, then wrapped and twisted her tongue around the head of my cock. She then flicked her tongue on the end of it while keeping the top half of my cock still engulfed in her mouth, the entire time making deep eye contact with me. She proceeded to give probably the most amazing blow job I’d ever had at that time, while constantly looking me in the eyes. I found it so erotic and I was completely mesmerized.

After a long slow wet blow job Jennifer stood up and reaching under her dress she pulled down her little lacy thong panties and kicked them off her high heels. Again never losing eye contact she slowly lay back on one end of the sofa, pulled her dress up around her waist and spread her legs out wide before me.

She exposed her fantastic pussy lips, pinkish brown, big full, puffy and really wet underneath a neat very shortly trimmed pubic patch shaved into a rectangular block. I quickly dove in and started licking her pussy. She began grinding her pussy into my face and squirming and moaning softly. I slid a finger into her wet pussy and gently caressed that area inside her, behind her little swollen clit.

She clasped her hands behind my head firmly pulling my face hard into her pussy, which was so wet that it made a squishing sound as my finger worked in and out of her. I licked her until her legs jerked violently and she quickly shoved my head away and said, “Stop! Oh my god, oh my god! Fuck-fuck-fuck!”

She said, “Damn you made me cum!” She squeezed her legs together, then fanned them in and out a few times and squirmed around on the sofa.

Jennifer sat up and kissed me, ramming her tongue deep into my mouth for a long time and running her tongue along my lips and back into my mouth swirling it around my tongue. The she placed her forehead against mine looked into my eyes and said forcefully, ”I am going to fuck the hell out of you!”

She pushed me back into a sitting up position on the sofa crawled up on me and straddled me and slid her pussy down onto my cock. Her warm wet pussy felt amazing as she slowly slid down onto my cock. Then Jennifer started up and down on me taking my cock in and out of her pussy. She grabbed both sides of my face with her hands and began tongue kissing me as she was fucking me.

Grinding herself onto me and kissing me deeply while she was breathing loudly and heavily, she pulled her mouth away only long enough to say stuff like, “I like your cock!” or “Damn this is good!” and “Oh fuck! Yes! Yes!”

She fucked me hard for awhile in that position then she turned around with me still in that sitting position and sat back on my cock with her back to me, she pulled her breasts out of her dress and said to give her my hands and she cupped them on her titties and told me to squeeze them. Then she started fucking me while sitting on my lap that way and demanded that I keep squeezing her titties. I fondled and squeezed her titties and nipples while she was fucking away on my lap. She would arch her back toward me turning her head back to kiss me. In a few minutes I said that I was going to cum. She demanded, “Cum in me! Cum in me!”

And I did cum in her. It felt great to cum in her and when she asked if I had cum and I told her yes. Then she got off me and dropped to her knees in front of me again and just buried my cock in her mouth. She pulled up on it sucking with her mouth really hard making a big slurp noise, then licked it all over really good. She said, “God that was good!!”

I was putting my shorts, trousers and cumberbund back on while she put her panties back on. She said, “Come here.”

I followed as she walked into her bathroom. She dropped her panties again and sat on her toilet and started peeing while I washed my face off at her sink. She told me that she thought I was going to be some kind of dork. She was really glad when she saw me and that she thought I was cute and that she loved guys with thick shoulders, arms and a good butt like me. She finished peeing, pulled her panties back up and asked if there was any cum on her dress or hair. I looked her over really good and told her no. She fixed her makeup and then gave me a quick kiss and said we better get back to the party before anyone wonders where we were.

We started to head out and she stopped real quick and said, “Oh! Give me your cell phone number.” She put it into her phone as I called it off then she said, “Let me put my number in your phone.”

I got it out of my jacket pocket and handed it to her and she put her number on my phone. I then noticed that her stockings were torn and running at the knees and pointed that out to her, she went over to her chest of drawers took out some more black thigh stockings, pulled off the ones she had on and put the new ones on.

Then Jennifer asked me, “Do you want to see me over the holidays?”

Of course I said, “Yes.”

She asked if I could come over on Sunday and we’d go to Lenox Mall and Phipps Plaza and hang out. And we agreed to do that.

We went back upstairs. Right away we ran into her mom who said that she had wondered where we went. She seemed glad that we were still hanging out together. Later just before I was going to leave and take my brother and sister with me, Jennifer took me out on the back porch and gave me a really big kiss.

The next day when my parents got home my mom said to me, “Evidently you moved pretty fast on Jennifer.”

It scared the shit out of me when she said that. I was thinking that they new we had fucked in Jennifer’s bedroom. But mom just said Jennifer’s mom saw us kissing on the porch and then said that she already heard we had plans to see each other again. She seemed pleased, but not near as pleased as I was.

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